8 Couples WWE Wants You To Know About And 7 They Want To Forget

Here are eight couples WWE wants fans to know and remember and seven they want to forget about.

There are plenty of great couples in wrestling. They take two forms: One are the on-camera couples, the ones who hang out as part of a storyline. The other are the real deal, actual couples who are often better known off screen than on it. Through its history, WWE has shown plenty of both types, couples who are fantastic and fans love to know about. Some are better than others and a few times, fans prefer to ignore some couples. Others are great to watch however and provide entertainment value. Yet, there are some couples WWE prefers fans not to know as much about today. That’s because of how they’ve left WWE but also because of some of the darker issues surrounding them and they often had an ugly exit from the company. Today, there are plenty of great couples and others in the past the company pushes but others they tend to overlook.

True, WWE can be surprisingly frank on some of their past but they still tend to whitewash a lot of stuff. Thus, quite often, when a couple is meant to be ignored, they will be. Today, with the Network and other places, you can recall some of these couples but WWE prefers to push some over others as their harsh ends and their rough times can bring up some bad memories. Here are eight couples WWE wants fans to know and remember and seven they want to forget about.

15 Know: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

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Daniel Bryan is a fascinating case for WWE. A man who didn’t have “the WWE look” won fans over in a major way. A brilliant worker, Bryan soon got fans on his side in 2014 for his emotional title victory and thus fans were heartbroken when he had to give it up due to a neck injury. An attempted comeback in 2015 was also cut short and so Bryan has settled in today as SmackDown general manager and fans enjoy watching him in that role. He and Brie Bella began dating in 2011 and were married in 2014.

14 Forget: Sunny and Anyone


Tammy Sytch was a revelation when she came to WWE. Bright, blonde, bubbly, gorgeous, Sunny was an instant winner with fans. She loved to flaunt herself and in many ways paved the trail every “Diva” since would follow. But behind the scenes, Sunny got in trouble a lot for her ego and drug use. That’s led to issues of WWE pushing her in programming today, not aided by her infamous romantic past. She and Chris Candido had a troubled relationship with constant cheating and antics on the road. Sunny also had affairs on the road with numerous wrestlers, most prominently Shawn Michaels.

13 Know: Tyson Kidd and Natalya


Historically, Tyson Kidd is known as the final graduate of the infamous Hart Dungeon. Known for his toughness as well as good high-flying skills, he, David Hart Smith and Natalya Neidhart formed the Hart Dynasty, paying tribute to their extended clan. Kidd and Nattie were soon getting together a lot more, having known each other since they were kids and began dating in 2001. The first season of “Total Divas” focused on their engagement and culminated in the duo’s wedding. The show enjoys focusing on them, Nattie helping her husband through his serious neck injury and him helping her with her own injuries and issues in wrestling. They make a good couple on screen, carrying on well and Tyson seems like a good supportive husband.

12 Forget: John Morrison and Melina


MNM were a breakout tag team from the start as Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury forged a great unit. Aiding was Melina as their manager with her famous split-legged ring entrance. After Mercury got a brutal face injury, Nitro was moved to singles work as John Morrison and soon began clicking with fans. They loved his amazing style and parkour work for reigns as IC champion and a great tag team with The Miz. Melina meanwhile transformed into a great women’s wrestler with reigns as Divas and Women’s champion.

11 Know: Edge and Lita


They’re not together anymore but WWE still likes to remind fans of them. Several shows on the network have touched on how this was the most amazing blurring of real life and on-camera actions. Amy Dumas had been with Matt Hardy for several years but when he was out with an injury, she started to hook up with Adam Copeland. When Matt found out, he blew his stack, exposing the affair on social media and getting huge attention which led to him being fired. With fans hating them already, Edge and Lita embraced it and the push led to Edge finally becoming a main event star. Matt would return for a big feud before they moved on with Edge clearly the one getting the push off of things.

10 Forget: Chris Benoit and Nancy


It’s not at all surprising WWE wants to ignore this. The story of how they got together is unique as Nancy Sullivan had been married to Kevin Sullivan when he booked himself to “lose” her to Benoit. Sullivan pushed them to keep it up by hanging out together only for them to fall in love for real and Sullivan got dumped. Their relationship continued, with Chris Benoit often talked up as being a real family man. That was what made it so shocking when he ended up killing Nancy, their son and himself in 2007. Since then, Benoit has been just about persona non grata in WWE’s history. They mention him in books and his matches are on the Network but otherwise, the company tries to make it as though he never existed.

9 Know: Randy Savage and Elizabeth


True, their ending was sad but the “First Couple of Wrestling” is still one WWE loves fans to know about today. In his prime, Randy Savage was one of the single greatest workers in all of wrestling and sensational on the mic. Elizabeth was his real-life wife, introduced as his manager. Their act was genius with Savage berating her but also jealous whenever someone came after her. They split on-screen when Savage went heel but reunited on camera at WrestleMania VII. This set up their “wedding” at SummerSlam ’91 and Elizabeth became a focus in Flair’s feud with Savage in 1992.

8 Forget: Stone Cold and Debra


Steve Austin had been struggling in WWE in 1996, trying to change his image with a shaved head but missed something. His then-wife Jeanie Clark was the one who made the “tea will get Stone Cold” remark that made Austin a star. They divorced in 1999 as Austin was already moving on to Debra Marshall. Their relationship was made an on-air fact in 2001 during Austin’s heel turn as Debra hung with him in various backstage bits and enjoyed the fame. However, in 2003, the two divorced amid some very ugly incidents involving Austin reported for domestic abuse. Austin has had his own ups and downs with the company including a walkout and a few other arrests.

7 Know: Lana and Rusev


6 6 Forget: Triple H and Chyna


Triple H was on the rise in 1997 but still needed something to break out. He and Shawn Michaels were talking about it at a hotel when Joanie Laurer came up interested in joining WWE. Impressed, the two talked Vince into the idea of Chyna, the imposing female bodyguard. She was a hit and boosted Triple H as the duo were soon a regular couple behind the scenes. Chyna had her own star rise with pushes as Intercontinental Champion and an appearance in Playboy.

5 Know: The Miz and Maryse


In a way, it’s a pairing that makes perfect sense. The Miz, the arrogant reality star who turned into a surprisingly good wrestler and loves being the heel. Maryse, the Diva Search contestant who turned into a good Women’s Champion. The two of them were hooking up before long and became a good team, balancing their arrogance. In 2014, they were married and while Maryse took a break from in-ring action, WWE loved to promote her still supporting her husband with his career. In 2016, Maryse made her return to help Miz win the IC title and the two were soon top heels together.

4 Forget: Paige and Alberto Del Rio


Here’s a case of two wrestlers WWE had high hopes for but neither really lived up to them. Alberto Del Rio had major pushes, WWE thinking he would be a hit with Latino audiences but it just never took with fans. Paige also had pushes with her as Divas champion and she's been a good worker. However, both were offset by numerous run-ins with backstage people that got them suspensions, combined with their breaking the wellness policy a few times.

Paige had been connected to a few wrestlers over her tenure, while Del Rio famously had a few affairs himself before he and Paige started hooking up. This led to Del Rio’s wife filing for divorce and the two getting into some hot water backstage over it. The two got engaged shortly after both had suspensions. Del Rio is gone from the company, while Paige's WWE future remains up in the air.

3 Know: John Cena and Nikki Bella


Just about anything with Cena is a big deal for WWE. Despite how the man gets his share of haters, he is the star of WWE and a major pop culture star too. He’s had his share of romances like Mickie James but since 2012, he’s been steady with Nikki Bella. The gorgeous former Divas Champion has impressed by turning from just eye candy to a good wrestler, holding the Divas title over 300 days. “Total Divas” often focuses on the duo and how they get along well.

2 Forget: CM Punk and AJ Lee


Quite obviously, CM Punk is not a happy subject with WWE today. This was a man famous for trashing the company, often right on air and while that helped make him a huge star and fan favorite, the company didn’t like having to push him. Likewise, AJ Lee was popular with her good looks and amazing skills but also did vicious promos slamming the “Divas” of the company who relied on looks rather than talent. While WWE didn’t have them together on camera too often, they were a major couple with the fans and the cheers for both were common, fans chanting their name when they weren’t around. Of course, each would have their famous walk-out on the company, the company quickly doing their best to bury them and ignore them.

1 Know: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon


A rather obvious choice for a couple WWE wants you to know about. Triple H was always going to be a star, that was totally obvious. He had the drive, the look, all of it and his star power was clearly pushing him on in 1999. Stephanie had been shown as an innocent teen much of the time but when she and Triple H hooked up, she turned into a wicked vixen and did a fantastic job of it. Their on-air coupling was a highlight of 2000 WWE and boosted both majorly as main event heels. While WWE would pull it back for a while, it was soon pushed back as part of Triple H’s feud with Randy Orton with the latter attacking Stephanie. They united again as The Authority and reveled in the fan hate of them. Today, the duo remains on top as big heels and the biggest couple in WWE and the company pulls no punches in showing how important they are.

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8 Couples WWE Wants You To Know About And 7 They Want To Forget