40 Must-See Pictures Of Wrestlers In High School

20 or 30 years ago any embarrassing photos taken of you as a child or a teenager were only readily available to those closest to you and let's be honest, that was bad enough. Nowadays with the widespread use of the internet, photos taken of you when you were at high school can be seen by anyone around the world. For the majority of us I guess that isn't that big a deal, I can't imagine many people are that bothered about seeing a school photo of me, but if you're a celebrity then we want and need to see it. We're dying to see what our heroes looked like when they were awkward teenagers, to get a glimpse of them when they were merely mortal.

Recently there has been a spate of pro wrestlers high school photos and pictures of them as teenagers doing the rounds. There are a lot, but they're a little scattered. Well what if I told you there was a collection of 40 of them all in one place compiled for your viewing pleasure? That's exactly what you've got right here. We've scoured the internet and the seemingly endless amounts of (mostly) embarrassing high school photos of wrestlers and picked our favorite 40 for you to view and scroll through. It contains some legends, some Superstars who are still with WWE, but most importantly it contains evidence that even the likes of John Cena and Stone Cold were once awkward teenagers like we once were.

42 Roman Reigns

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There are a few reasons WWE is giving Roman Reigns a seemingly never ending push and are adamant that he must be the face of the company. One of the main reasons is simply the Samoan's look. He's a well built, former football player and let's be honest, he's pretty handsome to boot. We may not admit it but that's probably the underlying reason most guys hate him. However, if you take away the long wet hair, smoldering look and slap a cap and gown on The Big Dog, he doesn't seem so intimidating does he? Lucky for Roman he grew up and into the former WWE Champion that we know and Vince McMahon loves today because otherwise he may not have received WWE's undying love.

41 Luke Harper

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Who the hell is Johnathan Huber I hear you ask, he's no wrestler I've ever heard of! Well yes, that much is correct. But very few wrestlers are lucky enough to step between the ropes while still keeping their given name. Johnathan Huber is in fact the real, everyday life name of former Wyatt Family member, Luke Harper. If you thought the addition of a beard to Roman Reigns changed the game then just take a look at what young Luke looked like without facial hair. In all fairness if Harper turned up to school looking the way he does now he would probably be either expelled or arrested. The man formerly known as Johnathan Huber has undergone a drastic transformation in order to become the unstable SmackDown Live Superstar we know today.

40 Kurt Angle

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Before he was Raw General Manager, WWE Champion, hell before he was even winning a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics, Kurt Angle was a teenager at high school just like the rest of us. Okay, maybe Angle wasn't ever really like the rest of us as it would seem he's always been the incredible athlete we would later know him as, but that certainly isn't plain to see in the above photograph. That being said, at the time of it being taken Kurt will have already gotten his amateur wrestling career well and truly under way. What's for certain is that the Angle above would not have been the pro wrestling fan he'd later become. Kurt didn't watch the business growing up and never actually watched it until he started training to be a part of it.

39 Andre the Giant

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It's hard to believe that Andre the Giant was ever a child. I always imagined that the man who would become the first inductee into the Hall of Fame just emerged from the mountains or a forest one day and lived among the other inhabitants of his native France. As entertaining as a story as that would be, it was not the case. Andre was born to a mother and father like the rest of us but suffered from gigantism. It was what led to his incredible size and ultimately what sadly led to his premature death in January of 1993. By the age of 12 the former WWE Champion was already an incredible six foot three, and in the picture above he was only nineteen years old despite what his size might lead you to believe.

38 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Look at that full head of hair. Who could that young buck with long blonde locks possibly be? Chris Jericho? Triple H? Nope, it's Stone Cold Steve Austin. A man famed for having a completely hairless head. The slightly older wrestling fans among you will know that before The Texas Rattlesnake went for the cue ball look his gimmick was actually his hair, partnering up with Brian Pillman in WCW to form a team called the Hollywood Blondes. Even that head of hair wasn't a patch on Austin's high school hair though. Pictured above is Steve while he was playing football for his high school in Edna, Texas. I wonder if Stone Cold's career would have taken the same trajectory had he kept his long, blonde hair. I guess we'll never know.

37 Nikki Bella

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Both Bella Twins will be making appearances on this mammoth list, and first up is the ever so slightly older of the two, a whole sixteen minutes older, Nikki. The former Divas Champion was very much into soccer growing up and played it in both high school and college. The photo on the right might very well have been taken on a soccer pitch by the looks of it. Clearly a lot of time has passed between the two photos being taken, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Even if you were to put a current photo of Nikki next to a picture from her first day in WWE they would be worlds apart. The older Bella wound up taking a very different career path to the soccer player that she once was.

36 Vince McMahon

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Much of Vince McMahon's life outside of the wrestling business is kept very much under wraps, especially when it comes to the Chairman's childhood. That's why I'm as surprised as you are that this photo is out there at all. It may have been taken a long time ago but there's no question who it is in this high school pic. Despite Vince's well known dislike for southern accents, WWE's owner is actually southern himself and spent his formative years growing up living in a trailer park. Probably not the humble beginnings you would have expected from a man running a multi million dollar worldwide corporation. It's why he insisted that even his own children had to start from the bottom when they wanted to be a part of WWE as young adults.

35 Randy Savage

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Talk about wrestlers who were unrecognizable when you rewind just a few years back to their high school days. This next entry is a photo of a young version of the one and only "Macho Man" Randy Savage. As wrestling fans when we think of the Macho Man we picture a jacked up, long haired, unique looking guy in flamboyant and colorful outfits. Evidently that outlandish personality that would make Savage one of the most legendary and beloved figures in pro wrestling history hadn't come to fruition at the time this photo was taken. Hard to believe that Randy wasn't always the eccentric man that he would become as by all accounts he was as much the man we knew behind closed doors as he was in the ring.

34 Raven

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Of all 40 Superstars featured on this list, this was probably the one I would have struggled to identify the most if I had seen the photos without names next to them. The handsome young man pictured above who looks like he may be on his way to prom is none other than Raven. The former hardcore, grungy looking ECW guy, that Raven! If you had asked me to describe what I thought a teenage Raven looked like before I had seen this photo it would have been a lot different. The image in my head would have been of him sat in his room in scruffy clothes listening to whatever music was anti establishment at the time.

33 Alexa Bliss

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If you've seen Alexa Bliss's mini feature by WWE with her and her parents, you'll know that her time as a teenager and a young adult was a turbulent one. Bliss used to suffer from an eating disorder, and a pretty serious one at that. It was so serious that while she was a teenager the disorder was considered life threatening. In the grand scheme of things Alexa is actually quite new to the wrestling business, and it was an interest in body building that saved her when she had her disorder, and that interest led to her competing. Going from her disorder to body building to pro wrestling, you can imagine Bliss has gone through some pretty drastic changes physically which is why the above two photos look so different.

32 Seth Rollins

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I apologize to Seth Rollins in advance for this one, but of all 40 photos featured in this article this one made me laugh the loudest by quite some way. You take a look at the former WWE Champion now and he's basically some sort of Crossfit Jesus. A man that WWE can, and have at times, labelled as the face of their company. When I saw what The King Slayer looked like in high school, well suffice to say I can't imagine he would have been slaying much of anything back then. Similar to Raven, I envisioned Rollins having a much grungier look as a teenager, yet the photo above symbolizes to me that Seth was more of a free spirit when he was at school and college.

31 The Miz

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What was I just saying about Seth Rollins' high school photo being the funniest of all these 40 entries? The Miz may very well have a strong shout when it comes to funniest high school look also. We all grew up in eras that had signature hair styles, and they're all styles that when we see photos of us or others with them from that time, we cringe. The Miz must be a victim of that with the curtains he's sporting in the above photograph. That young man went on to be a reality star on MTV and is currently a Hollywood A Lister and WWE Superstar. I wonder if Maryse has ever seen this photo?

30 Randy Orton

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Randy Orton is a man with professional wrestling running through his veins. A third generation Superstar whose father, grandfather, and uncle all preceded him when it comes to performing in the ring. Needless to say the squared circle was always where The Viper was going to end up, and since the photo above was taken Randy has gone on to win an incredible thirteen World Championships. In all fairness to Orton despite the number of years that have passed between the two photos, compared to some others on this list he has aged pretty well and his high school photo isn't particularly embarrassing. In fact judging by his attire it looks like the SmackDown Live star might have been getting his wrestling career under way.

29 Brock Lesnar

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I feel like it's only fitting to go from Randy Orton on to a man that he shared an OVW class with all the way back at the beginning of their professional wrestling careers, Brock Lesnar. I also think it's quite a fitting segue to make as we just discussed how Orton has changed very little between high school and now whereas Brock Lesnar may as well be a completely different person. Nowadays Brock is a terrifying specimen and portrayed as an unbeatable force and let's be honest, that might be more than just a portrayal. Despite the fact that he would have begun his incredibly impressive amateur wrestling career at the time of this photo, Lesnar looks far and away from the legit ass kicker that he would later become.

28 Triple H

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Aside from a few years ago when he decided to shave his head, Triple H has actually managed to keep more or less the same look for his entire, impressive career. When you take a look at this photo it makes you think that taking the decision to cut his hair was an even bigger one than we first thought as he clearly had a full head of hair long before he became Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Also considering Triple H is still only in his 40s, this photograph looks a lot older than it should be and probably doesn't do The Game justice as he was very in to fitness and body building from a very young age.

27 Brie Bella

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Earlier on in this extensive list we covered Nikki Bella and her high school photo, so with the similarities she shares with her twin sister it's only fair that we include Brie also. If nothing else it's interesting to discover how much the sisters looked alike back in high school compared to now. Although they're identical twins during their latest time together in WWE it was always easy to tell which of the twins was which, unless you're a referee of course and they were using twin magic. Judging by their high school photos it wasn't always so easy. Back then the two of them both played soccer and had pretty similar lives. Despite both going on to become wrestlers, the two have gone on very different paths and that has led to them changing in their own unique ways.

26 Kevin Nash

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No offence to this latest entry, but whereas Triple H's photo looks a lot older than I would imagine it to be, Kevin Nash's high school picture is one that I would expect to be in black and white. If you're reading Kevin, I promise that'll be the meanest thing I say. In all fairness Nash is a whole ten years older than his good friend Triple H so I think that lack of surprise from me is warranted. Aside from that Kevin's high school look is not what I would have expected. When you hear the former WWE champ discuss his formative years on podcasts and in interviews he sounds like he was something of a trouble maker. This photo makes Kevin look like he was quite the contrary.

25 Bayley

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None of you that have watched WWE Raw in the past six months or so will be taken aback by what Bayley used to look like before she became a wrestler. Both her major rivals since arriving on Monday nights, Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss, have utilized the multiple photos of a young Bayley at their disposal in an attempt to embarrass and humiliate how she used to be. The former Raw Women's Champion was effectively a super fan of WWE as a teenager and it's hard to find a pic of a young Bayley that doesn't have some sort of wrestling memorabilia within it. Bayley is never embarrassed by the photos her opponents parade out in front of the crowd, and good on her because neither would I be.

24 Goldberg

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Well, well, well, who is this handsome devil? Would you believe me if I told you that it's GOLD-BERG! Much like his adversary Brock Lesnar, Bill looked a lot different in high school than he does now, and even a lot different to how he looked when he was in WCW running through Superstars and building his incredible streak. In fact Goldberg looked like he did as a wrestler when he was playing football, so I'm struggling to pin point the moment he lost his full head of hair and went from being a teen heart throb to a juggernaut of a human being. I'm seriously struggling to imagine the young man pictured above going on to put his fist through a car window during a fit of rage.

23 Big Show

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Speaking of wrestlers losing a full head of hair, check out the crop on the top of Big Show's head when the big man was in high school. With these two photos side by side it actually looks like the hair began on Show's head when he was 18 and has gradually made its way down to his chin throughout his life up until the present day. Show and Andre the Giant actually suffered from the same issue with gigantism so the man pictured above probably dwarfed his class mates as much as Andre would have during his school days. Unfortunately though this more conventional high school photo doesn't do Show's height any justice. Despite these two photos looking so different though, it's pretty plain to see that the man on the right is a young Big Show.

22 Xavier Woods

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I know I said Seth Rollins photo was my favorite of all these 40 entires, then I changed my mind to The Miz, and call me fickle if you like but I think I'm changing my mind again. I'm not exactly sure what on earth is happening in the above photo and how it came about exactly but I am extremely glad that it exists. Xavier Woods being the fun loving guy he is as well, I sincerely hope that Big E and Kofi Kingston have gotten wind of this picture and tortured him endlessly about it. In fact I'd like to see Woods get a singles push for no other reason than to see this photo thrown up on the titantron by his opponent in the same way as Bliss and Charlotte have done it to Bayley as mentioned previously.

21 Mick Foley

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This entry gets the award for strangest on this list, and I'm not really sure where to begin. Let's start with the fact that you might very well recognize both of the men in this picture. The man on the right is a young and lean Mick Foley, and on his left is actor Kevin James, who you'll probably recognize from a number of Adam Sandler movies. Aside from the awesome fact that these two men went to school together, take a look at the man who would soon become Cactus Jack and Mankind. It's pretty remarkable. Foley was a big man in the ring and he clearly was not while at school and college. All credit to Mick as well, he has lost all the weight he gained as a wrestler recently. 100 pounds of lost weight as a matter of fact.

20 Charlotte Flair

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While Mick looked like an athlete and the epitome of good health during high school and completely altered that look later in life, Charlotte Flair did not make any such change to her look and her lifestyle. Ric Flair's championship winning daughter was an accomplished athlete across a number of sports in high school, college, and let's be honest if she had decided to do something aside from pro wrestling as a career then she probably could have had her pick at a number of sports. She may look different in the photos above because of the WWE cameras being on her but make no mistake, Baby Flair was just as much of a pure athlete back then as she still is now, and how could you not be with a father like Ric Flair, it's genetic.

19 The Rock

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Rock if you're reading this, and I'm sure you are, hold your horses before you go getting any ideas about using that embarrassing John Cena photo to spark some sort of rubber match between the pair of you. Yes even the muscle bound, all round good guy and movie star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is not exempt from this extensive list. While all of you have likely seen the infamous fanny pack photo, a picture that has gone so viral The Rock has actually recreated it, the above pic has not yet done the rounds. I for one would love to see Dwayne regrow that suave looking moustache and pose for a re shoot of this photo. He would probably have to lose about 200 pounds of muscle mass though.

18 Finn Balor

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Here I am poking fun at everybody's high school photos, when all the while there's a prom picture of Finn Balor out there showing him with a championship belt over his shoulder before he went out for a traditional evening of awkward dancing and under age drinking. Finn's current persona in WWE oozes cool. He has his leather jacket, his six pack, and his awesome entrance and if you placed him in a line up he would be the last person you would pick to be taking a title belt to his high school prom. Much like Xavier Woods though, Finn seems like the kind of guy that will gladly take a joke, so I hope the guys in the Bullet Club got a hold of this photo while they were all in Japan together.

17 Hulk Hogan

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Stone Cold, The Rock, and John Cena have already made this list, and now it's time for a man who many would argue is an even bigger name in pro wrestling than any of them. That's right, even Hulk Hogan has a high school photograph that has not managed to avoid our gaze for this list. The Immortal One looked a lot different back in his teenage years than he did once Hulkamania was running wild, and let's be honest that's probably a very good thing. Even at the very beginning of The Hulkster's run in WWE when The Immortal One was still young, his receding hair line and impressive mustache made him look a lot older than he actually was. That look in school would have probably garnered some pretty tough years.

16 CM Punk

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We've already covered Seth Rollins and Raven earlier in this list, and the main talking point for both those gentlemen's high school photos was how they didn't look at all like you would have imagined them to based on how they look now. CM Punk on the other hand, based on the school photo above at the very least, looks exactly as I would have expected him to look as a teenager. While in WWE Punk made a name for himself by being different. He didn't fall into the same old stereotypes and he stood out in a locker room full of Superstars shaped by similar molds. It's why fans loved him and people behind the scenes didn't so much. Clearly it was an outlook on life he had from a young age judging by the look he's sporting in this photo.

15 Big Cass

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Much like the Big Show from earlier in this list, Big Cass doesn't have the benefit of being stood up in his high school photo, so the picture doesn't do any justice to how tall I'm sure the big man already was by that point in his life. In fact I can't say for certain when the above photo was taken, but Cass looks awfully young considering he's supposed to be in high school. In all fairness the present day photograph of Enzo Amore's better half alongside his high school self certainly doesn't help. Cass has gone through a pretty big transformation since then, growing his hair, a beard, and becoming a lot more of a bad ass than he was when he donned that bow tie.

14 Chris Jericho

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All of these high school photos of wrestlers and we've only just arrived at one that seemingly proved the subject graduated. A young and happy Chris Jericho proudly wearing a cap and gown. A man that often discusses his love of rock and metal growing up, and that he often didn't fit in at school because he didn't listen to mainstream music. My image of teenage Y2J stems from the story Chris tells about him being ejected from a house party back in his native Winnipeg when he attempted to put on a very different type of music to what everyone else wanted to hear. In his defense Jericho probably wore black t-shirts and torn jeans on every other day aside from his graduation, that probably wouldn't have sat very well with his parents.

13 Lita

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Most teenage boys who grew up at a time when Lita was at the height of her fame in the business probably had a crush on the now WWE Hall of Famer. Well before Lita was a WWE heart throb and multiple time Women's Champion she sported a very different look indeed. In fact while she was at high school, at the time this photo was taken at least, the female member of Team Extreme looked a little bit like a cast member from Saved By The Bell. In all fairness I wouldn't be surprised if that's the show that sparked this look for Lita as the program would have been pretty popular around the time that Lita was a teenager.

12 Kofi Kingston

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Earlier on in this article I commented on Xavier Woods' high school photo. I said that I imagine if his fellow New Day members ever got a hold of it that the mocking from them would be relentless. Well Woods could throw this one right back at Kofi, although let's be honest take a look back at the Xavier one and the host of Up Up Down Down probably doesn't have a leg to stand on. Back to Kofi though and breaking down the longest reigning tag champ's high school look. Judging by these pictures, if Kofi had the same hair and a shave I don't think he would actually look that different. Woods and Big E apparently make fun of Kingston for being the oldest of the three, but in Kofi's defense he is ageing incredibly gracefully.

11 Edge

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Edge is the winner of an award that no one on this list is probably going to want. The wrestler who has changed the least between when his high school photo was taken and him becoming a wrestler with WWE. Now in defense of the Rater R Superstar, nowadays he is almost unrecognizable from his time as a WWE Superstar and how he looks in this high school photo. He's lost the hair and grown a strong looking beard. It has taken a long time for the Hall of Famer to give up on the long haired '90s look that so many wrestlers had during that decade and into the 2000s. I'd also like to point out that while Edge's hair was similar in high school and in the ring, it was a lot less mullet-like once he began wrestling.

10 Chyna

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In 2016 the wrestling world lost a true legend, former WWE Superstar Chyna. Throughout her life The Eighth Wonder of the World suffered with so many issues, and a lot of those issues stemmed from the troubled childhood that she had. On a much lighter note, whoever is working the camera for the photo that we've featured in this article has captured a young Chyna at a time where she was looking pretty happy. Despite being a child of divorce and being moved around from pillar to post, there clearly were happier times for the former Intercontinental Champion as is demonstrated by this photo. It's nice to think that it wasn't all bad for Chyna as judging by what her peers have said since her passing, she deserved a much happier life than the one she had.

9 Shane McMahon

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Before you get ideas about using the photo we featured earlier of Vince McMahon to poke fun at your old man Shane, take a look at what we have here. A young Shane O Mac, years before he was leaping off of titantrons and Hell in a Cells. If this photo is anything to go by though, Shane already had aspirations to get into his father's business and become a WWE Superstar. It would be fair to say at the time of this photo being taken though, Vince wouldn't have liked the idea of his only son ever stepping foot in a WWE ring, at least not to wrestle. Who could have imagined that in the years to come Shane wouldn't only be wrestling, but he would effectively be putting his life on the line to entertain WWE fans with his father gratefully watching on.

8 Zack Ryder

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I feel like Zack Ryder has only really matured in the last year or two. In fact I think that pairing him with Mojo Rawley has ironically toned Zack down a little considering the hyper activity that his new partner brings to the tag team. With all of that in mind, the photo above of a young Zack Ryder is exactly what I would have imagined the former Intercontinental and United States Champion would have looked like when he was a teenager. The smile, the hair, even the pierced ear doesn't surprise me one bit. If Ryder hadn't have gotten into pro wrestling I genuinely believe he could have slotted seamlessly into a boy band, and this photo of him is just further evidence of that belief.


6 Jeff Hardy

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Speaking of Superstars who would have slipped seamlessly into boy bands, take a look at Jeff Hardy back in his high school days. We've discussed terrible hair cuts from the past and wrestlers not looking like the gimmicks they would later fulfill, but Jeff may take the cake in all of those categories. Even outside of the ring and wrestling Jeff is a daredevil dirt bike rider and also  plays in a rock band. I don't know about you but I don't see a rock music playing, dirt bike riding, World Championship winning pro wrestler when I look at this photo. Clearly something clicked between then and now with Jeff that changed him and changed his outlook on life, lucky for us.

5 John Cena

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Look at that guy about to go to prom. Can you believe that the man pictured above would not only go on to become a professional wrestler, but he has become a sixteen time World Championship winning professional wrestler that may be the most successful Superstar the WWE has ever seen. In defence of John Cena he looked like he may have had those aspirations at the time. If my maths is right that photo was probably taken on or around the time that Stone Cold Steve Austin was the biggest thing in WWE and clearly that's who young Cena has modelled his hair style after. Much like The Miz's photo, I really hope John's fiancé Nikki Bella has seen this photo, or she was at least shown it before she committed to Big Match John.

4 Sable

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Of all the female wrestlers that have made this list, this entry is easily the one the stands out as the most difficult to identify the performer that they would become. Believe it or not this photo of a rather innocent looking teenage girl is a young Sable. A woman who would grow up to become a Women's Champion, Playboy cover star, wife to Brock Lesnar, and use her sexuality to become an unforgettable key player in WWE's Attitude Era. I'm not sure what Sable was up to during her high school years, but I would be very surprised that her or anyone close to her envisioned her life going the way that it has thus far.


2 Naomi

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Sable may be the most different looking when it comes to a direct comparison between her current self and her high school self, but there's still time to squeeze in one more female entry before we bring this list to a close. Current SmackDown Live Women's Champion Naomi. Naomi is of course married to fellow WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso, and Jimmy strikes me as the kind of person who may have had a good chuckle at Naomi's expense when he first laid eyes on this photo of his wife. In terms of facial features Naomi doesn't look all that different, but clearly she has had a change of heart when it comes to hairstyle. I don't think her impressive Feel The Glow entrance would have the same effective if she had decided to keep her hair the way it was back in high school.

1 The Undertaker

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There's a couple of reasons that I've saved this particularly interesting entry until last. Really I'm worried that The Undertaker may be left twiddling his thumbs in retirement and happen to stumble across it. I'm hoping if that does happen he won't make it through all 40 entries and stop reading before he finds himself all the way up at the number one spot. Considering how different The Deadman looks now, and how much Undertaker has changed throughout his almost 30 year career, it's pretty amazing how clear it is when looking at this photo that it is in fact a young Phenom. No long hair, no neck tattoo, and above all else a smile on his face. The high school version of The Undertaker was certainly not the same as the man he would become in WWE when he stepped between the ropes.

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