6 Current WWE Divas That Are All Natural (And 9 That Clearly Aren't)

Like it or not, professional wrestling is one of the few industries left in which workers can be judged by their physical appearance. Look at Jinder Mahal, for example; the former 3MB wrestler was pretty much a jobber in his first WWE stint, but returned with more defined muscles and subsequently was pushed to the moon and given the WWE Championship. Sure, there are other factors - WWE's push into the India market - that account for his title reign, but the truth is big muscles can help push a male wrestler. Likewise, despite talent being the main factor for the success of women wrestlers these days, there are still certain look-based standards of which most women feel they need to meet, most notably in the chest.

Past WWE legends like Trish Stratus, Lita, and even Chyna all got implants during the course of their career and it didn't impede their in-ring ability; in fact, like their chest, it only enhanced it. They were still able to compete at a high level and they became even more idolized by male fans. That's why current WWE Divas are following the same route. By our count, at least over half of the women on WWE's current roster have gotten breast implants, while there are others we're not so sure about. In contrast, we can only be certain of a handful of women who are still all natural.

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15 Not Natural: Nikki Bella

This one is perhaps the most obvious inclusion of all, given the fact she's one of the most popular WWE Divas across all social media platforms and is even still constantly on WWE Network programming (Total Divas, Total Bellas, etc.) despite being inactive since WrestleMania. Despite all that, we wouldn't let pass an opportunity to showcase Nikki Bella's twins, as they're one of the reasons for her continued success.

True, she's a talented in-ring performer and has incredible charisma and character, but her breasts look great both in the ring and especially on Total Bellas, where she's constantly wearing clothing that highlights her perfect cleavage. Her sister Brie confirmed on Lillian Garcia's podcast that the WWE offered to pay for Diva implants: "They talked about my breasts. I didn't have big ones. They asked if I would allow them to pay for me to have a boob job." Brie passed on the offer, but Nikki definitely didn't.

14 Not Natural: Emma

The originator of the Divas Revolution, or at least that's what she would have you believe, Emma has surprisingly never won a championship in the WWE, but she has been part of some memorable feuds and matches, particularly in NXT. She has been up and down the NXT and WWE main roster in recent years, and it appears that, perhaps in an effort to gain more traction on the main roster, she has gotten quite the enhancements.

If you look back at photos from Emma's early NXT days, it's fairly obvious to notice the growth in size of her twins. Unfortunately, it hasn't really helped enhance her standing on the main roster, unless she somehow walks away a surprise winner of the Raw Women's Championship at No Mercy.

13 Natural: Carmella

The Princess of Staten Island and Ms. Money in the Bank is one of the most intriguing women on the WWE roster right now. The entire WWE Universe has been waiting for her to cash in her Money in the Bank contract and, while she has had the opportunities, it appears she's willing to ride it out for the entire calendar year. Meanwhile, she's also engaged in a strange storyline with James Ellsworth that has to be eating away at her real-life boyfriend Big Cass.

Carmella doesn't exactly have the largest chest and it's quite evident she's all natural as a result, but that doesn't take away from the fact she's one of the sexiest women on the roster. The former Laker girl is incredibly toned all around and, for our money, has a perfect set of twins.

12 Not Natural: Mickie James

While we can't say for 100 percent certainty that some of the Divas here have actually gotten enhancements, we have concrete evidence in the case of Mickie James. The five-time WWE Women's Champion and one-time Divas Champion returned to the company in 2016 after dominating the TNA Knockout Division, but has been used infrequently as the company is more apt to push its younger talent.

However, back in 2009, when she was still a top talent within the Women's Division, James was performing a tag team match at a house show when she ruptured one of her implants and was forced to miss a live event on Sunday night as well as Monday night's Raw. She had a procedure to fix the implant and her absence on-screen was explained as a shoulder injury.

11 Natural: Alicia Fox

You might not notice it as she's not as prone to showcasing the same level of cleavage as some of WWE's Divas (*cough* Nikki Bella *cough*), but Alica Fox has an absolutely phenomenal chest. She has a breast measurement of 36E according to Boobpedia.com, the encyclopedia of chesticles, and who are we to argue with such a professional-sounding source. The website also says they're completely natural, and we're inclined to agree given they actually seem to have some "bounce" to them.

Fox hasn't appeared on Raw in over a month and has been out of main storylines for nearly a year now, with her most recent angle being a love triangle with both Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar. The former Divas Champion's time with the company seems limited.

10 Not Natural: Lana

As if the Ravishing Russian wasn't already hot enough, she's one of the many WWE Divas who are suspected to have gotten breast implants, although it's not like she needed them. Different sources have "confirmed" she received an enhancement job in the past, but if you've got enough time on your hands to go through older photos of her and compare them to current Instagram photos, you'll see the truth for yourself. It's painfully obvious when she bends over.

The Total Divas cast member has been with the company since 2013 as a manager for her real-life husband Rusev, who gets the pleasure of testing out her enhancements. It was made clear earlier this summer that her wrestling skills weren't up to par, but she continues to shine as a manager and appears poised to lead Tamina to a potential championship opportunity.

9 Natural: Asuka

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Former NXT Women's Champion Asuka is going to inject some life into Raw upon returning for an injury. The Japanese Superstar held the title for a record 510 days, during which she went unbeaten in over 200 matches. It wouldn't be a surprise to see her jump right into the title picture when debuting on Raw as she would be capable of putting on legendary matches against the likes of Sasha Banks, Bayley, and even Nia Jax.

Asuka has more in common with those three women than just being talented performers; she's also, as far as we can tell, all natural. Perhaps more than any other woman on the WWE roster, Asuka seems dedicated to improving her in-ring ability rather than her looks, although that hasn't hindered her sex appeal.

8 Not Natural: Natalya

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When she debuted in the WWE, the Queen of Hearts Natalya wasn't quite as lean as she is today nor did she seem to embrace the sexuality aspect that comes with being a WWE diva. Now, however, she's certainly more defined and toned, and has seemingly enhanced assets in both the front and back. Naturally, the work she put in at the gym can be attributed to her now-bountiful backside, but it's clear she had some work done in improving her chest.

It was revealed on an episode of Total Divas that she had to get surgery done on her nose following an injury suffered in the ring, and it's likely she followed that up with an enhancement, not that we're complaining. In fact, despite turning 35 years old last May, she's just as sexy as ever.

7 Natural: Bayley

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If there's one woman on the WWE roster that it's hard to imagine getting a boob job it's Bayley. Although she's beautiful and has one of the roundest booties in the WWE, she's not exactly blessed in the chest, nor would it seem appropriate for her to seek out enhancements.

Bayley's character embodies the WWE's PG era and is geared towards children. The hugger was one of the most popular women on the roster in her ascent from NXT to the main roster, but fans have since soured on her gimmick thanks to poor booking. Perhaps a heel turn upon returning from injury could help push her career in the right direction. And if that doesn't work, she could always take the plunge and try out implants.

6 Not Natural: Maryse

Despite being a two-time WWE Divas Champion, Maryse isn't going to be remembered as one of the most talented in-ring workers, but she did help bridge the gap from the Attitude Era stars to the Divas Revolution, and she's still extremely relevant as the manager and real-life wife of The Miz. Even without saying much on TV, Maryse is still a welcomed sight on Raw. In fact, she finally did open her mouth in a recent episode of Raw, only to reveal she and her husband are expecting their first child.

If that's true and not some sort of angle (it wouldn't be the first time WWE worked a pregnancy into an angle), Maryse's breasts are going to grow in size. It'll be the second time in her life they did so, the first being when she got implants. The sexy French-speaking babe certainly didn't need the near-perfect "enhancements", but they don't hurt.

5 Natural: Becky Lynch

The Irish Lass Kicker is one of the most talented and hottest Divas in the WWE. The 30 year old native of Ireland debuted in NXT in 2013 and rose to the main roster in 2015 along with Charlotte and Sasha Banks as three of the Four Horsewomen called for a Diva's Revolution. They have all had considerable levels of success since; Lynch, for example, was the inaugural WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, although she appears lost in recent programming with Carmella holding the Money in the Bank and Natalya being champion.

Still, it's hard not to get excited when she makes her way down the aisle and into the ring. She's easily one of the most personable Divas and it's quite obvious she hasn't had any work done in the chest area. She's perfect the way she is.

4 Not Natural: Dana Brooke

A former bodybuilder, Dana Brooke has cut weight since joining NXT in 2013 and later debuting on the main roster in 2016. It's not hard to tell she's still quite the imposing figure in the ring, but her body has undergone quite a transformation from the days when she was an International Federation of BodyBuilding & fitness professional.

However, one area of her body in which she hasn't cut weight is in her chest, where she has quite clearly gotten breast implants. Beyond improvements to her breasts, it's believed she has undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures to her face and received numerous botox injections. In fact, even since debuting in NXT, she appears to have undergone quite the transformation. Do you find her hot or has she had too much work done?

3 Natural: Sasha Banks


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The Legit Boss is one of the WWE's most talented wrestlers, despite the fact she has been unable to hold the Women's Championship for any notable length of time. She's one of the most loved Divas among fans, even when she was a heel, and is also widely regarded as one of the hottest women on the roster. She's got an incredible body, a unique hair color that sets her apart from the rest of the ladies, and it's obvious she doesn't need surgical enhancements to improve her looks.

Would Banks be even hotter with a larger assets? Probably. Maybe. OK, definitely. But she's already one of the hottest WWE Divas both in and outside of the ring, so it seems unlikely she'll venture down that path in the near future.

2 Not Natural: Charlotte Flair

One of Sasha Bank's fellow Four Horsewoman, however, has undergone quite the transformation in recent years. In a recent interview with the Orlando Sentinel, she recalled talk of her not having the "Diva" look when she debuted on the main roster: "...the same people who now [praise me as] the three-time Women's Champion were the same people who said, 'Does she have the Diva look?' So you can't get caught up in people's opinions."

Charlotte noticeably didn't continue with that train of thought and detail any adjustments she had in recent years, but it doesn't take much to realize the 31 year old former personal trainer received enhancements to her chest, perhaps fueled by that same talk that she didn't have the traditional Diva look. Regardless, she's arguably the most talented woman on the roster and is a bombshell in the looks department.

1 Enhanced: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss might not strike the average WWE fan as someone who has had a boob job, but over-the-top large breasts aren't the only indicator of implants. Women also undergo procedures to slightly improve their breast size and make things a little more firm up to, and that appears to be the case with Alexa Bliss, a former bodybuilder who has a nice set of chesticles, but they're almost a little too symmetrical and tight.

Our good friends at Boobpedia note that Bliss has a bra size of 34C and that her breasts are indeed enhanced. Whether or not that helped her ascent to the top of the Women's Division is up for debate; regardless, there's no denying she's a must-watch superstar on Raw every week.

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