8 Backstage Feuds Going On Right Now In WWE And 7 Friendships

WWE used to be closed environment. A good number of WWE fans believed that Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth was actually as adorable as they looked on the television. With the influx of what the wrestling industry calls shoot interviews, we have access to a lot of backstage stuff. Almost every dedicated fans now knows that she was in a toxic relationship with The Macho Man.

Much to the ire of Vince McMahon and co. though, we don't have access just to stuff from yesterday, as we get backstage news served to us as they happen thanks to credible YouTube news outlets and dirt sheets. Additionally, given how active WWE wrestlers are on social media today, the fans get access to more things about the business and the wrestlers' personal life than they really want.

Connecting the dots, we can arrive at who are friends with who on the WWE roster today. Some friendships are more well-known than the others, with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair and Bayley and Sasha Banks sharing at least one picture with each on their Instagram or Twitter accounts every week. Accordingly, certain real-life beefs are more well-known than the others, but we've only mentioned those that not many people are aware of.

The following article looks at eight friendships you may know about and eight sets of wrestlers who don't really get along well. If you feel a friendship or real-life beef deserves its place on this list, you can use the comments section to mention those.


16 Foes: Charlotte and Paige

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A series of events have seen two of the most talented women wrestlers of the generation, Charlotte and Paige despise each other completely. Paige, who was then a main roster mainstay, when asked if Bayley, Becky Lynch and Charlotte deserved to be promoted, stated that only the former two were ready. Charlotte began liking tweets that stated that the British wrestler was anxious of her spot being stolen by The Queen. Paige hit back at her, as she claimed that she was self-made [unlike Charlotte]. A few months later, they were embroiled in a rivalry that saw Paige bring up Charlotte’s personal issues on national television, under the advise of WWE writers. Their real-life rivalry reached new heights when Charlotte’s alleged ex-boyfriend Alberto El Patron began dating Paige.

15 Friends: Becky Lynch and Charlotte

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Charlotte Flair, indeed, despises Paige, but she’s not a despicable person at all, although many insiders seem to believe she receives a lot of backstage heat for being atop the company thanks to family roots. She has, in fact, made numerous friends backstage, with AJ Styles, Renee Young, Sasha Banks and Bayley being a few, but no two friends in WWE today are closer than Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Of course, we have their counterparts in Raw being as famous as they are, but Tea-Generation X or Tea-m are so well-known that Japanese anime show Tiger Mask W even made them a part of the show. Given how thin the women’s roster is, introducing Women’s Tag Team Championships isn’t feasible but, if there were one, it would forever be around Tea-m’s waists, given their unquestionable chemistry.

14 Foes: Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho

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Young wrestlers need to learn the art of making fans from Chris Jericho, as he’s been able to woo fans of different eras with much ease. There’s one more thing that he can impart in young wrestlers – standing up for oneself and for one’s colleagues. We all know how he allegedly made Goldberg tap out after a backstage altercation. He hasn’t changed despite his body, hair, gimmick and ring gear constantly changing, as he recently went toe-to-toe with another behemoth in Brock Lesnar for leaving Randy Orton concussed after their SummerSlam bout last year. The former Undisputed Champion sort of debunked the rumor shortly after the incident made headlines, but he never uttered anything that suggested that he got along well with The Beast Incarnate although he wasn’t shy to let the public know about his friendship with The Viper.

13 Friends: Dean Ambrose and The Usos

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Dean Ambrose is a sure role model as he’s been able to turn his life around after growing up in a neighborhood where drugs and violence are as common as WHAT? chants in pro-wrestling. After moving to WWE, though, he’s been trying to live a rather normal life, acting in a television show made for female WWE fans and marrying the prettiest WWE woman in Renee Young. His friend circle has also changed, as he no longer hangs out with trailer park wackos. The Lunatic Fringe, himself, revealed in a Talking Smack interview that he rolls with with the Samoans in The Usos, Naomi and Roman Reigns. With only his former Shield teammate on the Raw roster, he ought to be travelling with his Shield brothers, especially since he’s now working a program with Seth Rollins.

12 Foes: Mauro Ranallo and JBL

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Many hardcore fans rejoiced when Mauro Ranallo joined WWE a few months ago. Having heard him call matches for New Japan Pro Wrestling and Stampede Wrestling, many expected him to fill Jim Ross’ shoes. However, his dream run as SmackDown Live’s lead commentator was cut short, with WWE’s in-house bully John Layfield bullying him until he decided to call time on his main roster career. A settlement meant he didn’t badmouth JBL or WWE’s work atmosphere publicly, but he ensured he didn’t go back to the place where his bully works as he stayed from WWE from a considerable time. However, the prospect of working for WWE was highly tempting, so he made his way back to WWE recently, as NXT’s lead commentator. It’s safe to assume he won’t be working with JBL even though his current contract runs years.

11 Friends: Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax

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WWE always tries to ensure real-life events never affect their booking decisions; however, they’ve seen Lita’s cheating on Matt Hardy and Lana’s announcing her engagement to storyline rival Rusev do just that. One such forced decision has seen WWE acknowledging the friendship between Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax.

They've now begun feuding, but behind closed doors, you can bet that friendship still remains. Although the Raw Women’s Champion isn’t well-liked by her peers, The Hybrid Athlete’s being a popular figure will ensure their tag team achieves the success it deserves without any wrestler influencing how they’re booked. They've constantly posted pictures with each other on Instagram and we should learn more about their friendship on the next season of Total Divas.

10 Foes: Enzo Amore and Roman Reigns

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Enzo Amore has definitely made millions of fans in a very short time. He’s one of the major reasons why people watch WWE on Monday nights these days. However, his popularity hasn’t made him a popular figure backstage, as many colleagues find him obnoxious. Roman Reigns, the supposed The Undertaker replacement at Wrestler’s Court, kicked him out of the bus recently when he was heard badmouthing the company loudly and bragging about his paycheck to a person with whom he was speaking over phone. It’s safe to say that The Big Dog only did what a person of his stature should do and he didn’t kick him out because of personal reasons. However, it’s a truism that they couldn’t be as friendly as they used to be.

9 Friends: Dolph Ziggler and The Miz

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Dolph Ziggler and The Miz have hurled abuses at each other, calling each other fraud and whatnot. Their Intercontinental Championship bouts were so intense that many thought they didn’t really like each other in real life. However, the duo are two of the closest friends in WWE today. In fact, they’re a part of a backstage wrestling that also includes Justin Roberts, John Morrison and Zack Ryder – called The Squad. They are so close that they watch National Football League and National Basketball League together, often in the arena. Given their Cleveland roots, they both support Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers, respectively. Many expect The Showoff to move down to NXT as a part of the post-SummerSlam Superstar Shakeup, but all he needs to do to reinvent himself is become The Miztourage’s fourth fifth member.

8 Foes: Maria Kanellis and Nikki Bella

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When Maria Kanellis returned to WWE earlier this year, many hardcore long-term fans of the product were shocked. Although she did on the independent circuit what Maryse did on WWE much better than the Canadian beauty could ever do, she was never destined to return to The McMahon Empire, never mind to Shane McMahon’s show. Nikki Bella, SmackDown Live’s ever-absent top babyface apparently had a very public spat with The First Lady of WWE a few years ago, as they latter told the media that the former, with the aid of her high-profile relationships, ensured she never received an offer from WWE, ever; she also stated that she was genuinely terrified of her taking her limelight from her. Here’s hoping they’ve reconciled, for a feud between The Kanellises and John Cena and Nikki Bella has the potential to be gold.

7 Friends: Seth Rollins and Cesaro

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Many insiders alleged that Seth Rollins didn’t really get along with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. It can all just be media frenzy, though, it’s been estimated that over 70 percent of the wrestling reports are fabricated. However, one story that’s been proven right is The Architect’s friendship with Cesaro. Upon his turning on his Shield brothers, WWE ensured he didn’t hang out with them, as doing so could dilute the storylines. He chose to hang out with The Swiss Superman, whom he had known from his independent days. Besides, their common love for CrossFit has given them yet another reason to be as close as they are today. An episode of Ride Along, in which, they both share embarrassing road stories bears testimony to how close they are.

6 Foes: Lana and Paige

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Paige really hasn’t made a lot of friends although she’s managed to make millions of admirers. She hasn’t managed to woo a person who’s receives as much hate as she does as well. Lana, who has made fewer friends than Paige, on the back of the controversial Raw segment between Charlotte Flair and Paige, in which the latter brought up the death of Reid Flair, called the British wrestler a phony anti-diva. Paige hit back at her, calling her a liar, shortly afterward. The quarrel went on for hours, with Paige underlining Lana’s desperation and Lana calling Paige a bully. It’s been rumored that WWE engineered this Twitter spat to take the limelight off the controversial Raw segment, but the two have never been the best friends to begin with. They uploaded a picture to Twitter the next day, stating they had reconciled, but we all know hate magnets can’t really like each other.

5 Friends: Finn Balor and Karl Anderson

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It’s not a secret that Finn Balor had a decorated career in Japan before moving to WWE. He left everything he had built – The Bullet Club and numerous friendships – in search of a new adventure and bigger paycheck when he decided to leave NJPW. When his former Bullet Club teammates were rumored to be following in his footsteps to WWE, many journalists wanted an interview with him. Although AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson all signed their WWE contracts at the same time, it was Anderson’s arrival that seemed to excite the first Universal Champion the most as he seemed genuinely excited about welcoming whom he called his best friend to WWE. He now thinks reforming The Bullet Club in WWE would be a step backwards in his career, but he ought to be delighted to have his struggling bald friend around a lot.


3 Foes: Matt Hardy and Lita

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Many believe that the love triangle angle involving Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita was a work; we all know WWE wasn’t inventive enough to send down its wrestler to the indies to further a storyline back then. Accordingly, the hatred ought to be real. Lita’s cheating on The Broken One when he was still just the second best Hardy Boy with his best friend Edge of all people meant he resented her. However, he has since dated numerous bombshells since and has also been married to one in Reby Hardy, who abused her on Twitter after a fan proposed the return of Team Extreme, for over for over four years now. Lita herself has dated numerous wrestlers, including CM Punk, but she’s remained unmarried, though.

2 Friends: Bayley and Sasha Banks

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Although women’s division hasn’t been given the time they rightfully deserve, the women have managed to entertain the fans in all the ways they could, and I’m not talking about Paige, Lana, Mickie James or even Maryse. One tried-and-tested strategy they all seem to be following is feeding WWE Universe’s hunger for seeing their favorite female superstars be in adorable friendships. Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch may be the hottest sets of friends today, but Bayley and Sasha Banks were the trendsetters in this regard as they became friends before becoming friends was cool. A rivalry between them is on the cards now, as a WrestleMania match between two friends-turned-enemies is certain to be amazing, especially since that rivalry will finally hand The Boss her opportunity to turn heel.

1 Foes: Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is a trendsetter in more ways than one. She formed a friendship that the wrestling world often talked about with Bayley. With many wrestlers following in her footsteps, she’s now inventing more ways to remain atop the food chain. She’s now developed a off-screen rivalry with Alexa Bliss that has had the Internet Wrestling Community talking. Apparently, they both aren’t following each other on social media, and a Raw vs. SmackDown that saw most wrestlers just throw ridiculously fake punches had The Boss and Little Miss Bliss handing each other stiff punches. In a backstage interview with Peter Rosenberg, The Boss even branded the Raw Women’s Champion’s finisher the worst of all time. The perceived animosity between the two of the most talented female wrestlers is sure to have a lot of fans watching their matches for ‘shoot’ moments. Given how they’ve been able to market their animosity, they top our list.

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