8 Current (And 7 Former) Wrestling Pairs Who HATE Each Other

The personal issues in wrestling will see more backstage rivalries than just about any other professional sport or form of entertainment. There are only so few top spots and everyone is fighting for the same prizes. While wrestling is scripted, being deemed the best or winning the main title in your division will lead to more money and more opportunities being presented. People are quick to backstab their peers and resentment can form in the easiest of ways. This is something that has been going on in the wrestling industry for decades and it's not going to stop any time soon.

We're going to look at various examples of wrestlers hating each other both today and in the past. The current instances are of recent stories featuring pairs of wrestlers having a strong disdain for each other for various reasons. These have become a bigger deal in the past few years and show no signs of ending anytime soon. The other side of the list looks at the past instances of wrestlers that grew a healthy dislike for each other working together but have not resolved it. Despite not seeing each other, they're keeping the rivalry alive. These are eight pairs of current wrestlers hating each other along with seven instances of past wrestlers with similar stories.

15 Current: Summer Rae and Lana

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Current WWE performers Summer Rae and Lana have developed a vicious dislike for the other after competing for the same role. WWE ended Lana’s on-screen relationship with Rusev for a short time period in an attempt to push her as a face. This led to Summer being the new love interest and manager of Rusev on the heel side.

The feud between Rae and Lana apparently started to blend into reality. Two years later, Summer and Lana still exchange insults on social media. A recent tweet from Rae saw her use the term “roast beef” to publicly insult Lana in harsh manner. Summer consistently likes negative tweets from fans about Lana in general and vice versa. The two ladies recently walked the ESPY Red Carpet together representing WWE in what had to be a rib from someone in the office.

14 Past: CM Punk and Triple H

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One incident of wrestlers developing a hatred for each other that still lives on today is the story of CM Punk and Triple H. Both men had the polar opposite of personalities with a similar passion for wrestling that caused them to clash. Punk and Triple H disagreeing with their visions for wrestling is ultimately what made the two legends loathe each other.

It all culminated in Punk quitting WWE and insulting Triple H on the way out of the door. Neither man has discussed the other in many years but you know the hatred still exists today. Punk refuses to come back to WWE after walking out and is hell bent on making his career in MMA and other fields work out. Time usually heals all wounds but this is an instance where it has not.

13 Current: Ryback and Seth Rollins

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A recent story involving beef between two wrestlers features Ryback revealing his relationship with Seth Rollins. The two worked together numerous times during Rollins’ run in The Shield and later in singles matches. According to Ryback, Rollins is a terrible person that ridiculed him after a poor match. Ryback botched in a match with Rusev and claims Rollins literally laughed about it to his face.

When asked if he’s ever had a bad match, Seth said he has not if we assume Ryback’s story is true. The two men did not enjoy each other after this exchange. Ryback made sure his listeners knew that he strongly dislikes Rollins and that Rollins feels the same way about him. They luckily don’t have to work together now with Ryback out of WWE and becoming a tacky podcast host.

12 Past: Sunny and Sable

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Two women that clearly hated each other during the 90s in WWE would be Sunny and Sable. They both were huge stars as the only females on the roster until Terri Runnels and Chyna joined the company. Sunny and Sable however were competing for the same spot as the top “eye candy” star for WWE. Sable eventually surpassed Sunny causing lots of issues between the two.

Both Divas were known for their high maintenance attitudes. Sunny still speaks negatively about Sable today claiming she was one of the worst people in the wrestling industry. Sable lives outside of the spotlight as the wife of Brock Lesnar raising their children and running their farm, but you can safely assume she still feels the same. The hatred between the original two Divas will never end.

11 Current: Roman Reigns and Enzo Amore

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Anoter recent story surfaced giving us the inside information about a pair of WWE stars that absolutely despise each other. Enzo Amore has the reputation for being one of the biggest loudmouths on the roster today. It's what makes him connect with the audience on television but can rub others the wrong way. Roman Reigns had enough of Enzo’s antics during a recent tour and kicked him off the bus.

As the top star in WWE, Reigns essentially did this as the leader. It was meant to send a message to Amore regarding his attitude. Enzo reportedly has not changed a thing and remains snubbed by Roman and the rest of the locker room. One of his recent promos on Raw featured a line about his real life being better than his fantasy life alluding to being happier when away from the wrestling world. The black-listing of the locker room led by Reigns is a major reason why his fantasy life in WWE is not as fun.

10 Past: Shane Douglas and Ric Flair

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The hatred between Shane Douglas and Ric Flair has been going on since the early 90s making it one of the longest lasting real life feuds. Douglas believed that Flair tried to sabotage his career backstage in WCW. As one of the younger stars with potential, Douglas was not used right and found his way out of the company faster than anyone expected.

Douglas made Flair a public target for years berating him in live promos on ECW television. It helped him develop the reputation for cutting real promos with an edge. WCW hired Douglas back in the late 90s to feud with Flair but it never got much momentum. You could tell they hated each other in the promos but it made for awkward in-ring chemistry. Douglas still trashes Flair for being a snake backstage and Flair trashes Douglas for working in retail. The older they get, the more juvenile the insults become.

9 Current: Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho

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The issues between Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho started about a year ago at Summerslam 2016. Lesnar got way too physical with Randy Orton busting him open badly with hard shots to the head. It became uncomfortable to watch for many fans and some wrestlers felt the same. Jericho approached Brock backstage asking him what he was trying to do out there since the main goal is to protect your opponent.

Lesnar allegedly dared Jericho to hit him before using homophobic slurs. The two would get separated before any punches were thrown. Jericho made slight references to there being an incident with him speaking up for his peer backstage but refused to touch on the subject on his podcast. The topic of Brock in general seems to be avoided during his interviews likely staying away from discussing a hated wrestler.

8 Past: Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart

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The hatred between Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart has existed for over two decades now going through the span of multiple wrestling promotions. It all started when Hogan refused to drop the WWE Championship to Hart in 1993 as a passing of the torch moment before leaving the company. Bret took this very personal and the two ran into each other again WCW.

According to Hart, he believes his poor booking in the new company was due to Hogan having all the power as Eric Bischoff’s right hand man. Bret had a horrible time in WCW further blaming Hogan for the bad vibes. The two have exchanged insults in recent years. Hart calls Hogan a scumbag that hurts the wrestling business (especially when his racist tirade was leaked) and Hogan refers to Bret as being bitter. This is one wrestling rivalry that will never end no matter how removed they are from the industry.

7 Current: Young Bucks and Josh Barnett

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A rare instance of disdain in New Japan today exists between the hottest tag team in the company and a commentator. NJPW’s deal to air shows in the United States will have Jim Ross and Josh Barnett on commentary for the one hour “best of” shows. The Young Bucks have emerged as the top tag team in New Japan winning the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championship six-times, but they're not fond of the commentary for their matches.

Barnett is a former UFC fighter and has a passion for professional wrestling but he does not like the style of the Young Bucks. The brothers Matt and Nick Jackson have made it clear that the feeling is mutual. Matt shouted at Josh during a match asking if he is still burying them on commentary. The Young Bucks discussed their hatred of Barnett’s commentary and his bias against them on X-Pac’s podcast recently.

6 Past: AJ Lee and The Bella Twins

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An underrated personal rivalry in recent WWE years featured AJ Lee and the Bella Twins having it out for each other. Both sides feuded on television and often got very personal when engaging in trash talk. The most high profile moment came when Lee cut a “shoot promo” on the stage trashing the female wrestlers that were a part of the Total Divas reality show for caring less about wrestling than she did.

One of the biggest insults during their controversial stints of trash talk was AJ stating wrestling talent wasn’t “sexually transmitted” referencing Nikki and Brie’s relationships with John Cena and Daniel Bryan. Nikki claims a lot of the hate they received online was due to Lee’s comments and even used the term “bully” to insult her. Both parties no longer have to work together with AJ leaving WWE likely forever.

5 Current: Alberto Del Rio and Triple H

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Wrestlers in WWE will likely need a positive relationship with either Vince McMahon or Triple H to thrive in WWE. Both men usually need to approve of them for the talent to get to the top of the company. Alberto Del Rio always had McMahon in his corner but Triple H reportedly disliked him. This reached a peak when Triple H was the one in WWE that was most unhappy with Del Rio dating Paige.

WWE tried to break them up and it led to Del Rio requesting his release. The current day life of Alberto sees him wrestling outside of WWE but going well out of his way to trash Triple H. Del Rio continuously insults Triple H for “not having ba***” and has actually challenged his former boss to a fight. Considering Alberto is in the news for being a domestic abuser, we can side with Triple H in this current wrestling feud.

4 Past: Vince Russo and Jim Cornette

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The backstage working relationship between Vince Russo and Jim Cornette took place in two companies and both ended horribly. Cornette and Russo had different philosophies when it came to writing a television show. Russo eventually won out in WWE with his vision helping usher in the Attitude Era with edgy content straying away from traditional wrestling norms.

TNA saw a similar situation with things getting way more personal. Cornette was fired for threatening to murder Russo in emails. Both guys are now out of the business and just host bitter podcasts insulting the current stars. Despite having that similar bond, Russo and Cornette still detest each other. Cornette threatened to beat the hell out of Russo a few months ago leading to Russo issuing a restraining order. Yes, these are both grown men in their 50s.

3 Current: Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett

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Matt Hardy helped put TNA back on the map last year with his highly entertaining “Broken Universe.” The new characters of Matt and Jeff along with Reby Sky, King Maxel and Senor Benjamin gave fans a reason to actually pay attention to TNA. A change in management saw Jeff Jarrett return to the company and gain full control once again.

One of Jarrett’s first decisions was to let the Hardys leave the company as he believed they weren’t worth the money. The issue however started when Jarrett claimed TNA owned the “Broken” property trying to prevent Matt and Jeff from using it in WWE. They're still in court today with Matt and his wife taking shots at Jarrett for his actions. Things are getting very ugly and Matt is now threatening to release personal information that could destroy Jeff’s reputation.

2 Past: Paul Heyman and CW Anderson

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ECW was the home to quite a bit of backstage drama that still lives on today. One of the top heels during their final year of existence C.W. Anderson took exception to how Paul Heyman handled the end. According to Anderson, Heyman didn’t inform the boys of the company going out of business and filmed the movie Rollerball when telling them that he was in California to find a new network deal.

Heyman rarely addresses rumors about ECW these days but went out of his way to respond to Anderson. The comments of Heyman claimed that Anderson was a complete liar and used the term “wannabe” to describe his former wrestler. Most of the old ECW issues between the former extreme peers have been resolved today, but this is one that seems to be more intense than ever.

1 Current: Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss

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The current top backstage feud in WWE today revolves around the hatred between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. Both women have the same mutual friends from their time in the Performance Center but always seemed distant. This was further proved during their current feud on WWE television. Banks referred to Bliss as a “girl playing wrestler” on her social media page and Bliss claimed Banks is desperate for attention.

It all stems back to their first matches in NXT. Banks apparently broke the nose of Bliss by getting stiff in a match that caused issues between the two. Fast forward two years later and both are top stars on the main roster.

Their match at Great Balls of Fire showed a great deal of intensity that may have been upped by the personal drama. Following the show on Raw Talk, Banks absolutely trashed Bliss for pretending to be a fan and not knowing the difference between Matt and Jeff Hardy. Sasha and Alexa are expected to continue wrestling and we may see more heated moments between the two.

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