5 Recently Released Superstars WWE Should Bring Back (& 5 They Should Avoid)

With a roster as large as the WWE, it is no surprise that the company parts ways with several names every year. The amount of Superstars being added throughout the year has made it a given that others will depart in return. The past two years, WWE chose to release some relevant performers who could have played a significant role on the roster if given the chance.

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Some have burned all bridges on the way out while others kept the door open for a potential return. Here are 5 recently released Superstars WWE should bring back and 5 they should avoid!

10 Should Bring Back: TJP

TJP, formerly known as T.J. Perkins, was a vital part of the cruiserweight division upon its return in 2016. After winning the Cruiserweight Classic and Cruiserweight Championship, TJP never came close to achieving that same level of success. In WWE's defense, they did attempt to make him the face of the division, but TJP's mic skills left plenty to be desired, especially during his stint as a face.

Having been released earlier this year, TJP has already moved on by signing to Impact Wrestling. But if the opportunity to come back to the WWE became a reality, both sides should jump on it, as TJP would still be a good addition to the 205 Live roster.

9 Should Avoid: Eva Marie

The release of Eva Marie didn't exactly come as a shock. The landscape of women's wrestling was beginning to change when she joined the WWE, making her the odd woman out. And while she did have a strong following, Marie couldn't hang with fellow Superstars inside the ring.

She would've been a far bigger name in any other era, as the lack of wrestling skills may not have held her back. With her current journey as a model, actress, and fitness instructor, Marie has plenty of plates on the table to keep her busy and away from WWE. It is for the best as she doesn't fit the current product.

8 Should Bring Back: Emma

Emma was a big loss for the WWE. It's true that she hadn't found her place on the roster, but the hand she was dealt didn't help matters, either. Shortly after Vince McMahon gave up the Emmalina character, she was once again trying to climb back up from scratch.

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Emma could certainly go in the ring and her final WWE match is living proof, as she put on a great showing along with Asuka. There is still some unfinished business for Emma in the WWE, and it would be wise for the company to bring her back in order to boost the division.

7 Should Avoid: Big Cass

Following the split of Big Cass and Enzo Amore as a tag team, the former embarked on a solo run in the WWE. Unfortunately, a set of injuries would keep him out of action longer than expected. And when he was finally cleared to compete, Cass wasn't quite ready to hang with the returning Daniel Bryan inside or outside of the squared circle. It was a huge chance for Cass to prove himself to all doubters, although he came up short on that end.

The potential has been there from day one but Cass is lacking in a few departments. If he happens to significantly improve, then WWE should pounce on the opportunity to bring him back. But for the time being, he wouldn't be a positive net for the product.

6 Should Bring Back: Austin Aries

Austin Aries only lasted a year and a half in the WWE prior to his release from the company. From the moment he joined NXT, it was clear for all to see that Aries was a special talent on the mic. And he could certainly keep up with the best of them inside the ring, making him an intriguing talent for the WWE. Once he was moved to 205 Live, it seemed to be only a matter of time before the two sides went their separate ways.

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Aries aspired to reach bigger heights as a member of the main roster, while WWE hoped to strengthen its cruiserweight division. Given his all-around talent, it's easy to see why WWE should attempt to bring him back.

5 Should Avoid: Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami was a big get for NXT in 2014, where he remained for three years. From 2017 to 2019, he was part of the 205 Live roster, where he never received a notable push. Talented as he is, Itami was constantly misused by the company, putting him in a tough position as a Superstar.

NJPW was more than happy to recruit him back once his release was made official, and he is better off playing a bigger role for the promotion instead of being lost in the shuffle. It's highly unlikely that WWE would be interested in rekindling the relationship, nor does it appear like Itami wants any part of it.

4 Should Bring Back: Rich Swann

It didn't take Rich Swann too long to leave his mark on the cruiserweight division, climbing up the ladder as fast as one could. He would claim the Cruiserweight Championship during his tenure with the company and remained an integral member of the 205 Live roster until his release in 2018.

Since then, he has emerged on the independent scene and, later on, a stint with Impact Wrestling. Based on what Swann has shown as a performer, it's fair to stay that he still has a role within the company. As one of the most impressive performers for the company, he rarely lets the fans down with his showings.

3 Should Avoid: Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore has been catching plenty of heat for the past two years. After rising to the top as one of the most over Superstars, his fall was just as sudden when he was let go by WWE. After attempting to transition into a rapper, Enzo gave up on his MC dreams to return to the squared circle for Ring of Honor.

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On the mic, he is still the same Enzo Amore who took the WWE Universe by storm. But when you consider other factors, such as his wrestling ability and alleged attitude problems, it's an easy call for WWE.

2 Should Bring Back: Neville

The odds of Neville returning to WWE are, unfortunately, practically none. Now a member of the AEW and Dragon Gate rosters, Neville is more than happy to resume his career elsewhere. He had been watching from the sidelines for over a year before he was finally granted a release from the WWE.

While the board would love to have an immense talent like him, the relationship is far too strained to be repaired anytime soon. For his sake, he is much more likely to succeed away from Vince McMahon's empire, as he wouldn't be stuck on the roster of 205 Live.

1 Should Avoid: James Ellsworth

Everyone loved the character of James Ellsworth in the early beginnings of his tenure. But as his role grew with the WWE—with victories over the likes of AJ Styles—it's no wonder many fans grew tired of his act.

Ellsworth was always going to be one of those characters that finds major success in a brief run without lasting too long. Seeing as he has little to contribute to the current platform, WWE made the right decision to let him go. He did provide fans with some memorable moments, but sometimes it's best to leave before you turn into a villain.

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