5 Photos Of Trish Stratus, Alexa Bliss, And Lana

Ever since the late 1990s, a period wrestling fans have come to know as The Attitude Era, WWE has featured some of the most beautiful blonde athletes in all of entertainment. From Stacy Keibler to Mandy Rose; the list of gorgeous blondes who have performed in World Wrestling Entertainment over the years is seemingly endless. However, in this instance, we will shine the spotlight on (arguably) the three hottest fair-haired women to ever set foot in a ring.

Trish Stratus is a 5-foot-3 Hall of Famer who originally hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The retired superstar is not only one of the best-looking females in the company’s history, she is also among the most accomplished, having had a record-setting seven reigns as women’s champ. Her undeniable beauty and sex appeal helped her earn the title of WWE’s “Diva of the Decade.”

Columbus, Ohio’s Alexa Bliss is one of the hottest acts in WWE in more ways than one. The current Raw Women's Champion has won the fans over with her stunning good looks and bad girl persona. The 5-foot-1 starlet isn’t short on beauty.

Lastly, while Gainesville, Florida native Lana’s in-ring accomplishments don’t compare to a Stratus or Bliss, the 5-foot-7 bombshell is every bit as breathtaking.

Now that these lovely ladies have been introduced, it’s time to decide who the hottest blonde in WWE history really is.


15 Trish: Ref Outfit

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Having spent so many years in the ring, Trish Stratus certainly knows how to ref a match. Moreover, she shows that she can rock the zebra stripes like no other, in this outstanding photograph. It's fair to assume that Stratus was probably the hottest official on the card at this particular event. The 5-foot-3 Hall of Famer had definitely been doing so bicep curls prior to this appearance, based on the visible veins in her arms. There is likely no shortage of fans who would love to be disqualified by this curvaceous ref.

Fun Fact: Since her retirement, Trish Stratus has been heavily involved in the yoga industry. In fact, she even ended up opening her own studio which she named Stratusphere. Stratusphere is located just outside of Toronto.

14 Alexa: Fierce Pose

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In this image, we see Alexa Bliss wearing ring gear inspired by the popular comic book character Harley Quinn. The 5-foot-1 champ looks every bit as fierce as the villainous character she is trying to emulate, in this figure-flattering costume. Bliss’s love for cosplay really comes across in this photo, which is among her very best. The Quinn-inspired outfit played at least a small role in helping to springboard the young superstar’s career.

Fun Fact: Alexa Bliss has the distinction of being the first woman to hold both The SmackDown and Raw versions of the women’s strap. In fact, at presstime, her current Raw title reign of over 150 days is longest in the belt's relatively brief history. She has been champion a total of four times since being called up in 2016.

13 Lana: In The Kitchen

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After seeing this photo, one has to wonder if Lana walks around the house in outfits like this all the time. If so, her husband Rusev is one lucky man indeed. Here the “Ravishing Russian” stops in the kitchen to strike a pose in her one-piece bathing suit and black top. Even though there doesn’t appear to be anything cooking in the image, the gorgeous Floridian’s mere presence is enough to steam up any room. Moreover, it’s great to see that Lana is the type of woman who appreciates the benefits of a good stainless steel fridge.

Fun Fact: Despite being born in the United States, Lana portrays a Russian character on television. Interestingly enough, she did spend several years of her childhood in Latvia, while her father took part in missionary work.

12 Trish: Stunning Swimsuit

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Stratus shows why she is widely considered the hottest diva from The Attitude Era with this amazing swimsuit pic. The tiny athlete shows off a physique that even an accomplished swimsuit models would envy. There aren’t too many wrestlers, past or present, who look as good as Stratus in her prime. In fact, even at 42 years of age, she still looks nothing short of amazing.

Fun Fact: While Stratus is best remembered as an in-ring performer, she actually began her career as a manager. The team she managed was T & A (Test and Albert). Even with their gorgeous blonde manager, T & A floundered as a mid-card act. Following her split from Test and Albert, Straus began her infamous storyline with WWE owner Vince McMahon, where she was asked to strip to her underwear and bark like a dog.

11 Alexa: Couch Model

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Bliss decides to class things up a bit with this stylish white dress. The versatile outfit would be perfect for any occasion, be it casual or formal. The Ohio native takes part in a photo that looks like it could easily be on the cover of a popular women’s magazine. Bliss looks so good in this instance; she probably deserves a pass for putting her fashion-forward footwear on the furniture. The 5-foot-1 champ shows that she really knows how to dress, with the outstanding attire she chose for this shoot.

Fun Fact: Alexa Bliss has been featured in three seasons of the hit E! reality television show, Total Divas. She was a guest star in Season 4 and 6, before ultimately going on to become a member of the main cast for Season 7.

10 Lana: Working Out

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Even without the punching back in the background, it’s clear from this photo that Lana spends a great deal of the time in the gym, and the results really show. The 5-foot-7 grappler proudly models a figure that is seemingly void of any flaws. Lana attempts to redefine the word “fit” while posing in her skimpy workout attire. The powerful blonde makes a strong case for being WWE’s steamiest female athlete, with this unforgettable image.

Fun Fact: Lana is married to fellow wrestler Miroslav Barnyashev, who performs under the ring name Rusev. In fact, Lana actually began her career in WWE’s developmental promotion NXT managing her husband (then boyfriend) back in 2013. They would remain an on-screen duo until 2017, before going their separate ways.

9 Trish: 100%

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Here we have Trish Stratus modeling her famous 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed shirt. One thing even her biggest detractors (of whom there aren’t very many) have to admit, is that the vivacious blonde stayed in peak physical condition throughout the course of her illustrious career. In this image, the proud Canadian models her impressive abs in a classic photos. With this pic, Stratus proves she doesn’t need to be wearing a skimpy bikini or skin-tight dress in order to get folk’s attention.

Fun Fact: Trish Stratus has starred in two feature-length films over the course of her career, both of which were filmed following her retirement from WWE. She landed the lead role in the action film, Bail Enforcers, which was released in 2011. Her second appearance came in the 2015 thriller, Gridlocked.


8 Alexa: Swimsuit Model

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Alexa Bliss shows that she can fit quite a bit of sex appeal into a 5-foot-1 frame, with this awe-inspiring photo. The former cheerleader flaunts her marvelous physique in a bikini photo that is sure to grab any wrestling fan’s attention. Bliss looks ready to take 1st prize in a swimsuit competition in this memorable image.

Fun Fact: Alexa Bliss has been playing sports since she as a very young girl. In her youth, she participated in gymnastics, softball, and even kickboxing. However, it was cheerleading where she found the most success. In fact, Bliss was a Division I college cheerleader for the University of Akron. The vivacious blonde has also competed in bodybuilding contests prior to signing to with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2013.

7 Lana: Reflection

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Fans who can’t get enough of Lana (and who can?) will certainly appreciate this shot. That’s because the mirror makes it appear as though the stunning wrestler has been cloned. In this photo, the former valet and her reflection are modeling some rather skimpy work out gear. Lana continues to make a strong case for having the best physique in the business with fetch photos like the one shown here. The mirror on this wall likely won’t have any trouble deciding, “who’s the fairest of them all?”

Fun Fact: After being drafted to the SmackDown roster as part of the WWE’s Superstar Shake-up, Lana deiced to become a full-time in-ring competitor. Her first televised singles match, a loss to then-champion Naomi, came at the 2017 Money in the Bank pay-per-view event.

6 Trish: Lady By The Locker

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This image features Trish Stratus modeling a see-through top and a belt buckle bearing her name. While it appears the lockers in the background have seen better days, the woman is standing in front of them definitely appears to be in her prime. One would have to assume that there was no shortage of young men who would have loved to share a locker with Stratus back in her high school days. Stratus steals the show once again in a photo for the ages.

Fun Fact: Trish Stratus is a proud member of WWE’s 2013 Hall of Fame class. She was inducted by her former on-screen rival, World Wrestling Entertainment’s Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon. Stratus would return the Hall of Fame ceremony in 2014 to inducted her friend Lita that year.

5 Alexa: Champion

2X ✌🏻

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In this Instagram post, we see Alexa Bliss striking her signature pose with the world title. It’s photos such as this one that have helped her gain over 2.1 million followers on the popular social media site. In fact, the image here is the one she uses for her Instagram cover photo. Moreover, this pic, which received over 119,000 likes, helps to highlight the blonde bombshells many stunning features. Bliss is a superstar who is clearly using social media the right way.

Fun Fact: Bliss has also worked as a manager over the course of her career in professional wrestlering. She served in this compacity during her time in WWE’s developmental program, NXT. The former cheerleader managed the team of (her real-life boyfriend) Buddy Murphy and  Wesley Blake who held the promotion's tag title for a period.

4 Lana: Ripped Jeans

I take polkadots & make it #RAVISHING 💋

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Ripped jeans have been popular in certain fashion circles for a long time now, and with this image, we can see why. With her partially exposed left leg and stylish polka dot top, this is an outfit that certainly won’t go unnoticed. Moreover, based the well over 110,000 likes this Instagram post received, it’s fair to say this image was hit with her fans. With pics like this, it probably won’t surprise anyone that Lana has an impressive 2.7 million Instagram followers.

Fun Fact: Before becoming one of the most ravishing stars in WWE, Lana was a member of an all-girl pop group known as No Mean Yes. No Means Yes lasted for about a year between 2009-2010 and released one single, “Would You Like That.”

3 Trish: Fitness Fanatic

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Before what would become a legendary career in World Wrestling Entertainment, Trish Stratus was a fitness model. During that period, Stratus produced several photos where she was outstanding shape, such as the one seen here. It’s hard to imagine the gorgeous blonde being able to fit any more muscle on her relatively small, 5-foot-3 physique. Stratus must have had quite the intense workout regiment back in those days. The female wrestling icon proves that a woman can still look very feminine even when she’s a little muscular, with this throwback photo.

Fun Fact: In 2007, Trish Stratus appeared on the reality series Armed & Famous. The show featured five celebrities who trained to become reserve police officers in Muncie, Indiana. The show lasted for only four episodes before being pulled from the CBS lineup.

2 Alexa: Ready For A Night Out

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This photo shows Alexa Bliss looking lean in what almost appears to be a prom dress. The outfit helps to emphasize the popular athlete’s hourglass figure as she smiles for the camera. The reigning champ once again shows us her impressive fashion sense with an outfit that look both elegant and fun. The pint-sized powerhouse proves she is one of the most beautiful women in all of sports, with one of her best pictures to date.

Fun Fact: Before becoming one of the wrestling top female stars, Bliss was involved in competitive bodybuilding. In fact, she even competed in the prestigious Arnold Classic. At one point, she even battled what she referred to as a life-threatening eating disorder, which she stated that bodybuilding helped her to overcome.

1 Lana: Yoga Pants

The caption below this Instagram post reads, “Well behaved women seldom make history…but we have to be willing to live with the consequences of taking risks and breaking the rules.” While this is an excellent quote, it would seem to have little to do with Lana posing for the camera in a pair of yoga pants. In any case, it’s an outstanding image, so maybe we won’t worry about the quote in this instance. The blonde bombshell is constantly putting out great photos such as this on her Instagram page, which clearly makes her a must-follow on social media.

Fun Fact: Prior to dating Rusev, Lana had previously been romantically linked to Isaiah Mustafa. Mustafa is an actor and former NFL player who is best known for appearing in Old Spice television commercials.


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