3 HUGE Mistakes We Made About Current WWE Superstars

As the recent Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View event approached and the field of competitors became clear, I held onto hope that Kevin Owens would emerge as the victor and future WWE Champion.

In wrestling conversations, I make no secret that Kevin Owens is my favourite wrestler on the current roster. As a native Quebecer, simply listening to an Owens promo laced with that French accent provides a curd of Provincial Pride.

While I also have a soft spot for Sami Zayn, it is Kevin Owens who I root for most each and every week. However, it would appear as though Owens remains some miles away from the WWE Championship.

Now as WWE moves forward with its Brand Extension, my next hope for Kevin Owens comes early next year at the 2017 Royal Rumble event. Yes, Money in the Bank made me a liar; but it was not the only time.

The following are 3 huge mistakes I have made about current WWE Superstars:

3. Enzo Amore and Big Cass Will Not Get Over On The Main Roster

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Original Article: Top 10 NXT Superstars Who Will Not Get Over on the Main Roster

In the above article, I stated that Enzo Amore and Big Cass would not make much of an impact on the main roster. Wrong. Amore and Cass embody the vision of the New Era and have gotten over in a huge way with the audience.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass are perhaps the most popular tag team on the current WWE roster (it's a close call with The New Day). My only fear is that WWE will split this pair up before they truly break through the ceiling.

However, I stand by my Carmella statement: having the "Princess of Staten Island" join the duo over the hairdresser angle was not the strongest storyline. Now, let's see if Carmella can get over on the main roster.

2. A.J. Styles Will Fail in WWE

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Original Article: Top 15 Reasons AJ Styles Will Fail in WWE

Hell, I devoted an entire article to the notion of A.J. Styles failing in WWE. And at first, I felt as though it would happen. Sure, Styles was receiving major pops in every arena, but that would never last with Styles playing the usual "Good Guy" Superstar.

Then WWE had A.J. Styles turn heel and feud with the industry's biggest star in John Cena. Styles cut some killer promos about the possibility of Cena using his influence to bury the long-traveled wrestler; and they resonated throughout the WWE Universe.

Now as an exclusive member of SmackDown Live, A.J. Styles is sure to shine in the coming months. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Styles works his way to the top of the Blue Brand as their top champion

1. Dean Ambrose Will Never Become WWE Champion

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Original Article: Top 15 Current WWE Superstars Who Will Likely Never Become WWE Champion

I always liked Dean Ambrose. When The Shield were tearing through the WWE, Ambrose was my favourite member. Seth Rollins is great and Roman Reigns is, well, Roman Reigns but Ambrose connects with the oddballs, freaks, and outcasts.

I stated in the above article that the WWE Championship did not appear to be in Dean Ambrose's future. Well, as alluded to earlier, along came Money in the Bank and the mean mug of Ambrose hoisting the company's top prize.

As a lifelong wrestling fan, I proudly accept my defeat on this prediction. Dean Ambrose is set to become the top babyface on SmackDown Live and there is no telling what the Lunatic Future holds for Ambrose.

Note: For the purposes of SmackDown Live maintaining an underdog feel, I have predicted that Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins will leave WWE Battleground as WWE Champion.

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