5 Wrestling Women We Will Miss On Maternity Leave (And 10 Who Will Follow Soon!)

Wrestling is a dangerous sport, especially if you are a pregnant woman! Many big stars who wish to start families may miss time in the near future.

When the men leave WWE, there are only a few reasons that make sense. They've either had a dispute with management over their contract, been injured or they've lost the love of the fans. Injuries are inevitable and they happen to the best of wrestlers. Money is money and if you don't feel valued, you leave. But, once a male talent is no longer useful, WWE doesn't feel the need to keep them around. It's the simple but harsh reality of the business. Things aren't always so simple in the case of female talent.

There is one additional wrinkle WWE has to contend with that they don't with the men. Female talent may find they want to have a family one day. Planned or not, if they do, it's not exactly ethical to ask a female competitor to take bumps in a ring or travel the gruelling WWE schedule while carrying a child. Therefore, it's unavoidable that these women will disappear from our television screens for nine months or more while they carry, deliver and start to raise their babies.

While the WWE Universe is happy to see the women of the company start another chapter in their lives, we selfishly don't get the pleasure of watching these women on WWE programming. Their absence can cause gaps in storylines, angles to come to a screeching halt or ideas to never see the light of day. Sometimes, their replacements just aren't able to live up to the high standards of those who will be gone and as fans we miss the ladies immensely.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of five wrestling women we'll miss on maternity leave and ten others who may follow.

15 Will Miss: Maria Kanellis


Congratulations to Maria and Mike Kanellis who announced that they are expecting their first child. With that said, talk about terrible timing. Both just arrived on SmackDown Live and while their push as the Power of Love couple hasn't exactly taken them to high places in the company yet, her pregnancy is going to put her due right around WrestleMania season. That can't bode well for Mike Kanellis' career and character (one that doesn't work without Maria).

The good news is that perhaps this is the opening WWE needs to shake up the characters because Mike arrived and almost immediately became a jobber, losing matches and often being overlooked on the show. We'll miss Maria who was always fun to look at, but we won't miss this gimmick. It's been pretty bad so far.

14 Will Follow Soon: Lana


It's only a matter of time before Lana is pregnant. In fact, if I was a betting man and a pool started allowing me to gamble on which WWE female was next to announce their pregnancy, I'd put my money on Lana. She recently married the "Bulgarian Brute" Rusev and while they seem to really love each other, they also seem to be a little unsettled with their positions in the company.

Still young in love, these two have been rumoured to be leaving the WWE for a couple months now and perhaps a break from the WWE would serve both well. Maybe a nine-month break? If they're both unhappy with their current roles in WWE, maybe they find more happiness in announcing a pregnancy and having a baby together — a little dancing Bulgarian baby.

13 Will Follow Soon: Naomi


Naomi is married to one-half of the SmackDown Live tag team champions in Jimmy Uso. Uso has kids of his own but it shouldn't be long before Jimmy and Naomi might want kids of their own together. Naomi loves Jaiden and Jayla, and she had a procedure done to ensure that for right now, she doesn't have kids but she knows she wants them eventually.

To say that this will follow soon might not be accurate. It's more like things might follow when the careers of Naomi and Jimmy slow down. Both are doing as well as they've ever done in the WWE before and if they're doing their best to control when they have another child, this is not the time. But, one day, it will happen.

12 Will Miss: Brooke Adams


Never a star in the WWE, Brooke Adams has made a name for herself in wrestling by being a part of TNA and Impact Wrestling on and off for many years. She recently had a baby and while her plan was to have the healthiest possible pregnancy and make her comeback to the ring a piece of cake, she's wrestling personally with the idea of being a performer or being a mother.

If she chooses not to return or ends up delaying her comeback, it will be a sad day for wrestling fans, especially those who are fans of Impact Wrestling. Part of her battle with this decision will be chronicled on a show called Rattled on TLC and it already sounds like she may not come back. If that's the case, it will be a loss because not only was she popular outside WWE, she could have one day had a chance to try making it with the big boys again since she's extremely attractive and seems to know her way around the ring.

11 Will Follow Soon: Carmella


For those that don't know, Carmella and Big Cass have been in a serious relationship for some time. Dating all the way back to their time in NXT, they've been together longer than most wrestling relationships last and that could mean wedding bells in the near future. That doesn't mean kids right away, but one never knows.

If Carmella does have to leave for baby reasons, one can only hope she's cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase by then. She's been holding onto it for so long, the baby may come before her reign as SmackDown Live Womens' Champ does. The two probably don't see each other much with Cass injured and Carmella on the road. Even when he does return, they'll be on opposite brands.

10 Will Follow Soon: Natalya


Natalya and Tyson Kidd have been an item for as long as pretty much anyone can remember. They were the first real couple to be the focus of the show Total Divas and for a while, all the show's drama revolved around their relationship. Their constant bickering and making up was the stuff of legend.

While she's the current SmackDown Live Women's Champion, her career is on the back nine. It wouldn't surprise anyone if she was taking time off or calling it a career in the next few years to start a family. Natalya is the type of female competitor who could carve out a career in wrestling after her in-ring days are done, but she's also the type you could see being a mother.

9 Will Miss: Maryse


Well, we know Maryse is pregnant because the company made a huge announcement on Raw where Maryse and The Miz announced their news to the world . So, unless this is a storyline meant to fool us all into believing there's a baby and another twist is coming, there's a baby on the way and we may not see Maryse for a while.

The Miz and the Miztourage are making major moves on Raw and becoming must-see personalities, but The Miz is just not quite the same without Maryse. He's skyrocketed in popularity since her return to stand by his side and she adds a lot to his weekly tirades. She will surely be missed and we can only hope this is not the end of Maryse in the WWE.

8 Will Follow Soon: Bayley


Bayley has been cozying up to another wrestler who many people don't know well. His name is Aaron Solow and he's been wrestling on the independent scene and made a few appearances for the WWE on 205 Live and NXT. He was an alternate in the Cruiserweight Classic but he just hasn't been able to break through that barrier and become a regular.

While he hasn't stuck around in the WWE, he also hasn't left Bayley's side and the two seen pretty serious. They are engaged and if and when the two start a family, Bayley and all her hugs will be missed by the WWE Universe a great deal. For now she's a star who's still trying to cement her spot on Raw. She's in and out of the spotlight and hasn't felt quite the love she did in NXT.

7 Will Follow Soon: Sasha Banks


The "Boss" is married. She married wrestler Kid Mikaze (Sarath Ton) in August 2016 after they'd been together for quite a lengthy period of time. He's actually a designer for many of the wrestler's ring gear including Sasha's, which of course means there's probably a lot of trying them on for her hubby. And, we know what that can lead to.

Most fans see these two as an odd couple, but they clearly seem to get along well. Banks is a private person (or at least she wants to be based on her comments about fans invading her space), so we may not hear much about it at first, but if she gets pregnant, the WWE Universe will "legit" miss her. You see what I did there? Legit Boss... Legit miss? ...nevermind.

6 Will Miss: Brie Bella


Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan recently announced the news that they are going to work at having another baby. The journey of their first child being born was documented closely on Total Bellas and we don't really know if they do finally decide to go for baby number two if it will be again. If not, that would be a big blow for the show.

Right now, the drama is more that Bryan wants to wrestle and Brie wants to make a comeback. Both of those things would seem counterintuitive to having a baby right now, but the realization that either could make a return to the ring is not terribly promising. Unlike most of the women who get pregnant and leave, fans don't get to see what's going on. With Brie, we got the whole story. She'll be missed, but not as much since we always feel like we're going on the ride with her.

5 Will Follow Soon: Paige


There isn't a lot of time that passes by where Paige isn't in the news for something related to her boyfriend/fiance/husband (whatever they are) Alberto Del Rio. Rumors about Paige being pregnant find themselves sneaking into the conversation every now and again too. And, with the drama that seems to find these two, would it really surprise anyone if Paige's comeback was derailed because she got knocked up?

It's sad to say, but the reality is, should this happen, the WWE Universe wouldn't really miss her. It's because they haven't seen her in ages. What they would miss is the potential for a comeback everyone is waiting for. If Paige does get pregnant, you can pretty much guarantee the WWE won't have the patience to wait any longer.

4 Will Follow Soon: AJ Lee


AJ Lee and CM Punk have a lot of free time on their hands. While they're both trying to stay busy with new careers, the reality is, there are probably few things they could take on that would be as hectic as the WWE schedule they used to keep. With that much free time, there are only one of two things happening. They are either driving each other crazy or they are making up for lost time, a lot.

It makes a lot of sense that at some point these two will be growing their family and while her character was a bit psychotic on television, AJ Lee would probably make a great mother. CM Punk might be a little intense as a father, but you never know, kids can change a person.

3 Will Miss: Renee Young


There's no confirmation of her being pregnant but there are all sorts of signs that Renee Young might, in fact, be expecting a child down the road with Shield member Dean Ambrose. There were some tweets that were perhaps taken out of context, a miscommunicated segment on Talking Smack one time when Kevin Owens said something about congratulating her. After all, the two got married awfully quick, which surprised some people.

This is all in good fun because the timelines don't make sense, but it does lead us to assume that perhaps she's closer to that next step than almost anyone. If she does go, she may be missed more than most because she's the voice of every pay-per-view and plays a pivotal role (even if it has been reduced) in the presentation of WWE programming.

2 Will Follow Soon: Alexa Bliss


Alexa Bliss is currently engaged to Buddy Murphy and they've been together for some time. There's no confirmation that we know of that there are any plans for these two to have a child, so this one is pure speculation, but important for the list because perhaps no one would be missed in the WWE Women's Division like Alexa Bliss would be.

Bliss is the top female in the company right now. She's entertaining, smart, crafty and understands the idea of getting her character over with the crowd. She's still relatively new to the WWE, but she's picking up the nuances and details like she's planning to be one of the best female competitors the WWE has ever seen. If she's gone for 9 months, the WWE Universe will notice.

1 Will Follow Soon: JoJo

This one feels a little evil to say but if JoJo gets pregnant we'll have to assume it's because she has a reputation for staying busy backstage. Most recently rumored to have been the cause of Bray Wyatt's future divorce, Jojo has been linked to Justin Gabriel, Randy Orton, Jesse White and then Wyatt.

Maybe this thing with Wyatt is serious. Then again, maybe it's nothing more than a fling. But, if JoJo continues to move through the roster at the speed she's kept so far (she's still not a veteran by any means), there is bound to be an oops somewhere in her future. Maybe she'll settle down with a nice wrestler and have little ring announcing babies. Maybe she'll name one of them Abigail.

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