25 WWE Divas That Wore The Most Revealing Outfits

We may be firmly in a new era of women's wrestling, but the main reason why some men watch the women engage in in-ring competition hasn't changed since the Attitude Era. While some certainly appreciate the skill that these women display night in and night out, it's the caveman instincts in some that still drive them. The women of the WWE know this to be true as well considering some of the wrestling attire and other outfits we're going to take a look at here in this article.

There have been plenty of women that were hired solely on their ability in-between the ropes, who cared about nothing other than improving in the ring day after day, but there have also been more than a few that were hired solely because they looked good in a bikini. It's that batch that unsurprisingly will make up the majority of this list, those that needed something to garner attention from the males in attendance since they couldn't wrestle, couldn't cut a promo, and didn't have any charisma to draw people to them.

In the grand scheme of things, times have certainly changed for the better considering where women are at in the WWE today. At least these days, they're given chances to steal the show by doing something other than taking their clothes off, but some things never change. Men will always want to see the most beautiful women on television wearing skimpy clothing and these women were more than happy to oblige.

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25 Miss Elizabeth

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Widely regarded across the WWE Universe as the most classically elegant and beautiful women to ever step foot in a squared circle, Miss Elizabeth seemed more than happy to ride out her time wearing dresses and gowns that matched whatever wild gear Randy Savage chose to wear that day, except for one fateful night where things took a bizarre twist.

With Savage teaming up with Hulk Hogan to take on Ted DiBiase and Andre The Giant, Miss Elizabeth needed to step out of her comfort zone a bit in order to help her man and The Hulkster win. Uncharacteristically, Liz removed the bottom portion of her dress revealing her underwear to distract the attention of not only her husband's opponents, but everyone watching as well.

24 Eve Torres

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Eve Torres is the classic tale of a model trying to be a female wrestler. No matter how seriously she wanted to be taken, and despite the fact that she wore more clothing than most of her counterparts, the fact that she twerked before doing a moonsault shows where they wanted the fans attention to really be.

Even though she was more conservative than most in terms of her ring gear, that doesn't mean that she dressed like a pilgrim, as her standard attire featured a rather gratuitously placed gap that just so happened to be in the exact right spot for a little bit of cleavage to be poking through. That with her tight shorts and willingness to shake what her momma gave her adds up to one rather revealing outfit.

23  23. Paige

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Paige has always been one to rely more on her capabilities in the ring to garner attention for herself than just her looks, but she also isn't afraid to use her fiercely good looks and incredible body to get a few extra eyes on her.

Whether she's wearing her wrestling gear or in her street clothes cutting a promo backstage, Paige always finds a way to come across as incredibly alluring and fascinatingly gorgeous. It's the out of the ring segments where her looks really shine through, however, especially considering her penchant for wearing low cut tops that show off her chest rather generously. Her look has evolved since joining the company, going from a conservative and shy star to and an outgoing and confident gem within the WWE.  Fans are hopeful things will stay that way when she finally returns for good.

22 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee may have always given off more of a girl next door vibe rather than that of the standard sultry Diva, but that didn't stop her from wearing attire that left little to the imagination, similar to her wrestling idol, Lita.

Before she made the switch over to some snug fitting jean shorts, Lee made her mark with some skin tight tights, leaving fans desperate for more. Combine that with her love for showing off her midriff and you've got yourself an outfit that left fans in awe. While AJ is arguably the most talented wrestler on this list, it's not just her ability in the ring that most fans are desperate to see under the bright lights once more, though that does play a huge part of why we want her back in WWE!

21 Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox has long been one of the most under-utilized women on the entire roster, but her stunning looks have not gone unnoticed among the WWE Universe. Even when she's stuck doing the job for people who are deemed "the next big thing," Fox has always managed to look absolutely phenomenal while doing so, wearing outfits that show off her amazing legs and gorgeous abdomen.

Alicia knows what her strong suits are physically and happily plays to them, which is great news for all of us. Whether she's the Divas Champion, teaming with Team Bella, or jobbing out to Nia Jax, Alicia Fox has constantly delivered in wearing attire showing off her luscious legs and overall beauty. After being in the business for over a decade now, she still looks as great, if not better, than when she first stepped foot in the squared circle.

20 Alexa Bliss

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During Alexa Bliss' initial run in NXT, she portrayed the prototypical good girl who wanted you to notice her for everything except for her looks, but thankfully that all changed after her heel turn that teamed her up with Blake and Murphy.

Following the turn, Bliss started wearing outfits that featured some remarkably small shorts, clearly meant to show off a certain part of Alexa's physique. It seems that as time goes on, Bliss gets more and more comfortable with herself and loses more and more of her attire and you won't hear any fans complaining about that.

Her run as a tag manager came to an end, as her popularity was starting to overtake that of her former team. She was later called up to the main roster and she's been dazzling fans once again with her unique Harley Quinn look.

19 Maryse

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Recently Maryse has returned to the WWE as a valet for her husband, The Miz, to look gorgeous, so Miz can rub his marriage in all of our faces, and to help The Most Must-See WWE Superstar retain his Intercontinental Championship. While she's certainly effective in her role, wearing dresses that really accentuate her figure, it was her time spent atop the Women's division that really stands out in terms of her gear.

Even back in those days, Maryse was keenly aware of what the fans wanted to see, making sure her ring attire showcased a certain pair of assets that had them salivating The stunningly beautiful Quebec native was the stereotypical model turned wrestler, though she did makes plenty of strides in the ring, and one that we're all more than thankful for.

18 Michelle McCool

via imageevent.com

Later in her career, Michelle McCool was widely regarded as one of the best female workers in the company, as one half of the Co-Women's Champion LayCool, and she even marred the most respected ring general of all time in The Undertaker.

Before any of that though, she was introduced as a sexy teacher/manager for the team of "The Teacher's Pets." It was during this time that she really showed off what the good lord gave her to try and gain any advantage possible for her team, taking the sexy school teacher cliche and pushing it to 11. Even when that came to an end. she managed to turn heads with her wrestling attire, leaving a wide open area perfectly in the middle of her attire to keep all the fans attention.

17 Eva Marie

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Yet another example of the WWE hiring a woman solely for her looks and yet another example of that woman being happy to show off that fact. There are two reasons why Eva Marie gets so massively harassed by audiences whenever she shows her face on the main stage; one is because she can't wrestle her way out of a wet paper bag and two is because of her stunning looks that led to her getting hired.

Eva Marie knows what the fans want to see and has dressed accordingly, making sure to show off her assets whenever the opportunity is presented. Her new ring gear in particular has fans seeing "all red everything" for several reasons, as some fans, despite her lack of wrestling ability, can't help feeling happy when seeing the stunning red head in her gorgeous red lace gear.

16 Sunny

via pintrest.com

These days, it's hard to look at Sunny and feel anything other than pity or grief, but there was a time when she was one of the best looking woman that the WWE fans had ever seen.

It was unfortunate that she was stuck with mediocre tag team after mediocre tag team from The Bodydonnas to The Smoking Gunns to the watered down LOD 2000, but what that meant for her was that she was the main reason people would look forward to her team's matches - and she knew it.

Nothing emphasized this more than her time spent with the reborn Legion of Doom, as Sunny wore her most revealing outfits to try and keep the audiences interested in two over the hill performers.

15 Lana

via wwe.com

Whether she's in a business suit, wrestling attire, or even a wedding dress, there's no doubting that Lana is more than willing to show off her incredible assets. As one of the most stunning women to ever be employed by the WWE, there won't be a lot of people complaining about it either. Her pairing with Rusev is a match made in heaven, especially compared to her disastrous time spent with Dolph Ziggler.

Whether she's hollering at Roman Reigns or degrading fans, as long as she stays on screen, that's good enough for us. It's remarkable to see that she's made such a connection with the crowd, despite not being an active wrestler during this current "Women's Revolution" and a lot of that comes down to her great promo work and the fact she's simply stunning.

14 Stephanie McMahon

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While it's incredibly rare to see the Queen of the WWE in anything other than a top of the line business casual dress these days, back in her early days that was far from the case, especially when you look back at the beginning of her relationship with Triple H. It was then that Stephanie went from being the ultimate good girl to more of a punk rocker type that wasn't ashamed of her body and wanted everyone to know it.

Both she and Triple H knew just how lucky he was to have someone with the looks of Stephanie on his arm and the pair were keen on rubbing her attractiveness in everyone's faces to try and get a rise out of them.

A special shout out goes to the attire she wore during WrestleMania 32, as you can see in the picture above. Time has been kind to Mrs. Helmsley.

13 Trish Stratus

via hewrestlingfansreview.blogspot.com

These days Trish Stratus is widely regarded as one of the greatest female wrestlers in history, but that wasn't always the case.

Early on in her career, Stratus was seen as a mere "plaything" for Vince McMahon to use and abuse in front of his "catatonic" wife. Man, wrestling is really weird when you write stuff out sometimes.

Stephanie McMahon wasn't too happy about this new blonde bombshell being so close to the her dad, leading to a match between Steph and Trish where Stratus' choice in outfit wasn't based as much on ease of wrestling in it, but more on showcasing certain 'abilities'.

Nonetheless, she managed to change her entire look throughout the years and reversed the perception of fans going from the absolute top piece of eye candy to one of the greatest and most respected in-ring performers of all-time.

12 Torrie Wilson

via youtube.com

It should come as no surprise that a former Diva who was willing to not only do her own shoot for Playboy, but to team up with Sable for a joint cover was able to wear pretty much whatever she wanted during her time in the WWE.

Whether she was the valet for Billy Kidman or out on her own, Torrie found a way to turn heads wherever she went, keeping fans on the edge of their seats to see what the blonde bombshell was going to wear each week. Simply put, Torrie Wilson was never very fond of clothing and you can even see evidence of that to this day if you follow her Instagram.

Can somebody in the WWE please sign her for some kind of role.


11 Terri Runnels

via womensprowrestling.blogspot.com

Harking back to the glory days of the Attitude Era, where women were only around to distract men and be eye candy, there were few around that were willing to go as far as the former Marlena.

Goldust's ex-wife always seemed to find a shirt smaller then the one she wore the week before, showing more and more of her enhanced chest as time went by and surely causing a distraction to whomever was in the ring with her husband. Being paired with someone like Goldust will tend to bring out the more adventurous side of just about anybody and that was demonstrated quite clearly by Terri's clothing choices.

For what it's worth, Terri looks identical nowadays, living the life of a full time mom and still appearing at wrestling conventions from time to time, showing off her incredible look at the age of 50!

10 The Bellas

via sheknows.com

Even before Nikki's enhancement surgery, The Bella Twins were never afraid to show the fans exactly why they were brought to the WWE and, at first, it wasn't for their wrestling skill.

From their small tops to their smaller bottoms, Nikki and Brie have always lived up to their gimmick of being better than the rest of the roster, at least in terms of being better looking.

While Nikki's reign at the top of the company may have been long, let's hope that her clothes stay nice and short. Seriously though, her improvements in the ring have been something to really appreciate and it's astonishing to see how much better she's become in the ring in comparison to her earlier days. Good job John.

9 Christy Hemme

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As the winner of the infamous WWE Diva Search, Christy Hemme was always going to be fighting an uphill battle to win over not only the locker room, but the audience as a whole as well.

One way to succeed on the latter part of that equation is to wear as little clothing as possible and get the male audience to go crazy at the sight of you, which is something Hemme had no problem doing and succeeded in doing. When your regular ring attire involves a tiny bikini top, even smaller shorts, and ass-less chaps, there'll be little issue in getting people talking about you. Throw in a Playboy appearance on top of all that and you have a winner!

8 Ashley Massaro

via wwe.com

Here we have another Diva Search winner who unfortunately suffered from the same plight that our previous entry, Christy Hemme, had to battle against to try and get noticed during her time spent with the WWE. Seriously how did the company expect them to succeed with little to no training? Good heavens!

With that said, Ashley Massaro followed a very similar blueprint to Hemme in more ways than one it turned out, as after winning the contest, Massaro took to wearing incredibly revealing outfits including a tiny top and the shortest skit this world has ever seen. As if that wasn't enough to cement her as a slightly more extreme version of Christy Hemme, Ashley went ahead and did a Playboy shoot as well, just to be safe.

7 Melina

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Melina is more well known these days as being a pariah, someone who was nothing but a nuisance backstage causing problems for herself and anyone unlucky enough to be involved with her. However, when she first came into the WWE. she was among the best pieces of eye candy around while she managed the team of Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, forming the trio known as MNM.

Her top alone could've made the list, as she always seemed one wrong step away from busting out at any time, but it's the combination of the short skirt along with the way she got in the ring that really pushed her over the top. For those who are unaware, when someone wears a short skirt paired with a thong underneath and then does the splits to get into the ring, fans have a very real chance of seeing more than they thought they would .

6 Stacy Keibler

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The former Miss Hancock from WCW made quite the name for herself upon being transferred over to the WWE, as Stacy Keibler broke out as one of the most stunningly beautiful valets that we've ever seen with those long luscious legs.

She always knew what brought her to the big stage, choosing outfit after outfit that accentuated her lovely legs that went on for days and day and weeks. The highlight of her run in the WWE was her time served as a manager and specifically when she was managing The Dudley Boyz, where she would wear the smallest amount of army colored clothing possible, making sure no eyes in the building were on the action in the ring.

Who did she manage again?

5 Kelly Kelly

via myspace.com

Exhibit A in the case of what was haunting the Divas division for years and years is Kelly Kelly. She was signed as a teenager with no wrestling experience and with no interest in pursuing wrestling long term, but the WWE snatched her up because of her otherworldly good looks.

Even though she somehow found herself as Divas Champion on one occasion, while rocking an amazing bikini top/tight bottoms combo, it was when she was first introduced on screen that fans really got to see what she was all about. Kelly Kelly debuted as an "extreme exhibitionist" who only wanted to be able to get naked in front of the live crowd. Obviously, she never went through with it all the way, but even her outfit on the way to the stage was revealing enough to earn a spot here.

4 Dawn Marie

via prowrestling.wikia.com

While Dawn Marie is probably more well known for her time spent in ECW, there's no doubting that she was still in prime form by the time she made her way to the WWE.

Her talents may not have been put to the greatest use during her time in WWE, but her story ine with Torrie Wilson is certainly one worth remembering. Ever the heel, Dawn Marie would use her sexual prowess to win over Torrie's father, Al, going so far as to arrange a wedding between the two just to get to Torrie. Everyone knew where the story was going, so to find out the wedding didn't go as plan wasn't much of a shock to anyone, but Dawn Marie's choice of wedding dress certainly turned a few heads.

3 Lita

via aminoapps.com

Lita was never one to hide her body during her time in the WWE, from her debut as the manager for Essa Rios, to her time spent with The Hardyz, to winning multiple Women's Championships, she was always rocking a similar look with baggy pants and her underwear sticking out for the world to see.

Where Lita crossed over from edgy to straight sex symbol was when she started to align herself with The Rated R Superstar, Edge. That was when Lita started to let it all hang out, quite literally in some cases in fact. While the two did have a live sex celebration after Edge took the WWE Title away from John Cena, her sexiest and most revealing moments always seemed to be when she first came out to the ring and the fans got their first glimpse at whatever cleavage heavy shirt she was wearing that week.

2 Sable

via dailymotion.com

When you think of WWE women who weren't afraid to push the limits on sexuality and provocativeness, the first name that generally comes to mind is that of Brock Lesnar's wife, Sable.

Upon her arrival with the company, it was apparent nearly immediately that the fans were drawn to her incredibly good looks and overall charisma that she brought to the ring every night. Sable began to wear less and less to the ring, which was not only drawing attention. but was also drawing the ire of the man she was managing at the time, Marc Mero.

Things reached their zenith during a run of the mill bikini contest, something that was far too common at the time. The situation saw  Sable take things to the extreme and unveil her bikini for the night, which was nothing but a pair of black hand prints painted on her chest.

1 The Kat

via cagesideseats.com

The former wife of Jerry "The King" Lawler was never one to shy away from showing off her God given talents, but she took things a step too far at Armageddon in 1999.

The Kat was fresh off capturing her first and only WWE Women's Championship by winning a fatal four way match that took place in a small inflatable pool where the goal was to remove the evening gown of your opponents. Yeah, the Attitude Era was a weird time.

Following her victory over Ivory, Jaqueline, and BB, Miss Kitty was celebrating with special guest referees Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young when she took a microphone to address the audience. She told the fans in attendance that she had a promise to live up to and wasn't about to let everyone down, pulling her bra off and unveiling her breasts for the whole world to see! You can't get much more revealing than the first time that a lady purposely showed off all her goodies during a WWE broadcast!

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