8 Current Female Wrestlers Who Are More Attractive Than Charlotte Flair (And 7 Who Aren't)

The WWE has made much of their current Women’s Revolution, and there can be arguments all day long as to who was responsible for it, but since 2015, there has been no more successful performer perhaps in the entire WWE than Charlotte Flair. Yet in the society we live in today, you can always count on people to care just as much about looks as they do talent, so we are going to analyze that today.

The WWE used to be based solely on looks when it came to the women, but thanks to girls like Emma, Charlotte and Bayley, the focus has become more on in ring talent. Nonetheless, there will always be comments and judgments about the looks of the women too, and while they can’t compare to the models of old, they are certainly better, more well-rounded talents. So have a read today as we look at 8 current female performers who are more attractive than Charlotte, and 7 who just don’t compare to The Queen.


15 More Attractive – Carmella

Carmella came to fame in the WWE as the manager of Enzo & Cass in NXT, and the trio were incredibly over, but Vince McMahon didn’t think she was ready to join Enzo and her real-life partner Cass on the main roster, so she was left behind to improve on her own, and improve she has. She might not be at the level of Charlotte or any of the Four Horsewomen, but she is very talented and getting to that level on SmackDown Live. As this article is about looks, it’s safe to say that Carmella is one of the best-looking women in the company today. You might not be a fan of the (affected) New York/Jersey accent, but just looking at her body, her blonde hair and everything about her, there’s no arguing that Big Cass has certainly hit the jackpot.

14 Not As Attractive – Asuka

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Asuka is the most dominant woman that has entered a WWE ring for quite some time, and she has put together a resume that most women couldn’t even dream of already in her short WWE career. But there’s only one person who matches her in accomplishments, and that’s Charlotte, and she no doubt matches her in looks too. Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s people out there who love the unique look that Asuka presents, and love the dominant nature she presents when in the ring, but there’s something to be said about Charlotte’s attributes that just can’t be denied. Sure, Charlotte and her success have come on the back of her talent and hard work (and that last name certainly doesn’t hurt), but she is still quite an attractive young lady.

13 More Attractive – Peyton Royce

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NXT is currently home to the most talented women’s roster in the world, and when you have someone as talented as Peyton Royce not a key player in the division (yet), you can’t argue that point. Talent aside, the Aussie is one of the most stunning women in the entire wrestling industry today. She is tall, flexible and has an amazing body, and whether you like her and her Iconic Duo partner Billie Kay or not, you can’t deny that there’s few women who can hold a candle to her in the WWE today. Hopefully we see the two of them on the main roster very soon, because we saw how talented Royce can be at NXT TakeOver: WarGames, so a match between her and Charlotte could very well steal any show it’s on. Still, for the purpose of this article, we have to side with Peyton Royce.

12 Not As Attractive – Nia Jax

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Before coming to the WWE, Nia Jax was one of the biggest plus-sized models in the world, and despite her recent accusations of body shaming in the locker room, you won’t find many people around the world who don’t find her attractive. But as we have mentioned and will likely mention some more, Charlotte is just what many men around the world find to be at the traditional standard of beauty. These two are probably the most dominant performer in each of their respective women’s divisions, and if Jax can develop her in ring game the way that many inside the WWE are hoping, it could be a fantastic battle for a Women’s title one day. But in this contest, the popular choice would be Charlotte.

11 More Attractive – Mandy Rose

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Mandy Rose is, together with Sonya Deville, the newest member of Monday Night RAW, and while she may not boast the wrestling acumen of other NXT call-ups like Sarah Logan or Ruby Riott, she is certainly the best looking, to the point where many believe she was hired following her Tough Enough appearance based solely on her looks. Because of this, there have been rumors she has always been earmarked for the main roster, and while she has definitely improved in the ring, it’s her incredible looks that will always set her apart. The WWE will never be short on beautiful blonde women, and Rose is just another one in a long line of incredibly gorgeous blonde women, just a notch above Charlotte Flair.

10 Not As Attractive – Billie Kay

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We’ve just talked about one half of NXT’s "Iconic Duo," as Peyton Royce is one of the most talented and beautiful women the company currently has on its payroll, and while her partner, fellow Aussie Billie Kay, is certainly attractive, she just doesn’t compare to Royce, or The Queen herself, Charlotte. Kay is very talented in the ring, but in terms of looks, you can certainly tell that she just wears too much makeup, and it affects just how attractive she is when competing on NXT television. We don’t know what’s happening with the Iconic Duo, as they are certainly good enough as heels to be at the top of the NXT division, and there have been rumors of a call up for quite some time now. But whatever happens, the WWE needs to nurture these two as they have stars written all over them.

9 More Attractive – Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss is one of the most popular stars in today’s WWE women’s division, and most of it stems from the attitude she shows and just how much development her character has had, unlike Bayley and Sasha Banks who have stalled since coming to the main roster. But there’s no doubting a portion of the male audience like her just for her looks. She may stand at around 5-feet-tall, and is scowling the majority of the time we see her, but the former cheerleader ticks every box that the WWE find desirable in a woman, and it’s safe to say she’s one of the best looking in WWE today. Just because we make lists like this though, doesn’t mean you can go grabbing or touching these superstars (check out YouTube for a video of a young kid doing just that to Bliss), and we should just admire their beauty from afar, because all of these women are very attractive in their own way.


8 Not As Attractive – Mickie James

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Mickie James will likely go down as one of the greatest female wrestlers in WWE history, winning seven Championships in her time with the company. She has aged just as well if not better than many of the women we have seen returning to the WWE, but Charlotte remains just slightly more attractive. James is now approaching 40 years of age, and like a fine wine, it seems she is getting better with age, but Charlotte is in the prime of her life, and ticks every box that WWE and the majority of men worldwide deem most attractive. Sure, I definitely recommend you go back and check out some classic photos from James, as she oozed sex appeal, but it’s hard to argue that Charlotte is just slightly better in 2017.

7 More Attractive – Paige

Paige finally made her return to our screens on Monday Night RAW, and from the reaction she received, it’s clear to say that fans missed her, and while she may look a little different from the last time we saw her, she is still absolutely stunning, and still only 25 years old. As such, she is one of the hottest young stars in the entire WWE. I get it, some of you may not be into Paige’s style of look, but from an objective point of view, she is just much more attractive than Charlotte. Only time will tell which woman ends up being the more successful wrestler, as they both have incredibly bright futures in the WWE, but one thing that is hard to argue is that Paige is much more attractive.

6 Not As Attractive – Ruby Riott

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Ruby Riott was just called up to the main roster alongside Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, and it’s unlikely many casual fans of the WWE will know much about her, but she is a very accomplished performer on the independents, and will immediately stand out on SmackDown Live for her wrestling ability, but also for her very unique look. The former Heidi Lovelace prides herself on that unique, quirky look, and as she is covered in tattoos, there will be many people out there who find her very hot, but Charlotte is just a little bit more attractive. Only time will tell what the company decide to do with her on the main roster, as she may wind up being lost in the shuffle, but if booked correctly she could be seen as a legitimate contender for Charlotte’s title. In this case, though, Charlotte has the edge.

5 More Attractive – Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis left the WWE in 2009, and while on the independent wrestling scene she met Mike Bennett, and whether you think she’s out of his league or not, there’s no doubting that the edge and maturity her character developed over that time has made her one of the most attractive women in WWE history. Her innocence the first time round made her a huge fan favorite, but since her return she has taken it to another level, and if Karl Anderson’s reaction to Maria doesn’t tell you all it should, I don’t know what to tell you (again, check out the video on YouTube if you don’t know what I’m talking about). She may be off our screens due to her pregnancy at the moment, but when she’s around, there are millions of guys around the world who just can’t take their eyes off her.

4 Not As Attractive – Bayley

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Bayley and Charlotte Flair have a special connection as characters on WWE television, as they will always be connected by the Four Horsewomen group from NXT alongside Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, but Charlotte is a much stronger performer and character. And while you can argue the Huggable One is a bit better looking, we believe she just doesn’t match up to The Queen. Bayley’s character and popularity was always built upon her innocence, and while there are certainly guys out there who find that very attractive, she just can’t compare. That’s not to say Bayley isn’t attractive, because she certainly is, but her appeal will always be based on her character and wrestling ability, and will likely be known as the least attractive woman in that popular NXT group.

3 More Attractive – Maryse

Maryse was one of the most talented women during her wrestling tenure with the WWE, and while others were hired purely based on their model looks, the French-Canadian stunner combined those looks with a great in-ring skill set, and it’s safe to say that we are very glad she’s back on our screens. At the moment, Maryse and her husband The Miz are lucky enough to be expecting their first child, a girl, and that’s fantastic news, but back to the list at hand, Maryse is just head and shoulders above Charlotte in terms of looks. Only time will tell if we will be lucky enough to see Maryse back again after her pregnancy, but one thing's for sure, even if we never see her again, the blonde bombshell will never be forgotten by male fans all around the world.

2 Not As Attractive – Tamina

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Tamina came into the WWE with understandable expectations, as she is the daughter of the legendary Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, but unfortunately for her, she just can’t live up to those expectations in the ring, especially when compared to another second generation star like Charlotte Flair. While she is still much more talented than most of us, it can’t be categorized as anything but a disappointment, and with another comparison to Charlotte in terms of looks, she again just falls short. Tamina is quite attractive, especially if a big, strong woman is your type of thing, but unfortunately for the daughter of the Superfly, she will always remain one of the least attractive women in the company today.

1 More Attractive – Lana

Rusev is one of the luckiest men in wrestling, period. Sure, the Bulgarian Brute may not be featured as prominently on TV as he would like (a Rusev Day tragedy that needs to be rectified), but he is married to Lana, the real life CJ Perry who is one of the best looking women to ever step foot in the WWE. As we’ve stated throughout the article, Charlotte is a very attractive young woman, but Lana is just on another level above every woman in WWE, and could very well be the most attractive woman in company history. Obviously, Lana isn’t even close to Charlotte in terms of in-ring ability, as Charlotte is probably the best female wrestler in WWE history, but in terms of pure looks, no one tops Lana.


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