25 Wrestlers Who Hit Rock Bottom: Where Are They Now?

The life of a professional wrestler is not all fun and games. It may be true that having a career as a professional wrestler can bring you fortune and fame, but that does't mean there aren't any drawbacks. Like any contact sport, pro wrestling eventually takes a toll on your body. If you aren't able to wrestle because you're in too much pain, then you won't get paid. So in order to stop the pain, wrestlers would take painkillers, so much so that they couldn't live without them. When you mix those pills with partying and alcohol, you get a recipe for disaster.

Most wrestlers who made this list had bad drug and alcohol addictions, but they fortunately managed to beat the odds, and are still alive today. Unfortunately the same can't be said for the ton of wrestlers who hit rock bottom, and stayed there until their death. Each wrestler on this list had one major rock bottom moment that changed their career and life forever. Luckily most of the wrestlers took this low point in their life and used it as motivation to turn their career and life around.

Without further ado, here are 25 wrestlers who hit rock bottom, and how they got to where they are today.

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25 David Schultz

The big intimidating David Schultz honed his wrestling skills during his time in NWA Mid-America during the 1970s. He had the most success of his wrestling career during the early 1980s. Schultz became a big part of Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling in Calgary. The highlight of his time in Stampede Wrestling was when he defeated Bret Hart for the Stampede North American Heavyweight Championship. He also spent time in Memphis teaming up with the legendary Randy Savage. It was in Memphis where he would get noticed and eventually signed by Vince McMahon. It wasn't too long before he became a top heel in the WWE. Schultz even got chance to face then WWE champion Hulk Hogan. Unfortunately for Schultz an incident would occur in 1985 that would ultimately end his career.

Rock Bottom Moment: Unlike most other wrestlers on this list, Schultz' rock bottom moment had nothing to with drugs or health issues. In 1985,  20/20 reporter John Stossel was doing a story on exposing the secrets of professional wrestling. Stossel had an interview with Schultz, where he asked the question "Is wrestling fake?" Schultz proceeded to slap Stossel hard across the head two times. It didn't take too long before Schultz was fired from the WWE.

Where is Schultz Now?: After the 20/20 incident, Schultz was practically blacklisted by all wrestling companies. The companies were just too afraid to deal with him, so Schultz had no choice but to leave the business. Since leaving wrestling Schultz opened up a successful bail bonds business. Schultz also has taken advantage of his imposing figure as a successful bounty hunter in the United States.

24 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels got his start in professional wrestling as part of the successful tag team in The Rockers. Alongside side partner Marty Jannetty, the team would have excellent runs in both the AWA and WWE. Although Michaels was an fantastic tag team wrestler, it would pale in comparison to his success as singles competitor. The man who became known as the "Showstopper" and "Mr.WrestleMania" won multiple titles during his lengthy career, including the WWE Championship three times and the World Heavyweight Championship.. After beginning his WWE career in 1987, "The Heartbreak Kid" finally hung up his boots for good in 2010.

Rock Bottom Moment: Michaels dealt with drug and alcohol addiction right from the start of his career. He had a big reputation of being someone who loved to party. The more success Michaels achieved, the harder he seemed to party. In 1998, Michaels suffered a serious back injury, one that threatened to end his career. With his poor health and added plethora of drugs and alcohol, Michaels was in real rough shape.

Where is Michaels Now?: In 1999, Michaels found out his wife Rebecca was expecting a child. This was a tuning point in Michaels' life, as he didn't want his son growing up around all of his old bad habits. Michaels became a born again Christian and became healthy enough to come out of retirement in 2002. Today, Michaels lives a laid back lifestyle, spending as much time possible with his family. Michaels also hosts his own outdoor television show, called 'Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures.'

23 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan was professional wrestling when it came to the 1980s and 1990s. In WWE it was all about "Hulkamania". In WCW he turned the industry upside-down with the creation of the New World Order. You would be hard pressed to find someone who had a bigger impact on professional wrestling than the "Hulkster."

Rock Bottom Moment: Hogan has had more than his fair share of controversy outside of the ring, but nothing damaged him more than the release of his adult video in 2012. Having the world seeing you in the act is bad enough, but that was the least of his worries. In 2015, an audio clip from the tape was released in which Hogan made racist remarks. The WWE immediately released Hogan from his contract and removed all mentions of him from their website.

Where is Hogan Now?: After laying low for a while, Hogan resurfaced to the public when he gave a heartfelt apology on ABC's Good Morning America. Hogan is currently spending a whole lot of time in court battling against the website that initially released his sex tape. The WWE's Executive Vice President Triple H has publicly stated that a return of Hulk Hogan to the WWE is not completely out of the question. So we may get a chance to see at least one more atomic leg drop after all.

22 Dan Spivey

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The 6'8 Dan Spivey got his break in the NWA teaming up with Scott Hall as American Starship, before signing with WWE in 1988. Spivey was nothing but a midcarder in his first run with the company. He would have a bit more success wrestling in Japan, as well as WCW where he teamed up with the likes of Sid Vicious and Stan Hansen. Spivey made his return to WWE in 1995, where he became his most well known gimmick of Waylon Mercy. His character was that of a southern man, who spoke in a soft of sinister manner, and he also wore a Hawaiian shirt to the ring. If that character sounds familiar, that is because Bray Wyatt was given a similar character.

Rock Bottom Moment: Spivey was forced to retire from wrestling in 1995 due to the many injuries he suffered throughout his career. After leaving wrestling he battled with alcohol problems, and in 2007 he was arrested for driving under the influence.

Where is Spivey Now?: In 2009 he started the journey of becoming sober. In 2015, at the age of 62, he made a one night return to the ring. Spivey currently works for a family run utility construction company in Florida.

21 Kamala

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Jim Harris got his start in wrestling with Jerry Lawler in Memphis. It was Lawler who would come up with the Harris' gimmick of Kamala. The character of Kamala was that of a wild man from Uganda. After a successful run in Memphis, Kamala joined WWE in 1984. He wrestled with the company on and off until 1993. His most notable feuds were with Hulk Hogan, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and The Undertaker. He wrestled briefly for WCW in 1995, and besides making sporadic appearances with the WWE, Kamala wrestled mostly on the independents.

Rock Bottom Moment: Kamala has made many mistakes in his life and wrestling career. He admits that his biggest mistake was leaving WWE unannounced in 1987. He wasn't happy with what he was getting paid so he left. His character was getting a great deal of television time, had he not left, who knows how more successful his character could have been.

Where is Kamala Now?: Kamala has lived a terrible life ever since he was forced to retire in 2010. In 2011, he had to have his left leg amputated due to complications of high blood pressure and diabetes. In 2012, his right leg also had to be amputated for the same reasons. When it comes to making a living today, Kamala is barely making ends meet. He relies on getting a disability check and sells handmade wooden chairs. Kamala is also involved in the recent lawsuit against the WWE involving brain injuries.

20 Jimmy Snuka

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Jimmy Snuka is credited with being one of the first people to introduce high-flying style of wrestling to WWE. Although he has wrestled all over the world, he best known for his multiple stints in the WWE. During his time with the company, Snuka was involved in feuds with legends like Roddy Piper and Ted DiBiase. However, Snuka's most famous moment occurred in a match at Madison Square Garden in 1983. Snuka was in a Steel Cage match against Don Muraco, when he climbed up to the top of the cage and delivered his patented "Superfly Splash." This was said to inspire future wrestling stars like Mick Foley and Tommy Dreamer, who were in attendance, to become wrestlers.

Rock Bottom Moment: In 1983, Snuka's then girlfriend Nancy Argentino was found seriously injured at Snuka's hotel. Argentino eventually succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. The coroner's report stated that Argentino had died of traumatic brain injuries as she was most likely struck with an object. She was also full of bruises all over her body which was evidence of abuse. Although Snuka was the only suspect, he wasn't charged at the time for the murder.

Where is Snuka Now?: Snuka semi-retired from wrestling in the mid 1990s. He wrestled the occasional match all the way up until 2015. Snuka was living mostly out of the spotlight until 2015, when after 32 years he was finally charged and arrested for the murder of Nancy Argentino. The court case is still on going with Snuka's lawyers stating  that he is mentally unfit to stand trail. Snuka's health has been in decline, as he was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2015 and currently suffers from dementia. Some may call this karma for Snuka.

19 Ken Patera

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Before Ken Patera became a professional wrestler, he was a very successful weightlifter. He competed at many World Weightlifting Championships, as well as the Olympics. Patera started his wrestling career in the late 1970s and became one of pro wrestling's greatest heels. During the 1980s, he wrestled for all the big promotions including the NWA, AWA and WWE. During his career he feuded with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and The Honky Tonk Man. His crowning achievement would see him defeat Pat Patterson for the WWE Intercontinental Championship in 1980.

Rock Bottom Moment: In 1984, Patera and fellow wrestler fellow Masa Saito reportedly threw a 30lb boulder through the window of an McDonalds. When the officers came to arrest them, Patera got into a physical alteration with officers. He would end up being sentenced to two years in prison. It was no surprise when WWE fired Patera after learning about the sentence.

Where is Patera Now?: Paterna was able to get his life back together after getting out of prison, and was even rehired by WWE. Patera has opened up many business since retiring from the ring, including a limousine service and a tanning salon. If he had any relationship with the WWE, it's now all out the window when he recently joined the class action lawsuit against the company on their negligence about brain injuries.

18 Virgil

Virgil made a name for himself in the wrestling industry with his eight year run with WWE from 1986 to 1994. After being a jobber, he became the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase's bodyguard. He would eventually turn on DiBiase and he would win the Million Dollar Championship at the 1991 edition of SummerSlam. That match turned out to be the highlight of Virgil's time in WWE, as he was used as an enhancement talent for the rest of his time with the company. He signed with WCW in 1996, and his most notorious role was that of the nWo's head of security. After that gimmick fizzled out, he would go back to being mostly a jobber until he was finished with the company in 2000.

Rock Bottom Moment: After leaving wrestling, it was clear Virgil must have blown all his money, as he started appearing everywhere to make money. The problem was nobody would show up to any of these appearances. He even stooped so low that he started selling autographed photos at subway stations.

Where is Virgil Now?: Virgil has continued to make appearances at conventions of all kinds. He has become somewhat of an internet legend, and known by most as "Pro Wrestling's Saddest Man" due to fact that nobody cares about him. The self proclaimed "Wrestling Superstar" recently played a guest role on The Edge and Christian Show on the WWE Network.

17 Joey Mercury

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Joey Mercury was a talented wrestler on the independent scene before he signed a development deal with WWE in 2004. He was called up to the main roster in 2005 as part of the team MNM. Alongside Johnny Nitro and their manager Melina, the team would win the WWE Tag Team Championship on three different occasions. The team would eventually split up for good in 2007, and Mercury would be released by the WWE shortly after.

Rock Bottom Moment: Mercury has battled drug addictions since he was a teenager. At the age of 15 he started to use cocaine, crack, and heroin. Mercury's entered rehab in 2006, but would fall off the wagon again after suffering a serious facial injury. Instead of being addicted to cocaine and crack, Mercury became addicted to painkillers. This was the main reason Mercury was fired from the WWE, thus ending the biggest push of his career.

Where is Mercury Now?: Mercury credited his firing by the WWE as a way of him finally becoming sober. He would resign with the company and "follow" CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society before working with Jamie Nobel as Seth Rollins' personal security. Mercury also has a more significant off screen role as a producer.

16 Marty Jannetty

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Marty Jannetty is most famous for being part of the tag team The Rockers with Shawn Michaels. The team first dominated the AWA before heading to WWE in 1988. After a three year run with the company, they would eventually split up. While Shawn would go on to be one of the greatest performers in wrestling history, the same could not be said for Jannetty. While Jannetty would go on to win the WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Championship, he would end up wrestling on the independent scene for most of his career.

Rock Bottom Moment: Jannetty has had the reputation of being someone who likes to party hard ever since he got into the business. His drug and alcohol problems stopped  him from reaching his true potential. There is one incident in particular that could of changed Jannetty's career for the better, if his demons didn't get the best of him. Shorty after The Rockers split up, Jannetty and Michaels were supposed to have a feud that would culminate in a match at WrestleMania VIII. This did not happen as Jannetty would be on house arrest after  he had an altercation with a police officer. The rest of his career could have been different if he had his big WrestleMania moment.

Where is Jannetty Now?: At the age of 56, Janetty still wrestles regularly in the independents. Not only does he still wrestle at his age, he still loves to party. Just as recent as this past WrestleMania in Dallas, it was reported that Jannetty was kicked out of multiple bars due to his behaviour. Lance Storm even tweeted out a picture of Jannetty walking around in a water fountain of a hotel lobby. Here's hoping Jannetty grows out of his partying ways before it's too late.

15 Jim Neidhart

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Jim Neidhart, alongside Bret Hart was part of one of he most popular tag team in WWE history, The Hart Foundation. The team would win the Tag Team Championship on two different occasions. While Bret found success in WWE as an individual, you couldn't say the same for Neidhart. As a singles competitor, Neidhart would challenge to for the Intercontinental Championship, but nothing beyond that. Besides wrestling in WWE, Neidhart also had stints with both ECW and WCW, but wasn't utilized very well.

Rock Bottom Moment: In 2010, Neidhart was arrested for possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute. He was caught with illegal amounts of Oxycontin and methadone. He was sentenced t0 five months and 29 days in jail. Things weren't any better for Jim in 2013, when he appeared at an convention with Bret Hart. It was clear Jim must of been on some sort of drug, as he was not able to stop himself from twitching. It is a very uncomfortable video to watch.

Where is Neidhart Now?: Neidhart has recently resurfaced with the WWE on the the television show Total Divas. His daughter Natalie Neidhart is a regular on the program and her Dad's ongoing struggles have been pointed out in storyline. Jim has had a hard time with the fact that he is retired from the ring, so that is why he turned to drugs. Fortunately for Jim he agreed to go to rehab and hopefully can turn his life around.

14 Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle made a name for himself as soon as he debuted with WWE in 1999. The former Olympic Gold Medalist had his first televised match in November of 1999, and by February 2000 he already held both the European and the Intercontinental Championship. It was too long before Angle became the WWE Champion after defeating The Rock. By the time Angle's WWE run was over, he was widely considered one of the best in the business. Angle signed with TNA in 2006, where he remained one of the top wrestlers in the business up until his departure from the company in 2016.

Rock Bottom Moment: Angle dealt with serious injuries even before he started professional wrestling. While training for the 1996 Summer Olympics Angle broke his neck, for the first of two times of his life. This would eventually lead him to becoming addicted to pain killers. Angle stated that he lost track just how many pills he was taking a day. After his second broken neck, Angle started taking a combination of morphine, Xanax, and alcohol. Angle has been arrested multiple times for driving under the influence. His last arrest came in 2013.

Where is Angle Now?: Angle credited his last arrest for turning his life around. He had to spend the night in jail, and it gave him a ton of time to think about he got to this low point of his life. After that final arrest Angle immediately entered rehab. Since leaving TNA in 2016, Angle's wrestling appearances have been few and far between. Besides wrestling Angle has recently done commentary for Bellator MMA.

13 Tony Atlas

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Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Tony Atlas was a professional body builder, winning Mr. USA on three different occasions. He started off his wrestling career with the NWA, where he would win the NWA Georgia Heavyweight, Television, and Tag Team Championship. He made a name for himself with WWE during the 1980s when he teamed up with Rocky Johnson. They made history by becoming the first African-Americans to win the World Tag Team Championship. After leaving WWE, he would have runs in the AWA, WCW, as well as another short run with WWE during the early 1990s.

Rock Bottom Moment: During the 1980s, Atlas became addicted to cocaine. He stated that he only wrestled so that he had money to party. By the late 1980s his drug addiction was so bad that he was living on the streets.

Where is Atlas Now?: Atlas was able to kick his drug habit in the 1990s, and even made a return toWWE in 2008 as a manger, staying in that position until 2010. Today Atlas still makes appearances at wrestling conventions and is also a personal trainer. Atlas has also appeared on WWE's Legends House.

12 Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy started out his career as part of the most entertaining tag teams in WWE history in The Hardy Boyz. Alongside his brother Matt, the team would compete in some of the most memorable matches in WWE history, facing off against the likes of The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian. After the team split up, Jeff became a fan favourite for his dare devil attitude. He is a four-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, two-time World Heavyweight Champion, and a one-time WWE Champion. Outside of the WWE, Hardy has been still able to achieve success, including being a three-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Rock Bottom Moment: At the 2011 TNA Victory Road Pay-Per-View, Jeff was scheduled to face off against Sting for the TNA World Championship. Jeff was so intoxicated that he wasn't even close to being able to perform. After Jeff spent the first minute of the match teasing to the crowd about throwing his t-shirt, Sting grabbed Jeff and gave him the Scorpion Death Drop for the win. Jeff was immediately suspended by TNA.

Where is Hardy Now?: After the Victory Road incident, Jeff entered a 120 day rehab program. Jeff made his return to TNA five months later, telling the fans that he hit rock bottom at Victory Road. He asked the fans to give him one more shot, and so far he has not let the fans down. He has once again become a main event talent in TNA.

11 Tyson Tomko

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During the best years of his professional career, Tyson Tomko's character was that of hired muscle. He got his big break in WWE as Christian's personal "Problem Solver." After spending a couple of years on WWE's main roster, Tomko reunited with Christian in TNA. His run with TNA was more successful than his time in WWE. He was able to capture TNA World Tag Team Championships while teaming up with A.J. Styles.

Rock Bottom Moment: Tomko suffered many injuries throughout his career. In order to stop the pain he started taking Oxycodone and eventually became addicted. In 2011, Tomko robbed a pharmacy, taking three bottles of Oxycodone. He then went to a bathroom in a near by restaurant and injected a reported 178 crushed up pills, before he was caught.

Where is Tomko Now?: Tomko entered WWE-sponsored rehab. He has been sober ever since, and he even made a return to wrestling in 2013. He currently owns and operates his own gym.

10  10. Marc Mero

Marc Mero started to establish himself in the wrestling industry when he signed with WCW as Johnny B. Badd in 1991. He wrestled for WCW until 1996, winning the WCW Television Championship on three different occasions. Mero went by his real name when he joined WWE 1996. He was immediately given a push by WWE, winning the vacant Intercontinental Championship in a match against Farooq. Unfortunately for the Mero, he struggled with injuries for most of his two year run with WWE. His greatest accomplishment with the company may have been bringing in his then wife Sable. Mero had shorts stints with WCW and TNA before retiring in 2006.

Rock Bottom Moment: With his success in wrestling, Mero was able to make a decent living, but he blew most of the money he earned on drugs. He has stated that he overdosed on drugs three times, and that he is lucky to be alive.

Where is Mero Now?: Since retiring from wrestling, Mero has gotten himself off drugs. He started a nonprofit organization called Champion of Choices. He is now a world- renowned motivational speaker. One of his videos in particular where he talks about his mother being his hero, has garnered millions of views.

9 Sean Waltman

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Sean Waltman started his wrestling career with WWE in 1993 as nothing more than a jobber. It wasn't until he scored an upset win against Razor Ramon that he became a well known name in the wrestling world as the 1-2-3 Kid. He would feud with the likes of Ted Ted DiBiase, and Bam Bam Bigelow before going to WCW in 1996. He wrestled for two years in WCW, but battled injury and had trouble staying sober. He went back to WWE in 1998, and joined D-Generation X. Waltman, who now went by the name X-Pac, had the most successful time of his career during his second stint with the company. He became a two-time European Champion, two-time Light Heavyweight Champion, and the Tag Team Championship twice with Kane. Since leaving the WWE in 2002, Waltman has competed for TNA, AAA, and Chikara.

Rock Bottom Moment: Waltman had a troubled childhood, being raised by a single Mom, and he dropped out of school in grade nine. When Waltman started making good money in WWE, he blew it on drugs and alcohol. By the end of his first run with the company in 1996, he had already entered rehab. The rehab clearly did not work for Waltman, as he had trouble keeping a job due his addiction problems. He suffered from depression, and the lowest of low moments in Waltman's life occurred in 2008 when he attempted suicide.

Where is Waltman Now?: Thankfully Waltman seems to have beaten his past drug problems. This was able to happen thanks to long time friend Kevin Nash, who flew all the way to Mexico in order to bring him back to the United States for rehab. Waltman has since made many cameo appearances on WWE television and has attended a number of company events.

8 Sunny

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Sunny is considered by most to be the first Diva in WWE history. She made her debut with the company in 1995 as the manager of the The Bodydonnas. She would manage wrestlers like Farooq and the Legion of Doom before signing with ECW in 1998. Sunny's run in ECW would barely last a year. She would have a short run with WCW, before wrestling took a backseat in her life.

Rock Bottom Moment: There are a ton of choices, when it comes to rock bottom moments in Sunny's life. First you have the fact that during the prime of her career she was addicted to pain killers. This was the main reason she was released by the WWE in the first place. However, her ultimate rock bottom moment came in 2012 when she was arrested five times in just a four week span. She was charged with disorderly conduct, third degree burglary, and three counts of violating a protective order. She would eventually have to serve jail time.

Where is Sunny Now?: Since serving her jail time, Sunny has starred in her own adult film. In 2016, she entered rehab courtesy of WWE. She says she plans on never wanting to drink or do drugs again. She also stated that she wants to do more adult entertainment. With that in mind, don't expect a return to the WWE anytime in the future.

7 Lex Luger

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Lex Luger was one of the biggest names in professional wrestling during the 1980s and 1990s. He had an absolutely spectacular physique that helped him become one the top guys everywhere he went. He started his career with the NWA/WCW in 1987, and it wasn't too long before he won the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship. He would go on to win that title five times. In 1991 he was moved into the main event picture of WCW. Luger defeated Barry Windam to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He then signed with WWE in 1993. Although he started off as heel, WWE soon pushed him as a top babyface. Although he was booked strong, he would never win a single title. Luger would go back to WCW, where he would be a main event guy until the company was bought out in 2001.

Rock Bottom Moment: Throughout his life, Luger has had many health and drug problems. He has been arrested on multiple occasions for drug related reasons. Even with all his drug problems, Luger's rock bottom moment came when he suffered a spinal stroke in 2007 after a lengthy period of hard living. He temporally became a quadriplegic.

Where Are They Now?: In recent years, Luger's health has improved a great deal. He is now able to walk, and is even able to drive. He has entered rehab and is now a sober man. He became a born again Christian in 2006, and now gives motivational speeches all across the world. It seems like Luger is back in the right state of mind and he should be a candidate to go into the WWE Hall of Fame very soon.

6 Del Wilkes

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Del Wilkes is better known as his most famous wrestling persona, The Patriot. He had success as The Patriot wrestling in Japan in 1992, before heading over to WCW in 1994. While with WCW, Wilkes teamed up with Marcus "Buff" Bagwell to form Stars and Stripes. The team would win the WCW Tag Team Championship on two different occasions. Wilkes signed with WWE in 1998, and he was immediately pushed as a top babyface in the company. He would go on to face Bret Hart for the WWE Championship, but was defeated. Unfortunately for Wilkes he torn his triceps, which would ultimately end his wrestling career.

Rock Bottom Moment: Throughout his career, Wilkes was heavy into steroid use. This eventually led him to many arm injuries, which in turn made him addicted to pain killers. At one point, Wilkes was popping 150 pills a day. Wilkes started to write fake prescriptions in order to fulfil his drug habits. He was arrested for the first time in 1997, and was arrested a total of twenty times from 1997-2002.

Where is Wilkes Now?: Wilkes served nine months in jail in 2003, which he said was a turning point in his life. He was able to say clean in jail, and he is now a used car salesman.

5 Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy is best known for his first run in the WWE with his tag team partner and real life brother Jeff Hardy. The team was known for their crazy high risk style. The team is considered one of the greatest in WWE history, having won the Tag Team Championship seven times. Since The Hardy Boyz split as a tag team, Matt has gone on to have a decent amount of success as a singles competitor. In the WWE he won the ECW and United States Championship. Hardy has also won major singles titles on the independent scene, as well as in TNA.

Rock Bottom Moment: 2011 was a very bad year for Matt, as he was arrested on multiple occasions. His first arrest came when he was caught driving under the influence. He was arrested again for a DUI, only a couple weeks later. Matt's third and final arrest was the most damning. Matt's wife Reby Sky was worried about's his well being, so she called the cops and showed them his massive collection of prescription painkillers. After raiding his house, cops also found 20 vials of anabolic steroids and some ecstasy. Matt eventually turned himself in to the authorities.

Where is Hardy Now?: Immediately after turning himself in, Matt entered a WWE sponsored rehab. The rehab seemed to work for Matt as he hasn't been in the tabloids ever since. He is currently wrestling for TNA where is he doing some of the most creative work of his career. Although a return to the WWE doesn't seem out of the question.

4  4. Dynamite Kid

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Dynamite Kid is considered by a great deal of people to be one of the most influential wrestlers of his time. He made his debut in the 1970s and had a high flying, athletic style that wasn't seen before. Dynamite became a star when he competed in some amazing matches for Stampede Wrestling. This would eventually lead him to a job with WWE. He would wrestle for the company from 1984-88, where he would team up with Davey Boy Smith as The British Bulldogs. The team was very popular, winning the Tag Team Championship from Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake at WrestleMania II. After leaving WWE, he would go back to Stampede. Dynamite was forced to retire in 1996 due to years of abuse to his body.

Rock Bottom Moment: The Dynamite Kid was small in stature, especially for a wrestler in the 1980s. In order to makeup for his lack of size, he took loads of steroids. This would eventually break down his body. However the moment that truly led him down a dark path was a back injury that occurred in 1986. Instead of recovering from major back surgery, Dynamite kid relied on painkillers and rushed back to the ring. He would never be the same after that injury.

Where is Kid Now?: Dynamite Kid has been in a wheelchair ever since he lost the use of his left leg. To make make matters worse, he suffered strokes in 2013 and 2015. The years of steroid and cocaine use have him looking like a frail old man.

3 Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn was a professional wrestling mainstay during the mid 1990s to early 2000s. He first had success in ECW as part of tag team the Eliminators. After winning the ECW Tag Team Championship on three different occasions, Saturn signed with WCW. While wrestling in WCW he spent the majority of his time as a member of Raven's Flock. After not getting the push he liked, he left WCW in 2000 and headed to WWE. Saturn's time in WWE will sadly be remembered for his love of a mop.

Rock Bottom Moment: In 2004, Saturn was shot in the neck and shoulder when he tried stopping two men from assaulting a woman. This would eventually take Saturn on a downward spiral where he had a meth addiction and was living on the streets.

Where is Saturn Now?: After seemingly disappearing off the planet, Saturn resurfaced in 2009 having kicked his drug habit. He would make his return to the ring, with his last known match occurring in 2013.

2 Scott Hall

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Scott Hall was pushed into wrestling superstardom when he joined WWE in 1992 as the "Bad Guy" Razor Ramon. The fans absolutely loved him, and it wasn't too long before he became a main event guy. He had classic feuds with the likes of the 1-2-3 Kid and Shawn Michaels. His ladder match against Michaels at WrestleMania X is considered one of the best in wrestling history. After being one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions in history, Hall went to WCW in 1996. Hall alongside Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan created one of the most infamous groups of all time in the nWo. The group would serve as the catalyst for WCW beating WWE in the television ratings for 84 consecutive weeks. After the nWo fizzled out, so did Hall's career due to drug and alcohol problems.

Rock Bottom Moment: Scott Hall's disastrous life outside the squared circle is perhaps more famous than his in ring career. Hall has had so many really low moments in his life, that it is hard to pick just one. There is one incident that happened in his life that led him down a dark path. In 1983 Hall was involved in a confrontation outside a bar and with another man who accidentally died at the hands of Hall in self-defence. Hall has stated that he was never able to get that moment out of his mind. This rock bottom moment has lingered throughout Hall's life.

Where Are They Now?: After being arrested multiple times, and suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, he was finally able to get clean with the help of Diamond Dallas Page. He was even able to get on good terms again with the WWE, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. Hall currently appears at wrestling conventions all, and his goal is to one day work with the young talent in NXT.

1 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Jake Roberts was as engrossing of a character there ever was. His first run in WWE from 1986 to 1992 made him a legend. His promos were very dark and intense and he had ring physiology like no one else before him. His DDT finisher is still considered one of the most dominant moves in wrestling history. He may have never won a single title in his WWE career, but he had some of the most memorable feud's in WWE history. He had classic feuds with the likes of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, "Ravishing" Rick Rude, and the "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Roberts left WWE in 1992, but he was never able to recreate the success of his first WWE run due to his personal demons.

Rock Bottom Moment: Jake had quite the memorable career in the ring, but his life outside the ring is what provided his most notoriety. Roberts battled drug and alcohol addiction for many years. By the late 1990s it took over his life and ended his wrestling career. It's hard to pin-point just one moment where he was at his lowest, but the 1999 Heroes of Wrestling event has to be one of the worst moments of his life. He was scheduled to face Jim Neidhart in the main event, but he was so intoxicated he could barely make it down the ramp. If that event didn't show the world that Roberts was in a bad place, then the Beyond the Mat documentary surely let the world into Roberts mess of a world.

Where is Roberts Now?: By 2012, Roberts seemed to be on his last legs. He couldn't get out of a chair without someone's help. This is when Diamond Dallas Page took him in. DDP saved Jake's life by not only getting him sober, but for helping Roberts get back into the best shape since his wrestling days. In 2015, a fantastic documentary called The Resurrection of Jake the Snake was released, which chronicles Jake's amazing recovery.

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