7 Retired Wrestlers That Have Awesome New Jobs (And 8 That Wish They Could Still Wrestle)

The Field of Wrestling can be a rather difficult one to make a proper career in as many wrestlers tend to fade away after having a few successful years at the top and can't capitalize on their fame once they are taken out of the spotlight. While there are many wrestlers who go onto wrestle into their 50s or 60s, there are some wrestlers who tend to take early retirement because they were unable to find a successful career in the ring.

These wrestlers normally tend to retire and go onto some different line of work and while some of their jobs aren't exactly that handsome or rewarding, some manage to turn their life around after leaving wrestling and actually manage to get some get new jobs for themselves. They make a stable income and a lot of respect because of their new line of work and manage to do better than they did when they were wrestling stars. But while some wrestlers manage to grab onto awesome new jobs once they retire, there are a few others who probably regret taking retirement in the first place.

Those wrestlers took early retirement due to some injury problems or personal issues but they end up being mostly forgotten and could only wish to wrestle longer, as we take a look at 7 Retired Wrestlers That Have Awesome New Jobs And 8 Who Wish They Could Still Wrestle.

15 Wished They Could Still Wrestle: Jimmy Wang Yang

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Jimmy Wang Yang may be remembered by fans of the Ruthless Aggression as the hilarious cruiserweight who portrayed this not-so-stereotypical Asian character during his time in the company. He was initially pretty popular with the fans but his popularity dimmed down over the years, as he spent some time teaming with Shannon Moore but mostly spent his time jobbing to the stars in WWE. He was released in 2010 and after wrestling on the Indy circuit for a few years, he called it quits from wrestling in 2011. Yang probably regrets doing that right now, as he has a terrible job of having a "party bus" and makes somewhat money from hosting parties in his buses and surely he would've done better if he worked hard into becoming a better wrestler instead of taking an early retirement.

14 With An Awesome New Job: Paul Burchill

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Paul Burchill seemed like a wrestler who had a lot of potentials when he arrived at WWE, looking great and he was also given a lot of training in their developmental territory of Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). He initially started to team up with William Regal but once that ended, he went onto have a gimmick of a pirate which was a complete bust. He later had another awful gimmick with Katie Lea Burchill as his sister and Paul indicating a rather "close" relationship between them and this completely ruined his reputation. He ended up becoming a jobber and leaving WWE in 2010 and after wrestling a few years in the Independent scene, he decided to retire. Paul would turn his life around and went onto become a successful firefighter and works full-time as one nowadays as his new job is definitely better than his old one.

13 Wished They Could Still Wrestle: Ashley Massaro

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While Ashley Massaro probably hadn't decided on pursuing wrestling right from the beginning, she looked set for a promising career in WWE after she won the 2005 Divas Search Contest and was pushed on the main roster. She was this under-dog babyface who was bullied by the veterans and managed to defy the odds later on, but her wrestling was still pretty average on which she had to work. Massaro ended up becoming a valet for Brian Kendrick and Paul London later on, but never really showed her true potential. She never really reached the top of the division before taking retirement in 2008 to look after her family and she definitely regrets that. Massaro should've come out of retirement later on to prove herself, but everything seems ruined now that her relations with WWE is completely destroyed after she sued them last year.

12 With An Awesome New Job: Simon Dean

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Simon Dean was recruited by the WWE after he had impressed in ECW back in the 90s as "Hollywood Nova" of the Blue World Order and was a hilarious character back then. He was brought in by WWE, who decided to give him a gimmick of a fitness guru who tried to sell his "mantra" to the audience. His promos were a bust, as he was drafted to Smackdown where he reunited the Blue World Order in WWE. He later turned heel by forcing his "Simon System" to defeated jobbers but nothing panned out well for him as he was released in 2007. Dean worked for some-time as a mortgage broker after that while he kept on wrestling. But when he got the job of a Bank Manager after moving to Louisville, he was settled for life as this terrific new job was more rewarding than wrestling in the Indy scene.

11 Wished They Could Still Wrestle: Trevor Murdoch

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Trevor Murdoch looked like quite the unrelenting redneck when he debuted in the WWE along with Lance Cade as the two cowboys who made quite the impact in Raw Tag Team Division upon arrival. They were pretty impressive and even won the World Tag Team Championships a few months after coming up the ranks and would keep being a prominent heel team in WWE for a long time. But after they split, Murdoch failed to assert himself as a singles star and after a lot of disappointment was released in 2008. Since then, he has failed to impress anywhere else as he spoke to WWE.com a few years back and told that he works as a fiber optic cable installer for a heavy machinery company. Murdoch's career has gone down since leaving WWE and he wishes to be able to wrestle for prominent promotions instead of this ordinary job.

10 With An Awesome New Job: Shawn Stasiak

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The Son of legendary WWE wrestler Stan "The Man" Stasiak, Shawn made his way into the WWE during the Attitude Era where he was introduced as "Meat", the slave of The Pretty Mean Sisters. After ending up a bust, Stasiak went to WCW for a year, teaming with Chuck Palumbo before they moved to WWE. He later returned to be part of the Alliance in the Invasion angle, before he changed to a mentally challenged man from "Planet Stasiak" who traded the Hardcore Championship many times. After he was finally released by WWE, Stasiak decided to turn his life around for good. He worked on becoming a chiropractor and in 2007, he received a certificate in manipulation under anesthesia from the Academy of Physical and Manual Medicine in New York. He's now a successful chiropractor in the Texas region after turning his life around for good.

9 Wished They Could Still Wrestle: Maven

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Maven was a wrestler who literally popped out of nowhere on the main roster, as the winner of the first ever Tough Enough made quite the stirring impact when he was a surprise entry in the 2002 Royal Rumble and eliminated the Undertaker. He feuded with the top stars during his initial year in the company but failed to get over with the audience, forcing WWE to make him a mid-carder. He remained as one for some-time before becoming a jobber in his final year with WWE, as he was released in 2005. Maven did wrestle for TNA for a few years but his awful drug addiction and other problems ruined his career. Maven has been doing average work like being a bouncer at a club in New York to earn money as he definitely regrets doing drugs which completely destroyed his wrestling career and disabled him from attaining stardom.

8 With An Awesome New Job: Haku

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Haku has to be one of the most notorious wrestlers to have ever stepped inside a ring, as he was quite the hothead back in the 90s. He initially joined WWE in the mid-80s where he was part of "The Islanders" with Tama, but later became King Haku after being given the Crown by Harley Race. Haku was later released by WWE, going onto impress in WCW in the 90s but his stock fell as the years passed and he decided to see a different career option after the turn of the new century. He is now working for a car dealership in Florida and is actually doing a great job at it too as he's been doing pretty well after his retirement and is seemingly in control of his emotions when he's selling cars to his customers.

7 Wish They Could Still Wrestle: Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn was quite the impressive, hard-hitting wrestler back in the 90s who got a lot of popularity when he was part of Raven's Nest in WCW.  Saturn later moved to WWE with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko but fell behind the pack, as he was given the gimmick of being obsessed with a mop. This actually made him a fan-favorite, but a terrible injury kept him on the sidelines and WWE released him later. Saturn kept on wrestling afterward, but a horrific incident occurred when he was shot after trying to save a woman from getting molested. Saturn would get addicted to drugs and went AWOL for many years before reappearing a few years back. But Saturn's unable to wrestle anymore because of a brain injury and even though he's desperate to come back and wrestle, his condition has disabled him from doing any kind of work.

6 With An Awesome New Job: Chris Nowinski

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Chris Nowinski was another Tough Enough product for the WWE who actually had a really interesting gimmick of a "Harvard Graduate" who loved to flaunt his knowledge and wealth. Nowinski was a promising wrestler who feuded against many top stars at the time but his wrestling career came to a very sad end after he had to retire because of major concussions which plagued him throughout. So Nowinski decided to do something about it so that concussions wouldn't end anybody else's careers and he went onto co-found the Concussion Legacy Foundation. Nowinski has done some immaculate work raising awareness among sports-persons about the dangers of concussions and has helped a lot of people with his new line of work. He may not be in the good books of Vince McMahon who had to put limits on his product due to the dangers of Concussions, but he's doing an admirable job.

5 Wish They Could Still Wrestle: Snitsky

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Snitsky was quite the terrifying, evil individual in the WWE when he made a shocking debut by defeating Kane and causing a miscarriage for the pregnant Lita(kayfabe). He then went onto feud against the Big Red Machine and later teamed up with Heidenreich, feuding against the top guys. He later went onto become a mainstay for Heat, before a brand change completely ruined his career and his intimidating nature was nowhere to be found. Snitsky was released in 2008 and has never been the same, as he couldn't do much of a short stint at TNA in 2014 and has failed to make an impact after his initial success in WWE. Snitsky dropped the ball after asserting himself as a conniving heel during his early years in wrestling and he probably only wishes that he could continue wrestling at the top.

4 With An Awesome New Job: Diamond Dallas Page

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Diamond Dallas Page was a WCW original right to his core, as he started out his wrestling career in the company in the early 90s and was properly pushed to the top in the next decade. He was given a mid-card run before being pushed to the main-event role in the late 90s and won the WCW Heavyweight Championship as well. Page later moved to WWE after they purchased WCW, but never really found a place in the promotion. He ended up leaving WWE and decided to take a change in career as he started to record videos of DDP Yoga. It later became a huge success, as DDP is responsible for saving the lives of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall in the past few years. DDP is now doing some great job as a Yoga Constructor and has moved on from wrestling into a new business very smoothly.

3 Wished They Could Still Wrestle: AJ Lee

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AJ Lee might've been a bit of a weird, crazy individual in the WWE but there's no doubt that she was a superb wrestler who helped to elevate the reputation of the "Divas Division" on her own. After initially being part of some romantic angles after she lost out on NXT, Lee got a push as a wrestler and immediately made an impact. She won the Divas Championship and went onto hold it for 295, a record only to be broken by Nikki Bella later on. Lee kept on wrestling but after tensions arose between WWE and husband CM Punk, she decided to retire after WrestleMania 31. While she has been doing good as a support to Punk in his quest to succeed in UFC and also writing her autobiography, AJ definitely misses wrestling and probably wishes if she could continue wrestling every passing week.

2 With An Awesome New Job: Mideon

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Mideon seemed like a really fascinating character when he emerged as part of the Ministry of Darkness during the Attitude Era, but he failed to keep his uniqueness together after a point of time. Before he was Mideon, he was part of the Godwinns as he was "Phineas Godwinn" and held the WWE Tag Team titles on multiple occasions as well. He later became Mideon when he was summoned by the Ministry of Darkness and helped The Undertaker get wins. But after that was finished, Mideon failed to make an impact and was released in 2001. He later went onto wrestle in the Indy circuit for a while, before he took a change in work. He got a new job as a chef in Florida and is doing great as he also has his own catering company.

1 Wished They Could Still Wrestle: Virgil

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Virgil was never really known for his wrestling skills as he gained attention in the 80s as the "bodyguard" for "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase as he carried his cash and helped him win matches as well. He later turned on him, winning the Million Dollar Championship during one point and wrestling for a bit. He later went to WCW where he was the "Head of Security" for the NWO and also wrestled later on as a lower-mid carder, but nobody wanted to take him after the turn of the century. He retired from wrestling but came back years later, going to various wrestling conventions to sell autographs and making for the "Lonely Virgil" memes. Virgil's been traveling to conventions and trying to make use of his forgotten name as he definitely wishes he could still wrestle for a living instead of doing the petty work that he's been reduced to.

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