5 Best Times Big Show Turned Face (& 5 Best Heel Turns)

The running joke of Big Show turning face and heel every time he shows up on WWE television is based on truth. Big Show is one wrestler that never stayed in one character for too long. Even his WCW career featured many changes in the presentation of his gimmick. A career lasting over two decades will see the face and heel turns often, but Big Show certainly took it to another level.

We will attempt to break down the most memorable turns from the big man in both character revamps. The five best face turns will see the times he effectively became a fan favorite. Meanwhile, heel turns will focus on the top instances of him doing something dastardly to earn the hatred of the fans. Find out just which of the many turns worked out best. These are the five best times Big Show turned face and his five best heel turns.

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10 Best face turn: Becoming sympathetic face during WWE Championship reign

The first WWE Championship win of Big Show came in 1999 when replacing Steve Austin in a match to defeat Triple H and The Rock. Big Show was a sympathetic character around this time due to a storyline that involved his father passing away and Big Boss Man bullying him.

The story in general was hard to take, but it did show a human side of Big Show to make fans rally behind him. Big Show only held the WWE Championship for a few weeks with the character. WWE would turn him heel shortly after losing the title.

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9 Best heel turn: Helping The Bar defeat New Day

2018 would see the most recent heel turn of Big Show that came out of nowhere. A tag team rivalry between New Day and The Bar would see Big Show turn on New Day to help The Bar win an important match on the Smackdown 1000 episode.

Big Show aligned with Cesaro and Sheamus for a few weeks to help them combat New Day and others. The run ended when Big Show once again turned on them to become a face again. It was a bit comical to see WWE reference the constant character changes and Big Show added some freshness to the tag feud.

8 Best face turn: Becoming impersonator

The end of the feud between The Rock and Big Show in 2000 would see WWE looking to change up the latter’s character. Big Show started to express his comedic side by becoming an impersonator. Impressions of other wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Rikishi would receive huge laughter from the crowds.

Big Show always loved the comedic aspect of wrestling and did well when getting to showcase that side of his character. The impressions gave fans a first look at that part of his character. Big Show had great timing that made the impersonations work most weeks.

7 Best heel turn: Attacking Randy Orton and Sheamus after loss to The Shield

Big Show was a temporary face in the WrestleMania 29 storyline of teaming with Randy Orton and Sheamus to oppose The Shield. All three wrestlers had issues with The Shield and needed to work together to put up a fight against them on the biggest show of the year.

The Shield won the match cleanly which upset Big Show and led to him reverting into a full-time heel again. Big Show attacked both Orton and Sheamus with knockout punches after the match to show his frustration for them not pulling off the victory.

6 Best face turn: Returns from injury

Big Show received time off in 2004 to recover from various injuries. A return would see him come back during a lumberjack match on Smackdown. Fans were excited to see Big Show back and he received a great ovation while destroying everyone in the ring.

Kurt Angle and his cronies Luther Reign and Mark Jindrak entered a feud with Big Show shortly after this. It hurt the momentum of Big Show, but fans were at least treated to the cool return. Many would argue this was the top moment of Big Show’s career as a face.

5 Best heel turn: Joining the New World Order

Big Show joined the New World Order faction on three different occasions. The first one stands out as the best of the runs which led to a great heel turn. WCW used him under the name of The Giant. This move allowed him to become the fourth member of the group behind Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

The Giant served as an impressive enforcer given his massive size. WCW would double down on the push of the nWo by having them destroy the face wrestlers every week for months. The Giant joining in on the beatdowns made them unstoppable.

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4 Best face turn: Standing up to Hulk Hogan and New World Order

The end of The Giant’s first run in the New World Order came shortly after winning the World War 3 battle royal. This victory earned him a title shot at Hollywood Hogan’s WCW Championship. New World Order members tried to manipulate him out of the match, but it didn’t work.

The Giant eventually stood to Hogan requesting his title match which caused the group to turn on him. WCW booked him as a face again following the turn, but he lost his title match to Hogan. The Giant would return to the group and get kicked out a couple of more times following this.

3 Best heel turn: Turning on Team Raw at Bragging Rights

Big Show had a classic heel turn during the old Bragging Rights PPV set-up of Raw and Smackdown talent facing off for brand supremacy. Despite being part of the Raw team, Big Show clearly did not care about the brand he worked for.

The heel turn came during the match when Big Show attacked his teammates on Raw to help his friend Chris Jericho win for Smackdown. Big Show and Jericho teamed moving forward in a feud against D-Generation X as a result of this turn.

2 Best face turn: Knocking out Vince McMahon

The first face turn for Big Show in WWE was one of the better ones. Big Show originally joined the company as a heel helping Vince McMahon in his feud against Steve Austin. Following a few weeks of being talked down to, he had enough of McMahon.

Big Show delivered a knockout punch to the boss that resulted in the fans cheering loudly. WWE did little with him as a face throughout this short run and he would get moved back into a heel role shortly after to team with The Undertaker.

1 Best heel turn: Joining The Authority after getting eliminated from face team

Big Show gave us his most compelling heel turn in 2014 during the big Survivor Series main event. John Cena led Big Show and others on the face side against The Authority’s heels representing Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Upon getting eliminated, Big Show decided on the fly to turn heel by knocking out Cena. Triple H and Stephanie welcomed him into The Authority faction even though the faces pulled off the upset victory thanks to Sting. Big Show did some of the best heel of his career during this run.

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