8 Current Wrestling Couples That Will Likely Last (And 7 That Probably Won't)

Taking into account the fact that the men and women of professional wrestling spend most of their working lives on the road, it only seems fitting that many couples are formed within the sport. Pro-wrestling is far from being an easy job, as it requires constant travel, little sleep, strenuous workout regimes, and little family time. However, with the bad there's always the good, as many relationships have formed in Sports Entertainment. When you think about it, this makes sense considering they'll have the opportunity to spend lots of time with their partner.

Though a professional wrestling couple can be tight-knit since they've gotten to know each other inside and out, that doesn't change the fact that many of wrestling's couples have split-up at some point. Wrestlers are just like the rest of us, and relationships sometimes don't last as long as we had hoped for originally. Wrestling couples (especially WWE formed couples) can be referred to as being "power couples" simply because each spouse is earning a hefty sum of money each year.

However, "all the money in the world" sometimes isn't enough to keep two people together, and considering history has a way of repeating itself, many of today's wrestling couples probably won't last. Though that's not to say that no wrestling couples will last (as some definitely will based on stronger foundations and better relationships), but there's certainly some obvious choices for current wrestling couples that will eventually split-up down the line. Stay tuned, as we divulge 8 current wrestling couples that will likely last, and 7 that probably won't.

15  15. Will Likely Last: Cody And Brandi Rhodes

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Cody and Brandi Rhodes have been together for quite some time, and they married back in September 2013. Both Cody and Brandi have since parted ways with WWE, and they're finding success on the Indies - and NJPW for Cody. If you've since forgotten, Brandi (formerly Eden Stiles) worked for WWE as a ring announcer between 2013-16. On the other hand, I'm sure almost every single one of you knows exactly who Cody Rhodes is and was, and he used to perform for WWE as simply Cody Rhodes, or his final character - Stardust.

As you're probably aware, the whole "Stardust" angle was plain awful after a short period of time following its introduction, and it completely killed any possible chance of Cody becoming a big star - no one (including the WWE itself) was going to take Rhodes as a serious threat for any championship with that limited shtick. However, the company refused to let Cody go back to his normal character portrayal hence why he left to begin with. Considering Cody and Brandi are doing well for themselves and seem to have solid foundations, I expect this wrestling couple to last.

14 Probably Won't: Bubba Ray Dudley And Velvet Sky

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One half of the highly decorated Dudley Boyz tag team, Bubba Ray, has been in a relationship with the former TNA Women's Knockout Champion Velvet Sky since May of last year (2016.) Though Velvet Sky has since retired from professional wrestling to pursue finishing off a college degree, the 46 year old Bubba Ray Dudley is still wrestling to this day in Ring Of Honor and on the Indies. Bubba has been apart of the wrestling industry for what seems like an eternity, and he's had successes as both a tag team and singles competitor.

However, as I'm sure most of you'd agree, The Dudley Boyz' return to WWE a couple years ago was a complete flop by all stretches, and the talented duo were completely misused, mistreated and horribly booked to say the least. Although it looks as if Bubba Ray and Velvet Sky are currently "on the same page" so to speak, I highly doubt this relationship will last all too long - especially considering Bubba's a whole decade older than Sky.

13 Will Likely Last: Magnus And Mickie James

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If you weren't aware, the former WWE and TNA Women's Champion Mickie James is married to former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Magnus as of December 31, 2015 after being engaged for just over one year. Mickie and Magnus have one child, a boy, named Donovan who has born in September of 2014. After a brief return to TNA Impact Wrestling (now GFW) earlier this year, Magnus is currently working on the Indies, and his wife Mickie James is currently performing for WWE in Monday Night Raw's Women's Division.

Though Magnus has achieved some forms of success in his professional wrestling career up to this point, I think it's safe to say that Mickie's by far the more popular spouse. However, with that being said, Magnus definitely possesses the look Vince seeks in future Superstars, so it isn't totally out of the question to imagine that a future WWE run may be in the cards for Magnus. Many of TNA's top guys have made the jump, and perhaps Magnus is next. Considering Magnus and Mickie share a child and have been on the same page, I'll make the statement that this wrestling couple will likely last - at least longer than many of the other current couples included on this list.

12 Probably Won't: Alberto Del Rio And Paige

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The highly controversial Alberto Del Rio has been dating former WWE Divas Champion Paige since May of 2016 (at least that's when they went public with their relationship.) The two have been engaged since October of last year, and its been rumored that their official wedding will occur in the near future (though some claim they've already "secretly" tied the knot - who really knows.)

Regardless, the former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Del Rio has been as outspoken as humanly possible since departing from WWE last year, and he and Paige have gotten themselves intertwined in many various controversies - most recently the airport "domestic abuse" scandal at an Orlando airport, which saw Paige get into an altercation with her fiancee, and she ended up throwing a drink of some sort at him. Obviously this is all pointing towards a future (near future) breakup, but apparently Paige and Alberto are still dating. However, all good things (in this case bad things) do eventually come to an end, and I'd be very surprised if this unstable couple lasts another year. Paige is definitely better off without Del Rio.

11 Will Likely Last: Aaron Solow And Bayley

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"Everyone's Favorite Hugger" Bayley is currently engaged to Independent wrestler Aaron Solow as of November 2016.  Aaron's currently working on the Indies, but he's still been seen on a couple WWE programmings including NXT and 205 Live in the past (performing as an enhancement talent). Bayley's definitely the better known wrestler, as she's one of the top Women's Division wrestlers on Monday Night Raw - though Bayley's currently out of action with an unfortunate and untimely injury.

However, Aaron Solow has stated before that he intends to prove his worth to the wrestling scene, and not just to be recognized by fans as being "Bayley's boyfriend." Although it can be extremely difficult to predict the future, with how Bayley portrays herself on and off screen, I have the feeling that this couple will last. Bayley (and Aaron for that matter) seem like genuine down to earth people, and I believe that if any of the eight wrestling couples on this list we predict will last do in fact last, I believe Bayley and Solow have one of the best chances of doing just that.

10 Probably Won't: Dean Ambrose And Renee Young

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"The Lunatic Fringe" and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose has been in a relationship with Renee Young since 2013, and they recently got married back in early April of this year. Both Dean and Renee currently work for WWE, so they definitely spend lots of time together on the road. Despite not being an in-ring wrestler, Renee Young is still very much a popular wrestling woman, and she's fantastic at her interviewing and commentating roles. Let's just say that the pre-show panel wouldn't be remotely near as engaging without Renee.

Dean Ambrose on the other hand is one of the WWE's most popular Superstars, and he's currently one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions with his former Shield Brother, Seth Rollins. It's no secret that Dean Ambrose is fairly limited in the ring, but he's still more than capable of putting on solid matches - though it seems like he just doesn't put in enough effort in his matches sometimes. Both Renee and Dean are pretty young, and I honestly don't see them remaining a couple in the future - my guess is that their relationship will end within five years time.

9 Will Likely Last: CM Punk And AJ Lee

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The extraordinarily popular CM Punk has been married to the former Divas Champion, AJ Lee since June 2014. It's quite ironic that Punk and AJ are a couple, as Punk was one of the most popular male wrestlers, and AJ Lee ranked as being one of the most popular Divas - together, they're definitely a WWE power couple. However, unfortunately for their legions of fans, both AJ and Punk have decided against performing for WWE, and they'll most likely never return to the company - at least not in the near future.

Punk has voiced his displeasure with WWE over the last couple of years, and it's hard to imagine that he'd ever want to go back considering he's doing fine financially without them. That being said, during CM Punk's WWE tenure, he was undoubtedly one of the most over stars, and he certainly helped bring in good ratings for the shows on a weekly basis. Though CM Punk has been in relationships before that didn't last all too long (Lita for example), I think AJ Lee's the love of Punk's life, and I believe their relationship will last.

8 Probably Won't: John Cena And Nikki Bella

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John Cena has been dating Nikki Bella since November 2012, and they recently became engaged this past April at the WrestleMania 33 pay-per-view in front of over 75 thousand fans watching from the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, and millions watching worldwide from the comfort of their couches. Now let's be honest, it was a rather cringe-worthy proposal, but I suppose it was news-worthy enough to add a little bit of buzz surrounding the big WrestleMania night. It's clear that John's time in the WWE is slowly coming to an end (besides special appearances), and this signals the "end of an Era" - the John Cena Era.

Though some fans may be relieved to see John slowly fizzle out of the spotlight, the man replacing Cena's position is Roman Reigns which is scary in all honesty. Wrestling aside, although John Cena will be marrying Nikki soon, I highly doubt that this will be an ever-lasting relationship. John and Nikki are far too similar (similar personalities, beliefs et cetera), and this will probably eventually be the cause of this "power couple" parting ways. Cena's been in many relationships before, and I strongly believe that this won't be the last.

7 Will Likely Last: Vince And Linda McMahon

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Vince McMahon has been married to Linda McMahon since August 1966 which is an incredibly long time if you ask me - especially for an extremely wealthy business man such as Vincent Kennedy McMahon dammit! Apparently, Vince had met Linda at church when he was just 16 years old. Although Vince McMahon is constantly roasted by the WWE Universe for his sometimes wacky and delusional ideas, that doesn't take away from the fact that Vince has worked extremely hard to make the WWE what it is today.

To be working nearly full-time into your early 70s shows that Vince McMahon puts his company first and foremost over "retirement life." It's no secret that Vince's quite the character, and he's been involved in many controversies over the years. However, Linda has stood by Vince through the "thick of it," and this truly speaks volumes about their relationship. Considering Vince and Linda have been married for over 50 years, I have little doubt saying that this wrestling power couple will likely last for the rest of their lives. If Linda could "put up" with all of Vince's nonsense before, I doubt anything he's doing today will change her mind.

6 Probably Won't: Big Cass And Carmella

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Current WWE Raw Superstar Big Cass and SmackDown's Women's MITB Briefcase holder Carmella have been dating for a few years now, and they live together in Orlando, Florida. Big Cass and Carmella are rising stars on their respective brand, and I believe that they'll both have championship runs in the near future. When you look at Monday Night Raw's roster, it's fairly easy to notice that Big Cass stands out due to his height and overall size. However, although the WWE seems to think that they have their next main eventer in Cass, I seriously believe that his push will end up being a complete flop.

I just don't feel that Big Cass will be able to work the "main event style" anytime soon, as he's far too limited in the ring at this point. Carmella on the other hand has some potential as a top Women's Division performer, though she's still pretty green and rather clumsy. I suppose you could call Big Cass and Carmella "works in progress." That being said, I doubt Big Cass and Carmella will last as a couple, as it doesn't seem like they're really "serious" about their relationship at this point - at least not nearly as much as some of the other current wrestling couples included on the list.

5 Will Likely Last: Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella

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One of the most celebrated and widely loved current wrestling couples is none other than the SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. Daniel and Brie have been married since April 2014, and they were previously dating for just under three years before "tying the knot". Some fans made the statement that Brie was only getting involved with Bryan following his WWE successes, but that's the furthest thing from the truth considering she had been with Bryan years before he ever "made it" so to speak.

Brie and Bryan have one child together, a daughter named Birdie who was born on May ninth of this year (2017.) Both Daniel and Brie are very down to earth people, and they seem like the kind of folk who "stay together" through the thick of it. If I had to guess, I think it's very likely that Bryan and Brie's relationship will last - perhaps one of the only current wrestling couples that could potentially last a lifetime. Brie Bella is currently in training to return to WWE in the near future, and although Bryan has since "retired" from the ring (at least for WWE), I wouldn't bet against a Daniel Bryan in-ring return sometime down the road.

4 Probably Won't: Buddy Murphy And Alexa Bliss

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The former Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss is currently engaged to NXT performer Buddy Murphy since December 2016. We haven't seen much from Murphy down in NXT lately, and he's most notably recognized for being apart of his tag team with Wesley Blake, and they together captured the NXT Tag Team Championships on one occasion.

Alexa Bliss is most definitely the more popular WWE Superstar of this wrestling couple, and she's by far one of the WWE's most talented and diverse Women's Division wrestlers today. Although Buddy and Alexa are engaged, I have a strong feeling that this relationship will fizzle out in the near future. I'm sure Buddy Murphy is very proud of Alexa's accomplishments, but I believe jealousy will eventually take over considering the fact that Bliss has had a far more successful wrestling career thus far, and I doubt Murphy will ever reach Bliss' level in terms of overall success.

3 Will Likely Last: Tyson Kidd And Natalya

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Natalya has known the former WWE Tag Team Champ Tyson Kidd since she was just 12 years old, and the two began dating in late 2001. Following nearly 12 years of dating, Tyson and Natalya "tied the knot" and married back in June 2013 - their wedding was showcased on Total Divas during its first season. Natalya and Tyson Kidd are both Canadian born and raised (Alberta), but they currently reside in Tampa, Florida. When you've been in a relationship with someone for as long as Natty and Tyson have, you know that there are definitely some strong roots within that said relationship.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd know each other inside and out, and I strongly believe that their relationship as a couple will last. It's truly unfortunate that Tyson Kidd's in-ring wrestling career had to be cut short following a horrific accident that had taken place during his match-up with Samoa Joe in a dark match on Raw in 2015. However, on the bright side, Tyson's wife Natalya is presently in her first reign as the SmackDown Women's Champion - an accomplishment she absolutely deserved.

2 Probably Won't: Sasha Banks And Mikaze

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"The Boss" Sasha Banks is married to Independent wrestler Sarath Ton (better known as Mikaze.) This wrestling couple "tied the knot" back in August 2016, though Sasha did not publicly announce her marriage until earlier this year in March. Aside from working the Indies, Mikaze is currently employed by the WWE as a costume designer (Ton has actually designed many of WWE's female performers costumes including Summer Rae's and his wife's Sasha Banks' - Sarath is the man responsible for designing Sasha Banks' in-ring attire.)

Mikaze has known Sasha Banks since she started wrestling, and he can be credited for making "The Boss" look absolutely stunning with all the vibrant ring outfits Banks wears while performing inside the squared circle. Pro-wrestling fans can certainly be quite opinionated, as some have mentioned that "Banks is too good for Mikaze," or that Mikaze isn't as good looking as Sasha is. However, this is quite rude considering Mikaze doesn't look bad at all. Regardless, I just don't see this relationship lasting forever, and that's honestly just my humble opinion.

1 Will Likely Last: Brock Lesnar And Sable

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If you hadn't known, the current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has been married to former WWE Women's Champion Sable since early May 2006. Lesnar and Sable have two children, two sons named Turk and Duke (born approximately one year apart - June 2009 and July 2010.) Brock Lesnar and Sable tend to keep a very low profile, as you don't hear too much reported about them as a couple on a regular basis.

When Lesnar's away from the ring, Sable and Brock spend much of their time in Maryfield, Saskatchewan which is where they currently reside. Although Brock Lesnar seems like an outspoken guy, I believe that he's quite down to earth away from the squared circle and the octagon. Both Brock and Sable obviously enjoy living a quieter life, as they live in a rather rural town away from all the "hustle and bustle" of the city. They've been together for well over a decade now (including the time they spent together before marrying), and it's probable that they'll remain a couple in the future if the past decade is any indication.

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