5 HUGE Takeaways From Clash Of Champions 2017- McMahon & Bryan Divided

Clash of Champions has come and gone, leaving HUGE Takeaways for fans. Here are the biggest from the show.

WWE likely approached this past Sunday's Clash Of Champions in one of two ways. Either they purposefully didn't put a ton of effort into building the card because of the time of year, or they did so in order to keep expectations low so that even a mediocre pay-per-view would take the fans by surprise and send them home happy. Unless you're backstage with Vince and co it's impossible to know. Either way, the hype for the show was pretty low. Could the Superstars on the card salvage the pay-per-view or was it as lackluster as the build? Either way here are Five Huge Takeaways from WWE's final big show of the year.

5. WWE Aren't Done With Dolph Yet

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While Clash Of Champions had very little momentum, the match on the card with the least hype was the triple threat for the United States Championship. That's why it was an interesting decision by WWE to have Ziggler, Corbin, and Roode go out there on Sunday night to kick things off. In hindsight though, it was a decision well made. The match was pretty great and all three men left it all in the ring. The ending was the best part too. The Lone Wolf hit Bobby Roode with an End Of Days as Ziggler managed to connect with a Zig Zag on Baron at the exact same time. Ziggler then capitalized, covering Corbin for the win. It may feel like Ziggler has been floundering but clearly, WWE isn't finished with him quite yet.


4. The Women Have No Direction

The SmackDown Women's Championship was defended in a Lumberjack Match at Clash Of Champions on Sunday. The booking of that match alone proved that WWE doesn't particularly know what to do with all the women on Tuesday nights right now. The match itself proved that even more. The majority of the women surrounding the ring didn't seem to know who they're supposed to like and who they're supposed to dislike. When Carmella tried to attack Charlotte, Sarah Logan grabbed Miss Money In The Bank and threw her to one side. Everyone basically seemed to hate Charlotte— except Naomi— despite Nattie effectively backing The Riott Squad on SmackDown Live last week. Get the women back on track WWE.


3. 2B Does Stand For Bludgeon Brothers

Breezango has been desperately trying to figure out who has been attacking them and trashing their office for the past six months. It might be the longest running angle in WWE right now. Well with the help of their friends The Ascension they figured out that it may well be The Bludgeon Brothers. That's why Fandango decided to challenge Harper and Rowan to a match at Clash Of Champions. Breeze was reluctant but fought by his partner's side nonetheless. The inclusion of this match on the main card made it seem as if there was going to be a twist. No such luck. The Bludgeon Brothers tore through the creators of The Fashion Files and it appears that 2B does, in fact, stand for Bludgeon Brothers.


2. Daniel Bryan And Shane McMahon Make Terrible Referees

The tag team match that revolved around the careers of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn was always going to be a bit of a cluster. On SmackDown Live last Tuesday, Daniel Bryan even admitted that he didn't know how the logistics of a match with two special guest referees would work out. That became very evident as Sunday's match went on. Bryan and McMahon eventually split the ring in half and agreed to stick to their own sides, but again that ruling quickly broke down. Orton looked to have the match won when KO pushed Bryan over a counting Shane-O Mac. That naturally made tempers flare and shortly after McMahon refused to count three when Zayn had the match won. An infuriated GM then shot back with an extremely fast count for a Zayn cover that resulted in him and Owens winning the match. Daniel may be out of a job come Tuesday following that one.


1. The Right Man Is WWE Champion

For the majority of 2017, WWE has tried to force the issue of Jinder Mahal being WWE Champion and the figurehead of SmackDown Live. Thankfully last month, they came to their senses and put the belt back on AJ Styles. There was still the nerve-wracking prospect of the contractually obligated rematch though, and that took place at Clash Of Champions. Would WWE be naive enough to make Mahal a two time WWE Champion? Well, The Maharajah certainly had the majority of the offense for quite a large chunk of the match. Throw in the Singh Brothers getting involved once again and fans may have been getting a little worried. Fear not though. WWE have not lost their minds and The Phenomenal One is still WWE Champion. He is the biggest star on SmackDown Live right now so heading into WrestleMania season why would he not be champion?


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5 HUGE Takeaways From Clash Of Champions 2017- McMahon & Bryan Divided