25 "Not-So-PG" Photos Of The Current WWE Women

The current state of women wrestling is better than it has ever been. There is no shortage of tremendous women who not only look good but also know how to lay a serious beating on their opponent when the situation calls for it. But for the list today, we've even expanded to include some of the backstage performers such as JoJo and Cathy Kelley.

No matter who your favorite woman who is currently in the WWE is, we're sure we've got something in this list for you. With 25 photos, we've included nearly every active female wrestler. To make things even more special, we've also included two photos of current champions Alexa Bliss and Natalya Neidhart to help prove that they can drop your jaw both in the ring and with their body. All of these photos leave little to the imagination. Whether they're putting their assets on display with revealing dresses, swimsuits, or some seriously seductive selfies, there is plenty to love even if you've never seen these women in action.

So what more are you waiting for? These are the 25 "Not-So-PG" pictures of WWE Women that we know you won't soon forget (not that you're going to want to!).

25 Alexa Bliss


When it comes to the current landscape of the WWE, one of the biggest names to keep an eye on is Alexa Bliss. Not only is she a formidable current champion, but Bliss' hard work and dedication to the sport may help make that spot something that she is very familiar with. Especially when you consider WWE has given her the opportunity to be both the SmackDown Women's Champion as well as on Raw.

But no matter which program Bliss is competing under, she's sure to blow you away with her talent and good looks. Still only 26 years old, Bliss definitely has a high ceiling. Bliss has also admitted in the past that she's a huge Disney fan, which means it may only be a matter of time before she starts coming down to the ring while blaring "Hakuna Matata"!

24 Natalya


Some people get start their career and quickly find themselves overwhelmed with what the job is. Given that Natalya is a member of the infamous Hart family means you would hope that she at least had a good sense of just how demanding being a professional wrestler is.

Especially if you find yourself among the very best in the world, as Natalya absolutely can. And if you disagree, she's currently got a belt that we're sure she wouldn't mind smacking you across the face with. While her current run - which began back at SummerSlam - is still developing, we're sure you aren't complaining about getting to stare at Natalya more.

23 Emma


Emma (real life Tenille) is one of the most beautiful women to ever step through the ropes of a WWE ring. Which perhaps made it all the more frustrating for her fans that Emma spent a significant amount of time out of the spotlight hyping up the new gimmick Emmalina, that never really came to fruition in the way the company had hoped.

Emma is working her way onto television on a more regular basis, however, including perhaps her biggest match coming at the end of September at No Mercy. Emma has been training to be a wrestler since she was 13 years old, so you can expect her to do every thing she can to make the most of her upcoming opportunities.

22 Carmella


There was a time in the WWE where the women were definitely around more for their good looks than the physical talents they were bringing to the ring. That time is long-gone however, especially when you factor in that the WWE recently put on their first ever Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Carmella emphatically made a name for herself when she came out on top. Even if she has yet to climb the mountain and become champion. At the very least Carmella winning the match bodes extremely well for her future. Which also bodes extremely well for you, as you probably aren't going to get sick of seeing Carmella anytime soon.

21 Lana


When it comes to her biggest successes in the WWE, Lana's is definitely linked to her managing of the career of Rusev. Unfortunately for Lana, Rusev injured his shoulder earlier in the year leading to both of them taking time away from the screen.

Lana has tried to make a resurgence as of late, appearing in several matches on the SmackDown brand but has been unable to find herself on top. But you definitely don't need to be amazing in the ring to land on this list! Especially when you have a body like Lana that she often puts on prominent display. While Lana may find herself in a manager role again in the near future, we're sure you just hope she remains employed with the company in any capacity.

20 Maria Kanellis


Maria Kanellis has always been considered one of the most gorgeous women in the world of wrestling. That just hasn't always meant appearing in the WWE. While Kanellis made a name for herself with the Diva Search back in 2004, she's also spent time in other promotions such as ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Her path has crossed with Vince McMahon again however and earlier this year made her official return to the WWE back in June. Unfortunately for you perhaps, it was alongside her real-life husband Mike Bennett! We're sure WWE isn't going to let Maria get away from them again. And if they do, we just hope she remains in the public spotlight.

19 Summer Rae


Summer Rae definitely knows how to deliver a hit. Along with occasionally laying the smackdown in the ring, Rae also has a past that includes spending time in the Lingerie Football League. Rae has been sidelined for months however after suffering a significant injury. When talking about the situation - which Rae originally tried to hide - Rae stated "In this business, you just go, go, go & putting your body on the line every night becomes second nature & you don't think much of it. But that isn't a normal thing. Our bodies aren't made to do this...I'm lucky to be surrounded by an amazing team of doctors & physical therapists. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be to fix things but you only have one body so taking care of mine is a top priority right now." We hope she continues to take great care of it for a long time!

18 Maryse

There are several reasons to be jealous of professional wrestlers. But one of the biggest may be that they tend to have some absolutely gorgeous wives. Many of whom are also in the wrestling industry.

This is the case for The Miz who along with being a prominent wrestler is also married to Maryse. The two tied the knot back in 2014. But just because she and her husband are both wrestlers, don't think that makes them superhuman. Maryse had to deal with a very scary situation back in 2011 after an obsessed fan left her various threatening voicemails. We can understand why people love her, but c'mon buddy, that's not a cool way to show your support.

17 Paige


When it comes to Paige there are plenty of things to talk about in regards to her skill in the ring. She obviously made a great impression on the company considering they put the championship belt on her at the age of 21. Unfortunately, Paige's life outside of the ring is far from clean, including multiple suspensions and having leaked photos of her getting into activities that definitely aren't PG.

While the photos of her booty bumping are too risque to make a list like this, we're sure you're still going to be ecstatic at the photo of Paige that we did decide to include. We don't know what her future holds, but something tells us she probably isn't going to be taking any more nude photos!

16 Charlotte Flair


Charlotte Flair definitely had big shoes to fill when you consider she is the daughter of the iconic Ric Flair. But something tells us you wouldn't mind if Charlotte also managed to spend a few decades entertaining audiences. Especially because when it comes to in-ring talent, Flair is one of the biggest standouts on the roster.

Flair is going to be taking her good looks to a new medium in the near future as she announced back in July that she'll be appearing in Psych: The Movie. While Flair often finds herself wearing revealing outfits when she makes her way to the ring, you may find the photo that we've included to be even hotter than anything she'd ever be allowed to wear on WWE television!

15 Naomi


Naomi is definitely a fierce in-ring competitor, but unfortunately for Naomi her last big moment in the spotlight was in a losing effort after Natalya defeated her at SummerSlam for the SmackDown Women's Championship. Something tells us it will only be a matter of time before Naomi finds herself back on top again.

Naomi's good looks and winning personality have also helped her become one of the main members of the WWE reality show Total Divas. But while she may dial up the heat both on the show and in the ring, we don't know if she's ever worn something on the air that is as steamy as the photo we've tracked down for you.

14 Cathy Kelley


Cathy Kelley is one of the newest faces in the WWE, having signed with the company back in 2016. But you can expect her face to remain just as gorgeous as ever when you factor in that she isn't a wrestler, but instead is one of the many talented women who work on the presentation side of the business.

The unforgettable photos that she shares on her social media account also help make a point that Cathy could also have an incredibly successful career as a model! Her WWE profile promises that Cathy will be helping break news stories for years to come. Here's hoping that's accurate. Especially if that means she's going to keep increasing her presence online.

13 Alicia Fox


Alicia Fox is one of the several gorgeous women in the WWE that also spends time on the reality show Total Divas. But regardless of which format you're using to check out Fox, we're sure you'd find yourself agreeing that she often wears outfits that'll be hard to forget.

The WWE must love looking at Fox too, especially when you consider it was announced back in July that she would be featured in part of their new toy  line of fashion dolls that are being produced by Mattel. Fox may be a great role model for younger ages, but the above photo is definitely not kid-friendly!

12 Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch isn't the only wrestler to make a mark for themselves by traveling from Ireland to the WWE and kicking some @$$. But in comparison to some of the others, such as Sheamus, you're probably much happier getting to stare at a photo of Becky.

Unfortunately, Lynch's career has been far from a smooth ride, including battling several injuries, but hopefully, that streak is behind her. Because let's be honest, watching wrestling is all the more entertaining when you have a gorgeous redheaded Irish girl to stare at! Perhaps Lynch will be feeling extra motivated lately when you consider it was back in September 2016 that she captured the SmackDown Women's Title, a goal she definitely still has her eyes on.

11 Sasha Banks


You definitely need to commend Sasha Banks for the amount of faith she has in her abilities. She's put it all on the line in several huge matches, including competing in the first ever women's Hell in a Cell. But when you watch her in the ring, it becomes increasingly clear why she is so confident.

Something tells us nobody is going to be going through an announcing table a la Mick Foley anytime soon though! Banks was looking like she was gearing for another run with the Raw Women's Championship but only managed to hold onto the belt for 8 days with her most recent run. Win or lose, we just hope she keeps updating her Instagram with photos like this!

10 Dana Brooke


The above photo may make you focus on just how gorgeous Dana Brooke is. But Brooke probably isn't spending too much time lately thinking about how she is looking. Sadly her partner Dallas McCarver who was a professional bodybuilder passed away earlier this year after choking to death on his food.

McCarver's last words were on the phone to Brooke where he said "I love you. Goodbye." While Brooke's got a great career ahead of her, nobody would blame her if she needed to take some time away from the ring to deal with this tough situation. When talking about his passing, Brooke said "He would tell everyone the same — just keep swimming, keep moving through life and he will be your angel above! He had a way with making people laugh!”

9 JoJo


JoJo's biggest claim to fame may be when she showed the world that she knew how to bust out her singing voice at SummerSlam 2013 as she was asked to sing the National Anthem. But we're sure she has no shortage of amazing moments that have come from her time working in the WWE as a ring announcer and occasional backstage interviewer.

No matter what part of the program JoJo shows up at, we're definitely glad that she does! Still only 23 years old and having been affiliated with the company since 2013, it's clear that JoJo has a huge future ahead of her. Which is great news, especially when she clearly knows how to pick outfits that highlight all of her best features.

8 Mickie James


When it comes to the above photo, we're actually jumping all the way back to 2015. The photo was shared to Mickie James' Instagram along with the caption "Hotness on wwe.come today! Thank you @wwe for the love!! It's my favorite season! #funinthesun #sunsoutgunsout #notreadyforthefall"

We wouldn't blame you if after staring at Mickie in a swimsuit you also aren't ready for the summer to end! James' career has taken her all over, including multiple stints in TNA but has recently found herself back in the WWE for the 2nd time. James also spends part of her personal time making music, including releasing a song she recorded in 2016. Something tells us it's a lot less painful to spend time in the recording studio compared to the wrestling ring!

7 The Bella Twins


When we started this list we set out to include as many women that are appearing on WWE television on a regular basis as possible. But while you may always recognize Nikki from the WWE, she hasn't been seen since Wrestlemania 33 and is taking some time away. That doesn't mean you won't still be able to see her on a regular basis as she is appearing on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.

The fact that she's married to John Cena means she's all the more likely to return to the ring in the future. Her sister Brie has also stepped away but is currently serving as an ambassador for the company.

6 Dasha Fuentes


Dasha may be known for her interviewing skills, but we're sure you would love getting to know her a little better! Especially considering the fact that the outfit we have for you above leaves very little to the imagination.

Fuentes has been with the company since 2015 but back in July also spent time working as a ring announcer. Fuentes was clearly passionate about the opportunity presented by the WWE, especially when you read about what she gave up to join "I was actually en route to getting my doctorate in physical therapy when I was gifted a great opportunity [to join WWE]," Fuentes went on to say "WWE is such a large and amazing company. I’m looking forward to the endless amount of possibilities it presents.”

5 Bayley


These wrestlers are definitely putting their good looks on prominent displays throughout this list. But while that may leave you thinking that they could be models, there's no forgetting how dangerous of a job they have.

That point may be hammered home all the more when you consider Bayley, who while still on the active roster, is currently sidelined after suffering a shoulder injury during a match with Nia Jax. When talking about the injury, Bayley said "Everything just tensed up around it. I've never had an injury like this before, so I can't really know what it is. I guess we're gonna see." She was definitely having a much better day when the above photo was snapped!

4 Stephanie McMahon


Let's be honest, Stephanie isn't going to step into the ring and drop an elbow anytime soon. But she is still arguably the most influential woman in the entire company and is no stranger to making an appearance on-screen. And given her husband (Triple H) also isn't going anywhere anytime soon, you can expect the same for Stephanie.

But while the above photo may put McMahon's assets on prominent display, you may be surprised to hear that she isn't all natural. Stephanie has admitted in the past to artificially enhancing her chest after she realized she was unhappy with how her body looked. That being said, it's still clear she puts some serious time in at the gym to stay in shape.

3 Charly Caruso


As a backstage announcer, Charly often finds herself standing beside many of the gorgeous women that populate our list. But we wouldn't be surprised if no matter who is standing beside her, staring at Charly is your favorite part of the segment. Despite her fantastic body, Charly's Instagram includes the message "If it's unhealthy, I probably love it."

We're sure she has plenty of access to a gym in order to work out in case she ever binges hard with unhealthy food! Prior to getting her break on WWE television, Caruso worked for a variety of news organizations and even hosted her own YouTube show centered around basketball.

2 Natalya Neidhart (Part 2)



The photo that you're staring at of Natalya is probably not one that you're going to forget anytime soon. Not that you'd want to! You can imagine that one moment that Natalya is never going to forget is when she captured the SmackDown championship at SummerSlam.When talking about the moment, Natalya said "I was so happy that I was shaking and wanted to burst into tears when I took that title and launched it above my head. So lost in a moment that I’ve dreamed of since I was a young girl that I almost forgot to stay in character. I am currently a “bad girl” in the WWE! I composed myself and saved the tears for when I got backstage. I also should have worn waterproof mascara, but I digress."

1 Alexa Bliss (Part 2)


Alexa Bliss has definitely had herself a busy 2017. She was one of the many superstars who was traded brands back in April, with Alexa, in this case, going from SmackDown to Raw. When talking about the transition, Bliss admitted that she was kept in the dark: "They didn't tell us anything. They were very hush-hush on who was being traded. It was a very spur-of-the-moment thing, finding out. I think it made it a lot better though. Instead of anticipating and knowing ahead of time, I like finding out how it happened." She definitely made the most of her new opportunities on Raw!

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