7 Faction Concepts That Should Return (Or Debut) In WWE And 8 That Should NEVER Return

The New World Order was “just too sweeeet!” Catchphrases, hand signs, Hall of Fame, and main event members all made the nWo a great faction in WCW, perhaps the greatest of all-time. All of those elements make a solid formula for some of the best factions in wrestling history. Look at Degeneration X with their catchphrases, crotch chops and World Champions. How about the Four Horsemen with their Hall of Fame members, each holding up the four fingers representing the group? Factions have always been a big part of wrestling, whether they are faces battling rival factions, or heels for the heroes to overcome, and many of them have helped put wrestling promotions on the map.

However, not all factions are successful, and we’re not down with that. The Union, the Social Outcasts, whatever the heck The Oddities were supposed to be, represent many factions that just don’t work. These factions don’t have anything going for them, they aren’t catching on with the fans and they're treated like an absolute joke. That’s not to say they aren’t entertaining, but you’re not going to spread fear throughout the locker room as the J.O.B. Squad.

The Shield is a great example of an awesome faction, however, even the awesome stables can become played out or simply won’t work in this modern day WWE. Just look at how far the nWo had fallen after each reincarnation. Some stables really need to stay buried, while others could definitely see some benefit from a return or a shocking WWE debut. This article is about them. Here we take a look at 8 factions that should never return in any way, shape or form, and 7 that should debut in WWE or be given a second chance.

15 Stay Gone: The New World Order

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Some would say the New World Order is quite possibly the greatest stable of all time. Though, I’m sure there are other great stables that a case could be made for the title of “The Greatest Faction,” but no one can argue that the nWo was a great stable. The nWo put WCW on the map, but, in a way, it also caused its demise.

WCW just couldn’t let go of the stable adding more and more members to the original nWo, and making more and more incarnations of the stable: the LWO (Latino World Order), nWo Wolfpack, nWo Black and White, nWo Elite and nWo 2000. Phew, give it a rest. Even WWE brought back the nWo (TWICE) as recently as WrestleMania 31. I loved the nWo, but for the love of JBL, just let it die already. This includes any possible reincarnation of the nWo, as what worked in the 90s simply can't work the same way today.

14 Should Debut: The Bullet Club

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For those non-WWE fans, The Bullet Club is the hottest faction outside of Vince McMahon’s company, and it’s making huge waves in the wrestling world. The Bullet Club has been a part of multiple independent promotions and even “invaded” RAW, outside of the arena a la D-Generation X. The Bullet Club is ruffling a lot of feathers within the WWE and even caused their writer, former wrestler, Jimmy Jacobs to be fired. Why not embrace this and catch lightning in a bottle?

The great thing about debuting The Bullet Club is that they technically don’t even need to hire anyone. AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and Adam Cole are all former Bullet Club members. They could unite and form the Bullet Club on their own without WWE hiring anyone. We all saw the “Too Sweet” hand touch at TLC. Make it happen, WWE!

13 Stay Gone: D-Generation X

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D-Generation X is one of my personal favorites as far as stables go, but I got two words ‘em, “Stay gone.” The original DX, consisting of Shawn Michaels, Chyna and Triple H, helped start the fire that ignited the Attitude Era and helped WWE win the Monday Night War. Even after Shawn Michaels left, Triple H brought in The New Age Outlaws (Road Dog and Billy Gunn) and X-Pac and solidified the WWE mid-card. DX would be revived in 2006 and again in 2009, but DX was pretty much neutered by the PG-Era.

Because of the PG-Era, DX couldn’t really do anything remotely edgy, making the latter reincarnations mostly cringeworthy at best. As much as an nWo/DX feud would have been awesome, sadly that ship has already sailed. The closest we are ever getting to that feud already happened during the Sting vs Triple H match at WrestleMania 31. Also in no way should Triple H appoint 'new' members and form a new DX on WWE programming as it simply doesn't work in this era.

12 Should Resurrect: The Authority

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Hear me out. The Authority, if executed properly (and that’s a big “if”), can still be an effective heel stable. As much as fans got sick and tired of Triple H and Stephanie, one glimmering bright spot about them was their ability to get the fans behind whoever The Authority was going up against. The fans were going nuts for Daniel Bryan, and his feud with The Authority only made the fans love him more. The Shield defying The Authority and turning face drove the fans into a frenzy. Heck, even Cody Rhodes and Goldust were getting the loudest pops of their careers feuding with The Authority. As much flak as Stephanie gets, and deservedly so, she helped rally the fans behind anyone that was against her.

The Authority is a modern version of The Corporation, another great stable. Bringing it back with new members and helping some of these fan favorites get over would be “best of business.”

11 Stay Gone: Evolution

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Evolution was really nothing more than a 21st century Four Horsemen stable, consisting of Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista. Now, all four of those members are future or current WWE Hall of Famers, but there’s really nothing more Evolution has to offer. Even during their peak in the 2000s, Evolution dominating the RAW roster ad nauseam was getting stale. It wasn’t until Evolution imploded, betraying Randy Orton and later Batista, that the members of Evolution got interesting.

Still, it was kind of cool seeing Evolution reunite to battle The Shield, but after The Shield soundly defeated them, it’s time to close the chapter on Evolution. With Batista moving on with his acting career, Triple H semi-retired and Orton just floating around on SmackDown, there’s no real benefit to digging up Evolution in today’s product. Theoretically, Triple H could start a new Evolution and take on the role of Ric Flair while possibly grooming three current stars to take the reins, but the idea is best left buried.

10 Should Resurrect: The Dangerous Alliance

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Most people only think of the Four Horsemen and the New World Order when thinking about great WCW factions, but The Dangerous Alliance should be right up their among them in terms of greatness. The faction had some legendary members, names like Steve Austin, Larry Zbyszko, Medusa, Michael Hayes and Rick Rude. These members are some of the biggest in the business, and big name stables are missing in today’s product. Sure, you have The Shield, but the “Miztourage” isn’t exactly measuring up.

The Shield, now that they’ve reunited, need a foil. A “Dangerous Alliance” could be that foil, and the beauty is the leader of the original Dangerous Alliance is in the WWE currently, and his name is Paul Heyman.

When Lesnar leaves, presumably after WrestleMania, Heyman is going to need something to do. WWE can’t let their best talker/promoter leave. Have “Paul E Dangerously” form a new Dangerous Alliance and have them wreak havoc in WWE as they did in WCW, ECW and the AWA prior.

9 Stay Gone: Nation of Domination

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Overall, the Nation of Domination was a pretty solid stable. It helped launch The Rock’s career, and The Nation’s feud with D-Generation X was one of WWE’s most memorable feuds. Many thought The New Day would be a stable similar to the Nation of Domination, (or the actual stable itself) and many fans were actually disappointed when New Day was not at all like The Nation. Thankfully, New Day did their own thing and more than exceeded everyone’s expectations, but the speculation about the N.O.D.’s return circulated the interwebs and hope for a return was surprisingly high.

Regardless of demand, the concept of the Nation of Domination, in any capacity, really should stay buried. Not that WWE has always been politically correct, but there’s no way this faction could work in today’s WWE. The N.O.D. was a play off the Nation of Islam and the Black Panther Party, and I’m guessing WWE doesn’t want to start any racial incidents.

8 Should Resurrect: The Wyatt Family

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Some can argue that the Wyatt Family is already played out, and I’m not going to argue that. However, just look at the former members of the Wyatt Family now that they’re on their own. Luke Harper and Erick Rowen are being repackaged as the ridiculous “Bludgeon Brothers” while Bray Wyatt is bringing out “Sister Abigail” in segments surely to appear on Raw’s worst moments of 2017. Braun Strowman is the only one getting a legit push, but everyone else is lost without their stable.

With The Shield returning, why not give Bray, Harper and Rowen some direction? They could even reignite the awesome Shield/Wyatt family feud. Hell, turn them face and have them feud with The Miztourage. There are a lot more possibilities and positives in reuniting the Wyatts than there are kicking more dirt on Bray Wyatt’s career.

7 Stay Gone: The Nexus

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They say you're either "Nexus or against us."  Well, I’m definitely not Nexus, whatever that means.

Nexus' debut stunned the WWE by decimating John Cena. They would also earn some major props by crushing The Undertaker and even laid out Vince McMahon. Led by Wade Barrett, The Nexus had some studs in their ranks, younger versions of Daniel Bryan, Ryback, and later Bray Wyatt and Curtis Axel. The sky was the limit for this team, and they looked completely dominant up until their burial by Cena. CM Punk tried to revive the team as the New Nexus while Barrett formed The Corre, but those were all just much weaker versions of the original Nexus.

Sadly, as much promise as the group had, Nexus should stay buried. Many of The Nexus members have done better on their own anyway, and WWE never seemed interested in making Nexus anything but a mid-card stable to elevate John Cena. If they ever reformed, they’d only be elevating everyone other than themselves.

6 Should Resurrect: The Four Horsemen

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“Woo!” The Four Horsemen have never looked better!

The Four Horsemen is arguably the greatest stable in professional wrestling history. The stable was completely dominant and full of Hall of Famers. Right now, the stable is a thing of the past, but its legacy is as strong as ever, making now the time for the Four Horsemen stable to make its return, only this time as the "Four Horsewomen."

With the dubbing of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley, for their work in NXT, as the Four Horsewomen, the time is now to officially form a Four Horsewomen stable. Because UFC's top female fighters, Rhonda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke are also referring to themselves as The Four Horsewomen, rumors are currently swirling of a Horsewomen vs Horsewomen feud. This makes a Four Horsewomen stable all the more necessary. If they plan on doing this WWE vs UFC feud, it’s time to officially form this stable and have them dominate.

5 Stay Gone: Spirit Squad

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The Spirit Squad was actually a pretty entertaining stable, great at getting heat and was involved in some pretty high profile matches. But let’s be honest, male cheerleaders can’t really go any higher than they’ve already gone. They feuded with the original members of DX, how could they get any higher? Not to mention that, other than Dolph, none of The Spirit Squad members have actually amounted to anything.

The Spirit Squad was a comedic, jobber stable with little to nowhere to grow. It’s hard to take a man shaking his pom-poms seriously, making it a damaging gimmick for any future opportunities. The Spirit Squad has cheered their last, and the time has come to hang up the megaphone.

4 Should Resurrect: The Real Americans

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The Real Americans was a bit of a controversial stable consisting of Jack Swagger, Zeb Colter, and later Cesaro. The original inception of The Real Americans was an anti-foreigner stable, bordering on racism. However, when The Real Americans took on Rusev’s anti-American gimmick, the fans went bonkers. This face turn for The Real Americans brought out a great feud for both Rusev and Swagger and every fan in attendance was screaming “WE THE PEOPLE!” That original concept isn’t one we’re going to see ever again, and that’s not a bad thing, but the face version of The Real Americans can still make a successful return in today’s WWE.

Could you imagine The Real Americans making a return interrupting Jinder Mahal? WWE is lacking a patriotic character, unless you count a part-time Kurt Angle. Jack Swagger could fill that void and bring some U.S.A. chants back to WWE.

3 Stay Gone: 3-Man Band

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Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were all jobbers who formed the jobber stable, the 3-Man Band. They all actually made the most of their jobber status and remained pretty entertaining. Still, the stable was nothing more than elevation talent and didn’t exactly dominate like other stables have. Despite how much the stable sucked as a unit, remarkably, two of the three members have become singles champions.

Drew McIntyre has made himself legitimate with a nice resume in the Indies and as NXT Champion. Meanwhile, Jinder Mahal was given the WWE World Title, and even Heath became a WWE Tag Team Champion. Clearly, all three members have had success outside of the stable. This success is going to keep the comedic 3MB faction on the shelf and rightfully so.

2 Should Debut: The Beautiful People

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How about an unexpected pick for stables that need to debut in WWE? The Beautiful People is one of the few successful and entertaining female stables in TNA. Consisting of Velvet Sky and Angelina Love as the original members with Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich eventually joining as well, The Beautiful People is a stable that is vastly different from the image WWE is going for right now. That’s exactly why it would be perfect. WWE is focusing on wrestling rather than looks making The Beautiful People perfect “Diva” heels to counter the Women’s Revolution.

The Beautiful People have been in the business for a while also, so it’s not like WWE would be bringing in terrible wrestlers. Madison Rayne is one of the best female wrestlers in the business and any excuse to bring Velvet Sky into the WWE can’t be all that bad. Right?

1 Stay Gone: League of Nations

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Sheamus, Rusev, Wade Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio. Four big names, two of them being former WWE World Champions, forming a single stable called the League of Nations. What could go wrong? Oh wait, “the lads” were fed to Roman Reigns and buried in every other conceivable way. They were basically just there to put over every other superstar and even returning legends, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 32.

Even if we ignore the overdone evil anti-American heel gimmick, what possibly good could come from beating this dead horse? The WWE is stacked with the best wrestlers from around the world, making a new League of Nations possible, but this faction needs to never see the light of day ever again. The days of the U.S. vs The World storylines have gone the way of the dodo. We get it. USWINSLOL!

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