8 Current and 7 Former WWE Divas We Wish Would Bare It All

If you missed out on 90s wrestling, man do we pity you. The landscape of the WWE was virtually upside down, bringing us edgy television that had us lowering the volume every time our parents walked by. Shows consisted of F bombs, violence and several segments that showcased partial nudity. It really was a different time.

Today, the state of the company is nothing like it used to be. With a PG-rating in place, the content seems to be robotic and over-scripted. This has caused various fans to part ways with the company, electing not to watch today’s product.

Despite the fact that the content is different, the performers themselves still look great and probably perform better than ever in comparison to those cherished faces from the 90s. The women of the WWE today take training outside of the ring very seriously which has lead to some of the most beautiful women of all-time. In terms of looks, we still are completely blessed.

In this article, we'll take a look at both eras and combine them with the ultimate fantasy - seeing some skin. This article will take a look at eight current and seven former WWE stars we wish would bare it all. Enjoy!

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15 Current: Nikki Bella

It's remarkable to see how much Nikki Bella’s grown since coming to the WWE. No, we’re not referring to her breast enhancements, but rather her in-ring performances, which have established her as an elite Superstar in the WWE. Looking back at her 2008 debut, we're not sure any of us could have imagined her turning into anything other than eye candy.

Today, not only is she still fantastic eye candy, but she’s dominant in the ring with an all new physique compared to her slimmer days when she broke into the business. Those serious curves have plenty of fans wishing she would bare it all one day. In terms of ranking, Nikki has to be up there on several lists pertaining to Superstars we want to see bare it all!

14 Former: Brie Bella

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You just can’t mention Nikki without thinking of her sister Brie as well. Brie makes the list of former stars, but her legacy is still fresh in our minds because Nikki is still active and her involvement on Total Divas and Total Bellas.

Although Brie lost her way a bit during her final days, her accomplishments were still noteworthy. Bella's biggest career highlights included a run with the Divas Championship along with an impressive rivalry against Stephanie McMahon. We applaud Brie for a very strong career and hope to see her back in some capacity one day.

As for her taking it all off, pockets of wrestling fans would adore the idea although this seems like a lesser possibility on this list considering Brie is set to give birth to her and Daniel Bryan’s first child. So the chances of that happening are quite slim, but hey, we can still dream right?

13 Current: Naomi

Anyone else think Naomi should bare it all during her glow stick inspired entrance? Nonetheless, we applaud Naomi for her new character portrayal which has caused several fans to stop whatever they're doing and watch in awe while she dances away in the dark. Some fans are hoping that once the lights turn on she'll have no clothes on, but remember folks, it’s a family friendly show, hence all the funky glow stick lights which seem suitable for an audience under 14 years of age. We’re exaggerating, 12.

Since her arrival on the main roster in 2012, Naomi has been an afterthought, catering to other acts like Sasha Banks during her involvement with Team B.A.D. It gave the Florida native some good exposure, but ultimately you could see the gimmick did not fit her. Kudos to her and the WWE for not giving up and finally finding something that seems to be resonating with the audience.

12 Former: AJ Lee


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Voted as the “Woman of the Year” by Pro Wrestling Illustrated for three years in a row (2012, 2013 & 2014) it was apparent that AJ Lee was far ahead of the rest during her time in the WWE. Once CM Punk left the company, it only seemed like a matter of time before AJ would follow her hubbie and that’s exactly what happened when Lee left the WWE, announcing her abrupt retirement following WrestleMania 31.

Her decision to leave wasn’t a very popular one, as fans loved her work. Just imagine how much better things would be for the division if AJ was still around to add another degree of depth. The thought of AJ and Bayley feuding with one another seems like a colossal idea, but that’s not going to happen unfortunately. All we can do as fans is basically visualize her involvement, although fans have been probably visualizing something else since she left.

11 Current: Emma

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With those “Emmalina” vignettes playing weekly on WWE television, you can’t help but picture Emma with nothing on at. Those montages are seriously hot and have us forgetting about her past personas, which included being a side-kick to Santino and a gimmick that included Aviator shades and LOD-style shoulder pads. Anyone else thinking of her wearing nothing all but the shoulder pads? No, me neither...

Regardless of how bizarre her attire seemed to be, Emma just has that "it" factor you want to know more about. From her fantastic Aussie accent to her aggressive in-ring style, Emma has several fans hooked. With her re-launch under this new “risqué” gimmick, you can expect that fanfare to only grow. At the age of 27, her future seems brighter than ever.

10 Former: Gail Kim

What better way to get back at your old boss than posing nude? The chances of that happening in this particular situation some pretty impossible, but hey, like we said, it’s okay to dream.

At the age of 39, the Toronto, Ontario native is still as stunning as ever. Visually, she looks like she can go for another decade, but that remains to be seen. Her run with the WWE came to a sudden halt because of alleged rumors that Vince “didn’t find her appealing.” The allegations seem laughable looking at Gail, but we guess the heart wants what it wants, right? Nonetheless, Gail left the WWE on terrible terms and stated she’d never return because of her unfair treatment during her run being overshadowed by talentless Divas at the time. Her gamble to leave the company paid off beautifully and she's enjoyed a tremendous run with TNA Wrestling.

9 Current: Eva Marie

Since her suspension that was issued on August 18th, the WWE hasn’t been the same. Grown men are going to bed in tears while children sulk over the loss of their idol. Its been a tough time for all of us in dealing with such a loss. Thankfully, our symbol of hope is doing well nowadays, as she's currently away filming the movie Inconceivable alongside Nicolas Cage.

What pains wrestling fans the most is no matter how much we hate on Eva, the fact remains that she’s hot as hell and you're lying to yourself if you think otherwise. Just look at the picture above, the girl even looks phenomenal with black hair! No matter what hair color she uses, the WWE Universe would not be opposed to seeing her take it all off.

8 Former: Debra Marshall

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If you lived through the 90s, you certainly remember the angel known as Debra Marshall. In terms of hotness, Debra was up there with the greats at the time and her popularity was similar to the likes of Sunny and Sable. Not to mention, she did so by being Jeff Jarrett’s manager which is quite the accomplishment. But hey, Sable became popular by managing Marc Mero, so it all evens out.

Fans that crave nostalgic feelings wouldn’t mind seeing Debra take it all off. Had she done so in the 90s, however, her fame would have skyrocketed to the top of the industry, but she chose not to, much to our dismay.

In terms of booking, we would have love to have seen Mero against Jarrett with the stipulation that the loser's manager must take of their clothes. Now that would have added some intrigue to their boring matches!

7 Current: Bayley

Some fans seeing Bayley’s name on this list aren’t sure how they should feel, especially when you consider the audience Bayley appeals to, but hear us out before passing judgment. Just think about what an impact it would have on the business, it would be like Hogan joining the nWo. Children would cry, teens would celebrate and grown men would divorce their wives. The impact would be so profound and put Bayley in an entirely different light.

Okay, that does seem a little farfetched. No matter what, Bayley is looking great these days and slimmer than ever in terms of physical attributes. It won’t happen, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a spot on this prestigious list of wrestlers we wish would bare it all!

6 Former: Stacy Keibler

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Despite the fact that she couldn’t do much in the ring aside from landing the casual big boot, which was simply Stacy lifting up her leg, Stacy Keibler managed to create a connection with the crowd based on her looks and personality. Keibler had that "girl next door" vibe you wanted to know more about. Her smile set us into a trance and those legs literally put us in a sleeper hold for minutes at a time. She truly had the entire package going for her.

Unlike her rival Torrie Wilson, who posed nude for Playboy, Keibler never considered posing nude despite her obvious good looks and popularity. With Stacy becoming a mom, it looks like that ship has sailed away forever, but lives on in our hearts and minds.

5 Current: Sasha Banks

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Once again, Sasha Banks is set to make history by main eventing a WWE PPV alongside her fellow Four Horsewomen member and bitter rival, Charlotte. The decision to have the two main event is the right call as the story seems to be the only feud of interest nowadays, pertaining to full-time WWE workers.

Putting her God given talents aside, let us praise her incredible looks. What’s truly staggering is the fact that she looks this good at the age of 24. Seriously, how much hotter can she get? Not only is she a mega talent in the ring, but she is something to behold visually.

4 Former: Lita

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Lita still looks fine as hell. At the age of 41, we still want to see her bare it all as much as we did back in the early 2000s and that’s saying something.

Her early involvement as a part of Team Xtreme drove our fascination for the Fort Lauderdale, Florida native. Her attire was edgy and so was her in-ring work, as she was a daredevil that loved to fly as much as her stablemates, Matt and Jeff Hardy. Everything she did seemed to have hot written all over it.

Fast-forward to today and not much has changed, aside from the fact that she doesn’t compete and dresses like an adult. She still looks incredible and some would argue that she looks even better than she did 15 years ago. Lita taking it all off would still be welcomed today by several WWE fans.

3 Current: Paige

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Looking at her current body of work, all Paige has left to do is to bare it all. That’ll surely release her from her WWE contract, allowing her to finally live happily ever after alongside Alberto Del Rio. If someone told us that relationship would happen a year ago, you’d probably smile awkwardly and disregard it. Well, it happened and Paige has been off television since the brand split and it appears to be in limbo with the WWE following her suspension. This is no nightmare, this is real life.

Despite her fall from the WWE, fans still love her edgy attitude and would certainly not be opposed to her taking it all off. Paige is a rebel and some dudes are fond of that type of girl (cough, Alberto Del Rio).

2 Former: Trish Stratus

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No matter what type of women's wrestling list you look at, chances are that the beautiful Trish Stratus is at the very top of the list. Trish was many wrestling fan's first crush, as she had this mysterious factor to her that drove countless men off the rails. Once her “eye candy” role came to an end, she enjoyed even greater success as a polished full time in-ring star. Even at that point, her hotness never went away.

Imaging Trish taking it all off during her prime would truly be something magical. Just imagine a Trish Playboy spread, as the number of copies that magazine would sell would likely eclipse the marks set by both Torrie Wilson and Sable. Unfortunately, like some others on this list, that ship has sailed, but again we can dream.

1 Current: Stephanie McMahon

Stop denying it. You'd love this. It’s okay, the first step is admitting to it.

Seeing the way Stephanie has transformed since her debut as a sweet and shy girl following Test around is truly remarkable. Over the years, Stephanie developed and turned into one of the most hated heels in the history of the business, starting with her involvement in the McMahon-Helmsley era which took place way back in 2000. Since then, her dominance has persisted.

Along with her power trip, Steph’s look has also improved drastically. Today, at the age of 40, Stephanie looks better than ever, embarking on a life dedicated to fitness outside of the ring. This has caused fans to feel uneasy because although we dislike her on TV, they would we still love to see her bare it all! The chances of that happening though...

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