5 Female Wrestlers We'd Put A Ring On (And 10 Who Are A Complete Nightmare)

The women of WWE are perhaps some of the most desired women in the world. This is because the women's division of WWE was considered to contain some of the sexiest women in the world. Since WWE has changed the rules and began signing women with athletic backgrounds and created a women's revolution, looks aren't the thing that motivates the company anymore, but the women are still athletic and attractive.

The male superstars spend a lot of time backstage and on the road with these women so many of them have horror stories when it comes to relationships and the fact that they are not very good at them. Marriage is not something that happens in WWE often, but there are a number of female wrestlers who have become known over the past few years for their work backstage rather than their work in the ring.

This isn't a reputation that the current women's division continues but it is still one that remains as part of the history of the company. The following list looks at 10 of the worst women when it comes to relationships as well as five women who are prepared to settle down.

15 Nightmare: Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair is one of the most accomplished female wrestlers of the current generation and is taking WWE by storm right now, but her personal life isn't going the same way. The current SmackDown Women's Champion had already been married and divorced twice before she even made her debut on the main roster back in 2015 and it seems that she then stuck up a relationship with Alberto Del Rio.

The couple remained together in secret as part of a purely physical relationship for a number of months before Del Rio revealed publicly that he was in a relationship with Charlotte's PCB teammate Paige. Charlotte hasn't had a lot of luck in relationships and she may be doomed to follow in her father's footsteps since he's currently on marriage number five.

14 Nightmare: Paige

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Paige was once one of the most promising female wrestlers in WWE, she is someone who many women looked up to as a role model but it seems that the last year has impacted on her image much more than she realizes.

Paige has been the victim of a hacking scandal that has revealed more of Paige than any of the WWE Universe intended to see before becoming part of one of the most explosive relationships in the history of WWE with Alberto Del Rio. Paige's last year has changed many fans opinion of her, it seems that the way that she and Del Rio fought and treated each other throughout their relationship shows that she would no longer be the ideal wife or even someone that many WWE fans would want to be in a relationship with.

13 Put A Ring On: Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella is someone who many fans have watched over the past few years wait for her boyfriend John Cena to decide whether or not he wants to marry her. Nikki was happy with the couple not marrying, even though it was something that she wanted and has even begun to change her mind about wanting children because John doesn't.

Nikki is willing to change everything about herself to meet her future husbands wants and needs, but now it seems that Cena has noticed this and was able to change his mind about marriage because Nikki herself has changed his opinion of her over the past few years. Nikki worked at her relationship and proved to Cena that marriage was what they both needed rather than walking away when she didn't get the answer she wanted which is refreshing in the wrestling world.

12 Nightmare: Maryse

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Maryse is another alum from the annual Diva Search and working with The Miz on WWE TV was what initially led to the couple beginning a relationship that has led to their marriage.

Even though The Miz and Maryse have been happily married for a number of years now and the couple is expecting their first child, everything about their relationship feels forced. Maryse seems as though she is a complete nightmare to maintain as a wife if Total Divas is anything to go by since she recently even tried to sell her house without telling her husband. Maryse even tried to convince her husband to give up meat because she doesn't believe in eating it. It isn't up to her to force her beliefs on someone else and thankfully, The Miz stood up for himself.

11 Nightmare: Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels became a huge name in WWE during the Attitude Era as Marlena when she was appearing alongside her real-life husband Goldust. The duo were one of the biggest things that pushed the envelope during that period in wrestling history, but it seems that this wasn't enough for Terri.

It was reported that the former WWE Diva had a number of issues with Goldust's father Dusty Rhodes, who thought that she was a golddigger, this went on to heavily affect their marriage and led to Terri cheating on her husband. A storyline relationship with Shawn Stasiak became a real-life affair that cost the former Diva her marriage. Since then Terri has been in a number of other high profile relationships and even remarried, but the marriage only lasted two months.

10 Put A Ring On: Natalya

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Natalya is one of the most loyal and responsible female wrestlers on WWE's current roster, if not in the history of the business. Nattie has always done what's right for WWE even though the company have overlooked her so many times.

When it comes to her personal life it's the same kind of situation, Natalya has always been loyal to Tyson Kidd. Despite being on the road without him for the past few years alongside many other male wrestlers, Natalya has always remained loyal to her husband and even admitted that he was the only man that she has never been in a relationship with. Nattie is the kind of woman that not only makes the perfect wife, but one day will make the perfect mother too.

9 Nightmare: Ashley Massaro

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Maybe there's a reason that Ashley hasn't yet married? The 2005 Raw Diva Search winner came into WWE following her win and was able to go straight into one of the main storylines in the division. That then allowed her to move into a relationship with Matt Hardy, merely months after the former Champion was part of a love triangle with Lita and Edge.

Ashley made things worst for Matt when she was moved over to SmackDown and began a relationship with Paul London without breaking up with one half of The Hardy Boyz. This led to a lot of animosity between London and Hardy, much of which was made public on Twitter. Ashley later asked for her release from the company and later got into a war of words of her own with Sunny on Twitter, where the former WWE Diva revealed that Ashley had once worked as an escort, so she was never really the settling down type.

8 Nightmare: Lita

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Lita will always be considered a legend when it comes to women's wrestling. The former Women's Champion paved the way for many of the women in WWE right now and is a role model to many others, but that doesn't seem to paper over the fact that Lita's personal life played a huge role in her wrestling career.

Lita's affair with Edge became part of WWE TV back in 2005 and led to the breakdown of her relationship with Matt Hardy as well as Edge's marriage. Lita later went on to date CM Punk and this time around she was the victim as Punk went on to marry AJ Lee, a woman who had once looked up to Lita. Lita has set the precedence for her own personal life over the past decade.

7 Put A Ring On: Bayley

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The WWE Universe often sings to Bayley "I wanna know if you'll be my girl." Aaron Solow is quite a lucky man when it comes to his relationship with the former Women's Champion since she seems to be one of the most desired female wrestlers right now.

Bayley isn't someone who oozes sexuality like many of the other women on the roster, but she is also a woman who is absolutely stunning, but she knows she is in a relationship so she doesn't flirt with any other male wrestlers and is happy to be herself and maintain her position as a role model to the next generation. Bayley wants her wrestling to be the most important thing about her, not the fact that she is female and beautiful.

6 Nightmare: Melina

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When it comes to dysfunctional relationships, Melina and John Morrison will definitely be taking the gold medal. Melina and Morrison met when they were both part of Tough Enough before WWE paired them together and allowed them to debut alongside Joey Mercury as MNM.

The couple were together throughout their entire run in WWE, even though Melina cheated on Morrison with Batista and it was made public knowledge. She was later released from WWE because of her attitude and because she wouldn't stay away from the company, she was one of the reasons Morrison was later released as well. The final straw for Morrison was when Melina uploaded an image of his erectile dysfunction medication to Social Media to embarrass him. Maybe there's a reason that Melina is still currently single?

5 Nightmare: Mickie James

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Mickie James is a former WWE Women's and Divas Champion and is now seen as a veteran in WWE ever since her return earlier this year. Whilst the women of WWE could learn a lot from Mickie's career, they probably shouldn't take not of her personal life.

Mickie was once set to marry former Tag Team Champion Kenny Dykstra, who will be remembered for his time in The Spirit Squad, but it seems that Mickie embarked on an affair with John Cena instead, which cost her that marriage. Mickie has since gone on to marry Magnus, whom she met when the couple were wrestling for TNA and together the couple have a son. Before this, for a number of years she was labelled by many of the WWE Universe.

4 Put A Ring On: Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus retired from WWE more than a decade ago but is still one of the most decorated female wrestlers of all time. The former Women's Champion has always been considered to be one of the best female wrestlers that WWE has ever employed, but it seems that she is also the most loyal.

Trish was in a relationship with her current husband for 14 years before the couple married back in 2006. She remained loyal to him throughout her time in WWE despite any rumours of any other kind. The couple has since welcomed two children over the past few years and Trish has continued to be a role model for her son and daughter as well as being an ideal mother and wife. Trish was and has always been many wrestling fans' ideal wife.

3 Nightmare: Kelly Kelly

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When it comes to backstage relationships in WWE, there is only one woman whose name comes to mind. Whilst Kelly Kelly will always be known as one of the most beautiful female wrestlers of all time, she was also one of the most active female wrestlers backstage.

During her short stint in WWE Kelly was known to be in relationships with Randy Orton, John Cena, Justin Gabriel, John Morrison, Chris Jericho, Batista and a number of others. It seemed as though the former Divas Champion had finally met her soul mate when she married former hockey player Sheldon Souray back in 2016 but the couple announced their split earlier this year. Kelly Kelly just isn't the kind of woman who is prepared to settle down just yet.

2 Nightmare: Sunny

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Sunny is someone who was once the woman that every member of the WWE Universe was attracted to. Her girl next door looks were something that allowed her to stand out throughout her time in WWE, but over the past few years, she's gone from being one of the most desired to one of the most forgettable.

Sunny was known to cheat on her boyfriend Chris Candido a number of times whilst they were together as well as sharing intimate details about her hookups with other wrestlers ever since. Sunny has fallen quite far over the past few years but she's shown her true colours which could be why even WWE have distanced themselves from her recently. It's sad, but that's the story of Sunny from heartbreaker to heartbroken in a matter of years.

1 Put A Ring On: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss is the current Raw Women's Champion and a member of the Total Divas cast, and unlike many of the other women in WWE, the more than the WWE Universe learn about Alexa the more she is liked.

Alexa has been in a relationship with Buddy Murphy ever since the duo were paired together in NXT and they announced their engagement earlier this year. Alexa isn't someone who is part of all of the backstage gossip and has been seen to take the high road when it comes to arguments with other women backstage. Alexa is someone who does her job and doesn't allow anyone to get to her, she was once so nice that she allowed Maryse to dress her up because she was too nice to hurt her feelings and tell her that her dress sense was terrible.

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