8 Current Couples WWE Approves Of & 7 They Want To Break Up

Like anything else in life, a relationship can make or break somebody. Looking at the course of history in the world of pro wrestling, this has been the case and thanks to various shoot interviews and rumor mill speculations, we’ve gotten a front row seat seeing relationships be made or get tarnished by the WWE.

With the recent Paige issues ongoing, we found the timing perfect to come up with such an article. Since day one, the company was extremely upset with Paige and her relationship to Del Rio, leading many to believe that it was actually the WWE that leaked the recent photos in one final attempt to salvage Paige’s career and break up her relationship. Ultimately, the plan did not work, and the two remain happily together, even recently purchasing a home. Because of their ongoing relationship, it seems like Paige’s WWE days are numbered.

In this article, we celebrate the good and bad with relationships the WWE approves of and some they likely want to break up. For obvious reasons, the likes of Stephanie and Triple H’s relationship was not included in this piece because, well, that would just be silly. Be sure to let us know whether you agree or disagree with these names by letting your voice be heard via Facebook. Here are eight couple the WWE approves of and seven they want to break up, enjoy!

15 Approve: Renee Young & Dean Ambrose

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If the WWE had a problem with this relationship it seems like it’s far too late as the couple recently announced that they got married. Ambrose and Young maintain one of the most unique relationships in the company as they’ve kept things quite professional and on the down low since the very beginning. For that, we truly believe the WWE has no problem with this relationship.

Things might get a little more complicated however with Dean’s recent brand switch over to Raw, meaning the couple won’t be travelling together for the time being. Won’t be too surprising however to see Renee make the jump over to Raw at some point in the future. If you need a perfect representation of how a WWE relationship should be, Ambrose and Young are the perfect role models keeping things professional since day one.

14 Disapprove: Paige & Alberto Del Rio

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When thinking of the other side of the coin, Del Rio and Paige are surely the first names you think about when assessing couples the WWE would likely want to break up. As soon as word was made that two were an item, the company quickly tried to shut them down trying to protect Paige’s brand and potential but ultimately, their attempts fell quite flat. The two remain closer than ever, and are said to be tying the knot in the near future. Project break up Paige and Del Rio has failed miserably.

If you like conspiracy theories, you’ll definitely like this one. According to the rumor mill, it was actually the WWE that decided to leak the photos in one last attempt to break up the couple. Del Rio ranted on how it was all the WWE behind the leak and some have reason to believe it was. However, once again, it didn’t affect the couple as they remain happy together recently purchasing a new home.

13 Approve: The Miz & Maryse

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Although Maryse has endured an up and down relationship with the WWE in the last couple of years, it seems like things are now smoother than ever as she manages the services of her husband. Surely, the WWE is quite happy with the couple as not only has Miz elevated his status in the company, but the couple is also showcased on the reality series Total Divas. If you’re a couple that makes money, the WWE likely loves you very much.

Along with their great work alongside one another, the couple is also madly in love off-screen. Miz admitted that he’s been pushing Maryse back in the company for a while now and getting to do so finally is the highlight of his career. All and all, the WWE is quite happy with these two being in a relationship for a variety of reasons.

12 Disapprove: Rusev & Lana

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If you’ve read the rumor mill consistently, you know that Vince isn’t the biggest fan of someone like Rusev dating such a beauty like Lana. McMahon expressed his anger towards the couple by making them work against one another at one point in time as Lana turned face, joining forces with Dolph Ziggler. Many within the company believe that the story was done with the intent of actually separating the couple in real-life.

Ultimately, things didn’t work out as planned. Not only did the couple stay together but a leaked picture of Lana’s engagement ring caused the WWE to forcefully reunite the duo on-screen. The couple has subsided in their roles as of late due to Rusev’s injury, but you can expect them back in full force over on the SmackDown brand shortly.

11 Approve: Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan

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One of the WWE’s favorite couple’s, Daniel Bryan and Brie are not only beloved by the company but the universe of fans as well. The WWE used their relationship on-screen and it put the two over the top. Brie feuded in a high profile rivalry with Stephanie McMahon at one point in time proving how highly the WWE thought of the couple.

Professionalism is the key here, WWE loves couples that keep the drama at home and come to TV with one purpose and that’s to work. Brie is extremely beloved by her peers. Even the likes of Sasha Banks have stated that she’s very underrated inside of the squared circle. And as for Bryan, well, even though he’s retired he remains a part of the company as the GM of SmackDown which just shows how the company feels about him. Overall verdict by the WWE on their relationship.... YES! YES! YES!

10 Disapprove: Alexa Bliss & Buddy Murphy

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This one might be a little harsh, but we do have reason to believe that the WWE kind of disapproves of the relationship. When it comes to young Superstars with massive potential, the WWE is usually sensitive when it comes to everything related to them both on and off screen. Paige is the perfect example of that and Bliss, might be another. She’s only 25, yet already a two-time Women’s Champion. The last thing the company wants is Bliss getting distracted by a romantic coupling off-screen. If they had it their way, Bliss would be single thinking about the WWE 24/7.

For now, the relationship really hasn’t affected her work particularly because Buddy Murphy remains down in NXT. The two started together in NXT, but Murphy remains in the developmental brand and some believe, a roster call-up does not seem likely at this point. With Bliss performing at such a high level, the last thing the company would want to do is distract her by having her partner get called up to the same brand.

9 Approve: Edge & Beth Phoenix

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This is exactly what all relationships would look like if the WWE had their way. When it came to proper conduct both in and out of the ring, these two were a blueprint for that model. Professionalism was always at an all-time high with the couple and their in-ring prowess was arguably even better. Phoenix was vastly superior in the ring, leading her to three Women’s Titles along with a one-time Divas Championship run. As for Edge, well his resume in the ring speaks for itself. 12-time Tag Champion, five-time IC Champion and 11-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, yes, they’re both pretty darn good.

Greatness has followed them since they called it quits. Beth enjoys her new role as a proud mother, while Edge, continues to work in the entertainment industry and alongside the WWE on various Network programs. Without a doubt, the WWE won’t shy away from showing anything related of the two both past and present.

8 Disapprove: Tyson Kidd & Natalya

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This one is also quite harsh and one relationship many would debate is actually the opposite, but, we have reason to believe that this coupling does make the WWE a little nervous given all the drama that’s surrounded Kidd since his injury. All of this could have been a lot easier to deal with if Tyson had no ties to the WWE, but thanks to Natalya, he does.

The rumor mill has indicated that bad blood exists between Kidd and the WWE. Wrestlers like Ryback have blasted the company for their treatment of Kidd since sustaining an injury that threatened his life. Kidd has also expressed some disdain for the company claiming they snubbed him by not inviting him or mentioning his name at several events. It’s harsh to include the couple on this side of the fence but the evidence quite frankly speaks for itself.

7 Approve: Carmella & Big Cass

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Similar to Young and Ambrose, Carmella and Cass have kept things extremely professional since they began to be labelled as an item. The WWE separated the two, and both Cass and Carmella took the decision very professionally, some would of folded being split up but the two embraced the change. Cass would end up joining the main roster while Carmella stayed down in NXT. Neither argued the situation and continued on professionally.

Still, they remain separated but it hasn’t affected their relationship in the slightest. The couple was spotted at the Hall of Fame ceremony recently still looking happy as ever. Without a doubt, the WWE must be impressed by how professional they’ve kept things not complaining once for being on separate brands. Surely, the company will reward them one day by having them back together both on-screen and travelling. You heard it here first folks!

6 Disapprove: Becky Lynch & The MMA Dude (Luke Sanders)

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There isn’t a rule that states MMA stars are forbidden, but we do believe there is an unwritten rule somewhere that the WWE just hasn’t said or made public. Nowadays, the WWE has no competition whatsoever, leading many to believe that there only rival is the world of MMA. So basically, it’s like Becky dating a dude from WCW. Not good Becky, not good.

Without a doubt, the company would rather they did not have a connection to the world of MMA with one of their stars, especially one like Becky who’s insanely popular with the masses. If the company would have it their way, Becky would be dating some Irish dude named Colton, who lived far, far away. Well, this is the real world and that isn’t the case, if this relationship doesn’t last, the WWE certainly won’t lose much sleep over it.

5 Approve: Naomi & Jimmy Uso

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This is another model WWE couple the company has no problems with. Both Naomi and Jimmy Uso are workhorses for the company and we have reason to believe they’ve been kept together on the same brand because of the company’s respect for the two. The couple dated for a very long time, tying the knot in January of 2014.

It seems like that respect is manifesting itself on-screen as the couple is currently enjoying the greatest run of their careers. Naomi is thriving in the ring putting on tremendous performances. The company has stamped their validation in the female Superstar making her the current SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. Hubby Jimmy Uso isn’t doing too shabby either. The Usos underwent a complete overhaul gimmick wise and they’re now the SmackDown Live Tag Champions. So yea, all and all, we have reason to believe the company likes the couple.

4 Disapprove: Sable & Brock Lesnar

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Shhhh keep this one quiet or Brock might find out and take everybody for a ride down to Suplex City. Seriously, we’re not kidding...

This relationship is quite interesting and one that is worthy of the disapproval rating. We have reason to believe that the WWE wouldn’t give a flying rats a** if the couple were to breakup and for that matter, they’d probably prefer that. The evidence speaks for itself in truth, the company never mentions anything Sable related whether it’s on the Network or live television. She’s yet to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and despite her relationship with Brock, we’ve never seen her on the show. Maybe that’s because of her awful relationship with the company that led to various court battles and contract disagreements. Overall verdict, they don’t care about the coupling because it involves Brock, but ultimately, a breakup wouldn’t hurt anybody in the WWE system.

3 Approve: The Undertaker & Michelle McCool

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Aside from Triple H and Stephanie (who we didn’t include for obvious reasons), The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are the most respected couple by not only the WWE but their peers as well. The Undertaker is like the Godfather of the WWE, everyone respects the guy and it seems like that’s rubbed on to Michelle McCool as well. Michelle was no slouch in the ring either however picking up two Women’s Championship runs along with becoming the inaugural Divas Champion. Her work was insanely underrated coming at a time which saw the division in desperate need of somebody to carry it and that somebody was Michelle.

With ‘Taker likely having wrestled his last match, you can expect the WWE to continue you on in supporting the two in there afterlife. Some believe the Undertaker is to be offered an executive position while others believe a legends contract is at the very least something he’ll be cashing in. Either way, the couple is protected for life by the company. Something this next couple can’t really say...

2 Disapprove: AJ Lee & CM Punk

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With the launch of AJ’s new book, several WWE stars have been posting pictures via social media reading her new autobiography. It seems like at the very least, the company gave the Superstars the green light to do so, meaning the relationship isn’t entirely broken.

Launching her book, Lee has taken part in several interviews doing PR work. During the interactions, she has stated that she misses the ring. That isn’t too surprising considering she retired so young and has just entered her 30s as of mid March. A return to the WWE would seem so easy but there’s one big elephant in the room... her relationship with Punk.

Had the two been broken up, we believe a return would have been pretty easy. However, with all the bad blood between the two sides, we believe a return is pretty complex and something that probably won’t happen. What a shame...

1 Approve: John Cena & Nikki Bella

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We close off the article with the popular opinion that Nikki Bella and John Cena remain the WWE’s favorite couple. Of course some would object as it seems like Nikki is constantly alone and by herself.......(zing!)

The couple’s power in the WWE speaks for itself. The two are not only insanely popular in the ring, but they remain huge ambassadors for the company outside of it. Cena has granted Make-A-Wish after Make-A-Wish, while Nikki, continues to expand the WWE’s brand on an entertainment platform with her contributions on Total Divas helping the company branch out into reality television. They continue to succeed outside of the company and you won’t find a couple that has generated more money for the WWE than Cena and Nikki.

And that’s the bottom line, cause we here at The Sportster said so. Just kidding, feel free to debate anything we said in the article via our Facebook page. Engage in discussion and be sure to pass the article along to a friend! Word life.

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