7 Wrestlers From The 2000s Who Aged Badly And 7 Who Aged Well: Where Are They Now?

After the massive boom in wrestling in the 90s, the competition and popularity levels in the wrestling industry grew in strides when the WWE became the mega-power it is still to this day. They bought their "rival" promotions in WCW and ECW and much of their prominent talent, as their massive amount of talent forced them to go through with splitting the roster to unique ones for the Raw and Smackdown shows. Since then, in order to maintain a balanced roster for both, there have been many a wrestler hired by the company and obviously not all of them cut it in the end.

While some of the wrestlers do get pushed to become a mainstay top star, some others are pushed for only a point of time before they go downhill and are made to job to other rising stars. There has been many a wrestler in the 21st century so far who came to the WWE with much promise but they couldn't really cut it when they needed too and were let go after some years for performing for the company.

These wrestlers from the 2000s have not all went onto age that well after the WWE, as some aged terribly as their bodies just gave away after leaving the company while others have kept themselves in a top shape after. Let's have a look at the 8 wrestlers from the 2000s who aged badly and 7 who aged well and where they are right now.

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28 AGED BADLY: Chris Harris (then)

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"The Wildcat" Chris Harris gained popularity as one of TNA's earliest stars, as he and James Storm created the tag team "America's Most Wanted" who ruled over the Tag Team Division in the early years and won the TNA Tag Team Titles numerous times as well. Harris would then become a singles star after Storm betrayed him and ended their partnership, as he would have a glaring feud with his former partner. He never really got the shot at making it big in TNA as he was always used as a mid-carder singles wrestler who got in feuds with other mid-carders and never really got the opportunity to win the TNA World Heavyweight title despite having the skills to carry it off. He was released by TNA in early 2008 as that would be the beginning of the end for him.

27 AGED BADLY: Chris Harris (now)

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Harris was signed by the WWE after he was released by TNA, as this looked like the start of something special for him as he was repackaged as Branden Walker and was put in their ECW brand. But before he could begin to get popular with the fans, the WWE ended his career in the company by giving him a horrible gimmick and a catchphrase like "I'm Branden Walker and I'm gonna knock your brains out" which was out of a knock-knock joke and killed his name within the fans. He wrestled one match in the company before he was released by them. He went back to the Independent circuit before he was signed back by TNA in 2011 for a fairly short stint in which he wrestled in the tag team division. He has since started to wrestle in the Indy circuit and has disappeared from the limelight, as he let go of his figure after his failures and has been looking awfully overweight and unfit for some-time now. Someone who had an amazingly toned figure in his prime is now struggling to get work in the business, as his downfall in the past few years is pretty appalling.

26 AGED WELL: Chris Masters (then)

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"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters was someone who looked someone who had the qualities of a top star, but after his initial excellence, he fell out of the relevant scene badly. Masters would debut as this arrogant, amazing physique wrestler who made people take his "Master Lock Challenge" where he'd challenge the wrestlers to get out of his submission but not many could. Masters was riding on a lot of momentum in his first years, but over time his character got extremely stale and he was forced to go through with low-key feuds with lower-mid carders. He couldn't even beat Santino Marella for the IC championship in his last year with the company, as he was released by the company for violating their Wellness Policy for the 2nd time.

25 AGED WELL: Chris Masters (now)

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Masters continued to sporadically wrestle in the Independent circuit before returning to the WWE in 2009, but this time he would continue to wrestle as a lower-mid carder. He was mostly put through humiliating angles as a punishment for violating their wellness policy in the past, as he would mostly wrestle in B-shows and lose to the rising stars. He was released from WWE yet again after some-time as he continued to wrestle in the Independent circuit and is currently contracted with Impact Wrestling. Masters still has the amazing looks he did over a decade back and has it in him to be a prominent star for Impact Wrestling in the long run as he'd hope that they treat him with more respect than WWE ever did and his "Masterpiece" of a figure deserves more limelight on it.

24 AGED BADLY: Jazz (then)

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Jazz was one of the toughest women on the WWE roster in the "Golden Era" of Women's Wrestling and she might not get the credits the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita get, but she was a pivotal part in Women's wrestling getting over with the fans. One of the more hard-hitting women, she loved to cause pain to her opponents and wrestled a lot of stiff, hardcore matches with the women and took them to their absolute limits. The two time WWE Women's Champion also defended her title against both Lita and Trish at WrestleMania X8 and later wrestled many hardcore matches against the two. Her fearless style often got her injured during her final years with the company, as she was let go in 2004 for the lack of ideas creative had for her character.

23 AGED BADLY: Jazz (now)

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Jazz started to work in the Independent circuit after leaving the WWE, as she wrestled around the country for a year before she was recalled by the WWE in 2006 to be part of their ECW brand. She only wrestled a couple of matches before she was released again, as she went onto join Women Superstars Uncensored afterwards. She helped to put some star-power on this rising promotion, winning their Tag Team titles once and even getting inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2010. She took some-time off wrestling in 2011, as her physical appearance started to deter and she has been looking absolutely awful for some years now. She returned to wrestled in 2016 after some years off and is part of the mass-action lawsuit against the WWE for incurring brain damages, but she has let go off her shape over the past few years and looks like an absolute mess right now and nothing like the powerful woman who ruled over the Women's Division.

22 AGED WELL: Billy Gunn (then)

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"Badass" Billy Gunn might have risen to popularity during the Attitude Era as part of the "New Age Outlaws" with Road Dogg, but he continued his good work with the turn of the century when he continued to dominate with Dogg. He'd then be put through some bizarre angles, which included being part of a homosexual tag team with Chuck as Billy & Chuck even won the Tag Team titles. He parted with Chuck to become a singles wrestler who was mostly used as a mid-carder for the WWE, as his "Mr Ass" gimmick was used during this part as he wrestled against other mid-carders but was often featured in the TV shows in some matches or other before being let go in 2004.

21 AGED WELL: Billy Gunn (now)

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Gunn was hot property after being let go by the WWE, going onto join TNA where he later reunited with Road Dogg as the two dominated over the tag team division. He rejoined WWE in 2012 along with Road Dogg as the two came back to wrestle for the lacking tag team division for a bit, as the Outlaws even won the Tag Team Titles in their return to the company. They'd later put other teams over and Gunn was used as a trainer for the company before he was fired for using performance enhancing drugs. He continues to wrestle in the Independent scene, even wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling recently and continues to look absolutely smashing to look at. He doesn't seem to have aged a day as he still has that astonishing figure and even at this old age is looking absolutely perfect and is getting work these days because of his amazing figure.

20 AGED BADLY: Perry Saturn (then)

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Although Perry Saturn attained much of his fame in WCW where he thrived in Raven's stable, he got fed up of the company's sinking towards the end and joined the WWE with the turn of the century along with other wrestlers. He started out as part of the Radicalz with Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero but as the others sought their own singles fame, he got stuck in the mid-card and couldn't seem to get out of it. He then got punished for legitimately beating up a jobber when he got the gimmick of being infatuated with a mop he called "moppy" and began to act crazily. This ironically got him quite over with the fans and got him in a big-time feud with Raven, but the gimmick would be discarded soon after. Saturn suffered a bad injury afterwards and would be the end of his WWE career when he was released by the company.

19 AGED BADLY: Perry Saturn (now)

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Saturn began to wrestle in the Independent circuit after recovering from the injury, as he wrestled for many an independent promotion before he was involved in a horrible incident in 2004. Saturn saved a woman from getting raped by two men who shot him in the back of his neck, which he didn't feel to be that bad at the time. But he eventually got addicted to meth and became homeless for two and a half years, as he disappeared from the wrestling industry completely for a number of years before reappearing in 2010. Saturn returned to wrestling in 2011 and wrestled some matches over the years, but last year it was revealed that he has a "traumatic" brain injury which limits his abilities to work. He was named as part of the mass action lawsuit against the WWE for incurring brain damages, as he looks old and absolutely knackered at this moment. You can understand his horrible predicament right now by looking at him, as Saturn's body has aged terribly and he now looks like a broken man rather than the promising wrestler he was back in the day.

18 AGED WELL: Nathan Jones (then)

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Nathan Jones looked like someone with much promise when he entered the WWE in 2002, as he had the intimidating looks and impressive physique and was looking to be pushed to something big. He debuted as The Undertaker's protege and helped the Deadman fight in his feud with the Big Show and A-Train and was originally scheduled to wrestle the two as Taker's partner at WrestleMania XIX. But he was attacked before the match turning it to a handicap match, but Jones came out in the end to even the odds for the Deadman. He'd later be given a scary villainous character and was looking set to be pushed as a major star in the long run, but he got tired of the rigorous schedule of the WWE and quit the company while on tour in Australia.

17 AGED WELL: Nathan Jones (now)

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Nathan Jones didn't give up wrestling after leaving the WWE, as he continued to wrestle on occasions as he wrestled some matches for World Series Wrestling in 2005. But he decided to take a different career path as he started to try out in the movie industry, getting a role in "The Condemned" in 2007 which got him some reputation. He'd then go onto appear on movies like "Conan The Barbarian" before getting a big role in the hit "Mad Max" Fury Road" which shot him to fame. He has appeared in some Indian films since then, as he still looks to be in the best shape of his life and has maintained his impressive physique to this day. Despite being 47 years old, Jones still looks the way he did in his WWE days and almost hasn't aged at all.

16 AGED BADLY: Tommy Dreamer (then)

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Tommy Dreamer was the heart and soul of ECW back when the promotion was at its prime, but when they went bankrupt with the turn of the century, Dreamer had no choice but to join the WWE. After being part of the Invasion angle, Dreamer was given a gimmick of what he'd proclaim to be "Just A Regular Guy" who would pull of some disgusting antics like brushing his dog's death and his own teeth with the same brush and eating food from the ground. It was only when WWE's version of ECW was introduced when Dreamer could become something like himself, as he carried the horribly watered-down version of the show for quite some-time and made for some of the most interesting story-lines in it as well. He also ended up winning the ECW Championship, but was released by the WWE just as ECW was coming to a close.

15 AGED BADLY: Tommy Dreamer (now)

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Dreamer went onto wrestle for TNA for a while after leaving WWE, as he reunited with his ECW buddies to form EV 2.0 who fought the bad guys in TNA. He would soon leave TNA, going onto open his own wrestling promotion in "House of Hardcore" which he wanted to make as the second coming of ECW. He returned to TNA in 2013 and wrestled for the promotion for some years, before coming back to WWE in 2015 to feud with the Wyatt Family. While Dreamer has never been an amazing wrestler to look at, one can notice how he isn't aging well at all as all the pain he has put his body through can be seen now as he has become fat and looked extremely unfit in his last stint with the WWE. He's keeping wrestling to a minimum nowadays, as he needs to look after his health more than trying to entertain fans at this point, as the way he's terribly aging, it won't be long before he looks like the shadow of a man he once was.

14 AGED WELL: Christian (then)

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Christian might have become popular in the WWE along with long-time friend Edge as their tag team was one of the best in the company during the Attitude era, but he showed a different side to him after parting with Edge. Christian started to portray a cocky heel in his singles run, winning numerous mid-card titles and was used as an impressive mid-carder with the turn of the century as he later got his infamous "Captain Charisma" gimmick. He looked like an absolute star but WWE for some reason couldn't see it, as he was continuously booked to lose to rising talents and left the company after being unable to take the bad booking. He later went onto join TNA where he was regarded as one of the top talents, becoming an instant main-eventer and won the World Heavyweight Title in TNA as well as he was treated like an absolute superstar in TNA for all the years he was in it.

13 AGED WELL: Christian (now)

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Christian was called back by the WWE in 2009, as he was put in their ECW brand as it's top star as he won the ECW Heavyweight Title quickly after rejoining the company. After the ECW angle was discarded, he was moved to Smackdown. He was pushed as an underdog here and finally won the World Heavyweight Championship after his best friend Edge retired from the WWE, which he quickly lost as well. But he'd turn heel and win it back from Randy Orton some months after. The injuries unfortunately piled up for him in the next years, as a major one meant the end of his wrestling career in 2014. He'd still be a part of WWE as he worked in an non-wrestling form, recently being part of a WWE Network show "Edge & Christian's Show which totally reeks of Awesomeness" which is a hilarious show. But Christian still looks like a superstar and despite not wrestling for years, he has maintained his physique and doesn't look 43 at all.

12 AGED BADLY: Gangrel (then)

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Gangrel might have been more of an Attitude Era personality where he thrived as the leader of "The Brood" who gained popularity for their nasty antics during the era. With the turn of the century, Gangrel continued to work for the WWE as a singles wrestler after the stable's angle was discarded, as he'd even manage some tag teams before wrestling as a mid-carder for the company. He was released for a bit before he came back in 2004 and 2006 for very short stints, but his lack of promise in the lack and consistent personal problems forced the WWE to release him each and every time they rehired him for various stints.

11 AGED BADLY: Gangrel (now)

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Gangrel continued wrestling despite having a massive weight problem, as he wrestled mostly in the Independent circuit for a lot of promotions. He even signed a deal in 2007 to direct 12 adult films. He mostly kept on wrestling for the hardcore wrestling promotions, often appearing in Tommy Dreamer's "House of Hardcore". He made some sporadic appearances in the WWE over the years, the most recently being when he appeared in Edge & Christian's show on the WWE Network last year. Gangrel has had a lot of weight problems in the past and looks to be in quite the awful shape right now, as his figure has become awfully unfit and that was a reason on why WWE released him, as he is continuing to age terribly and needs to look at himself before something goes wrong for him.

10 AGED WELL: Al Snow (then)

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Al Snow was the face of WWE's hardcore division, as his crazy gimmick where he'd always bring a "head" to accompany him wherever him was a hit with the fans as he won the Hardcore Division numerous times. With the turn of the century, he was still used as a mid-carder who always put on entertaining stuff on display as he feuded with the other mid-carders at the time. He was also a trainer for WWE's Tough Enough program, as he continued to work as a lower-mid carder for the WWE and was also announced to be a part of WWE's ECW brand in 2006. He wrestled a few matches for the brand, as he was mostly used as a jobber who put over other young wrestlers and couldn't really do much to win back the support of the fans. He was later also used as a trainer for WWE's Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental field, but was released in 2007 after almost 10 years with the company.

9 AGED WELL: Al Snow (now)

Snow went onto wrestle in the Independent Circuit after being released by the WWE, as he was still a hot name for the promoters and got a lot of work outside the WWE. He was also signed up by TNA in 2008 , soon becoming a producer and road agent for the company as well. He continued to wrestle for the promotion as well, as he would mostly put his attention towards his backstage roles but wrestled at times in special matches. He recently created his new team called "The Tribunal" who quickly threw him out, as he's mostly focusing on his role as a producer for the company. But he still looks amazing, as recent photos of his shape shows just how incredibly buffed up he has become over the years, as Snow has aged very well and is making sure he keeps his body in a top shape as he gets older and still looks like he could put somebody through a world of pain in the ring.

8 AGED BADLY: Rikishi (then)

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Rikishi might not have been the prototypical WWE superstar because of the way he looked and dressed, but he entertained the fans like no other with his crazy moves and terrorizing the wrestlers with his stink face. After initially impressing in the tag team division as part of "Too Cool" with Grand Master Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty, Rikishi was pushed in the main event scene as he wrestled against the "big stars" for quite a while but couldn't seem to win the big gold. But as the Ruthless Aggression era came crawling, Rikishi began to lose popularity among the fans as his character got a bit stale and Rikishi himself didn't look in the best shape either, as he left the company when they persisted him to lose weight and undergo some rehabilitation for it.

7 AGED BADLY: Rikishi (now)

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After leaving the WWE, Rikishi started to wrestle in the Independent circuit for a while as he wrestled in Japan as well as other places in the world. He also wrestled for TNA for a while in 2007, as he continues to sporadically wrestle to this day. But he did return to the WWE in 2012 when he wrestled in an episode of Raw, but he didn't really look so well and pulled off limited moves in the match. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his sons The Usos in 2015, but he looks to be in quite the terrible shape right now as he has been unable to lose weight and has seemingly only gained more and he needs to look after his body or else health problems might arise down the line and cause some major problems for him.

6 AGED WELL: Vladimir Kozlov (then)

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Vladimir Kozlov looked like the monster who could trample over everyone in his way to success in the WWE, as he debuted as this intimidating, hard-hitting individual who laid destruction in his path to glory. He was looking extremely strong until a failed attempt at winning the WWE Championship, after which he fell out in the roster. He was made to look weak at numerous occasion and a horrible face turn when he was paired up with Santino Marella was the last nail in his coffin, as he was seen as a more of a comic-relief person than an intimidating wrestler in the eyes of the fans. He would win the WWE Tag Team titles with Marella once, but he was turned into an awful joke by the WWE and he left the WWE in 2011 when he couldn't bare the humiliation anymore.

5 AGED WELL: Vladimir Kozlov (now)

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Kozlov went onto wrestle for the Inoki Genome Federation after leaving the WWE, as he wrestled in the Indy promotion for about a year before he announced his retirement from wrestling. Kozlov took a change in profession after leaving wrestling, as he went onto gain some movie roles as he appeared on some episodes of the TV Show "Burn Notice" after leaving wrestling. He also got some roles as the stuntman for The Rock's "Fast & Furious 6" and an action film "John Wick", as he seems to be in a good place right now as he co-owns his own production company called "Quasar Entertainment" in Miami right now. He also looks absolutely ripped at the moment, as he has worked on his figure to make it absolutely perfect, as age doesn't seem to be a factor for him as he worked to make his physique even more amazing and is showing the WWE what they missed out on.

4 AGED BADLY: The Sandman (then)

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The Sandman was one of the toughest wrestlers in ECW back in the day, as the ECW version of Stone Cold Steve Austin loved his beer and to beat up wrestlers for a living. He made for some amazing memories for ECW, but with the turn of the century had to move around places for a job. He wrestled for TNA for some years before WWE finally called him in 2005, when he became a part of their ECW brand and one of the ECW originals to actually be in it. He wrestled against much of the "newer" members of the ECW before he got transferred to the main roster to Raw and entered into a feud with Carlito. He was very unconvincing on the main roster and after injuring his ankle during a match, he was released by the company.

3 AGED BADLY: The Sandman (now)

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The Sandman regained his place in the Independent scene after being released from the WWE, as he wrestled for many of his ECW buddies promotions as well as other extreme promotions and didn't pay any heed to his health, continuing to wrestle hardcore matches. He went back to TNA for a short stint in 2010 and has been continuing to travel around places and wrestle for a living, as he looks to have grown old very quickly and has aged terribly over the past few years. He looks older than he actually is and his physique also looks awful at this point, as he is continuing to wrestle to make ends meet but needs to know his limit as the pain of wrestling is becoming evident from his horrible appearance at the moment and The Sandman really needs to look after himself before trying to entertain the fans he lives for.

2 AGED WELL: Rey Mysterio (then)

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Rey Mysterio made himself into one of the ultimate underdogs in the WWE when he entered the company,as his impressive work at WCW got the attention of WWE who signed him up with the turn of the century. After initially impressing in the Cruiserweight Division where he won the Championship numerous times, he was pushed as a top star after the unfortunate death of Eddie Guerrero. He won the Royal Rumble match from No #2 and went onto complete the impossible story when he defeated both Kurt Angle and Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22. He'd then become a big fan-favorite, always being part of main-event feuds and winning many titles in the next couple of years and WWE utilized his popularity to their success. But towards the end of his WWE career, he became stale in the eyes of fans and was released in 2015 after serving for the company for over a decade.

1 AGED WELL: Rey Mysterio (now)

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Mysterio was hot property in the Independent scene after leaving the WWE, as he was quickly resigned by Mexico's AAA promotion where he wrestled for some-time, unfortunately playing a part in El Hijo del Perro Aguayo's tragic death. He continued to wrestle for them before he went to Lucha Underground, which was just the place he needed to shine as he elevated the promotion's name with his amazing work in short time. Mysterio is continuously wrestling in Mexico's independent scene as he is also training his son to become a professional wrestler himself, but the master of the 619 has been looking amazing since his departure from the WWE. Nobody can make out that Mysterio is 42 years old, as he still looks and moves around like a youngster and he has maintained his physique amazingly and almost hasn't aged at all despite entertaining us for over a decade now.

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