25 Savage AF Memes About The Women Of WWE

The WWE has had a long and sorted history with their female talent. The golden 1980s WWE era had female stars like the aging Fabulous Moolah and Wendy Richter, most of whom were taken seriously as athletes. The 1990s would bring the fans a mixed bag, starting out strong with Alundra Blayze making a huge mark for female athletes, but alas the Attitude Era would change things for a good long while. Suddenly, instead of female athletes we were treated to Divas. The WWE Diva was known for her looks and sex appeal instead of her athletic talent and her primary purpose in the ring was to flaunt those looks. This era would change the fan perception of the female athlete in the WWE and with that their attitude towards them. This would bring about a large amount of criticism and vulgar attitudes towards the Divas.

Things are absolutely back on track now in the WWE, after the Divas Revolution did away with the token women and started to treat them all like proper WWE Superstars. The days of eye candy are over, not that many of the women in the company are devoid of beauty.

The fans will often express their feelings about the women of the WWE in the form of vicious memes. They range from the hilarious to the absolutely brutal. We've collected some of the most savage memes from the IWC and as you can see, we wrestling fans are a ruthless bunch.

25 Nattie Punks out Eva Marie

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Eva Marie was one of the final batch of women brought into the WWE on their looks, rather than their athletic ability. She was shoved onto the Total Divas reality series rather early on and encountered some very negative reactions from some of the other women that had worked hard for their places in the company. In defense of Eva, she did make a huge effort down the road to train and improve her in-ring work. Natalya, who is obsessed with her cat to the point that it has it's own Instagram (that she won't shut up about), is seen here talking smack to Eva. You can imagine that wrestling royality like Nattie Hart would have some choice feelings about the "Divas" era talent.

24 The AJ Lee Screwjob

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This meme has some brutal words about AJ Lee and her sex life, but in fairness they refer to her on-screen persona, not real life. The joke here, in case you live under a rock, is that this is an image of Vinnie Mac taking a break from pumping iron to speak out on the Montreal Screwjob and deliver the iconic "Bret Screwed Bret" line. In her on-screen work, AJ Lee was infamous for jumping from guy to guy and she was involved on camera with Kane, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. She would wind up marrying CM Punk in real life and is currently doing a promotional tour for her book, "Crazy is my Superpower". AJ would deliver a wicked pipe bomb on the Total Divas cast before she left the WWE, which was the thing of legend.

23 Stephanie Makes A Few Big Changes

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The daughter of the boss is a position that can often encourage a child to coast along and make little effort in a company. The opposite is true in the WWE, because the children of Vince McMahon have the drive to go all out for their roles in the industry. Stephanie was a young girl when she started to get involved with the WWE. The Attitude Era was in full swing, and she was involved on-screen with various talent, from Test to HHH and the Undertaker in major story arcs. Stephanie debuted her breast augmentation back in 2001 and she was instantly the target for dirty jokes from the fans. This meme is, of course, a play on the tagline for The Authority, "What's Best for Business".

22 Which Bella is Which?

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The Bella Twins have had an interesting journey in the WWE. They started out as identical twins, with matching outfits and eventually found themselves working singles careers after Nikki Bella got some cosmetic surgery that set herself apart. The girls came into the company as a gimmick and flourished during the "Divas" era. During their time they both were involved with top company guys, Brie with Daniel Bryan and Nikki with John Cena. They got heavy criticism for manipulating and sleeping their way to the top from other female talent, like AJ Lee. What AJ said seemed to mirror what a lot of fans already thought about the twins, and memes like this began to pop-up, devaluing the Bellas. Whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny the major role that they have in the company and the pull that they have managed to garner.

21 The Paige Scandal

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You shouldn't be surprised to see at least one meme here about the Paige sex tapes. The recent scandal featured home videos of Paige nude, having sex and the ol' devil's three-way with her then boyfriend Brad Maddox and WWE Superstar, and New Day member, Xavier Woods. This was back in their NXT days, when this picture of Paige and Woods was taken. The hack of Paige's iCloud and leak of the videos caused quite a scandal for Paige, who was already on suspension from the WWE for violating their Wellness policy and has clearly created a speedbump for Woods, who hasn't been seen live on television since. Hopefully, the heat about this incident will pass soon, but don't expect the harsh memes to go anywhere for some time.

20 Lana Makes Eyes at The Rock

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Its hard to resist the charisma machine that is The Rock. Whenever he make an appearance you can sense the glee in the locker room. Difficult as it is not to be mesmerized by his charm, when you're engaged to Rusev you probably shouldn't be giving Dwayne Johnson the bedroom eyes. This is exactly what happened when The Rock made a surprise return to Monday Night Raw back in early 2016. He stirred up a lot of controversy over the sexist nature of his interaction with her, but despite that she was clearly enchanted by his presence. This caused an instant stir with the fans and the memes, like this one,  began to pop-up online. Lana and Rusev married later that year, as you can see chronicled on Total Divas.

19 Charlotte Torn Apart

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Charlotte Flair has been working hard to live-up to the name of her legendary father, Ric Flair. She busts her butt every time she enters the squared circle and she has the championship record to prove it. She is definitely one of the more athletic women in the division and with that comes more sculpted muscle and a few chiseled features. She's no Chyna, but she does look pretty ripped compared to a lot of the other girls that are closer to one hundred pound waifs. Charlotte is there to fight and perform, not for sex appeal, but of course some fans have still chosen to criticize her looks with memes like this one. Its a low blow and uncalled for, you don't any memes about how ugly any of the males on the roster are. She isn't there for looks, but despite her conditioning Charlotte remain a beautiful women and a huge talent that wows every time she's in the ring.

18 Got Caught Stealing

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Emma has had a difficult run in the WWE thus far. She got her start in NXT and found some success there, but once she was called-up to the main roster she encountered some difficulty finding her place. She was initially paired with Santino Marella in a bit where the two would do a goofy dance to the ring. Its this dance that she displays in this meme, which is as funny as it is brutal. You see, not long after she was called up Emma got caught shoplifting an iPhone case at a Wal-Mart while on the road with WWE. Apparently, she outsmarted by the self check out machine and walked out with the merchandise. She was arrested and sentenced to one day of community service. Not shockingly, the WWE released her almost immediately, but soon after re-hired her.

17 Oh, the Misogyny

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The WWE Divas division was a joke for a long time, with the exception of a few talents. There were standouts like AJ Lee, a woman that could really wrestle, but whenever you have a woman in the ring you seem to have some fans objectifying her. This montage of AJ's backside may not be the worst sight in the world, but it certainly isn't representative of her talent as a performer and a wrestler. This meme shows the brutal way that women are often viewed in the business, despite their ability. AJ Lee was famous for her finishing move the Black Widow, which was basically the Octopus hold. She would also pull out everything from a Tornado DDT to the Guillotine choke.

16 Paige the Diva

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When Paige was brought into NXT she was the first female talent to bring a vastly different look and feel to the roster. She had a punk rock look and an attitude to match, at least in the ring. Her main roster debut found her immediately setting herself apart from the Bella twins, as the anti-Diva. This meme is harsh, sure, but it's not untrue. When Paige finally joined Total Divas she was revealed to be just as obnoxious, prissy and whiny as the Bellas, if not worse. Paige has shown herself to be high drama outside of the squared circle, as evidence by her debacle of a year in 2016. We still don't know if Paige will ever return to a WWE ring or if she'll join her mom in a smaller promotion like Shimmer.

15 Disrespecting the Dead

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The Attitude Era was a time that many fans remember fondly. There were so many fantastic WWE Superstars created during that time and one of the most memorable ones was Chyna. She was billed as the "ninth wonder of the world" and worked as an enforcer for D-Generation X when she debuted in the WWE. Chyna was an impressive female talent, able to hold her own with any man in the ring, which she often did. She gave a unique presence to the stable at the time and went on to have a great run in the WWE. Unfortunately, after her time in the company Chyna's life would be difficult, finding her starting a porn career and having issues with substance abuse. She died tragically in 2016 at the young age of 46. This vicious meme highlights her very masculine features when she was with the company, likening her to Sylvester Stallone.

14 Divas Get No Respect

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Its hard to imagine now, but not that long ago it was rare to see a women's match in the WWE and it was usually the time to take a bathroom break for many fans. The Divas division wasn't exactly bursting with talent, storytelling or air time. Their matches were often on the pre-show for pay-per-views and they would be lucky to get one or two minutes of air time on Monday Night Raw or Smackdown. Now, the women of the WWE are often the main event and sometimes open the shows with their storylines. There truly has been a revolution in the WWE and the fans are reaping the benefits of this new age of equality. The roster of female Superstars is just as talented, engaging and fun to watch as any of the males...and now they get the air time to prove it.

13 Brie is Skin and Bones...mostly Bones

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The Bella Twins came into the WWE as a novelty act and the girls were a success for awhile, because they did look identical. That would change by the time they made their return to the company, as Nikki had breat enhancement surgery and had clearly been following a different diet to get a more full figured look, while Brie was remaining ultra thin. This meme, featuring Dean Ambrose, is of course mocking Brie's size compared to her sister. In all fairness to the fans, it is a little hard to buy into such a scrawny woman taking on opponents in the ring that have a lot more muscle and size. On the other hand body shaming a woman isn't super cool either.

12 Team B.A.D. is R.A.C.H.E.T.

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Oh yeah, the IWC went there with this one. When Sasha Banks was called-up to the main roster they initially paired her with Naomi and Tamina in a heel stable called Team B.A.D. Their run went for awhile, before eventually turning Sasha babyface and disbanding the idea. This meme is both derogatory and a bit racist, as the term "Rachet" is a slang term for someone from the "ghetto" or an urban setting that thinks they're hot stuff, but is really anything from a complete mess to a degenerate crackhead. No matter how you dice it, this meme is calling the girls ethnic trash, which is wildly unacceptable and uncalled for. There are funny and even harsh memes and then there's this. That's not even to mention that this picture features some of the best female talent the company has seen in ages.

11 Stratus Takes Out the Trash

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This meme, at first glance, is a stunning picture of former WWE Diva Trish Stratus in her swimsuit. The purpose of the meme is to call the Bella Twins trash, which is witty, but extremely harsh. The girls haven't helped their case by doing their Kardashian wannabe reality television shows and the fact that they just so happened to hook up with the top two guys in the company at the time...and then after that had aptly timed career advancements with the WWE. In all fairness to the girls, they have worked very hard, that reality television thing has to be tiring after awhile. The Bella Twins aren't the force that they used to be in the WWE, with Brie retired and Nikki trying to branch out into other forms of media.

10 Summer Rae...That Nose Though

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Summer Rae came into the company with the billing of a beauty and no doubt she has fans of her look, but she also has a lot of the opposite. This meme spells out the feelings of a lot of the fans in the WWE Universe when it comes to the sex appeal, or lack thereof, that Summer Rae exhibits. She has managed to get herself pushed down to matches on Main Event and is almost nonexistent when it comes to any real women's wrestling match or storyline. Its not that he is completely devoid of talent, because she has done some decent work in the ring from time to time. There's just something that Summer is missing and it may be that the WWE is focusing too much on her looks and not enough on developing her skills.

9 Nattie and Tyson Aren't Exactly Lovebirds

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When WWE fans began watching the Total Divas show years ago, they were treated to a shocking look at the home life between Nataya and her husband ,WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd. The two appear to have a rather toxic exchange, which could be a put-on for the cameras, but it doesn't leave either one looking all that great, so it doesn't make much sense. Kidd is no longer a part of the series, because he suffered a spinal injury at the hands of Samoa Joe. The two are still married, but it became clear after seeing their exchanges on Total Divas, how forced and fake their on-screen interactions were when o WWE television.

8 Cameron: The Diva that Time Forgot

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Do we even remember Cameron? Her run with the company wasn't exactly groundbreaking. She was a part of the Total Divas reality series when it began and was one half of the ill-fated "Funkadactyls" with Naomi. The big draw for that group was that they danced all sexy and rubbed their backsides together when they entered the ring...and that was about it. Naomi was a huge talent in the ring and broke off to do her own thing as a singles competitor and has since won the Smackdown Live Women's Championship...twice. Cameron has faded into obscurity. Her time on Total Divas revealed a whiny, entitled screechy and often obnoxious person in Cameron, which is what this meme is referencing.

7 The Powerpuff Girls

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Okay, so this one is actually pretty funny. When the Divas Revolution began, it was Charlotte, Paige and Becky Lynch all paired together in a makeshift stable dubbed Team PCB. That name might sound odd, that's because it was discovered at the last minute that the name they wanted, Submission Sorority, was already a pornographic website.

If you're familiar with the Powerpuff Girls, they all have the same hair color as the girls here in the picture and they're entire show is about their butt-kicking exploits, so it does kinda make sense. Regardless, its a bit rough to knock these high caliber athletes down to the level of cutsey cartoon characters. Although, Hulk Hogan was a cartoon back in the day and the WWE Network features some interesting animated series these days, so maybe it isn't so rough after all.

6 The Kiss of Death

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The Total Divas reality series has gotten mixed reviews from the WWE Universe. There are some that enjoy the series and are happy to have a little more from each of their favorite Superstars every week. There are still more, especially earlier on in the series, that saw it was absolute garbage that was a closer relative to the Kardashians than to the WWE. When the show was first on, Paige wasn't on the series yet and fans figured she was the anti-Diva and the kind of girl that would hate being on display in a show like that. They were wrong, as we noted in an earlier entry on this list, but regardless this meme shoots on how loathed the reality show was for a time, thus also insulting all of the women on it.

5 Vickie the Cougar

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Okay, so this is some kayfabe brutality, because the widow of the great Eddie Guererro is a different person in real life than the one the portrayed on television. I know its still real to a lot of you and all, but c'mon. Vickie did storyline date a lot of the guys on the roster, getting proudly dubbed the Cougar. Vickie was often chasing after the next young, buff WWE Superstar, trying to make him her love puppy. In the kayfabe world this meme akes a lot of sense, but lets just make sure we remember that's where it belongs. In real life Vickie left the company to study medical administration and is engaged to her long time boyfriend, Kris.

4 Poor Stephanie

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Okay, so this is another meme that belongs in the world of kayfabe. Stephanie's authority character definitely fits this bill, but she's supposed to in all fairness. This meme doesn't pull any punches or use any clever jokes, its just a blatant expression of the fan disgust with Stephanie McMahon. In real life, Stephanie is a mother, businesswoman an philanthropist. Steph manages to get a huge fan reaction whenever she appears on WWE television, but it's usually negative. In fact, when she was put through a table at WrestleMania this year the entire arena erupted in applause and cheers.

3 Total Mugshots

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This meme is poking fun at several of the women of the WWE that have experienced run-ins with the law. We already covered Emma in another entry on this list (man, that one is still funny), but here we see some more sketchy behavior from now former WWE Superstars like Kaitlyn, Lita, Cameron, Jillian Hall and Awesome Kong. The women were arrested for various offenses. This meme highlights some of the deviant behavior from the WWE Superstars. In fall fairness, the men on the roster are at least as guilty, it not more. No, seriously go search for "WWE mugshots" sometimes, its staggering. That said, this isn't the way anyone wants to be seen, mugshots are notoriously unflattering images.

2 The 3 Hour Show

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It's a long standing debate amongst the dirty smarks on the internet, whether Monday Night RAW should be cut from three hours down to two. The fans go back and forth on this subject, even after it was explained to them that the company would lose millions in ad revenues and television money if they were to take that hour away. Nevertheless, the IWC doesn't hold back about that menacing third hour, mocking the programming choices from time to time. This awful segment was a Divas game of musical chairs on an episode of Monday Night Raw back in 2013. This was during that era of exploitation, when the writesrs didn't seem to know what to do with a female athlete in a storyline, so they made them do awful segments like this one. Fortunately, those days are over.

1 Chyna, Oh Chyna!

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Okay, so normally we wouldn't throw poor Chyna under the bus with a second meme, but it's in the nature of this list to cover the brutal insults, so here we go anyway. Here we see Trips and Steph in a meme, commenting on Chyna's interesting private parts. This insult has some layers to it, because first of all Triple-H and Chyna were an item, supposedly at the time he got together with Steph in real life. The root of this joke comes from the leaked sex tape between Chyna and former D-Generation X star X-Pac. The video featured what can only be described as enlarged lady parts that gave the appearance of male anatomy on Chyna's behalf. It dropped a lot of jaws at the time and probably still does whenever it surfaces.


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