5 Former TNA Stars That WWE Should Sign (& 5 They Should Avoid)

The wrestlers to spend time in TNA throughout the years feature a combination of both incredible performers and disappointing ones. Many of the all-time great TNA stars have found a home in WWE with AJ Styles, Samoa Joe ,and Bobby Roode now consistent members of the main roster to likely end their career there. There are still quite a few great former TNA performers that could add exceptional talent to WWE if landed a contract.

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However, not all the wrestlers on the free agent market should be considered, as some would just waste the roster space. Here are five former TNA stars that WWE should sign, along with another five they should avoid.

10 Sign: Scarlett Bordeaux

Scarlett Bordeaux was one of the bright spots for Impact Wrestling in 2019. The controversial persona featured her showcasing her looks as part of her character, rather than being all about the in-ring evolution. Bordeaux’s videos usually had the most views for Impact on their YouTube channel.

The reason for her release was a disagreement over how much she should be paid. WWE is clearly the end game for most wrestlers and Scarlett has already appeared a few times as an extra or enhancement talent. She could thrive with the gimmick, making her stand out as a heel.

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9 Avoid: Mr. Anderson

WWE did once view Mr. Kennedy as a future main eventer and world champion. However, things never worked out, with injuries, suspensions and backstage heat dooming his career. But TNA signed him and did utilize him as a main eventer with the name of Mr. Anderson.

The world title reign of Anderson disappointed, and he never lived up to the potential. WWE would be making a mistake signing him today given he’s past his prime and not as good as most of the roster. They would be better suited giving a push to underrated talent like Apollo Crews or Buddy Murphy.

8 Sign: LAX

The tag team of Santana and Ortiz found great success portraying a new version of LAX with Konnan as their manager. Both wrestlers are young and already perform at a high level. Great feuds with the Lucha Brothers, The North, and the original LAX helped them break out in Impact Wrestling.

Santana and Ortiz decided to end their time in Impact as their contracts expired. Rumors indicate both WWE and AEW are hoping to add LAX to their roster at some point before the year ends. WWE could use a tag team like this on any of their shows and should aggressively pursue them.

7 Avoid: Havok

Former TNA Knockouts Champion Havok has made some recent appearances for the company with her status up in the air. WWE once viewed her as a potential addition to the roster. Havok took part in a tryout camp at the Performance Center with controversy striking.

Fans found old tweets of Havok's with very offensive language, and this became a huge story. Havok did not get a WWE offer and has continued wrestling primarily on the independent circuit. WWE should continue to avoid her, as the tweets in question will likely always follow her for the rest of her career.

6 Sign: James Storm

James Storm had a run in NXT with a few wins on the television show. The run would end before it could truly get going due to the contract negotiations not working out. TNA reached out with a big offer to bring Storm back and WWE had no interest in matching it.

Unfortunately for Storm, TNA continued to decline and would lose all relevance by the end of his run. Storm is now working for NWA, but could be better suited in the WWE environment.

The company should sign him to reunite him and Bobby Roode as Beer Money. Roode is struggling on the main roster and the successful tag team could be the best way to use each wrestler.

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5 Avoid: Eli Drake

The run of Eli Drake in Impact Wrestling recently ended when he refused to lose to Tessa Blanchard in an intergender match. Drake was pushed by Impact for a few years due to his look and promo skills. The one Impact Championship reign of Drake exposed him as not at the main event level.

Drake is hoping to find success as part of the NWA brand under the leadership of Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana. WWE should leave him there since he’s not as good as most on their roster. If Drake couldn’t thrive in the Impact title picture, it’s hard to see him outclassing the names in WWE today.

4 Sign: Sienna

Sienna, aka Allysin Kay, is one of the most talented female wrestlers on the independent circuit. A prior run in Impact Wrestling would see her shine as a Knockouts Champion involved in a few memorable feuds. The in-ring work, charisma and presence of Sienna made her a star.

WWE did utilize her in the Mae Young Classic back in 2018, but she did not join the company with a contract. Sienna would be a positive addition to the NXT roster as they try to rebuild the women’s division with some new names. The matches against Mia Yim, Shayna Baszler ,and Bianca Belair would be must-see.

3 Avoid: The Beautiful People

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are still working together as The Beautiful People faction. Both wrestlers found success in the early days of TNA as their segments often provided impressive ratings on Spike TV. Unfortunately for them, the many reunions would not find the same success.

Ring of Honor recently brought Love and Sky in to join Mandy Leon in forming the faction Allure. Reaction to the group has been overwhelmingly negative as they hurt the women’s division. WWE should pass if The Beautiful People do end up on their radar.

2 Sign: Alex Shelley

The incredible work of Alex Shelley on the independent scene would inspire many future stars like Seth Rollins and Johnny Gargano. Shelley had an impressive run in TNA, teaming with Chris Sabin in the Motor City Machine Guns duo.

Any fan lucky enough to see Shelley in his prime knows he was one of the best in the world. Ring of Honor recently brought Shelley back as a main eventer, but the lack of momentum for the promotion could lead to a quick change. WWE would benefit from giving Shelley one more run or even just hiring him as a trainer to help the new talents.

1 Avoid: Bully Ray

Bully Ray had a successful run as the TNA Champion during his singles stint there. WWE would see him return as Bubba Ray Dudley to reunite the Dudley Boyz for a final run together. The idea of a Bully Ray run was pitched, but the company showed no interest and let him walk.

Ring of Honor brought in Bully and he remains there today, hurting the promotion. A recent story broke that Bully asked security to bring a fan backstage and intimidated him for booing his girlfriend Velvet Sky. The overall work of Bully is lacking and would just bring down WWE like he has to ROH.

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