5 WWE Rumors Heading Into SummerSlam

The biggest party of the summer is only days away. The SummerSlam pay-per-view is one of the four big mixed-brand cards the company holds, and this year the show is packed with high-quality matches, unexpected rivalries and maybe a few potential surprises.

Rumors are running rampant that some major happenings will take place on Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017, and out of these happenings, critical storylines will be affected and the direction of both Raw and SmackDown Live will be forever changed. What could the WWE have in store for those signed up to the WWE Network and ready to enjoy one of the companies biggest spectacles?

Here are the 5 Latest Rumors Heading Into SummerSlam.

5. Enzo Goes Heel

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After all that Enzo Amore has been through with Big Cass, it doesn't make a lot of sense to have him side with his former partner. Yet, that's the rumor that's been going around lately. Somehow, Amore will use his perch in the shark cage to help Cass beat the Big Show and the team will reunite as a heel group and make a run toward the tag team champs.

For this rumor to be true, the WWE would have to feel that Cass as a single's wrestler isn't going anywhere and they'd have to get past the rumored backstage heat Amore seems to have built. That's a lot of ifs.

4. Jon Jones Appears

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Jon "Bones" Jones dropped the mic after challenging Brock Lesnar at UFC 214. It made for a great deal of buzz and speculation that Lesnar was heading for the UFC when his WWE contract expired. Unfortunately, people are starting to realize, a fight in the UFC is a long way away if it happens at all.

But, if Jones can work out his contractual obligations (should he have any) with the UFC, he could bring the fight to Lesnar in the WWE. In a Twitter post, Jones mentioned to a direct tweet, he's thought about showing up at SummerSlam. Jones can make a mint in the WWE, and it would immediately draw eyeballs to the WWE from mainstream media sources.

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3. Heyman Turns Back On Brock

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No one seems to know what's happening with Brock Lesnar. Is he leaving the WWE for MMA? Is he trying to renegotiate a new contract? Is he going to stay the Universal Champion and appear more on television actually defending the belt from time to time?

Should Lesnar stay, there are rumors he'll be involved with Jon Jones. But, what if Jones doesn't show? One thing that may happen if Lesnar is taking more time off and/or not returning is a shift in direction for his advocate Paul Heyman. Will he cost Lesnar the title? Will he side with someone else? Would he really leave the WWE is Lesnar loses?

Having Heyman turn gives Lesnar an immediate feud, but it also gives Heyman something to do when Brock does depart.

2. Corbin Takes Out Cena For Good

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John Cena is scheduled to film the Transformers Prequel: Bumblebee. He's the main star and his scenes may take him away from the WWE for a little while. Meanwhile, Baron Corbin was just made to look like a fool on the most recent episode of SmackDown Live. 

If the WWE is not giving up on Corbin, this is the perfect scenario for him to take out Cena with a vengeance and put him on the shelf for an extended period of time. It's a way to quickly erase that he lost his Money in the Bank shot, explain his sheer anger and give Cena the break he needs.

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1. Ambrose and Rollins Booked To Become Champs

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With Sheamus set to leave the WWE and film a movie, it adds fuel to the fire that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will be winning the Raw Tag Titles and have an on-again, off-again relationship as title holders.

On the last episode of Raw, things looked promising for the former Shield members, but is it really? Can these two volatile personalities really co-exist as tag champs? It will be a major storyline on the many episodes of Raw that follow, potentially leading to a match between the two. It also provides an opportunity for a new heel team to take on and perhaps win the tag titles off two very prominent stars.

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