8 Current And 7 Former WWE Stars You Didn't Know Were Married

Marrying the love of your life is a special thing regardless of what you believe in, with two people coming together to profess their devotion to one another. Unfortunately, in the world of professional wrestling it’s often quite hard to hide this information from the general public, and in some cases, it’s actually filmed for the entertainment of others.

That being said it doesn't necessarily happen all the time, and some people prefer to keep their business to themselves. As such, these 15 individuals aren’t well known for tying the knot and some of the entries may come as a bit of a shock.

We don’t necessarily mean that in a negative way, but whether it’s because of their onscreen character or their youthful age there’s certainly going to be a few surprises thrown in. Oh, and yes, we realise that this is a natural prequel to an eventual list documenting the greatest WWE kayfabe weddings of all time.

15 Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe usually leaves his talking to the squared circle, where he continues to be one of the most impressive performers throughout the entire industry. Joe has had some of the greatest matches we’ve seen on the independents, and he has a legitimate chance of walking out of SummerSlam with the Universal Championship.

But as you can see that’s not what we’re here to talk about, and instead we want to focus on his long-standing relationship with wife Jessica. The two wed over 10 years ago and continue to be as smitten as they once were, with Joe doing the smart thing by keeping his private affairs to himself as opposed to broadcasting them for the world to see.

14 Kelly Kelly

Some Divas fade into obscurity when leaving WWE, whereas Kelly Kelly seems to have boosted her brand even further. During her time with the company, she went from being a rumoured ring rat to the champion of her division, with her in-ring work improving to a level that nobody could’ve predicted a few years prior.

On the outside world Kelly, also known as Barbara Blank, has been starring in the WAGs reality television programme which has gained a lot of attention as of late. Her marriage to former ice hockey player Sheldon Souray is well documented in the show, with the duo getting married in Mexico just last year.

13 Curt Hawkins

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Face the facts: Curt Hawkins deserves better than this. Having come back into the fold in order to give SmackDown Live some more depth, Hawkins was one of the first few examples of the blue brand not knowing how to book someone in a creative manner. Still, he was always going to be on a downward slope after being involved in the main event of WrestleMania 24.

Few people will probably know that Curt is actually married to Lizzie Karcher, with the two finally walking down the aisle back in 2015. The duo also has a daughter together which shows that Hawkins is really starting to mature away from the pro wrestling business, and the hope is that he can transition that into a solid mid card push for WWE.

12 Santino Marella

The 43-year-old sweetheart that is Santino Marella spent years entertaining thousands upon thousands of fans from all around the globe, even coming within a split second of winning the World Heavyweight Championship at one point. Still, he was a comedy character for the most part, but that doesn’t always mean that life imitates art.

Santino married Anna Babij back in 2015, and the two are reportedly as happy as they’ve ever been in the present day. Babij is a former bikini fitness model, proving that perhaps Santino’s cobra isn’t the only major trait that he’s got in his locker.

We apologise profusely for that joke.

11 Bo Dallas

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Despite the fact that less and less people are "bo-lieving" that Mr Dallas can make an impact in WWE, the company themselves seem to think there’s something to his abilities as Bo has recently been featured as part of the Miztourage. At his young age, it’s probably one of the best associations he could have right now.

Also he’s probably enjoying life behind the scenes given that he’s now married, with his wife being Sarah Backman, who was formerly a part of NXT. Backman, who is Swedish, has moved into a new career of being a real estate broker, whilst Dallas focuses on attempting to replicate the successes of his older brother Bray Wyatt.

10 Eugene

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Eugene, also known as Nick Dinsmore, was a gimmick that was destined to fail from the word go and that’s just a fact. A "special needs" character was always going to come across as both insulting and unnecessary, and unsurprisingly, nobody took the guy seriously whatsoever before he eventually dropped off into irrelevancy.

But in the years following his departure, which included a short stint behind the scenes with WWE, good old Eugene finally married his soulmate Stephanie Fischer who he’d been engaged to for around six years. The lovers wed in November 2015, and it’s great to see a happy ending who someone who was so committed to succeeding at the highest level.

9 Jey Uso

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Whilst Jimmy Uso and Naomi’s marriage is publicised like mad on Total Divas, we often forget about Jey. Aside from a few cameos here and there, he’s often seen as "the other brother," unless you’re one of those lazy fans that doesn't even attempt to tell the two apart. Seriously, that’s just not cool.

It turns out that Jey was able to settle down around the same time as his sibling, marrying girlfriend Takecia Travis back in 2015. The couple actually has two sons together as well, with the Samoan wrestling lineage looking set to carry on for many more years to come. Well, that’s what we hope at least.

8 Jack Swagger

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Jack Swagger is arguably one of the most underrated superstars of the last decade in WWE, with his many pushes towards the top of the card being thwarted by a variety of different circumstances. Still, he’s a former World Heavyweight Champion and continues to perform well on the independent scene so there isn’t all too much for him to complain about.

Despite seeming like a lone wolf at times, Jack does actually have quite the settled life away from the ring, often enjoying spending time with his wife Catalina White whom he married in 2010. They have two children together and given the nature of Swagger’s exit from WWE, it seems like they’re happier than ever.

7 Luke Harper

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He may be an absolute nutter on screen, but off of it Luke Harper wouldn’t harm a fly – or so we’d like to believe. The gentle giant has always come across well in any interviews WWE has forced him to partake in, and hopefully, we’ll start to see the re-emergence of the big guy on SmackDown Live as a dominant babyface over the next few months.

But if that doesn’t happen then Luke won’t be all too disheartened, as he has a wife and son to go home to these days. Harper made it official with former professional wrestler Synndy a few years back, with the two having a son that by all accounts seems to have changed Luke’s life. Good on you, Mr Harper.

6 Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler, also known for being arguably the most beautiful woman in WWE history, has carved quite a career for herself both in the wrestling business and outside of it as an actress. She’s seemingly destined to succeed in everything she does, which includes her personal life.

Despite her relationship with George Clooney ending, Stacy actually ended up getting back on the dating wagon rather quickly. In a truly ‘heart warming’ story she wound up marrying Jared Pobre, who she was friends with for years prior to dating him. They tied the knot back in 2014 in Mexico, and now they have a daughter together named Ava.

Don’t you just love happy endings?

5 Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy has been known to be an advocate of "self-sabotage," with his many indiscretions over the years causing both himself and others a great deal of hurt. Because of that you probably wouldn’t think that he’d have a successful married life to speak of, but as has always been the case with the Charismatic Enigma, he continues to surprise us.

Jeff met his girlfriend at the time Beth Britt back in 1999, with the two eventually going onto marry each other 12 years later in 2011. Alongside their marriage, they also have two daughters who Jeff has dubbed The Hardy Girlz, and it’s clear from our perspective that Jeff has an entirely new outlook on life nowadays.

4 Jackie Gayda

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The older wrestling fans reading this will remember Jackie Gayda as being one of the worst female wrestlers the WWE had ever seen, as highlighted by the truly horrific mixed tag team match she was involved in well over 15 years ago. Honestly, the woman was an embarrassment in the ring and that’s putting it nicely.

But at least her personal life is still going well to this day, which is a story that began way back in 2005 when she married fellow wrestler Charlie Haas. Together they have four children and continue to be as strong as a rock, with one of their kids actually being called Charlie Haas III. No, we aren’t making that up.

3 Tommaso Ciampa

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The Psycho Killer is waiting patiently on the injured list, ready to break out and become one of NXT’s top heels. In the meantime, all we can do is wait and appreciate the glory of his turn on Johnny Gargano a few months back, which is sure to lead to one of the hottest feuds developmental has seen in an awfully long time.

Thankfully for Tommaso, he isn’t going through this journey alone, as he’s actually married to Jessie Ward, who took part in the second ever season of Tough Enough. Funnily enough, it was Samoa Joe of all people who ended up introducing the two Superstars to one another, and the rest as they so often say is history.

2 Heidenreich

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For those of you who don’t remember Heidenreich as an in-ring performer, that might be a good thing. From being a horrendous monster heel to mimicking legendary tag teams, it was an odd run at the top for the 45-year-old. Still, he made an everlasting impression and given the criteria for the Hall of Fame these days, you can never count out a one off return.

Outside of wrestling, though, Heidenreich and his wife Marissa have one son together and have been enjoying the quiet life away from the spotlight. The son in question is called Stenson Austin Heidenreich, essentially confirming that he HAS to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional wrestler.

1 Tamina

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It’s not exactly been an easy journey through pro wrestling for Tamina, with the many controversies surrounding her father marring what at one point seemed like a promising career in the women’s division. Alas, she doesn’t seem to have come on leaps and bounds in the ring just yet, but perhaps things will change as she moves forward into the back end of 2017.

That being said she certainly can’t have too many complaints in terms of her family, with two beautiful daughters by the names of Milaneta and Maleata to her name. She did get divorced from her husband back in 2003, but given that she was able to be blessed with two wonderful children, it seems like things worked out for the best.

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