8 Best And 7 Worst WWE Women's Champions Of All Time

Women's wrestling has been put in to the spotlight ever since Wrestlemania 32. Despite all the credit Stephanie McMahon takes for beginning the "Women's Revolution" on an episode of Raw where she introduced Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte, this is not the case. In fact it was the complete opposite of a " Women's Revolution." The feud between Team PCB, Team Bella, and Team B.A.D was horrendous. None of the new NXT Divas were showcased properly. Sasha Banks was rarely if ever on TV and the other two never really stood out. Thankfully, women's wrestling in WWE has improved a lot from what it use to be. On a recent episode of Raw, they were even given the main event slot. Another major reason for the recent success of the Women is the debut of the new Women's Championship. Not only did it get rid of the God-ugly Diva's Championship, but it brought nostalgic feelings of the old Women's Championship. However, in it's time the WWE has had their share of "interesting" choices for Women's Champions. Some have made the belt important, while others just carried it with them.

Here are the 8 best and 7 worst WWE Women's Champions of all-time

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15 Best: Charlotte 

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Charlotte is the only one on this list who has won the new WWE Women's Championship and the old Divas Championship. The new Women's Championship debuted at WrestleMania and the winner of a Triple Threat match between Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks would take the newly created championship. Charlotte won and preceded to have a reign of dominance over the Women's Division. She beat Sasha Banks, Natalya, and Becky Lynch while holding the title. Charlotte also developed in to one of the best heels the WWE currently has to offer because she is able to obtain heat like no other on the roster. I'm sure in a few years, Charlotte will easily move up in the list and go down as one of the greatest Women's Champions in WWE history.

14 Worst: The Fabulous Moolah (At age 76)

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The Fabulous Moolah is obviously one the of the pioneers of women's wrestling. So you may be questioning why is she on this list? Moolah returned to the WWE full-time in 1999 as a part of a comedic duo with her real-life friend Mae Young. The two would feud notably with Jeff Jarrett and Ivory. After defeating Ivory in a Handicapped Evening Gown match, Moolah earned a title shot. Obviously the 76 year old Moolah would lose to the up-and-coming Ivory, right? If you thought that you'd be wrong. Ivory lost her title to the 76 years old Fabulous Moolah. Luckily Moolah dropped the title back eight days later on an episode of Raw.

I'm sure this isn't the last of Moolah on this list.

13 Best: Jazz

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Jazz is truly an underrated performer for her time. Before joining the WWE after ECW closed down, she was a member of Justin Credible's posse. Then she would have many matches with the male talent. Her first championship reign came in early 2002 when she defeated Trish Stratus. From there, she would hold the belt through WrestleMania X8 including a bout where she defeated both Trish Stratus and Lita in a Triple Threat match. What made Jazz work, was that she was a legitimate and fierce women's wrestler. She also had character which is hard to find nowadays. Unfortunately, Jazz left WWE in 2004 and is currently a part of a lawsuit against the company for concussions. While it is unlikely we will see Jazz return to WWE, we can still recall her days as WWE Women's Champion.

12 Worst: Sable

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While Sable was very pivotal for the Attitude Era and the WWE leaping over WCW in ratings, she was terrible at almost everything else she did. Primarily known for her looks, Sable entertained male wrestling fans before her untimely departure in 1999. She became more popular than her husband Marc Mero and won the Women's Championship by defeating Jacqueline. There were two major issues with her winning the Women's Title. One, she wasn't a very good wrestler. The other being she hardly wrestled or had any one to defend the belt against. The matches that she did have were absolute rubbish. And worst of all, she lost her title in an Evening Gown match where Debra lost the bout but still was given the title.

11 Best: Beth Phoenix 

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Beth Phoenix retired not too long ago and is often forgotten by many wrestling fans nowadays. However, during her hey-day, she was phenomenal. After suffering injuries when she first debuted, she became known as the "Glamazon," a name that truly fit her. She held the Women's Championship three times. In each reign she looked dominant and stronger and easily over matched her opponents each and every night. She was the second to last Women's Champion before it was reincarnated this year. Unfortunately, she retired early. She now has children with former WWE Champion Edge. Phoenix brought a lot more legitimacy to a what was at the time a very weak Women's Division. It's a shame Phoenix is no longer around as she would have made a great fit among the current females in WWE.

10 Worst: Chyna

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As saddening as it was to see Chyna pass away earlier in the year, it is also sad to see someone who was as polarizing and over as she was on this list. Chyna was involved in a storyline with a group known as Right to Censor. They injured her neck in kayfabe and it was said that she can no longer wrestle with men. She then set her sights on the Women's Champion and Right to Censor member Ivory. At WrestleMania X-Seven, Ivory was jobbed out to Chyna in a an awful three minute match. She defended the belt against Lita at Judgement Day and that would turn out to be her final match in WWE. She sat home the rest of the year because of a contract dispute .

9 Best: Mickie James

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Before James Storm was pushing her into trains, Mickie James was once a coveted member of WWE's Women's roster. She had one of WWE's last story driven Women's feuds with Trish Stratus. That feud culminated when James beat Trish at WrestleMania 22. She created the famous picture of her cupping Trish's ladyparts and the licking her hand (an image not seen on today's WWE programming). The match is also tremendous for a time when the women were not known for their wrestling. After her excellent feud with Trish Stratus, James would win the Women's Championship an outstanding five more times. She was the second to last champion before the title was retired in favor of the Diva's Championship. James was unfortunately released in early 2010 along with a slew of others.

8 Worst: Debra

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The ex-wife of both "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Steve "Mongo" McMichael joins the worst side of this list at number four. Sure, Debra was stunning at the time, but she lacked one of the most important things to being a champion. She had no wrestling ability. The way she won the title was also very demeaning. In a bout on Raw, she faced then champion Sable in an Evening Gown match. As degrading as the match is, one would believe the person with their clothes on would win the title right? Well if that's what you thought you'd be wrong and Debra was crowned the new Women's Champion. Her reign lasted almost a full month, and she dropped the title to a much more talented wrestler in Ivory.

7 Best: Ivory

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Speaking of Ivory, the former Women's Champion is hardly mentioned as being a terrific women's wrestler. She never receives or gets credit for leading the Women's Division in the early 2000s. As I previously mentioned, she won her championship for the first time by defeating the aforementioned Debra in a regular wrestling match. Her reign was ended by the aforementioned Fabulous Moolah who obviously needed the title (sarcasm). But her most infamous reign came in 2000 as a member of Right to Censor. While many found them annoying, they obviously achieved their goal. They were a heat magnet and Ivory was a catalyst for much of the heat. Unfortunately her reign was ended by Chyna in a squash match at WrestleMania X-Seven.

6 Worst: The Kat

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The Kat aka Stacy Carter aka one of Jerry Lawler's ex wives is a former WWE Women's Champion. Like many on the worst list, she never should have won the title in the first place. In what may be case of nepotism because of her relationship with Lawler, The Kat won the title in Four-Way Evening Gown match at Armageddon 1999. After the match she removed her bra and held the title up into the new millennium where she lost the title in a Lumberjill Snowbunny match to Harvey Wippleman dressed as a woman yes, this really happened). As bad as that sounds, she had a really bad match with Terri Runnels at WrestleMania 2000 and floundered the rest of the year until her release in 2001.

5 Best: Lita

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WWE Hall of Famer Lita revolutionized Women's wrestling for her time. She would take steel chair shots and go through tables, something no other women would do at time. This made her a very compelling and interesting character and many fans enjoyed seeing her on their TV screen. Lita's first reign came when she ended the reign of Stephanie McMahon who was champion for some reason. Her next reign came when she and Trish Stratus had a fabulous feud in 2004. Trish was playing an awesome heel who everyone hated, and everyone already loved Lita so it made for an awesome combination. For the first time ever, a Women's match was given the main event of Raw and Lita defeated Trish and ended her long reign as champion.

4 Worst: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon winning the Women's Champion may have made sense for the story, but it severely hurt the Women's Division at the time. She defeated Jacqueline on an episode SmackDown with help from the McMahon-Helmsley Regime. She held the title for 146 days and defended twice, therefore making the title irrelevant. She was chosen to hold the title over Divas such as Lita, Ivory, and even Jacqueline... you know, actual wrestlers. During this reign she was the opposite of Shane McMahon holding the European Championship. It fit Shane's character much more and had a lot more wrestling talent despite no real training. This reign was incredibly pointless and was hardly acknowledged despite Stephanie always holding it during those long opening promos. You ever wonder how Stephanie contend in today's division?

3 Best: The Fabulous Moolah

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The Fabulous Moolah is the only women on this list to make it twice and this honor is quite deserved. She won the title on a few different occasions. In total, she held the title for over 16,000 days. In one of wrestling's first screwjobs, Wendi Richter had told Vince McMahon that she was not signing a new contract. So to get her to drop the title, McMahon had Moolah dress in an all black attire called her the Black Spider. During their match, Moolah tried to hold Richter shoulders down and despite Richter getting her shoulder up, the referee continued to count the three. Moolah retreated and Richter obviously furious left the arena in her ring gear. To many The Fabulous Moolah will always be considered the greatest Women's Champion of all time but not on our list...

2 Worst: Hervina (Harvey Wippleman)

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A man winning the Women's Championship? it can't get worst than that. Not only that, Wippleman was completely irrelevant at this point. He showed up out of the blue after not being on TV for a couple of years. So obviously the correct way to bring him back is to have him compete in the Women's Division, right? He defeated The Kat in a Lumberjill Snowbunny match under the name of Hervina. Her (His?) reign lasted one day as he dropped the title to Jacqueline on a taped episode of SmackDown. So this literally happened for no reason. It was incredibly pointless. And as I write this, maybe the only reason "Hervina" won was to protect The Kat and not have her lose clean because of her relationship with Lawler.

1 Best: Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus somehow made the transition from manager to wrestler seamless. She started off managing the likes of T&A (Test and Albert) and Val Venis and hadn't had many matches before she won the title in 2001 after Chyna vacated it. I'm sure no one would expect what was to follow. Stratus won the title an outstanding seven times, more than anyone in history. In total, these seven reigns accumulated for over 800 days. During her reigns she took on the likes Lita, Molly Holly, Victoria, Mickie James, and Jazz. In her seventh and final reign, Trish faced her nemesis Lita one last time at Unforgiven 2006 in Canada and her hometown of Toronto. Trish defeated Lita with the Sharpshooter and faded off in to the sunset.

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