7 Photos Of Kevin Owens' Wife He Wants Deleted (And 8 Embarrassing Pics He Want Us To Forget About)

Kevin Owens rise to the top of the pro wrestling mountain is truly a script good enough for a movie. Heck, there’s a reason why his DVD sold like hot cakes. Starting his career as a teen in Montreal, Owens underwent many struggles on route to making it in the WWE. Looking at his indie work and image, thinking of Owens in the WWE seemed something out of a movie. However, he somehow managed to get the call and without a doubt, the WWE hasn’t regretted the decision as he remains a top heel in the company since joining the main roster.

On route to triumph, there was a lot he’ll want us to forget about. In this article, we showcase those eight moments via embarrassing pictures. On the flip side, we’ll also take a unique look at his personal life, specifically pertaining to his wife, Karina Leila Steen. As you’ll see in this article, KO has it good outside of the ring. Get an inhaler, cause this chick will take your breath away...

From steamy selfies to not so steamy singlet attire, we’ve got it all in this article. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the piece with a friend. Without further ado, here are seven photos KO wants deleted of his wife and eight embarrassing pics he wants us to forget about.

15 Forget – The Singlet

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Oh the singlet, when Kevin Owens thinks of that attire, he likely cringes a little bit. Not only did he look pretty foolish rocking the attire prior to his WWE days but he actually also considered bringing it back during his stay with NXT early on.

In his debut cameo with the developmental brand, Owens initially opted against his prior attire bringing the singlet instead as he viewed it as being more professional. Although a lot of people love to rip on Enzo Amore, it was actually the WWE Superstar himself who told KO to get rid of the attire and just be himself, rocking the shorts and t-shirt look from his ROH days. Wisely, KO obliged and the rest was history from then on. Can you imagine Owens debuting in the WWE rocking the attire above, no, just no.

14 His Wife – The Recent Instagram Post

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While Kevin was away overseas on tour, his wife Karina reminisced on the family’s recent trip as they brought their two kids on a Disney Cruise. She posted the recent throwback photo from the cruise, and instead of a lovely picture with the family, it was of Karina looking “Not So PG” rocking a breathtaking bikini top. Seriously Kevin, how, just how?

Of course, the picture received numerous likes and Elias has developed quite the following via social media due to her passion for Kevin’s work, and as a proud mother as well. We hope all is still well with the couple as Kevin recently left a tour overseas, he did not leave for medical reasons but instead, family matters. Karina recently posted another picture pertaining to the situation claiming everything is okay back at home. We hope Owens doesn’t miss too much time, though family always comes first.

13 Forget – The Mickey Mouse Hat

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One of the most shocking things pertaining to KO’s life is the fact that he’s a family man outside of the ring. On-screen, he’s one of the more ruthless heels and we’ve seen numerous example of that in the past, just recently, he wished death upon Shane McMahon following his dangerous helicopter incident. Now does that sound like something a father of two would say?

Of course, it’s all an act but keeping kayfabe alive is very important in the world of sports and entertainment. That being said, such a picture would do no favors in helping his persona, just imagine taking KO seriously with that thing on his head.

Outside of the ring, Owens is a proud family man raising two kids - a boy Owen and a girl Elodie Leila.

12 His Wife – Wedding Day Bust

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Just recently, Kevin Owens renewed his wedding vows with his beautiful wife. Heck, he should be renewing those vows on a monthly basis... But seriously, the moment was truly special for the family, even a video was posted online of the adorable moment that saw Kevin’s youngest daughter want to join him on the alter as he waited for Karina. It was a truly heartwarming moment. Also joining in on the special day was Sami Zayn who reportedly served as KO’s best man. Given their journey together, it was only fitting that Zayn took on such a role.

Speaking of fitting, it seems like the fitting of Elias wedding dress wasn’t exactly PG. The puppies look like they came out to play on that special day but shhh, don’t tell Kevin.

11 Forget – Montreal Grass Roots

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The picture above shows a very young Kevin Owens back in 2003 when he wrestled for IWS, a hardcore promotion out of Montreal. His MTL grass roots however weren’t the most memorable. Owens has bashed Montrealer Jacques Rougeau numerous times in the past for his treatment of not only himself, but others as well. Jacques would basically limit the outside exposure of his talents and was also interested in taking a cut when they would work elsewhere. Owens wasn’t feeling the relationship and decided to flee from his wrestling school. Jacques also made the claim he had connections in the WWE, something that Owens found out was completely false once he actually joined the company.

All and all, his early beginnings weren’t the greatest, and he’ll want to put his Montreal training days in the rear-view for good.

10 His Wife – White Dress Goddess

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This photo basically sums up the relationship between the two. As a huge fan of Disney, perhaps Karina is living out a Beauty and the Beast fantasy, cause heck, that’s pretty close to what his relationship is and the image above is a clear example of that. Kevin, no disrespect to him, looks like absolute hell with his face completely banged up along with a beard that looks like it wasn’t groomed for months. And hell, he’s wearing an Andre shirt, but actually, that’s pretty sweet.

As for his wife, she looks near perfect in this picture rocking the clean white dress and cleavage that’ll make you lose an eye. For obvious reasons, KO would rather we didn’t ogle at such a picture.

9 Forget – Throwback With Neville

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Although he plays the role of a complete jerk on camera, Owens has several close relationships behind the scenes. Along with the obvious brotherhood with Sami Zayn, Owens is very close to Finn Balor and, the dude you see in the throwback picture above, Neville. Given their youthful looks in the throwback picture, both would agree it be better if such a classic pic flew under the radar.

Without a doubt, Kevin has been affected by the recent news of Neville walking out of the WWE. He even posted a picture shortly after the incident of the two backstage together. It seems like Neville’s days with the company are done and KO can’t be too thrilled about it. For what’s its worth, Neville is said to be doing better since asking for his leave.

8 His Wife – Smoking Selfie

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Move over Sasha, you’ve got competition in the form of Kevin Owens’ wife. Now there’s a sentence we never thought we'd say! Rocking a pink head of hair, Karina makes us drool in the picture. As if the hair and makeup wasn’t even, she takes things a step further giving us a little extra cleavage in the shot. Most of you likely aren’t even aware that her top has flowers on it..... Though you’ll be quick to notice her bra (stop smirking).

The photo received more than 1K likes and we truly believe it deserves a lot more than that. The comments were filled with positivity and when you’re that beautiful, it really isn’t all that shocking. Once again, damn you Kevin, damn you!

7 Forget – The Goldberg Match

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Yes, we love the private and rare pictures, but we also felt the need to include this photo that basically summed up Owens title run as a place holder for something bigger. Now that might be hard to believe given the fact that he was the first legitimate champion to sustain a run of sorts, however, he would end getting squashed by Goldberg in a matter of minutes, and that officially buried his entire title run.

Owens himself admitted he wasn’t too thrilled of his run with the championship. His work however was truly entertaining as he and Chris Jericho developed quite the duo and later, feud. However, notable programs for the champ were few and far between and his reign lost a lot of luster due to the WWE booking a Goldberg and Lesnar feud around the same time.

6 His Wife – More Smoking Selfies

Mermaid hair 💗💦 Off to New York Part 2, with just my honey 😍

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Another smoking selfie, this time, Karina’s rocking the blonde hair and pink/purple streaks. She looks like a mermaid in the picture and that seems to be exactly what she was going for in the picture. Mrs. Steen is a huge fan of anything Disney, heck she even has a page dedicated to her recent Disney experience, yup, she takes her passion quite seriously that’s for sure.

The picture was taken in July as Kevin and his wife took a road trip to New York. On this particular trip, the couple chose to leave the kids behind spending some alone time. Although the Kevin loves spending time with his kids when off the road, he without a doubt also appreciates the rare times he gets alone time with lovely wife.

5 Forget – Not So PG Antics Before The WWE

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The odds Kevin Owens stepping foot in a WWE ring were quite slim and the likes of Jim Cornette figured it would be an impossibility. Yes, KO wasn’t gifted with the prototypical WWE look but he also had a history for being extremely foul on the independents. From disturbing hardcore matches to flipping of fans, mostly everything KO did before the WWE was not PG. Even in his promos, swear words were usually coming out of his mouth, the indie scene is a different animal compared to the WWE.

Somehow, the WWE overlooked all those things and he was invited to NXT. As a family man and working for a clean cut company, he’ll want us to forget about his foul past. Especially those ruthless matches and "Not SO PG" promos!

4 His Wife – Makeup Selfie

What makes Karina so darn easy to ogle is the fact that she’s a natural beauty. If you scroll down through most of her pictures, she’s usually natural from head-to-toe. In this picture, she’s added some makeup and rightfully so, she’s proud it showcasing the photo to her followers. Again, she’s wearing a flower dress but you likely didn’t even notice. Stop starring, Kevin’s watching you!

With over 20k followers, we can expect that number to only grow upwards. Especially if she decides to post more selfies, that follower count will likely double. She deleted Instagram at one point due to bullying taking place in the comment section so we advise everyone to be on their best behavior when commenting on a picture!

3 Forget – Throwback With Sami & Becky

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This is another throwback shot of a babyfaced Kevin Owens alongside a couple of notable talents which include Becky Lynch and of course, his good buddy Sami Zayn. We here on The Sportster would pay top dollar to see Kevin rock those shades on the way to the ring during a WWE event....

The duo of Sami and Kevin grinded it out on the indies for years. Sami was the first of the two to receive a break of a life time and join the WWE under NXT. As for Kevin, he had a hard time dealing with Sami’s promotion to the big league, so much so that he almost quit wrestling altogether so he could provide his family with a stable income. Thankfully, the call from Triple H came right on time and months after his NXT debut, he was already taking on John Cena as a part of the main roster. So yea, you can say Triple H made the right call.

2 His Wife – Looking Glamorous 

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Kevin’s wife looks like a model or at least makeup artist in the picture above. From her eyes to them lips, were salivating at the sight of this very picture. Oh, and as for the cleavage, well, were drooling a little more here on The Sportster. In terms of steamy wrestler wags outside of the WWE, you can make the claim that Kevin’s wife is atop the list. Heck, you can even include wrestlers that are dating in the business while you’re at it, she’ll still likely come out somewhere in the top.

What makes it all so surreal is the fact that Kevin’s the lucky guy. Seriously speaking though, when you realize the kind of guy Kevin is outside of the ring, it’s easier to understand how he landed such a smoke bomb.

1 Forget – Taking It Too Far

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As we stated earlier, Owens title run with the Universal Belt wasn’t the most memorable. A moment during his reign that was actually worse than his loss to Goldberg was this incident that took place during a WWE live event. KO took things too far with a young fan basically bullying the poor kid for his Roman Reigns shirt. The boy had a terrible experience and his mother even took to the internet blasting KO. The irony here is that KO is also very protective of his kids, which leads us to think - what the hell was he thinking?

Perhaps playing up kayfabe, Owens had no regrets and didn’t even apologize for the situation, claiming that the mother was looking for something out of the company, yikes!

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