7 Times Triple H Fired Back At A Wrestler (And 8 Times He Didn’t)

Triple H is one of the most polarizing figures in wrestling history. From his early days in WWE, Triple H has always been involved in various stories of drama with other wrestlers. His placement in the backstage faction known as the Kliq along with Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman earned him a negative reputation with the other wrestlers in the company. The next stage of Triple H’s career dating Vince McMahon’s daughter led to him making even more enemies in WWE. Triple H developing more power backstage along with dominating the main event picture just added some fire to the negative stories about him.

Countless wrestlers have had bad things to say about Triple H as a wrestler, as a co-worker and as a human being after leaving WWE. We'll take a look at how Triple H has reacted to quite a few of them. There are times that Triple H’s snarky attitude will come out with his insults taking aim at those that insulted him. Other instances call for him refusing to acknowledge them or give those stories any credence. This list will look at both examples with seven times Triple H fired back at wrestlers and eight times he didn’t.

15 Didn’t: New Age Outlaws

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A pair of close friends soured against Triple H after they were released by WWE. The New Age Outlaws were very important parts of D-Generation X with all of the members making great money together. Triple H was the leader and wanted to move on to bigger things. Both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were eventually released following the end of DX and held it against Triple H.

It's no secret that Triple H’s marriage to Stephanie McMahon gave him power in WWE. The New Age Outlaws were livid that he didn’t try to protect their jobs and cursed him out in various shoot interviews. Gunn and Road Dogg even trashed him in TNA mimicking DX as the Voodoo Kin Mafia. Triple H never responded to their attacks and eventually helped them get jobs backstage in WWE. Gunn screwed up his chance but Road Dogg is currently one of the most important producers today.

14 Fired back: CM Punk

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The biggest enemy of Triple H in recent years is definitely CM Punk. Both men were rumored to have hated each other for years leading to Punk walking out on the company. Punk spoke out against WWE once following his departure and Triple H was his biggest target. According to Punk, Triple H tried to sabotage his push on numerous occasions and he viewed the legend as a hypocrite.

Triple H tried to remain cordial regarding Punk’s digs but managed to respond when asked about it on Steve Austin’s podcast. The response of Triple H saw him state Punk was a “weird cat” that led to him having communication issues with WWE. Triple H lastly mentioned that Punk should be gone if he no longer had passion for the business. This is among the tamer reactions from Triple H to a critic but it said a lot.

13 Didn’t: Rob Van Dam

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The history of Triple H “burying” other talents will bring up the memory of Rob Van Dam never getting a major push at his peak. Triple H held on to the World Championship more than anyone else and Van Dam was one of the top wrestlers to lose title shots at the expense of making The Game look strong. RVD trashed Triple H in interviews and basically implied the rumors of Triple H burying him were correct.

Triple H has addressed this but never took any shots at Van Dam. The comments from Triple H stated he never lost to RVD because no one asked him to, or he would have gladly done business. Both men have a cordial relationship as Van Dam has returned for short stints in recent years and often shows up at the WWE Hall of Fame. Any hostility remains hidden when they see each other in person.

12 Fired back: The Rock

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The dislike between Triple H and The Rock lasted many years due to them being in direct competition for a top spot since entering the company. Both men were mid-carders making waves at the same time and reached the main event scene in a similar time frame. Triple H apparently always had it out for The Rock. Bret Hart claimed Triple H tried to sabotage Rock’s career by using Shawn Michaels’ backstage power.

The Rock leaving WWE for Hollywood saw Triple H take some shots at him for leaving a business he claimed to love. Both wrestlers traded jabs for years and Triple H fired back in a high profile way at the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame. Triple H was reportedly upset with Rock going on too long for his speech inducting his father by making jokes and made a comment implying Rock sold out for Hollywood.

11 Didn’t: Vince Russo

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One recent pundit to start throwing shade at Triple H has been former WWE writer Vince Russo. Both men worked together during the days of D-Generation X when Russo was the lead writer for Triple H’s first big pushes in the company. Russo leaving for WCW saw him get excommunicated from WWE with his reputation going down the train.

The recent presence of Russo in the wrestling industry features daily podcasts trashing the current wrestling industry. Russo’s biggest gripe is that Triple H’s vision is ruining wrestling and WWE’s future is in bad shape with Triple H succeeding Vince McMahon. Many believe Russo is just saying this for attention and trying to get his name in the news. Triple H has remained silent on these insulting comments about him.

10 Fired back: Hulk Hogan

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Triple H held a grudge against Hulk Hogan for quite some time after the two worked together. Their relationship started off poorly when Triple H had to drop the WWE Championship to Hogan just one month after reclaiming it in a huge career moment after coming back from injury. Things got worse through the years when Hogan continued to come in and out of the company.

Hogan’s dream match against Triple H’s best friend Shawn Michaels saw Hogan win the match and refuse to have any rematches. A future show saw Hogan defeat Randy Orton and brag about having a better reaction than Triple H and Michaels. Triple H later responded in a WWE Magazine interview calling out Hogan for not caring about the business or wanting to do what was best for the company when refusing to lose to Michaels.

9 Didn’t: Paul London

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One of the more egregious actions of Triple H came when he definitely buried both Paul London and Brian Kendrick. The fan favorite tag team came to the ring when Triple H was getting attacked by three heels. Everyone assumed the odds being even would lead to a six-man tag match. Instead, Triple H hit London and Kendrick with the Pedigree and laughed at them thus sinking their WWE careers in the process.

Kendrick returned to the company taking part in the Cruiserweight Division but London is still adamant against ever doing anything with WWE again. London stated Triple H was one of the biggest jerks backstage and a huge hypocrite going as far as to demand his video game stats were the highest. Triple H has never replied to the comments from London painting him as a horrible human being.

8 Fired back: Daniel Bryan

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Triple H insulted Daniel Bryan before the two men ever even had any working relationship. Bryan used to make his name as the top star for Ring of Honor. The name value of Bryan continued to rise with his great performances. Bryan started to refer to himself as “the best in the world” and the fan base to follow his career believed it.

ROH often took shots at the stagnant product of WWE and their top wrestlers. Triple H felt attacked enough to take a subliminal shot at Bryan insulting wrestlers that work in “bingo halls” for calling themselves the best in the world. According to Triple H, you had to work on the big stage to truly be the best. Bryan proved his reputation in WWE and the two had a rocky relationship. Triple H firing insults at him before he even joined WWE likely impacted that.

7 Didn’t: Ken Shamrock

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The enemies of Triple H from the Attitude Era are the ones that have seen him have public wars with. This is likely due to Triple H not having to care about his perception as he has in recent years with his position in the company. One surprising name that he never publicly ripped was Ken Shamrock. The comments of Shamrock about Triple H have been insulting to say the least.

Shamrock claimed Triple H was jealous of him getting pushed despite having less professional wrestling experience over The Game. In recent interviews, Shamrock stated that Triple H is the reason he has never been able to participate in any WWE interviews or on any shows. The former UFC fighter wants to be in the WWE Hall of Fame but believes Triple H will never allow it. Triple H has never said a public word regarding Shamrock’s allegations.

6 Fired back: Ultimate Warrior

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One interesting story regarding a Triple H beef featured his relationship with the Ultimate Warrior. The 80s star received more chances in WWE during the 90s and Triple H was a victim of his booking power. Warrior refused to have a competitive match with Triple H at WrestleMania XII and destroyed him in a matter of minutes.

Triple H responded a few years later by cursing out Warrior and insulting him as a professional in various interviews. Warrior took offense to it and trashed him back as well in public. Both enemies made peace when Triple H entered an executive position. Triple H was the one that convinced him to return to the WWE and enter the Hall of Fame. Warrior trusted Triple H enough to return to the company after years of hostility for a bizarre ending to their story.

5 Didn’t: Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle’s recent return to WWE for the 2017 Hall of Fame and the role as Raw General Manager has him happier than ever. The departure from Angle leaving WWE back in 2006 saw him trash many people in the company. Triple H was a target of Angle in various shoot interviews. The Olympic Gold Medalist claimed Triple H was always jealous of him and uses his politics to hold down his enemies.

Angle softened his stance as the years went by and he realized he wanted a spot back in WWE. Luckily for Kurt, Triple H never held a grudge regarding the rude comments. Triple H decided to bite his tongue regarding the allegations from Angle. The two seemed to enjoy seeing each other again in Angle’s WWE 24 special and rumors indicate they’ll likely be working together in a match sooner than later.

4 Fired back: Goldberg

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Goldberg and Triple H had one of the biggest rivalries behind the scenes even before they ever worked together. The two reportedly had a negative interaction after running into each other at a convention during the Monday Night Wars. Following the two exchanging words, Goldberg and Triple H went back and forth in interviews throwing shade at each other.

Triple H fired back on national television ripping apart Goldberg after finding his poster in the home of young aspiring wrestlers on Tough Enough. The scathing insults saw Triple H claim Goldberg had zero passion or heart for the craft. Goldberg and Triple H had a negative relationship when finally working together. Both men kept their war going until the past year when Goldberg returned to the company and won the Universal Championship.

3 Didn’t: Alberto Del Rio

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The biggest recent story of someone trashing Triple H is Alberto Del Rio. Many reports indicate that Triple H was the one trying to keep apart Del Rio and Paige when they started dating. Del Rio has confirmed that he always had a terrible relationship with Triple H and that Vince McMahon was the one that pushed for him to make it.

Following his release from WWE, Alberto has attacked Triple H. The comments range from insults of Triple H’s nose to allegations that Triple H was the one behind Paige’s old intercourse tapes being leaked. Del Rio has gone as far as to wanting to fight Triple H. Given the train wreck surrounding Alberto and Paige, Triple H saying nothing in response to Del Rio makes him look like the winner in this one-sided feud.

2 Fired Back: Scott Steiner

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Scott Steiner has been the most vocal person against Triple H for about twelve years now. A horrible feud between the two destroyed Steiner’s chances of getting a main event push in WWE. Steiner was released after wallowing in obscurity for about a year or two after the Triple H matches. Following his release, Steiner went in on Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair with personal insults.

Triple H received the worst of the rants as Steiner called him “the Kevin Federline of professional wrestling” by comparing him to Britney Spears’ un-talented boyfriend of the time. Steiner is still insulting Triple H today along with Stephanie McMahon for ruining the wrestling business. Triple H has fired back once at Steiner in an interview with Peter Rosenberg by claiming Steiner flopped and is ashamed to take responsibility for not being good enough to hang in WWE.

1 Didn’t: Chyna

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The controversial end to Triple H’s relationship with Chyna in 2001 saw him cheat on her with Stephanie McMahon. It led to Chyna’s contract not being picked up as WWE didn’t want to have to deal with Vince McMahon’s daughter being involved in this awkward situation. Things worked out great for Triple H and Stephanie as they're still together today. Unfortunately, Chyna’s story turned into a tragedy.

Chyna developed various addictions to dangerous substances in the years after leaving WWE. The train wreck situation saw her in the news for many negative things. Triple H was one of her targets as she consistently ran his name through the mud with various allegations claiming he hit her among other things. While WWE’s PR team did release a statement on behalf of Triple H, he never directly addressed her.

In fact, Triple H always refrained from getting into a public war slinging insults back and forth with his ex. The only time he really spoke on Chyna in depth was after her death by saying positive things about her career.

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