50 Hottest Instagram Posts From The Women Of WWE

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been turned on by a WWE Diva. If you didn’t raise your hand, time to leave since this post is all about honoring the hard bodies, hot smiles, and wicked moves of your resident Raw and SmackDown females. And these women should be recognized because they have collaboratively formed the most sexy and powerful crop of girlpower that the sport has ever seen. I feel somewhat idiotic calling it ‘girlpower,’ because lord it’s so much more (and these ladies do not look like little girls). Whether getting their start from family members that have made a name for themselves on the main stage, honing their Powerbombs and Moonsaults since early teenage years in the independent circuits, or getting a late start climbing the rungs of NXT, each and every Diva/Woman has earned her post in the WWE Universe. Sure, some are more talented than others, but that’s the beauty of the Divas Revolution; its just heating up.

We did you all a favor and scoured through the Instagram accounts of every hottie on the SmackDown and Raw rosters, including a couple surprise entries you may have forgotten about. Then we hand picked the most drool-worthy photos to ever be snapped and ordered them from hot to straight fire. So sit down, get comfortable, and be ready to feel all kinds of hot and bothered when you’re done.

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50 Fan Girl

Enough said.... 😜@wwe @eonline

A post shared by thefoxxyone (@thefoxxyone) on

Considering that The Bona-Fide Diva got her start in the biz by playing the role of Edge and Vicki Guerrero’s wedding planner, the girl has come a long way. She’s Foxy Bombed and Officer Nasty-ed her way through ECW, NXT, SmackDown, and Raw, and is the first African American woman to hold the Divas Championship belt. This photo, taken in 2015, shows a cool, calm, and collected Alicia Fox beside the legendary Snoop D-O-double-G. Her caption reads “enough said…” showing only a hint of fangirling… but that’s kinda cute. Even with the super-duper famous Snoop Lion taking up half the shot, our gaze goes straight to The Foxy One’s perfect biceps. She may not be as big as Charlotte, but she’s rocking muscle in all the right places. (Have you ever been so turned on by an arm? Us neither.)

49 Perfect Form

Following a three-year partnership with The Dancing Queen, Emma, Dana Brooke joined forces with Queen Charlotte in 2016 and since then has been her go-to bodyguard, helping Charlotte retain the WWE Women’s Championship belt time and again. Before her time in the ring The Total Diva used to be a bodybuilder and fitness competitor, hence the wickedly fit physique which she has maintained in the ring. On her down time, Dana stays active by practicing gymnastics and playing golf, like she’s doing in this Instagram video shared in the late summer of 2016. Opting for a laid back athletic outfit of tight leggings, “Oh my God, Becky” tank top, hat, and a side braid, it’s hard to focus on her nearly perfect drive. No, not the Rikishi-inspired Samoan Driver she has reclaimed in the ring, but her golf swing. It’s super sexy when a girl likes to go out and be active. Especially if she can show some hidden skills on the green and teach us a thing or two about form.

48 Cutie Booty

No amount of dim lighting, neon patchwork or wildly moving inflatable air dancers could hide that cutie booty. Regrammed from @WWEnext, this photo shows a pre-main stage Bayley as she pumps up the crowd at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH. Sure we could go on about how hot it is that she won NXT Female Competitor of the Year in 2015, or how that she’s managed to intimidate Eva Marie in the corner of the ring just by entering the venue, but the motivation behind us loving this photo is because frankly, she has a perfect butt. Add the fact that the photo’s a little dark and she’s wearing something that covers us from seeing it all, and you have a recipe for crazy temptation. You can also see the grooves outlining the muscles in her shoulders. Anyone feeling the sudden urge for a Bayley hug?

47 Naughty Nightmare

It was a very Happy Halloween this year when Alexa Bliss dressed up as the Nightmare on Elm Street killer Freddy Krueger. Her fans went berserk, loving the perfectly placed slits in her striped sweater and the sinful smile on her face. She’s got something sexy none of the other Divas do: playfulness. It’s only the first year that Alexa has been on the main roster, bringing to SmackDown a mix of explosive Diving Moonsaults and Insult to Injury double knee drops. But most of all she’s brought the most naughty smirk the WWE had ever seen. Within her early career she’s become the crowds favorite bad behavior, flipping her pigtails and insulting the other Divas to no end. We think its hot how much spice she brings to the ring, and how she’s always down to play dress up.

46 Puppy Love

Without the black warrior makeup and battle armor, Nia Jax is a freakin’ honey. The Honolulu native (and cousin of The Rock) captivates us with her perfect coco butter skin and dark hazel and green eyes, highlighted by the minimal mascara makeup in this photo. Taken with her dog Benji, who has been the co-star in many of Nia’s Instagram photos, we swoon at how much she loves her furry companion. (Woman who love animals = hot.) As a late bloomer to wrestling, Nia’s two-year tenure from NXT to Raw is on a shooting star trajectory. Now a towering 5’10 force on the Raw Women’s Team, Nia took this opportunity to share with followers that a busy schedule on the road means Doggy Benji will be staying with his uncle for a while. Nia writes that she drove from Orlando to San Diego to set up her pup with her brother. “Now mama can continue to travel the world kicking ass knowing her baby is taken care of.” (Woman who loves animals + goes to lengths to care for her own = hot x 100.)

45 Emerald Eyes


A post shared by thefoxxyone (@thefoxxyone) on

…Sorry, what were you saying? Alicia Fox shared this re-gram from the account @WWEglamsquad of her hypnotizing emerald eyes. Although she was one of our all-time favorite Diva heels, playing the bad B with such ease that she even out bosses Sasha Banks, this pic reminds us of the face we know and love. Reliving the moment when Fox was unexpectedly attacked by Natalya, we wonder how this sweet mug could have ever been a villain. And that’s what’s so incredibly sexy about Alicia— she can play vicious and wild, and she can play sweet. This glamour shot is probably making you smile at your computer right now, and just think, she’s not even wearing something tight or low cut. Plus there’s that little smile raising over the right ride of her mouth to add to the swoon.

44 Oh, Aloha

🌺 aloha 😎 We made it!!!

A post shared by Charlotte Flair (@charlottewwe) on

The baby girl of wrestling legend Ric Flair and resident female heel of Raw takes a break from her villainous persona to take in the sight of a sunny Hawaii. It’s a simple photos— the screen a little blurry from travel, Charlotte’s long, blonde hair tousled from the wind, no airbrushing or photoshop effects. But damn, it’s a beautiful sight. First, it showcases the Nature Girl’s gorgeous smile. (Yeah we see her smile on WWE but that look is more reminiscent of a snake that’s happy because it’s about to eat you.) Then just a little below her bright aloha smile is a view that just makes us melt. Of the beach! OK, and her chest. We’re only human. Top off the look like a pair of Lolita heart-shaped shades in place of her iconic star and jewel eye crystals and we get the sweats from our head down to our toes.

43 Four-Eyes

via blacksportsonline.com

The Cali native takes a moment to relax from her feud with Becky Lynch in January 2016, choosing to lay low with glasses and minimal makeup. Even with pink hair (whom she credits Arcticfoxdiva for), the look is natural and fine, while the bookish glasses make us think of a hot girl we’d see studying in the library (who can also Wheelbarrow Bulldog like the legend Rey Mysterio). What you may not know is that although The Boss is cousins with rapper Snoop Dogg and singer Ray J, she geeks out on Japanese K-pop music and anime like Sailor Moon. Honestly, the nerdy side of Banks gets our hearts racing, especially in this photo as her juicy lips part only slightly, as if she’ll ask to be our lab partner. Sure, she can rock bling-ed “Boss” necklaces, rings, and sunglasses, but the more she sheds all that extra garb the more we see how beautiful the Diva is.

42 Inked

Badass runs in Paige’s veins. Case in point: she worked as a bouncer for her parent’s bar when she was only 15 years old. She’s also not afraid to ditch the Bella Twins while the trio has high tea and finger sandwiches (baller move). The badass continues in this photo, shot while Paige received a rib tattoo from Earl Funk. Hoooooot. Flashing a piece sign with her hand, Paige dons a punk rock Misfits hat and Morticia Addam-esk makeup. She shared on the photo caption that the ink is “a hidden memorial tattoo for my brother Isak. Always on my mind bro!” This isn’t her first rodeo in the tattoo chair either. After coming to the U.S. from the United Kingdom, she dove head first getting a finger tattoo (which if you didn’t know hurts like hell) of an anchor on her left ring finger (“I’m still searching for my boat,” she said in an interview about the piece). Then she got a mandala on both thumbs, and a couple other nonsensical hand tattoos. In this photo she’s getting song lyrics that played at her brother’s funeral in 2009, “If you could read my mind, love,” by Johnny Cash. We love her sprinkling of secret tattoos because they show she’s a hopeless romantic, and offer an exhilarating surprise when you finally get to peak at them.

41 Feeling The Glow

Naomi has been a Total Diva since day one (almost seven years in the ring now!) but her most recent gimmick comes in the form of a neon, high-flying rave girl. This repost from @WWEmakeupdivas definitely has us feeling the glow, as Naomi shakes her long wavy hair which glows under a black light. Our eyes go from the top of the shot and follows her flowing hair down to another glowing beacon— her round butt shaking side to side. Lord have mercy— that ass is rounder than a pair of ripe pomelos. The longer you watch the short video repeat itself, the more you feel hypnotized by the image. We can look but we can’t touch, since long-time lover and current husband Jimmy Uso (on half of the tag team Usos) has got that butt on lock.

40 Knockout

Just call me Becky Balboa. #straightfire #smackdown

A post shared by Rebecca Quin (@beckylynchwwe) on

The 5’6 fighting power of Irish Superstar Becky Lynch has become an unstoppable force on SmackDown. The Irish Lass Kicker has been training for the WWE main stage since she was a teenager living in Dublin. Recently she shared that she feels more comfortable on prime time than she did on the NXT stage. That probably has a little something to do with the fact that she’s a damn firecracker who owns any ring she steps foot in. Although the majority of her fans, much like Bayley, are pre-teen girls who look up to the orange-haired rebel and sport her trademark steam punk glasses, there’s plenty to praise for us older folk— i.e. her killer bod. Not one to post half-naked photos on her Instagram account, we found this hot shot of Becky posing between the rings of a boxing square. Her shorts are high and her shirt is ripped, and we like it. It’s super hot that Becky Balboa is a role model for young WWE viewers and isn’t just shamelessly looking for the limelight by appealing to the old horn dogs. But we’re just as quickly wrapped up in the Celtic Invasion, especially when it involves photos like this.

39 Good Genes

THEN | NOW 🙏💘 (proud of my roots and battle scars!)

A post shared by natbynature (@natbynature) on

As the daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, the two-time Tag Team Champions with Bret Hart, Natalya was born and raised on Powerslams and Cobra Clutches. In this epically cute throwback the Diva recalls her early days, which included training in the legendary Hart family Dungeon (she’s considered the first woman to ever train there). Natalya’s wrestling roots go even further than her father, as her mother Ellie was a daughter of Stu Hart— the founder of Stampede Wrestling. Nattie by Nature started out with a legacy behind her, but has only herself to take for making it this far and being one of the only Diva’s we would actually be nervous getting in the ring with. This photo says it all, and we love seeing how the little Anvilette grew up and grew out.

38 Sweet And Sour

📸 je me promene!!!!

A post shared by Maryse Mizanin (@marysemizanin) on

As the first woman to hold the Divas Championship twice, and casual black belt holder in martial arts, Maryse is not one to mess with. Don’t be fooled by her sweet look in this hot Instagram photo. Maryse’s return to WWE struck such fear in Natalya that it caused the Hart legacy to shiver in her pleather leggings. The platinum blonde French Phenom deserves to be feared not only for her in-ring charisma and all-out style, dealing running knee strikes like they were cards, but also for her absolutely gorgeous body and face. (She didn’t get the nickname Ultra-Dangerous Superstar for being a lamb). Maryse literally has it all. Her self proclaimed Diva hero is Lita, which tells us Maryse is one of the smart ones. Lita is absolutely the icon you should aspire to as a female wrestler. The only sad part is that Maryse’s years beating and getting beat in the ring are over (she threw in the towel in 2011, after wrestling for five years). Her knack for managing however was undeniable, and the former Diva has turned into a savvy puppet master or The Miz. She’s also managed Ryan O’Reilly, Ted DiBiase and a couple others. We see her in business mode in this photo, which not only turns us on but makes us want to take her to a nice seafood dinner afterwards.

37 Bow Down

The Queen got dressed up for a WWE Halloween photo shoot, rocking fishnet gloves, a tight pleather dress, and vintage top hat (which is a symbol for both upper class and stage magic— both of which Charlotte embodies in the ring). Before giving a shout out to the @WWEglamsquad that did her makeup, she writes the caption, “We can’t all be the Queen. Someone has to clap when we go by.” Well, *clap *clap *clap. In fact, we would more than clap but bow down to this Superstar hottie for all the work she has done to advance the Women’s Division within the sport. After entering NXT at the late age of 26, it became painfully obvious (painful for people like Alexa Bliss and Natalya, whom Charlotte destroyed to get the NXT Women’s Championship belt) that her talent mixed with great athleticism would rock the world of WWE forever. And it did. As one of the two first women to ever fight at a main even pay-per-view during Hell in a Cell 2016, we see the reign of Charlotte just heating up. So instead of clapping for this photo, we’ll go ahead and bow.

36 She Got That Ambition, Baby

The first descriptor that comes to mind when you think of Bayley definitely isn’t “hot,” and unlike many of the other female Superstars of WWE, you won’t find every other photo of her in booty shorts and a bra. Not that there’s anything wrong with that— it’s just not The Hugger's style. And honestly, that’s kinda hot in itself. Always sporting her covered cleavage tops and crazy leggings to honor her favorite Hall of Famer Randy Savage, the former NXT Women’s Champion chooses to post photos of herself that show her unstoppable drive to become the best in the biz. In this photo, taken in Brooklyn, NY a day before entering a match for her second NXT Championship status, we see Bailey looking up at the word WrestleMania. The caption reads, “Someday…” How freakin’ sweet is that. It shows that she loves her network, has ambition, and believes in herself (hot, hot, hot). Plus those abs, I mean come on.

35 One-Man Woman

Love laying out with this man @bryanldanielson ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #beachlife

A post shared by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on

Commitment is hot. Married to the Yes! man himself, Brie Bella began her relationship with Daniel Bryan in 2010 when she was chosen to accompany him to the ring during the third season of NXT. He won, since Bryan wasn’t nicknamed The Best Wrestler in the World for nothing, and Nikki Bella started a rift between sister Brie to vie for his attention. They ended up agreeing to share The King of Beards, until Bryan went behind their character backs and made out with Gail Kim (ooooo). It wasn’t until 2013 that Brie and Daniel were a verified couple (ahem, engaged), and since then she’s been a one-man woman who is just absolutely smitten with Bryan, and vice versa. Seeing both on Total Bellas and through the photos, like this one, on Brie’s Instagram, it’s beyond hot to see her commitment to Bryan. In this selfie, Brie catches the two on a hot summer day laying out on the beach. #goals.

34 Baby Blue

Oh hello Buffalo. Ready for #RAW Rockin that baby blue 😘 #jojopose

A post shared by Joseann Offerman (@joseann_alexie) on

Monday night ring announcer JoJo rocks a skin tight baby blue dress before a Raw show in Buffalo. The photo splits the shot between a front and back view, and it’s a Sophie’s choice which we think is hotter. Although in 2013 it seemed the first season Total Divas personality might develop into a fighting Superstar, her backstage promos led only to more announcing gigs. The became the ring announcer for NXT, then hit the big time announcing for MainEvent, SmackDown, Superstars, Raw, and some pay-per-views. Although JoJo doesn’t spar with the other girls, she’s a regular fixture in our everyday WWE viewing, and for that we are grateful. We’re also appreciative of her love for dresses, which always wrap perfectly over her butt, accentuate her small waist, and roll up to form a perfect hourglass figure.

33 Close Up


A post shared by WWE Superstar NAOMI (@trinity_fatu) on

It’s always a bit of a phenomenon when a photo of a woman’s lips, neck, and one eye can get us going. Case in point: Naomi. Captioned with a kissy emoji, the inaugural FCW Divas Champion sports clear lips, dark eye makeup, and deep blue hair. The closeness of the photo creates intimacy because it feels like we’re standing that close to the Diva… and you know what happens when you get that close. For a wrestler that’s known from her screen time on Total Divas for being funny and drama free, it’s also hot to see a more serious Naomi in this photo. Again, it makes us feel like shit’s about to go down. This is usually the point where she surprises with a Full Nelson Bomb, but we’d be up for that too.

32 Sweat Baby, Sweat

Holy shoulders. Becky Lynch gave her Instagram followers an update on her training sessions with this full-body angle. Cheeks blushed and the shot a little blurry, no doubt from shaky hands after a savage workout, we get a dressing room look at Maiden Ireland. After joining NXT in 2014, Lynch has really fast tracked her training, becoming one of the few women in the sport to spearhead the Divas Revolution. And the hard work is paying off. In a Six-Pack Elimination Challenge at Backlash 2016, K-Nox beat out Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Naomi, Natalya, and even Nikki Bella to be crowned the first-ever SmackDown Women’s Champion. Here, here! If she continues working overtime in the gym like she is in this photo, we’re certain she’ll see more headline fights and belts for her wrack.

31 Backstage Boss

via blacksportsonline.com

Sasha Banks kills time backstage with black thigh-high boots, short shorts, cut Legit Boss shirt and long fuchsia hair. It’s not her classic in-ring attire, but man she wears it well. Another young gun in the Women's Division, the 24-year-old can back up the hot attitude in this pic with not one Raw Women’s Championship, but two, plus a NXT Championship to boot. She wears the acclaim with swagger as her self-assured smirk in this photo is sexy beyond belief. And why not be proud as hell? The Boss has paved the way, alongside a couple other Superstars like Charlotte and Becky Lynch, for a revolution in wrestling that involves women kicking ass and not just flashing cleavage in the corner. Sure, Sasha made a main-stage appearance while she was still in the ranks of developmental NXT, by accompanying Triple H to the stage at WrestleManiaXXX, but she’s never pulled a Sable and relied solely on her sex appeal to create confidence and sass. Instead, the high-flying Banks dominates in the ring with Straight Jacket Neckbreaker Slams and gnarly Diving Double Knee Drops, and can proudly wear The Boss title because she walks the walk and doesn’t just talk the talk.

30 Gothic Goddess

Sometimes we don’t want the rosy cheeked blonde with pink lipstick. A good, healthy dose of rebel is just what the doctor ordered. Gaining acclaim from her pale, almost translucent, skin, black hair, and gothic wardrobe, we found ourselves cheering for more Ram-Paige in the Diva circle. Growing up in a family of wrestlers, Paige was primed since day one to be a badass (Jake “The Snake” even lived with her family for a while). The Anti-Diva didn’t disappoint. On the night of her big debut in April 2014, Paige was set to go against Diva Championship holder AJ Lee, who was on her 295th day keeping the status and only the night before had outlasted 13 other Divas to retail the title at WrestleManiaXXX. Paige was a bit gangly and awkward, but was coming off an NXT Championship. “I’m not ready,” Page said before being slapped by AJ. Two minutes later and she tapped out the champ to become the youngest woman to ever hold the belt. This Instagram photo fast forwards two years to the same arena where she beat out the Geek Goddess. Anything gangly or awkward about Paige had long passed.

29 Rev Your Engines


A post shared by WWE Superstar NAOMI (@trinity_fatu) on

Trained under the tutelage of the high flying Diva Kelly Kelly (who led Naomi to a second place win in NXT), Trinity Fatu shared this Instagram photo roughly two years ago as she was getting involved with The Usos, coming off the disbanding to The Funkadactyls tag team with Cameron (booo). Wearing fishnets, tall black boots and ripped jean shorts, Naomi is looking freakin' fiiiiiine. At the point of this photo, Naomi had come a long way from being the backup dancer for Brodus Clay and was getting ready to hit the stage at the inaugural; FastLane pay-per-view in February 2015. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, accompanied by Kidd’s boo thang Natalya, and The Usos accompanied by Jimmy Usos’ hunny Naomi, would enter the ring for the Tag Team Championship. The Usos ended up losing, but if this photo is what it looks like to lose, we don’t want to win.

28 Made In The Shade

On vacation in Exuma, Bahamas, Eva Marie snaps this Instagram photo during a shopping trip to the market, where she bought this floppy hat in preparation for a day boating on the crystal blue water. She swaps all red for an all white bikini and white overshirt. The lucky man who probably took this photo was her husband Jonathan Coyle. It also could have been gal pal Maryse, who vacationed with the Red husband and wife alongside her in and out of ring hubby The Miz. In light of Eva’s suspension from WWE due to an issue with prescription Adderall (which violated the WWE Wellness Policy), Eva was in the Bahamas filming Total Divas and taking the down time in stride. There’s a slew of photos from the trip, the majority in bikinis that show Eva Marie’s fine ass body. But this is one of our favorites.

27 Pure Bliss

The pint-sized bodybuilder who tops out just a pound or two over 100lbs made it to the main roster of SmackDown Live in 2016, after honing her craft in the developmental circuit of NXT. Reinventing herself as the Harley Quinn of the ring did wonders for her character, capitalizing on the success of Suicide Squad and the wicked fireball energy she brought to matches. She holds her own against the other female Superstars thanks to a history in bodybuilding, which she came to after suffering a terrible eating disorder as a young girl. She was able to overcome the illness through weight lifting. Get it, girl. Not only are we inspired by her story, but a different part of us is motivated by this photo that came from the full mind and body transformation. Alexa captions, “Throwback to my fitness days…” rocking a high-cut bikini with back dimple piercings.

26 Golden Globes

*insert golden globes joke here*

A post shared by Cathy Kelley (@cathykelley) on

With a degree in journalism from Loyola University Chicago and passion for breaking new from the WWE-verse, Cathy Kelley is quickly becoming our favorite backstage commentator. She doesn’t just have the brains but the body too, bringing a spot-on mix of girl next door and dark temptress, with a side of funny. In this jaw-dropping shot taken at the 2016 NBC Golden Globes, Kelley reports on the red carpet, interviewing stars like Mr. Robot babe Carly Chaikin. Cathy speaks with clarity and a quiet enthusiasm that translates her intelligence in a way you’d expect royalty to speak. That being said, it’s not her voice or mind that did all the work getting her on this list. Wearing a low-cut black gown, highlighted by a red lip and small turquoise earing, were taken back by the grade A look of the What’s Trending WWE host (and the other golden globes in the picture).

25 The Dark Side

Channeling one part Xena the Warrior Princess and one part dominatrix, this photo re-grammed from @WWE gets our full and undivided attention. Dana Brooke poses with her hands on her waist, accentuating the bodacious curve of her full figure. Men and boys, if you can’t handle how muscular Dana Brooke’s arms are you can just get out. Cut-outs on her torso and thighs show just enough skin to make the full suit alluring without being too revealing. Taken at the TD Garden Raw showing, the #buffbabe was suiting up to fight Bayley in a reoccurring rival between good vs. evil. I’m sorry Bayley, but this time we’re on the dark side. Followers of Dana Brooke comment on the sexy photo not only how good she looks killer in the skin-tight uniform, but that they can’t wait for her to get a boost in the company.

24 She’s A Lady

There’s a saying, get you a girl who can do both. Nikki Bella is the spittin’ image of this goal. Here’s why: By night she can get into the ring and get her ass beat (to the point of needing neck surgery), and by day she opts for a clean dress like this Jonathan Simkhai, with luxury accessories from Louis Vuitton. Here’s a woman you could take home to mom and also out to meet the boys for beers. Boyfriend John Cena is notorious for enjoying fine dining, and Nikki matches his class to the T. In a biz that thrives on being brutal, it’s hot to see that Nikki still likes dressing up like a lady. She was mocked by Paige on Total Divas for enjoying nice clothes and upscale restaurants, but we’re grateful Nikki doesn’t cave to the aesthetic styling’s of a 24-year-old. We wouldn’t have masterpieces like this.

23 New York State Of Mind


A post shared by Leah Van Damme (@carmellawwe) on

The Princess of Staten Island showed pride for her local MLB team, the New York Yankees, in this fit AF photo from her Instagram. And as if it was punishment enough to see one ripped Carmella, she replicated the photo in a three way… not what we meant, but you thought it first. The SmackDown Superstar and former manager of Raw brand tag team Enzo and Cass, always brings her Staten Island attitude into the ring with her. She’s still working out the gimmick, and it’s obvious that the bit has to evolve and elevate in some way if she wants to get a chance at the Championship. I mean, she doesn’t even really have a signature move of her own (she parodies Nikki Bella’s Facebuster). But from the look of this photo, her body is ready to fight for the gold. And yes… this means the list is getting into half-naked territory, so you’re welcome.

22 Order Up

Is anyone else suddenly craving a Big Mac? Or a Chicago Bulls leotard? Summer Rae leans against a McDonalds order counter in stilettos and a one piece. The shot was taken during Halloween 2016 when her and pal Stella Kae dressed up as Beyonce and Nikki Minaj in the muscle video Feelin' Myself. Rae spent the spooky holiday in West Hollywood, bringing new joy to both hamburger lovers and the act of dressing up in costume. And we’re not the only ones who thought so. For a lower-tier Diva, the photo got more than 25k likes and 210 comments and counting. Most of them consisting of an “OMG” and some sort of fire or tongue emoji. Apart from this instance, Summer’s fans still back her up in full force, especially when it comes to egging the company into giving her a shot. Mankind and Raw GM himself even said, “I am impressed with @RealSummerWWE's passionate fans.” If this is what passion feels like then yep, we got passion for Summer Rae.

21 Morning Wood

Who else is feeling #UNBREAKABLE today?! ☕️🏋🏻💪🍓 #UNBREAKABLEMONDAY

A post shared by natbynature (@natbynature) on

Natalya, the "coach" of SmackDown Live’s female group, is often considered to be more of a natural beauty than some of her other WWE compatriots. Let’s be honest, it’s because she’s a little older (now 34 years), doesn’t die her hair neon colors, and looks like the ultimate MILF in this photo (no she doesn’t have kids with husband Tyson Kidd, but you can see what we mean, right?). Wearing only a black sports bra and trunks, Natalya leans against the counter to catch a morning shot while she gears up for the day. “Who else is feeling #UNBREAKABLE today?!” she captions. Versed in everything from Jiu-Jitsu to dance and gymnastics, The Queen of Black Hearts has one of the most trained bods in all of Total Divas, although she sometimes hides it under a full pair of leggings.

20 Classic Beauty

Judging hotness can be such a tiring job. That’s because you have so many layers of sexy— the cute sexy, the sporty sexy, the overtly sexy. This photo of Eva Marie is the classic sexy. Harnessing the look of a young Cindy Crawford, The Red Queen throws her wild hair to one side and looks off beyond the screen. We could take hours disputing whether Eva Marie is “good” in the ring, whether skipping independent circuits and going straight to NXT has hindered her skill development, but there is absolutely no arguing she is an Amazonian goddess. There’s a reason Vince McMahon personally chose her to participate in Tribute to the Troops while she was only a rookie in Raw: she’s hot— maybe the hottest Superstar on the current roster. Her looks are also a large part in why she keeps getting a shot in the spotlight. Recently sourcing The Rock as her personal idol, let’s hope the next time Eva’s in the ring she’s evolved a little. Speaking of that, there are rumors Eva Marie was behind the attack on Nikki Bella that caused Nikki to miss out on SurvivorSeries. Comeback alert! We haven’t seen red for a little over two months and for some reason we’re anxiously awaiting Time to Rise playing in the SmackDown stadium. Eva will probably revert back to bad girl sexy come that time.

19 Surf’s Up

Nikki Bella, like all active WWE Superstars, works her ass off year-round by touring the world and training to keep fit and fierce. The Fearless Superstar posted this glorious, bikini-clad shot of her relaxing after a long day of leg work and cryotherapy recovery (extremely cold temperatures to rebuild muscles quicker). The photo was taken at Cena’s house in Southern California, following a three-week long stint touring for SmackDown. Nikki adds the hashtag #caligirlforlife, showing love for her San Diego roots. Looking out at a beautiful view of the surf, we’re reminded that while Nikki is always being called out for her great chest (it really is great), just as much work goes into the rest of her. The relaxation is much deserved. Don’t let us rush you.

18 Someone Call A Referee

We’re blowing the whistle on this throwback photo in the archives of Dana Brooke’s Instagram. Taken before her time in WWE, this shot from the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic held by the International Federation of BodyBuilders shows a tanned and wild Dana as she does her final routine in the competition. The photo was taken just after she rips off a red, fringed overshirt in the style of Hulk Hogan. On the black and white striped shirt she has written in pink glitter, “WWE.” Was this a way for the fitness model to tell us her plans of entering NXT? Or was it a cute routine theme that led to an “aha!” moment? We’re not sure exactly, but we are happy that one, she decided to wear this outfit, and two, that she made the switch from fitness to wrestling prime time. No, she’s not the best showman (or showwoman) in the ring, but she’s also far from the worst. Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked her smack dab in the middle at No. 26 of 50.

17 Curvy Confidence

Before Nia Jax was squeezing the life out of Bayley and Alexa Bliss with a Hammerlock Bearhug, she was Savelina Fanene, the plus-size lingerie model. This #TBT photo from Nia’s Instagram references her days in the camera flash as she rocks an olive bikini and brown vest. She’s stunning with her natural curly hair and come hither look, but the message she tacks with the photo makes it even hotter. In a lengthy caption Nia talks about growing up “a big girl,” and not appreciating her body and height. “I came to realize that it didn’t matter how big, small or curvy I was…TRUE BEAUTY comes from within.” OK, on a post about the hottest photos of the women of WWE it’s may come off a bit shallow to say, ‘oh yea, but beauty isn’t how you look.’ But Nia’s right ladies and gents. What makes this and the rest of the photos on this list sexy is that the Superstars embrace their bodies and flaunt what they got. Plus they make it a part of their mission to spread this message to their female viewers (i.e. Nia’s BFF Eva Marie starting NEM Fashion with that mission). Confidence is the trump card of sex appeal.

16 Seeing Quadruple

What’s better than one Alicia Fox? How about four? In this photo The Foxy Floridian sports her long feathered hair while reppin' the Tapout brand (yes that’s her in the commercials of ring stars like John Cena and Seth Rollins training in the gym). Tapout made a leap from MMA outfitting to wrestling when its parent company Authentic Brands Group teamed with WWE to make the label the official outfitter of McMahon’s company. In January 2016, Tapout rolled out a new image, and judging from this photos, we 100 percent approve of the look. From her bright smile to small frame, the shot also fails to remind us that this foxy lady has been in the main circuits since 2008, which in Diva land is like the dinosaur period. But damn, she’s still got it. In fact, many of her Instagram followers compare her looks to Rihanna.

15 Like A Red Flag To A Bull

Some days you just own it! #briemode

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See the guy with glasses in the background on the left? Ditto. Although she “retired” from the ring in Spring 2016 with plans to start a family, we still get to see Brie Bella on Total Divas and Total Bellas. Sure, these shows give us an inside look of Brie wearing everything from pajamas to dresses to bikinis, but there’s something missing. WE WANT BRIEMODE! While WWE audiences are getting sister Nikki’s in-ring costume sealed in their noggins, this photo posted on Brie’s Instagram reminds us of the good old days (*silently playing Beautiful Life in my head). Although the shot doesn’t include her staple v-cut Brie Mode crop top, it’s an outfit that accentuates her flat stomach and porcelain white skin— clearly showing why The Boss Vince McMahon chose Nikki as the face of WWE Divas in 2014.

14 Tight End

OK, let’s not pretend Summer Rae is good at wrestling the way Sasha Banks and Charlotte are. Her moves pretty much come down to throwing other Superstars into the corner posts by grabbing their hair. Very catty. But let’s also not pretend that she isn’t athletic, and hasn’t been the star in your WWE fantasies. We’re guilty too. She’s got a hot bod and she knows it— so does the company, which is why they’ve had her start flames with everyone from Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, Tyler Breeze, and Fandango. But before her WWE journey started in 2011, she was a four-year veteran of our other favorite sports league; The Lingerie Football League. Rae played both as a cornerback and team captain on the Chicago Bliss. She shared a photo of her tackle days saying, “pre game thoughts before I turn into a mad woman on the field.” For all the heel moments she’s brought the WWE, she looks absolutely savage in her skimpy football uniform.

13 Vroom, Vroom

We hate to break it to you, but the Russian socialite turned Rusev wife is actually a down-home southern girl from Gainesville, FL. Maybe that’s why she knows how to wear a bikini so well. Another news flash: her parents are Portuguese and Venezuelan. Growing up and aspiring to be a professional ballerina has done wonders for Lana’s stage presence and awareness of her body. The dancer turned model then actress and singer, finally found her footing in the form of ring-side manager of The Bulgarian Brute. Her presence takes full effect as the arm candy of Raw’s Rusev, taking us back to the golden days of smoking hot non-wrestling Divas like Miss Elizabeth and Stacy Keibler. Sure, she’s nothing special in battle and probably never will be, but what’s the harm in honoring her hotness? That’s right, nothing. That’s why this photo makes the list at lucky number 13.

12 Flexin’

💪🏾just bc I don't flaunt it doesn't mean I don't got it😜

A post shared by WWE Superstar NAOMI (@trinity_fatu) on

With every Diva comes the obligatory gym shot. Taken in October 2016, it’s clear from this hella toned pic that Naomi has been hitting the racks with double dedication now that she’s her own star on SmackDown (no longer a member of The Funkadactyls or Team B.A.D.). Her in-ring outfit includes a mesh leotard with neon accents that covers her torso. “Just bc I don’t flaunt it doesn’t mean I don’t got it,” she captions this photo. It’s not that we ever doubted Naomi was strong, but we never knew it was this bad…or good. If the abs are the first thing we look at in this shot, her butt is the second. But we knew Naomi has an ass that doesn’t quit, thanks to the radical splits and flys she does in the ring.

11 Full Body Scan


A post shared by Saraya Bevis (@realpaigewwe) on

Shameless, we know, but this photo Paige shared on her Instagram is unarguably sexy. Laying down and holding the camera at an angle above her, we see the black top of her bra coming out from her shirt, which is cropped to show her fit abs and belly button piercing. On the bottom she wears a lazy pair of sweats. The overall look is relaxed and low key, but we thought you all should see it. Although she’s on the lighter side for a Superstar, weighing around 120lbs, DO NOT be fooled by her small frame. Paige is a beast that never quits, and she doesn’t shiver at the possibility of being epically Closelined by the other Superstars. Paige has gone on record commenting about how much the wrestling business kicks your butt physically, and she’s even been taken off the roster due to a mild concussion and neck surgery.

10 We Submit

Last Night's Vibes | Fearless Lock 💋💪🏽 #sdlive #Repost #teamcaptain

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

Since day one in the SmackDown ring, Nikki Bella (at the time secretly helping sister Brie from under the ring skirt) has had Natalya on her hit list. In fact, it was in a match against Natalya and Victoria that Nikki made her big debut. And although a lot has changed since that day in 2008, Natalya has always been in the crosshairs of Nikki’s Rack Attack, Bella Buster, and the new submission move the Fearless Lock. From the look of this photo, that’s a place we would all be happy to be. With her trademark Stay Fearless red top and classic black trunks, Nikki secures the Lock during an October 26 SmackDown Live show. This submission trick is a new one recently added under Nikki’s belt. And boy, we’re glad she added it.

9 Hottie Heel

This photo posted by The Dirtiest Player in the Game is both fear and erection-inducing. Posted the night before a match with now SmackDown Superstar Natalya, Charlotte holds her Championship belt in one hand teasing “Hey HitGirl, I hope you’re ready for a rattlesnake…See U tomorrow!” The vicious smirk on her lips says she’s ready to destroy with her signature Figure Eight Leglock, Big Boot, and Swinging Neckbreaker. Let’s be real, everyone likes a bad girl heel. While Charlotte’s in the ring playing the corrupt and vicious Queen, we cannot take our eyes off her. She knows how to twist our emotions on the mic, and make us “ow!” while she’s in the ring. We were morally obligated to add hotness points for this photo due to the Austin 3:16 shirt she’s sporting. Charlotte, you can open a can of whoop ass on us any day… just be gentle.

8 Laid Back Babe

It’s widely known that Brie, how do we say this, doesn’t take as much effort as her sister Nikki. And that is freaking hot. Littered throughout her Instagram are photos of Brie bare faced and without makeup, hair a little disheveled, playing in the garden or sporting a cut-sleeve t-shirt. In essence: she’s a hot jock. Growing up, Brie was a killer soccer player, and even though her brawling days are behind her, she stays super cut. Yes, her abs and shoulders make me want to lick the computer screen but what really makes her fine is her laid back, tomboy attitude— which we see come to life in this photo. The post-workout shot shows a wet-haired Brie after a worked from MarkShane. During this time 17 weeks ago, Brie and hubbie Daniel Bryan were still trying to have a child, hence the hashtag #fertilitydiet. I’ll just go out and say what we’re all thinking: Brie is going to be a MILF.

7 Let’s Play Ball

Like many of the other Superstars, Carmella has a past in sports and fitness. After graduating from the Massachusetts Ivy League college Dartmouth with a BA in Marketing, she took her knowledge of promotion all the way to the NFL, becoming a cheerleader for the New England Patriots. After three seasons, she flew from the East to the West Coast and landed a gig as a cheerleader for the LA Lakers. Does it make sense why she dancer in ever intro? She gave us a peak into her cheering past with this #tbt. She writes, “so pumped for football season!” tagging the Patriots account. This photo is making us wonder two things: one, why Tom Brady didn’t scoop her up when he had the chance, and two, why she doesn’t change her in-ring persona to a femme football player. We’d be game.

6 Full Bloom

Paradise 🌺

A post shared by 🔹Summer Rae🔹 (@daniellemoinet) on

The First Lady of NXT has got a temperament like a devil but an ass like an angel. She flaunted her tush in this vacation photo taken in the infinity pool at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. Yes, it was Springtime in full bloom and took the words Summer Crush (Rae’s inverted leg drop bulldog finisher) to new meanings. Her fans seemed to like the post also, which is so drool provoking it almost makes us forget her bad acting in the ring (and under par ballroom dancing). But let’s give Summer Rae the benefit of the doubt and assume she hasn’t found her Stone Cold persona just yet. Or maybe the rumors about Raw and Mick Foley not giving the other female Superstars the opportunity for a boost are true. We suggest Summer Rae ditches the pink and purple pleather two-pieces and becomes the first Diva to go full bikini in the ring. It definitely does its job in this photo.

5 Here Comes The Bride

Plenty of Superstars are married but few have tied the knot on and off screen in such a fashion as Lana and Rusev. Few will forget the in-ring nuptials on August 8, 2016 when the eastern European lovebirds reenacted their wedding in front of a live audience, only to have the occasion interrupted by Roman Reigns, who challenged Rusev to a match at SummerSlam before calling Lana a mail-order bride and pushing her into the wedding cake. Covered in red and white frosting, Lana goes into a comical fit. We like to imagine Lana the #RavishingBride as she appears in this Instagram photo, although we have nothing against frosting, especially when it’s on a babe. She uses the caption to promote the next season of Total Divas, where she appears alongside the other female forces of WWE.

4 Smell The Roses

When your love brings you flowers to make you smile. ❤️

A post shared by Saraya Bevis (@realpaigewwe) on

While Paige recuperates from injury (and a supposed prescription pill suspension) she’s taking the time to be showered with flowers by fiancée Alberto Del Rio— the Mexican pro wrestler. This photo taken in October 2016 (shortly after news of the engagement) has Paige’s Instagram followers going hard as the bright foreground sunlight accentuates the outline curve of her body. Rocking a top that makes us praise the powers of the sideboob, a back choker, and high-wasted jeans, complete the casual look for the gothic Anti-Diva, and shows a softer side as she basks in the giddy of getting a bouquet from her love. Her eye makeup is dramatic (as we would expect) and her hair reaches to her low back with gentle waves in the tendrils. Also showcasing her strong arms and tight abs, this photo is quickly making us miss the badass Black Widow-er, who began her journey in the ring at only 13 years old.

3 Rise And Shine

via tumblr.com

If we had to guess, we’d say all 5’5, 114 pounds of Sasha Banks is made up of muscle (and boobs). She selfied this Instagram shot after a morning workout, taking the opportunity while our eyes are glued to the image to endorse Flat Tummy Tea (a diet supplement also endorsed by models and the Kardashians). Her abs are cut without being too masculine as she tilts her hips slightly to the side to show how even though she’s small, she’s got curves where it counts. Sasha’s long purple hair runs down her body, showing just how tiny she is. This is something we often forget while she’s bending the giant Charlotte backwards by the neck for a tapout win. Sporting a plain black athletic bra and small striped shorts, we see only a hint of a turquoise G-string popping out the left side of her hip. *Fanning ourselves. The hashtag #WeWantSasha is damn right.

2 Red, White, And Blue

Happy Birthday America 🇺🇸 #AllRedEverything

A post shared by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie) on

God bless America, am I right? The Red Queen Eva Marie shared this patriotic shot on the Fourth of July while visiting her parents in San Diego. Eva always takes the opportunity to show her pride for the U.S. and its service men and women, performing at Tribute for the Troops and posting a handful of uniform pinup shots to her Instagram. In this photo, Eva wears nothing but a string bikini and sheer white wrap-around, making us all think how much we want to be that tree. Although currently on hiatus from the ring (and taking a break from her All Red Everything hair swapping it for dark brown), Eva Marie is keeping busy with her new NEM Fashion brand and shooting a film in Vancouver. While many of us are waiting for the December holidays, we’re setting our countdown to next July when we can hope The Femme Fatale reignites her fire mane and digs out the stars and stripes swim suit.

1 Ooh La La

Juste parce que!!!

A post shared by Maryse Mizanin (@marysemizanin) on

2016 has been one of the worst years ever, hands down. But the saving grace was that after a five-year hiatus from the ring, Maryse came back. We can all thank the higher power for that one. Although we hoped her return would bring with it a resurgence of the French Kiss DDT, instead our French-Canadian Beauty was back to help her real-life husband, The Miz. Together they would become the ultimate heel couple. Every time we hear The Miz’ intro "I Came To Play," we know the hottie Maryse will be there too. OK truthfully, she’s the first thing we think of when we hear the lyrics, “I came to play, there's a price to pay, time for you to get down on your knees and pray.” She posted this dripping sexy shot to her Instagram shortly after her return. Why? As the translation of her French caption says, “just because.” That's a fine enough reason for us.

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