7 Photos Of Trish Stratus They Want You To See And 8 They Don't

The Canadian-born star became one of the most iconic females in WWE history. Her unique blend of sex appeal and athleticism endeared her to wrestling fans around the globe. While she started out primarily as a manager, she would eventually develop into a solid in ring performer. Her lists of accolades include; becoming a 7-time women’s champion, “Diva of the Decade” and was also named “WWE Babe of the Year” on three different occasions. While her skill as a wrestler would eventually earn her the respect of her peers, it was the former fitness model’s stunning good looks that originally caught WWE’s attention.

Throughout WWE’s illustrious history there have been no shortage of beautiful women to grace the squared circle, and Stratus was certainly no exception. Her captivating smile and patent chick kick made her one of the biggest Canadian stars since Bret Hart. Her feud with fellow superstar Lita is still remembered fondly by many devoted wrestling fans to this day. Stratus became such a huge star during her tenure in the WWE she was even offered roles in film and television. While her professional wrestling career ultimately resulted in a WWE Hall of Fame induction, Stratus had her share of low moments on her way to the top. Being a female in a business that has been traditionally dominated by males can be tough and as we are about to see, even borderline degrading at times. With that in mind let’s take a look at some photos Stratus and the WWE would love for us to remember and some they may wish were never taken at all.

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15 Forget: Taking Off Her Clothes And Barking Like A Dog

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This segment was not one Stratus's or the WWE's finest moments. In an effort to prove her loyalty to WWE Owner Vince McMahon, (as part of the storyline) Stratus was forced to get on all fours and bark like a dog! If that wasn't bad enough McMahon also forced the former WWE diva to strip down to her underwear in front of the entire audience... not to mention millions of viewers at home. The segment was seen as so inflammatory towards women, it was actually used by one of Linda McMahon's opponents during one of her Senate bids. Considering the circumstances, you have to wonder if the look on her face in the photo isn't somewhat genuine. This may be an instance where WWE could have been "barking up the wrong tree".

14 Remember: Her WWE Television Debut

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Trish Stratus's first television appearance was on March 19, 2000, during an episode of Sunday Night Heat. Stratus was on hand to "scout" T&A, a somewhat forgettable tag team that consisted of Prince Albert and Test. Stratus immediately captured the audience's attention with her impressive physique, long blond hair, and signature cowgirl hat.  She would go on to become T&A's manager the next night on Raw. It may have been Test and Albert who were competing in the ring, but it was Stratus who became the center of the audience's attention. When you take a look at her debut photo, it's easy to see why. However, this was only the beginning for the Canadian stunner.

13 Forget: Sensual Poker

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Another low point in Stratus's career took place during an episode of Sunday Night Heat. The segment featured Test and Albert (who Stratus was managing at the time) playing a game of strip poker with a rival tag team The APA. However, unlike traditional strip poker games, it wasn't the players who were forced to strip, it was Test and Alberts manager Stratus. This bit took place during the attitude era, where storylines objectifying women were a bit more common than they are today. This image shows Stratus throughout various stages of the game. It's hard to believe that one of the most famous women in all of Pro Wrestling, started out prancing around in her underwear for mid-card tag teams. I guess we all have to start somewhere. It's unlikely this segment will be featured in any Trish Stratus highlight reels.

12 Remember: Slapping Vince McMahon

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After having to do her best canine impression Stratus was allowed to get a little payback.  At WrestleMania X-Seven, Vince McMahon found himself in a one-on-one matchup against his own son Shane. Durning the match, the vivacious diva took her revenge with a vicious slap to the WWE owners face. The intense facial expression and full hip rotation suggest Stratus held nothing back. The fans reaction in the background would seem to indicate that was truly a jaw-dropping moment. With controversy created from the infamous barking incident, it's likely WWE would like people to remember that Stratus ultimately got the last word in this particular storyline, or perhaps more appropriately the last slap.

11 Forget: Getting A Stink Face

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One can only imagine the look on poor Trish Stratus's face when she was told backstage that she would be receiving the dreaded Stink face. The move consisted of the 400 plus pound Rikishi ramming his sweaty partially exposed backside into his cornered opponents face. As the photo might suggest, being on the receiving end of this particular maneuver wasn't very much fun.  That being said, Stratus who was ever the professional, took it like a pro. While WWE  may not care if fans remember this moment, it's probably safe to assume Stratus herself would probably prefer to forget it. I suppose having a large man's rear end shoved in your face is a small price to pay for stardom. However, paying that price...must have really stunk.

10 Remember: Winning Her First Women's Championship

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At Survivor Series 2001, Stratus was involved in 6-Pack Challenge for the vacant WWF Women's Championship. She was pitted against the likes of 5 other female challengers. The other competitors included Lita, Jacqueline, Mighty Molly, Jazz, and Ivory. The Canadian standout was able to secure the victory using her signature move The Stratusfaction on Ivory. This would be the first of her record-setting 7 titles reigns. The photo captures a young Stratus finally reaching the pinnacle of women's wrestling and proudly hoisting her title in the air for all to see. Little did she (or the fans) know, her victory in the Greensboro Coliseum would only be the first step in ultimately becoming one of the most decorated female wrestlers the WWE had ever seen.

9 Forget: The Stacy Keibler Mud Wrestling Match

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In a match that may have set women's wrestling back decades, Stratus faced Stacy Keibler in a pool filled with mud. That's right before she would go on to become George Clooney's girlfriend Keibler was wrestling in mud pits on Monday Night Raw. Despite the fact that this contest had little chance of receiving a match of the year nomination, Stratus did take a nasty bump from the top of the Raw stage into the pit. The rest of the match was basically just gratuitous T&A. While Stratus did eventually win the match up, it's fair to say this wasn't one of her most prestigious victories. Two half naked women covered in mud is an image the now PG rated, publicly traded, WWE would probably prefer we forget.

8 Remember: Becoming The First Female To Main Event Raw

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On the December 6, 2004, edition of Monday Night Raw  Trish Stratus and Lita made wrestling history when they became the first two females to main event the program. This show of faith by the WWE to allow this historic first was a testament to just how popular Stratus (and Lita) had become. The two future hall of farmers didn't disappoint and were able to pull off an exciting and memorable match. The photo above shows Stratus executing her signature Chick Kick. Nearly 12 years later, WWE was still reminding fans of this historic meeting. It was referenced during the Sasha Banks versus Charlotte Flair feud. Banks and Flair would go on to be the second female duo to main event Raw, but it was Status who helped pave the way.

7 Forget: Making Out With Vince

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Here is another cringe-worthy segment involving the 3-time babe of the year and WWE owner Vince McMahon. This time the storyline would call for Stratus to make out with Mr. McMahon in front of his wife. While the event was scripted, you still have to think things may have been a little awkward backstage. The photo kind of makes you wonder what's going through Stratus's mind as she locks lips with a man old enough to be her father. Moreover, you have wonder how Linda McMahon (pictured in the background) felt about this segment. Fortunately, for Stratus, as her career progressed she was involved in fewer storylines involving sexual themes. One would have to assume this wasn't one of the proud Canadians finest memories of her time in WWE.

6 Remember: Her Yoga Studio

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While many wrestlers struggle to find success after their wrestling careers are over, this wasn't the case for Stratus. The Ontario native would go on to open her own yoga studio in the suburbs of Toronto. Being eco-friendly is one of the studios main focuses. Her yoga school has won several awards including; Top Choice Awards' Best New Business, Top Choice Awards Best Yoga Studio in 2013 and Stratus herself was also honored as Business Woman of the Year in 2010. This photo shows a seemingly leaner Stratus, who appears to be settling comfortably into to her new fitness career. Stratus will be remembered not only for her accomplishment in WWE but also as a successful entrepreneur. She is a great example of the type of post wrestling stories the WWE would love to highlight.

5 Forget: The Mickie James Stalker Lesbian Angle

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This angle started out with WWE newcomer Mickie James portraying a sort of super fan turned stalker. It would eventually evolve into a full-blown lesbian angle, with James making several advances toward Stratus and even passionately kissing her at one point.  The two actually had some excellent matches as both a tag team and as rivals. The feud actually helped James become a star in WWE. It certainly didn't hurt Stratus (who was already an established star) much either. However, it did produce a number on unflattering images of the blonde Canadian, like the one shown in the picture here.  The image shows James applying a somewhat unorthodox and suggestive pinning maneuver. This move certainly wouldn't be allowed in today's tamer more family friendly WWE environment.

4 Remember: The Record Setting 7th Title Win

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September 16, 2006, would mark the final time Trish Stratus would step in a WWE ring as a full-time performer. It would be a match with longtime rival and fellow Hall of Famer Lita. The contest took place in Toronto, Stratus's hometown, at WWE's Unforgiven Pay-Per-View. The contest ended in dramatic fashion when the Diva of the Decade applied the sharpshooter, the finishing hold formerly used by fellow Canadian icon Bret "The Hitman" Hart. This would be the 7th and final time Stratus would hold the WWE Women's Championship. After her retirement from full-time competition, she would go on to wrestle a handful of matches. However, the photo above marks the last time we saw the 7 time champion and future  WWE Hall of Famer in her prime.

3 Forget: Armed and Famous

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In 2006 Stratus moved to Muncie, Indiana to film the ill-fated CBS reality show Armed and Famous. The cast featured B-list celebrities the likes of La Toya Jackson, Erick Estrada, and Wee Man.  The show followed the celebrities as they went through police officer training, before being allowed to go on patrol with real law enforcement. The first episode actually generated an estimated 8.2 million viewers. However, ratings would eventually drop and the show was pulled from the CBS lineup after just 4 episodes.  The remainder of the series was shifted and would be aired on VH1. However, a second season was never produced. Stratus's career as a reality TV star never quite got off the ground; she will likely be best remembered as a successful wrestlers and yoga practitioner.

2 Remember: Hall of Fame Induction

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Wrestling fans knew it was only a matter of time before Trish Stratus would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. On a January edition of Raw in 2013, it was announced the Stratus would indeed be inducted into the prestigious WWE institution, as part of the class of 2013. She was inducted by her former opponent and WWE heiress Stephanie McMahon. A year later Stratus would go on to induct her former arch-rival Lita. Though they were bitter rivals in their wrestling days, the two women are actually very good friends in real life. The photo shows the newly enshrined Hall of Famer sporting some new hardware. The imagine represent a happy ending to a legendary career. Though she's still only 41 years of age and in great shape, another WWE run might not be out of the question.

1 Forget: Getting Smacked By Stephanie

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No "butts" about it: getting spanked by Stephanie McMahon during their match at No Way Out, had to be humiliating for Stratus. It wasn't like this was a lingerie match either, just a regular old singles match. I guess sometimes you just get the urge to pull down your opponents pants and smack their bare bottom in front of thousand of people. It must be strange to be the type of work environment, were your job involves getting spanked by the boss's daughter. Judging by the look on Stephanie's face in the photo, I'd be willing to guess this move probably wasn't her idea.  I'm sure the two women had a good laugh about it years later, prior to Stratus being inducted into the hall of fame by her former antagonist.

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