7 Undertaker Moments WWE Wants You To Remember And 8 They Don’t

The Undertaker may have bowed out of wrestling at WrestleMania 33, but he'll be celebrated for eternity by wrestling fans because of what he has done for the industry. The Phenom started terrorizing others ever since his debut, and his WrestleMania streak became what defined him as the top dog of WWE. The Undertaker over all the years provided so many memories with his work, be it as the Deadman or the American Bad-ass gimmick he had for a few years in the early 2000s.

There have been uncountable iconic moments of The Deadman in the WWE and while some of them are really memorable, some others are actually pretty forgettable. The Undertaker might have done a lot of amazing work in the WWE, but he was forced to go through some awful segments as well which the company definitely wouldn't want anyone to remember about their legend. WWE only wants their fans to remember the glory moments of the Undertaker, looking to pay respect to the man who helped put them on the map and made for one of the most interesting characters ever.

The Undertaker has been part of some amazing and equally bad stuff in the WWE, as we take a look at the 7 moments of the Deadman the WWE would want you to remember and 8 they wouldn't.

15 Forget - Getting Burnt By Pyro At Elimination Chamber

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The Undertaker might be one of the toughest individuals in the history of wrestling, but even he was scared when he was almost burnt alive at Elimination Chamber 2010. Taker was part of the Elimination Chamber match defending his World Heavyweight Championship at the event, but a terrifying accident took place before it. Just as The Undertaker was making his way down to the ring, the flaming pyrotechnic caught onto his jacket and Taker was almost doused completely in fire for a second or two. He managed to throw his jacket and hat away before running into the ring, before being put in a pod where WWE officials gave him water to cool himself. He suffered burns on his chest for it but managed to finish the match like a pro, but this awful incident is a horrifying moment in The Deadman's career and is something the WWE would want its fans to complete forget about.

14 Remember - End Of An Era

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The "End of an Era" match was heavily hyped by the WWE, and it proved to be just as good when it happened. Triple H and The Undertaker were in a feud for determining "the better man" at WrestleMania, as they created this rematch at WrestleMania in a hell in a cell match with Shawn Michaels as the referee. Both of them would go at it in the ring, as many weapons including the sledgehammer were introduced. Triple H absolutely tore into the Undertaker with his viciousness and planted him with numerous pedigrees but couldn't keep the Deadman down. Even a Sweet Chin Music into Pedigree combo didn't help his cause, as he finally fell to Taker's tombstone in the end much to the delight of the fans. This iconic Undertaker moment displaying his "immortality" at WrestleMania is something WWE would want everyone to remember and cherish for a long time.

13 Forget - Forcing JR To Kiss Mr. McMahon's Behind

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The Undertaker has been part of some awful things in his career, but a rather shameful one came when he was aligned with Mr. McMahon as the American Bad-ass. Mr. McMahon opened his "Kiss my A**" club where he made other people kiss his butt and humiliate them. Good Ol' Jim Ross was someone who McMahon loved to bully on-screen, and he was an early entry into that disgusting club. The Undertaker actually forcibly made Ross kiss the Chairman's butt as it can be seen in this picture, as this terrible segment is something the Undertaker shouldn't have been part of in the first place. The WWE definitely wouldn't want its fans to remember this awful segment, as it can hamper Taker's image as this justiciar Deadman and this disgruntling thing Taker had to do is something nobody wants to remember in the first place.

12 Remember - Winning The WWE Championship At WrestleMania 13

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The Undertaker had already gotten a decent winning streak going by the time WrestleMania 13 arrived, but that occasion was special for him as it was his first WrestleMania main event match. Taker wrestled then WWE Champion Sycho Sid for the WWE Championship in a NO DQ match. In a match where Sid mostly dominated, Taker used the distraction of Bret "The Hitman" Hart to get the better of Sid in the end and pin him with the iconic Tombstone Piledriver. The Deadman won his first ever WrestleMania main event and left with the title in hand, as this special moment of him posing with the title is something WWE would want everyone to remember as it was something special for Taker's iconic streak.

11 Forget - Gushing Blood At No Mercy 2002

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The Undertaker has to be one of the toughest individuals to ever step into the WWE ring, and he showed that during his hellacious battle against Brock Lesnar at No Mercy 2002. In a Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship, Taker and Lesnar literally went to war and produced an instant classic. With some brutal blows and hard-hitting wrestling, this turned bloody quickly on when Lesnar and even Paul Heyman were busted open. But later The Deadman would also be busted open, but the blade job wasn't done properly. He had seemingly cut too deep as blood was awfully gushing down his forehead, covering his full face. Even though he completed the amazing match, the awful moment where one can see Taker's blood covered face is something the WWE wouldn't want anyone to remember because of how disturbing the moment really was.

10 Remember - Throwing Mankind From The Top Of Hell In A Cell

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The Undertaker has gone through numerous iconic matches in his career, but none of them have been as hellacious as his Hell in a Cell bout against Mankind at King of the Ring 1996. The match itself started at the top of the cell, as the two went at it but the first real shock of the match came when Taker threw Mankind from the top of the cage into the announcer's table. The madman Mankind would climb back up later, but Taker's chokeslam broke the cell as Mankind fell right through into the ring with a defiant splash. The match continued between these two warriors, but The Undertaker would prevail in the end as this incredible match is what made these two the legends they are right. It asserted Taker as the King of the cell as well, and Taker throwing Mankind from the top of the cell is a moment nobody can forget and WWE would love to keep it like that.

9 Forget - Getting Choked By Masked Men On Smackdown

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Smackdown was originally The Undertaker's yard as he put in a lot of work to make the brand an A-show with his incredible work, but he was also forced to be one of the most uncomfortable moments in the show's history. The Deadman was feuding with Muhammad Hassan in 2005 and faced his partner Daivari on an episode of Smackdown in July 2005 when an awful segment took place. After the match ended, Hassan came out and began to "pray" on the stage, after which some men fully covered in black came out to beat up and choke The Undertaker. This was really uncomfortable to watch and became even scarier when the London Bombings happened a few days later. Hassan was wrongly fired for WWE to cover it all up, but the Undertaker had to go through with this awful segment and this terrible moment is something the WWE would want the fans to completely forget about.

8 Remember - Sending Edge Straight To Hell At SummerSlam

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The Undertaker had some amazing matches with a number of wrestlers in his time in the WWE, but his matches with the "Rated-R Superstar" Edge were all instant classics. The most memorable of those matches is probably the one which took place between the two at SummerSlam in 2008, where both took the fight to each other. The hard-hitting match was full of amazing spots and even the heel Edge didn't look like backing down to a fight. In the end, The Undertaker prevailed to end their rivalry, but what he did afterward was amazing. He chokeslammed Edge through the ring after the match, followed by his iconic pose as the canvas was set ablaze in flames. Jim Ross called the moment perfectly, stating how Edge was "sent to Hell". This incredible moment of The Phenom will be something WWE wants everyone to remember because of how awesome it was and how the supernatural side of The Undertaker shone through.

7 Forget - Botch Against Shawn Michaels At WrestleMania XXV

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The Undertaker's match against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXV has to be one of the most memorable matches of this century, as the two absolutely tore the house down with an excellent match. Taker was challenged by "Mr. WrestleMania" at the grandest stage of them all, and the two went right at it from the get-go. But in an unfortunate moment in the match, a horrible botch took place which almost broke Undertaker in half. The Undertaker was supposed hit an incredible suicide dive from the top rope, but it all went wrong. Taker did go through with the dive, but he wasn't caught by the cameraman (who was pushed by HBK to protect himself) as he was supposed to and almost broke his neck with the landing. Thankfully nothing happened and the two continued the classic match, but this awful botch is something the WWE wouldn't want anyone to remember about Taker or that classic match.

6 Remember - The Beginning Of The Streak

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The Undertaker's reputation was defined by his WrestleMania streak for a long, long time as the Deadman reached his ultimate form whenever he stepped on the grandest stage of them all. Despite losing the power of his "streak" in his last years, his WrestleMania streak is what made him a living legend in the company and was the reason he was so respected by everyone. His iconic streak started in 1991 when he defeated Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka in a quick match to assert his dominance at the mega-show early into his career. Since then, he went onto win 20 more WrestleMania matches in a row before being stopped by Brock Lesnar. The start of this iconic streak is a moment the WWE wants its fans to remember about the Deadman, as that moment didn't seem so iconic when it initially took place but holds great value after all these years.

5 Forget - Burying Paul Bearer In Cement

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Paul Bearer was the manager who helped to create The Undertaker into the iconic character which he is right now, as Bearer was an amazing manager and helped bring in a lot of legitimacy into Taker's character. But when he was "kidnapped" by the Dudley Boyz and put in a crypt at the Great American Bash, many were intrigued to see what would happen with him. If Taker was to lose the match, Bearer would be doused under cement inside the crypt. The Undertaker did win the match but shocked many when he pulled the level to bury Bearer in cement, "killing" his character from WWE TV forever. But now that Bearer has sadly passed away, the WWE wouldn't want anyone to remember that disturbing moment and even if that was staged and pre-taped, the moment showed the brutality of The Undertaker's character, something which the WWE wouldn't want anyone to remember.

4 Remember - His Return At WrestleMania XX

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The Undertaker had A LOT of WrestleMania moments in his career, but not many came close to when he returned as The Deadman at WrestleMania XX. After Taker was buried alive by Kane and Mr. McMahon in 2003's Survivor Series, he was gone for a while but teased a return at the grandest stage of them all against his brother. Kane hyped the match really well, but The Undertaker stole the show when he returned as the Phenom. He was summoned by Paul Bearer and came out to his original, iconic theme as he was surrounded by his druids. Even though the match was not between the two, Undertaker's return as the immortal Deadman made it very, very special. But the best moment by far was when he walked down the ramp in his intimidating manner, as that was probably one of Taker's best moments at WrestleMania and is definitely something the WWE would want everyone to remember forever.

3 Forget - Looking Weak In His Final Match

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The Undertaker did not look at his best in his final year in wrestling, as many fans could predict that his wrestling days were numbered earlier this year. Taker faced off with "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 to determine whose yard it truly is. Even though the Deadman looked impressive in the early minutes of the match, he looked completely worn out and out of breath after a point of time. Taker had lost his wrestling spark as he looked really weak and even botched a couple of moves because of being unable to deliver them or help Roman deliver him as well. In the end, Roman won and Taker retired, as the WWE would want the fans to completely forget about the actually match itself which was awful because of Taker looking weak and worn out at times, something for which WWE wouldn't want its icon to be remembered for.

2 Remember - Retiring Shawn Michaels At WrestleMania XXVI

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The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels rematch at WrestleMania XXVI was hyped as the "Career vs Streak" match which added a lot of leverage and pressure towards the wrestlers. But the two showed why they are considered as the greatest of all time by pulling off an impeccable match which seemed to be better than the original one itself. The match was full of spots and unpredictable moments, but the closing moments of the match will always remain special. Taker wanted Shawn to stay down but the defiant Michaels slapped him, almost telling Taker to "finish it" which The Deadman did. His iconic moment of retiring Mr. WrestleMania himself was something really special, as it's an Undertaker moment which the WWE would want the fans to remember forever because of how awesome it was for Taker to send Michaels off into the sunset.

1 Forget - Hanging The Big Bossman at WrestleMania

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The Undertaker has done some dastardly things in his WWE career as the phenom, but some of his acts as the "Prince of Darkness" in the 90s were really disturbing. The Undertaker feuded with the tough Big Bossman heading into WrestleMania XV, as the two had a Hell in a Cell match at the event. The match itself was a hard-hitting bout with Taker winning, but what happened afterward was shocking. The Undertaker called his followers The Brood, who brought a rope noose out of the skies. Taker then tied the noose to Bossman's neck, later going on to call it to be taken up as everyone could see Bossman struggling at mid-air. The awful moment of The Undertaker hanging the Big Bossman is something the WWE definitely wouldn't want fans to remember about Taker. Especially with The Phenom now remembered as a legend and Bossman sadly dead in real life, WWE would definitely want to erase this from history if possible.

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