5 Huge Takeaways From Monday Night Raw (12/05/2016)

The WWE has been rolling over the past few weeks. Survivor Series was a huge success. Raw has momentum after the past two weeks of spectacular main events with ratings on the rise. Smackdown Live is also seeing viewers increase and had a tremendous TLC PPV event last night. The outstanding work of the Smackdown roster puts the pressure on Raw to bring it with another week of compelling content. Kevin Owens is getting ready to defend the WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in two weeks at the Roadblock PPV. Reigns being back in the world title picture as the United States Champion is an odd happening. WWE has to set it up as a huge match between two champions.

Seth Rollins attacked Chris Jericho to continue their feud last week and we should see their next big match get set up tonight. The biggest moment of Raw last Monday saw Sasha Banks shock the world by defeating Charlotte Flair in a tremendous Falls Count Anywhere to win the Raw Women’s Championship. We will see the Boss celebrate her big win and figure out what the future holds for the women’s division. The biggest moments of the show will be spotlighted here with the five biggest takeaways from Monday Night Raw.

5. Bad night for Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

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The WWE Universal Champion had a terrible night. Kevin Owens started the show engaging in trash talk with Seth Rollins. Owens had three plans for the night. The first of which was to see the returning Big Show beat down Seth Rollins. Show instead attacked Owens for running his mouth during the match and walked out allowing Rollins to Pedigree the Universal Champion. A heel champion getting embarrassed is one thing but to take the beat down from two guys he is not even feuding with is a joke.

Owens went on to defeat Sami Zayn later in the show despite the damage done. We would see the champion one more time when Chris Jericho faced Roman Reigns for the United States Championship as the third phase of Owens plan. Miscommunication between Jericho and Owens led to Reigns retaining the title. The two best friends are at odds heading into Roadblock. WWE presented Owens poorly and he looks less impressive than ever following AJ Styles’ spectacular performance at TLC as the WWE World Champion.

4. Late entry for worst feud of the year

2016 is almost over but we may in the middle of the worst feud of the year. Enzo Amore walking around the backstage area in the nude caused Rusev to become his enemy when Enzo eyed Lana. They have been intertwined in recent weeks. It started with Enzo talking trash about Rusev and making advances towards Lana. Tonight marked another annoying skit with Lana and Rusev arguing backstage. It culminated in Lana getting support for Enzo and inviting him to her hotel room.

This was all a set-up for Rusev to attack Enzo in the hotel room. Rusev gave him one of the better beatings before throwing him out of the room. Considering Enzo being a jerk during the feud, you had to feel a little good for Rusev getting his revenge. Sadly, it comes off silly and as comedic filler. Enzo and Cass are comedic characters but they’ve yet to find a feud that sets them up as credible stars. The feud between Rusev and Enzo is just delivering bad television on a weekly basis.

3. Who can stop history?

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The New Day are eleven days away from making history breaking Demolition’s record as the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time in WWE history. This essentially means they will make history if they get past Raw next week as the champions. Cesaro and Sheamus faced off with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows tonight for the title shot next week. A double disqualification finish with New Day interfering has set up a three-team match next week.

New Day are one of the rare teams that don’t need the record. They are already among the most popular performers in the company and will be recognized as a great tag team of the era. One of the two challenging teams will be made big time if they can prevent New Day from the record. Anderson and Gallows could finally be cemented as a credible heel tag team. Cesaro and Sheamus would be taken seriously as a top tag team for the foreseeable future. We’ll if New Day makes history or someone stops history next week.

2. New face of cruiserweights

Rich Swann defeated The Brian Kendrick to become the WWE Cruiserweight Champion on the first episode of 205 Live last week. WWE showcased Swann with a backstory of his tough childhood, a video package of the big title win and a match against TJ Perkins. Fans rallied behind Swann more than they have any of the other faces in the division so far.

Swann defeated Perkins with his kick and celebrated the big night. WWE could have something special with Swann. The talented wrestler has a great story, strong charisma, outstanding in-ring skills and a lot of potential. Swann is the right man to build the cruiserweight division around. Tonight was a great first step in the right direction. Perkins and Kendrick were not the right fits to be the face of the cruiserweights. Swann appears to be the guy that will lead the division.

1. Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks break new ground

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History has been made with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks having the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell Match and first women’s PPV main event in WWE history. They will break new ground in the women’s division once again when they face off at Roadblock for the Raw Women’s Championship in an Iron Man Match. This is the first time an Iron Man will take place between two women on a main roster WWE show.

The main event segment featured Charlotte apologizing to her father Ric Flair for insulting him weeks ago. It was a swerve as she slapped him in the face following the apology and berated him for raising Sasha’s hand last week. Banks tried to make the save but endured a beat down at the hands of Charlotte to huge heel heat from the fans in attendance. Roadblock will give us one more classic match in the rivalry between Banks and Flair and the fans are still quite invested in it.

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