8 Behind the Scenes Pictures The WWE Wants You To See & 7 They Don’t

These pictures include an array of stars that are pretty much black-listed from the company like CM Punk and Sunny

Since the rise of technology and the internet, it seems like wrestling gossip has increased substantially, as fans have a huge thirst to find out what goes on behind the scenes. Some would rather that info, than to actually watch the product. Backstage wrestling news is basically like celeb gossip, but for dudes...

In this article, we go behind the scenes with 15 pictures. The kicker is that we separate the entries into two categories. Eight of the pictures will feature photos we believe the WWE wants us to see. Those include John Cena, Roman and the kids and various other photos. The seven remaining pictures, however, will feature some juicy shots from backstage that the WWE likely doesn’t want us to see or remember for that matter. These pictures include an array of stars that are pretty much black-listed from the company like CM Punk and Sunny. Another photo even features Vince alongside Chyna as the two share a laugh.

So without further ado, let's dive right in and take a look at these 15 pictures from behind the scenes. These are eight behind the scenes pictures the WWE wants you to see and seven they don’t. Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend and, of course, leave a comment letting us know which BTS image you like the most. Enjoy!

15 Do: Cena At The Gorilla Position


It’s hard to find any pictures of John Cena behind the scenes that the WWE doesn’t want you to see. This one, however, has a little deeper meaning as Cena intensely watches the product unfold from the gorilla position.

On the Chris Jericho podcast, both Y2J and Kevin Owens elaborated on Cena’s involvement with the product, claiming he’s the most “into it” Superstar on the entire roster. Jericho claims that Cena sits in the gorilla position for most of the show, watching the other talents perform and even giving them some feedback after the match. Although Cena is constantly pushed to the forefront by the WWE, there’s simply no denying his work ethic as one of the biggest hustlers in company history. His passion speaks for itself and this picture shows a little snippet of it as he watches on from behind the scenes.

14 Don’t: Vince & Chyna Sharing A Laugh


Chyna's story in the WWE was certainly unique. From the start, Vince was hesitant to hire Chyna, as it was actually Triple H and Shawn Michaels that pushed the idea to Shane, who would eventually help to get her signed. After WCW apparently expressed interest in her, Shane was quick to pull the trigger, bringing her in. Although Vince was reluctant to hire her at first, that sentiment would quickly change. The two bonded off-screen, as you can see in this rare behind the scenes picture and Chyna was also a huge attraction for the company.

It was going great, but it all came crashing down. After an awful departure because of an affair taking place between Hunter and Stephanie, Chyna was pretty much black-listed by the WWE. What followed only made things worse, as The Ninth Wonder of the World would turn to drugs and a career in the adult industry. For that, this is a behind the scenes picture the WWE wants you to forget about.

13 Do: Shane & Vince Sharing A Moment


From a picture the WWE doesn’t want you to see of Vince, we move to a picture they do and one that he’s extremely proud of. With WrestleMania 32 looming, McMahon felt the pressure to put on a huge show which was set to take place in front of a record breaking crowd in Dallas. With that said, injuries made the event that much more difficult as prominent stars were on the shelf. Vince was desperate for a big return and a match that could save the card; enter his son, Shane.

Shane’s return arguably saved the event, although some fans believe not even his bout with Taker saved the lackluster show. However, no matter what way you look at it, the addition of Shane brought a huge sense of excitement to the event and one the show desperately needed. The two shared a moment following the match, as they wept at the gorilla position. Shane commented on the emotional moment, claiming he felt like it was the first time his father was genuinely proud of him. This is a behind the scenes picture you’ll be seeing a heck of a lot in the future.

12 Don’t: Xavier Woods Hanging With Kenny Omega


Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods met up at a gaming convention in 2016. After a lengthy feud online via social media, the two decided to settle the score outside of the ring in a battle of gaming wits. The two went one-on-one in a game of Street Fighter V. Although Woods is widely known for his gaming channel and his passion for the domain, he lost the encounter as Omega emerged victorious.

Now, how did the WWE feel about this behind the scenes image? Well, we believe they weren’t too thrilled. The WWE doesn’t like to expose or make mention of performers working outside the company and Kenny Omega is certainly no exception. The WWE wanted to hire Omega when his contract recently expired, but he instead chose to renew his deal overseas with New Japan. With that said, we believe the WWE doesn’t want any mention of the wrestler, especially coming at the expense of being side-by-side with one of their very own.

11 Do: The Rock & John Cena Getting Along


What made the encounter between The Rock and John Cena that much more unique was the fact that the two had legitimate backstage beef during their program. Basically, Cena made comments about The Rock, Rock countered, Cena went off script during a verbal bout between the two and from then on, and the tension was raised to new heights. Things got so bad that the two almost fought behind the scenes. If we had picture evidence of that taking place, without a doubt it would be featured on the “don’t” part of this list.

Luckily for the WWE, the two mega stars managed to work things out, finding a newfound respect for one another. Rock is currently killing it in Hollywood, while Cena is walking in The Great One's footsteps, taking time off for various entertainment gigs. In terms of behind the scenes pictures, this is one that the WWE would flaunt proudly, as there simply aren’t two men that better represent the company.

10 Don’t: Anything Ryback


Ryback’s WWE departure was unexpected to say the least. He thought of himself quite highly and that led to difficult contract negotiations. He sealed his faith with the company after making a statement that all wrestlers should be paid equally for a pre-determined sport. That was his ticket out the door as the WWE was having none of it.

Since leaving the company, it seems like the “Big Guy” just keeps burning more and more bridges with the WWE. Whether it be via his podcast or shoot interviews, Ryback continues to bury the WWE, ripping the likes of John Cena and even calling his former boss Vince McMahon a “piece of s***.” It seems like the more he talks, the more the WWE will distance themselves from him. Pictures of Ryback. like you see above with the legendary Pat Patterson. will slowly become extinct.

9 Do: Roman & The Kids


Like John Cena, most behind the scenes pictures featuring Roman are likely something the WWE wants you to see. The company continues to push Roman quite heavily and that even takes place behind the scenes.

Reigns is now a crucial component of the WWE’s huge engine. He’s a spokesperson for the company at big events and he even does his fair share of charity work, as you can see in the picture above where he's meeting Make-A-Wish children. For that reason, the company has no desire to change Roman into a heel anytime soon, since all the younger fans love him. As for the booing, the will make the claim that he gets a reaction, which is what they “want” at the end of the day.

8 Don’t: The Sunny Days


Shawn Michaels wasn’t the same person he is today back in the day. He was playing the role of The Heartbreak Kid both in and out of the ring. That led to some huge ego problems along with various controversies. One of them was hooking up with Sunny.

What the WWE constantly fails to mention is the fact that the heat between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels was that much stronger because of Sunny’s involvement. HBK and Sunny were hooking up, while Bret and Sunny would also hang out. Michaels became worried that the two were also getting it on, creating yet another reason for tension between the two.

Ultimately, Hart moved to WCW, Michaels burned out and Sunny would never be seen again. Both Shawn and Bret managed to salvage their relationship with the company, although the same can’t be said for Sunny, who’s basically black-listed by the WWE because of her career path and making such behind the scenes stories public.

7 Do: Triple H & His Baby


A father of three daughters, we tend to forget about Triple H’s other baby, NXT. Hunter has made the developmental brand his primary focus over the years, as he not only gets the future of the company ready, but he’s also gaining experience and getting himself ready for a potential role at the very top of the company once Vince calls it a day.

Hunter continues to put in huge hours with NXT. Whether he’s down in Florida or at the head offices in Stanford, The Game is 24/7 when it comes to the developmental product. Heck, the guy even has a live feed camera at the WWE HQ, showing him everything that’s going on down in Florida at the Performance Center. His hard work and dedication for the brand has been well documented by the WWE and this is a behind the scenes picture they certainly would want you to see, showing Triple H putting in the work.

6 Don’t: AJ Lee & Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie’s treatment on WWE television is night and day from the early 2000s to now. Back in the day, she used as a heel that provided big time comedic relief for wrestlers that verbally attacked her, like The Rock and Chris Jericho. Today, that has all changed, as Stephanie is nearly untouchable as she continues to demean Superstars week in and week out.

One Superstar that stood up to McMahon was AJ Lee. After Steph tweeted a quote about women’s rights, Lee fired back, claiming the same was not being done with the product. AJ pointed at merchandise sales and TV ratings, pointing out that it did not match the salaries the females were making. Stephanie took the high road and thanked AJ for her comments. However, such a statement likely got Lee blacklisted from the WWE and this is a picture of the two that the company probably wants you to forget about.

5 Do: Snoop & Sasha


When it comes to enhancing their public image in the realm of entertainment, the WWE will do whatever it takes to be seen. One factor that helps a heck of a lot is the fact that popular WWE Superstar Sasha Banks is the real-life cousin of Snoop Dogg. That helps expand the WWE’s popularity into mainstream media and they’ve already pounced on it several times in the past.

The most recent example came at WrestleMania 32, when Snoop accompanied his cousin down to the ring while singing her entrance music. The sight was surreal, with Snoop rapping while confetti fell from the rafters. The company has big plans for Sasha, as she’s already a three-time Women’s Champion at the age of 25.

4 Don’t: A Bloodied Foley With His Family


With a PG family friendly program nowadays, this is certainly a picture from behind the scenes that the WWE does not want you to see. This photo shows Mick Foley as a bloody mess alongside his family, which includes his two kids, Dewey and Noelle. The image was taken from the Beyond the Mat, which showed the viewer the dark side of pro wrestling back in the 90s. The scene was horrific as the Foley family watched in utter shock as their dad took a beating from The Rock and a steel chair during an I Quit match, which was one of the most brutal you’ll ever see. The bout featured multiple char shots, most of which were straight to the head.

With a bloodless, family friendly program, we don’t need to explain any further why such a behind the scenes picture wouldn’t fly with the WWE.

3 Do: The Best Buds Hanging Out


Without a doubt, the WWE wants us to see this behind the scenes image of the two best friends hanging out backstage. Over the years, the company has pushed the names of both Superstars immensely and although HBK’s in-ring days are done and Triple H doesn’t wrestle all that often, their legacies will continue to be celebrated for years to come.

The two remain close despite their different directions. Stephanie admitted that when times get tough for Hunter and he feels overwhelmed, she gives good old HBK a call and The Showstopper comes to the aid of his buddy. In terms of wrestling bromances, this will remain one of the greatest in the history of pro wrestling.

2 Don’t: CM Punk & The Rock


Although it seemed like all fun and games inside the ring when The Rock called CM Punk, people backstage were actually livid. Things got so tense that the WWE actually considered muting his microphone, but thankfully cooler heads prevailed in the situation.

The beef between Punk and WWE is obvious and has gotten so bad that Punk is pretty much blacklisted from the company. Punk’s shoot interview with Colt Cabana started the debacle and from then on, the flood gates opened. Things reached the absolute boiling point when a WWE doctor took Punk to court for his comments. With a lawsuit in play between the two parties, it angered the WWE that much more that The Rock would mention Punk’s name. As you see in the picture, however, the two are good friends but the WWE most probably wishes we didn’t know that.

1 Do: Cena & Flair Celebrate Number 16


If anyone was ever going to tie the prestigious 16 World Title reigns of Ric Flair, the WWE would have wanted it to be John Cena and they got their wish on January 29th, 2017, a big day in company history. With that said, even Ric Flair appreciated Cena reaching the mark. The Nature Boy has expressed his love for Cena time and time again, calling him an absolute pro.

This iconic behind the scenes image took place at the gorilla position following John’s monumental Royal Rumble victory against AJ Styles. Although he would lose the title shortly after at the Elimination Chamber event, the win was a huge honor and one the WWE obviously wants you to see. It remains to be seen when he’ll pick up number 17, but rest assured, it’ll happen sooner or later.

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8 Behind the Scenes Pictures The WWE Wants You To See & 7 They Don’t