8 Backstage Rumors Currently Circulating In The Raw Locker Room (And 7 On SmackDown)

We bring you some of the juiciest rumors in the industry!

It’s time to be like John Cena and give out a definition:

Rumor: A tall tale of explanations of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern.

The wrestling industry and rumors go hand-in-hand like Mickey Mantle and alcohol, paper cuts and mail carriers, and chocolate being consumed by Augustus Gloop. As you know, rumors sprout up every day and they mostly don’t come to fruition. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy speculating what might or might not be true.

One of the biggest forces behind the constant rumors in the wrestling industry is journalist Dave Meltzer. This isn’t a knock on Meltzer but usually, when you hear a rumor, it comes from him. Meltzer has been right about a lot of rumors in the industry but he’s also been wrong. This list is about some of the most recent rumors in the WWE.

This list covers all sorts of rumors. From future matches, to why the WWE booked wrestlers a certain way, to the reason for a segment; we bring you some of the juiciest rumors in the industry. If you love gossip, you’re going to love this list. Enjoy.

15 Raw - The Maryse & Miz Announcement 


It must have been a slow news day when this rumor sprung about it but nevertheless, it’s still a rumor. The Miz and Maryse have been on fire since Maryse came back to the WWE in 2016. The most powerful couple in the WWE Universe would help SmackDown Live compete with Raw before switching brands earlier this year. As the Intercontinental Champion, Miz can basically do what he wants in the ring. On an episode of Raw, the couple would announce their first child.

14 SmackDown Live - Double Makeover 


How in the world did Luke Harper and Eric Rowan not win a single Tag Team Championship together? It makes no sense, like Bray Wyatt’s booking. For some reason WWE creative wanted the Wyatt Family to strike fear in the hearts of the WWE Universe without ever winning a championship. Wyatt and Harper would eventually hold a title but practically everyone agrees it took forever for that to happen.

13 Raw - Stephanie's Latest Appearance 


Vince McMahon and Kevin Owens would perform the best ending of a SmackDown Live episode since the brand split in 2016. There’s nothing better than a blood feud involving the McMahons and a wrestler. A lot of rumors have been flying around since the episode ended but one thing is for certain, when Vince McMahon makes an appearance, anything is possible.

12 SmackDown Live - Natalya's Next Feud 


This seems to be the best bet of coming true out of all the rumors on this list. Natalya would defeat Naomi at SummerSlam and although Carmella has the Money in the Bank contract, she won’t be feuding with Natalya according to rumors. The grapevine is telling us that Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are next in line to feud with Natalya.

11 Raw - Why Asuka Is Joining The Red Brand 


Arguably the greatest run in the history of NXT, Asuka’s championship reign would last 523 days according to the WWE. That’s a longer reign than John Cena, CM Punk, or Randy Savage ever had. Of course, there are several reasons why she had a longer reign than them, but it’s still a pretty impressive accomplishment in its own right.

10 SmackDown Live - Authors Of Pain's Next Stop


They’re huge, can wrestle, and are a throwback to the heavyweight teams that once dominated the industry. The Authors of Pain would make their NXT debuts in 2016. Along with their manager Paul Ellering, the duo would not only become Tag Team Champions but they would win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

9 Raw - The Match That Got Away


On a delicious Thanksgiving Day evening in 1990, the WWE Universe would forever be changed. The Undertaker would make his on-screen debut in a traditional Survivor Series match involving several legends. Bret Hart, Dusty Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase would all put over The Undertaker that night. What does this have to do with today? The Undertaker loves Survivor Series and although his last match at WrestleMania 33 seemed like his final dance, don’t be surprised if he wants to finish his WWE career on the same Pay-Per-View he debuted in.

8 SmackDown Live - A Glorious Feud 


You’re glorious, TheSportster is glorious, but do you know who else is glorious? You guessed it right, Bobby Roode. Roode finally made it to the WWE after years of being the enemy. The Ontario native deserves to be in the biggest promotion in the universe. After a year of carrying on the NXT tradition of putting on spectacular performances, Roode would make his SmackDown Live debut this summer.

7 Raw - The Fate Of Emma


Emma is back in a WWE ring after a long and drawn out layoff. It seemed WWE wanted Emma to be a princess (Emmalina) but decided to back out at the last moment. Today, Emma keeps talking about how she started the Women’s Revolution. WWE has pushed her into the title picture on Raw and will be involved in the Fatal 4-Way match for the Women’s Championship.

6 SmackDown Live - Kevin Owens Or A.J. Styles Injured 


The wise and humble Dave Meltzer may not be always right but he does have a point with this rumor. While having events in Hawaii and Japan, Meltzer noticed United States Champion A.J. Styles and Kevin Owens matches were short. Styles is huge in Japan and both wrestlers are top performers so why would they be involved in short matches?

5 Raw - Triple H Returns  


We talked about the reason why Raw’s commissioner, Stephanie McMahon, came out at the end of an episode on SmackDown Live featuring Kevin Owens and Vince McMahon. When it comes to the more important stories in the WWE Universe, creative loves to plant little seeds along the way. Rumor has it that Triple H will be getting involved in this feud involving Owens and Shane McMahon. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are tied at the hip usually and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Triple H pop up at WWE’s Hell in a Cell.

4 SmackDown Live - Recent Blood Angle 


If you make the rules you can break the rules. According to Dave Meltzer, Vince McMahon broke his own rule about getting “color” on television. Color in the wrestling industry means blood will be involved in a match or segment. Before the PG era, the WWE would color all the time. Whether it was an intentional blading or actually bump that caused blood, the WWE wasn’t shy covering the bloody mess.

3 Raw - Rousey Coming Soon  


The rumor wheels are spinning and a Ronda Rousey run in the WWE is becoming more and more likely. The first taste of RondaMania came at WrestleMania 31 when she was involved in a segment with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and The Rock. The seeds were planted and in 2017, those seeds are finally sprouting up. Recently, Rousey would be seen representing the original Four Horsewomen at WWE’s Mae Young Classic.

2 SmackDown Live - The Prodigal Son Returns


Yes! Yes! Yes! Daniel Bryan fans will always have hope that their underdog hero will return to the ring for one more run. The rumors about Bryan returning isn’t a fresh theory, however, there is new information out there about what Bryan is doing on his off time. Bryan’s wife, the beautiful Brie Bella, took part in a live Q&A recently and mentions that a training video she was featured in was not allowed to be released.

1 Raw - A Potential Gimmick For Brock Lesnar


The Conqueror, The Beast Incarnate, The Next Big Thing, The Mayor Of Suplex City, and The One in 21-1 are just some of the nicknames Brock Lesnar has acquired over the years. People can complain about his soft schedule but the fact remains, fans tune in when Lesnar is on television. The Universal Champion would make his wrestling debut in 2000 and would be promoted to the main roster by 2002.

Lesnar’s career would be strapped to a rocket that still hasn’t fallen. Countless big-time matches, titles, and feuds, Lesnar’s impact on the WWE Universe will be felt for decades. Rumors have come out that Lesnar was almost going to be written as a "gay character.” Brian Solomon, a former WWE writer, alleged he wouldn’t express stereotypical traits associated with gay men but would still be one tough S.O.B.

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8 Backstage Rumors Currently Circulating In The Raw Locker Room (And 7 On SmackDown)