8 Current Wrestling Rumors That Give Us Hope (And 7 That Bring Us Down)

The rumor mill in the wrestling world right now could lead to huge changes in the near future. One thing that makes wrestling even more fascinating than any other sport or form of entertainment is how quickly things can change. Backstage gossip leads to new wrestlers coming into WWE, many wrestlers leaving for new futures and lots of other drama in between signings and departures. WWE is obviously the big dog with most big news revolving around them. However, the popularity of New Japan and other smaller independent promotions have created other options that also lead to a lot of rumors.

As with everything wrestling related, there are many positive and negative news stories for each side. We'll take a look at many of them currently making the rounds today. WWE is approaching SummerSlam, New Japan just ended their G1 tournament, many contracts are expiring and things continue to change. The future is going to be interesting with so many variables bound to play out. This list will take a look at both sides of speculation that will make fans happy and others that will not. These are eight currently wrestling rumors that make us happy and another seven that bring us down.

14 Hope: WWE Quits On Baron Corbin

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The shocking end of the Smackdown Live episode before SummerSlam featured Baron Corbin cashing in his Money in the Bank title shot and losing in six seconds by roll up. Everyone expected Corbin to win the WWE Championship with old rumors indicating it could have come at SummerSlam following a Shinsuke Nakamura title win. Instead, he now loses the title shot in embarrassing fashion.

Corbin is only the third person to lose their cash-in and the other two had very competitive matches. New reports claim Corbin is in the doghouse with WWE for his recent social media activity. Corbin trashed Finn Balor, Mojo Rawley and other WWE personalities for no reason. The worst moment came when he told a member of the military that he did nothing with his life before realizing what the fan has actually accomplished. All of this has led to Corbin possibly being phased down with WWE no longer loving him.

13 Bring Us Down: Enzo Amore To 205 Live

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Enzo Amore is another wrestler rumored to be in the doghouse due to his attitude. Following his brash personality turning the locker room against him and causing Roman Reigns to throw him off a tour bus, Enzo is in a bad spot. WWE splitting Enzo and Big Cass up was partially a punishment to Amore. The company is reportedly looking at punishing him further with a few plans in mind.

One rumor is Enzo moving to the Cruiserweight Division considering his smaller size. The presence of Enzo would not only humble him, but it could help add interest into the lackluster division. Despite all his flaws, Amore gets the fans behind him and he sells a lot of merchandise. The problem is he’s a putrid in-ring performer. If he was that bad in limited action as a tag wrestler, imagine how worse it might get in singles matches trying to keep up with some of the best performers in the world.

13. Hope: Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 34

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There appears to be a long term storyline building between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon. Both men have clashed for months in backstage segments with things escalating in recent weeks. Owens threatened and blamed Shane for an incompetent referee costing him a title shot. McMahon is now the special guest referee at SummerSlam for the final showdown between Owens and A.J. Styles.

The rumored plan for this is Owens losing the match and attacks Shane afterwards to put him out of commission. There’s no telling when he'll return, but a match at WrestleMania appears to be the most likely scenario. Both guys are regarded for their brawling skills in hardcore matches. It would be Shane’s most interesting matchup and the biggest opportunity of Owens’ career if it takes place at WrestleMania 34.

12 Bring Us Down: Bray Wyatt Getting Next Universal Championship Match

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There is a rumor floating around about Bray Wyatt being next in line for a shot at the Universal Championship. It is up in the air regarding who walks out of SummerSlam as the champ between Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe. A few reports indicate Reigns will win the title and face Wyatt at the following PPV in September.

Wyatt would be a valid opponent for any of the four wrestlers with various stories already in play. The problem is Bray has fallen badly from his first WWE Championship win back in February to his current spot on Raw. Wyatt hurts the momentum of anyone he feuds with. The last thing WWE needs is the title picture becoming boring again after it has been off television for months following WrestleMania.

11 Hope: Daniel Bryan Definitely Returning To Wrestling

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Brie Bella recently revealed some huge news about the future of Daniel Bryan. Rumors already circulated regarding him planning to leave WWE to wrestle again when his contract expires in 2018. The biggest factor in Bryan staying retired was his wife Brie being against it. Brie revealed that she's on board with Bryan and he'll definitely find a way to wrestle again.

The hope is that Bryan returns to the WWE ring by getting cleared with their doctors. However, the most likely situation is Bryan walking away from WWE to wrestle for other promotions. New Japan, Ring of Honor and independent promotions seem to be the best bet for his future. Bryan is one of the biggest stars possible to boost other companies. The fan bases will grow if Bryan gets his wish of working in the smaller companies giving him the creative outlet.

10 Bring Us Down: Johnny Mundo & Rey Mysterio Going To GFW

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Global Force Wrestling is trying to re-brand with new talent coming into the promotion. They're hoping to find a few familiar names that can still contribute. Two names on their wish list are established stars Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo. Both men are at the end of their Lucha Undergroud contracts and GFW wants to build around them as top stars.

This would have been good a few years ago, but let’s be honest – GFW has no hope. After their failure and being linked to the also failed TNA brand, fans have given up on this promotion being an alternative. Mysterio is at the end of the run and these next few years will be his final noteworthy work. Mundo is still performing at a high level and can’t waste his prime. Both guys should look for returns to WWE or signing with another promotion that has more upside.

9 Hope: Ronda Rousey Coming To WWE

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WWE star Brian Kendrick is reportedly training Ronda Rousey in the art of professional wrestling. The massive UFC star has seen her MMA career end, but she still possesses a great deal of star power. Rousey has been a massive wrestling fan showing up to numerous WWE shows with her friends in the MMA Four Horsewomen.

Shayna Baszler thriving in wrestling and working with WWE opened up the doors for Rousey having more interest than ever. Rousey would likely only wrestle once or twice per year as an attraction, but it's still a great boost for the show. The potential of Rousey as a WWE star is huge and fans should be excited about seeing her try her luck in the new world of professional wrestling.

8 Bring Us Down: WWE Firings Coming Soon

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The brand split has opened up more opportunities for wrestlers on three brands if you count NXT. However, there still is not enough roster spots for everyone currently employed. Numerous main roster wrestlers on Raw and SmackDown struggle to get television time. Only a handful of Cruiserweight stars get television time each week. NXT has a few talented stars ready to get called up.

WWE is also looking to cut costs after some disappointing growth numbers for the WWE Network. All of these factors have led to the rumor of firings coming soon. We may see one of those cutting days come soon with a handful of firings all being announced at the same time. If your favorite wrestler is in a weak spot, you should worry. Hopefully, it's just a rumor and no one loses their job.

7 Hope: Adam Cole Leading NXT Faction

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NXT has started to become a hot product again with the television product giving us impressive matches and great stories. TakeOver: Brooklyn 2017 is set to be one of the best cards in NXT history. Reports of former ROH World Champion Adam Cole signing with WWE have the rumor mill buzzing about his debut. The theory floating around is that Cole will be introduced in Brooklyn leading a new faction.

Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish have been announced as official signings already by WWE. Lio Rush and Donovan Dijak are rumored to be finalizing deals. All men could be candidates to join Cole with this new faction invading NXT. It's unlikely they are all referenced as former ROH talent but their history being linked together is interesting. We may see a hostile takeover storyline in WWE for the first time in many years and it could be genius.

6 Bring Us Down: Jason Jordan Huge Push

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Jason Jordan is a very talented wrestler with great potential but his current storyline on Raw is a mess. WWE split up Jordan and Chad Gable’s tag team American Alpha way too early to set up a singles push for Jordan as Kurt Angle’s long lost son. The current rumors call for a huge Jordan push as a top face. WWE is already setting up Jordan to be the man that dethrones The Miz as Intercontinental Champion.

Fans are already turning on Jordan with Toronto booing him out of the building a few weeks ago. This is going to get worse the more WWE pushes him. Fans don’t like being told who they like and prefer organic stories these days. Jordan is quite forced and Angle being his spokesperson is doing him no favors.

5 Hope: Asuka Coming To The Main Roster

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Asuka has dominated the Women’s Division in NXT for almost two years now. No one has been able to defeat her leading to one of the most impressive undefeated streaks in WWE history. Asuka has a great allure to her that adds to the intimidating presence in the ring. There’s no doubt that Asuka is ready for the main roster.

Rumors are circulating that she will be joining the main roster after NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. It remains to be seen if Asuka drops the title and ends her streak to Ember Moon. There’s a theory that Asuka will just vacate the title as she moves up to the main roster with the undefeated streak. Regardless, she would improve the Women’s Division on either Raw or SmackDown Live by making an instant impact.

4 Bring Us Down: WWE Giving Up On Bayley

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One woman that has struggled during her transition from NXT to the main roster is Bayley. Arguably the biggest women’s wrestling star in NXT history, Bayley’s character has not been involved in as many great stories. Bayley has achieved success as a two-time Raw Women’s Champion, including a big win at WrestleMania 33.

The writers however just don’t seem to understand how to book her character. Instead of being treated like an underdog, Bayley either wins a feud right away in lackluster fashion or loses decisively to end it. Fans reached the point of booing her in Toronto a few weeks ago on Raw following her speech discussing her injury. Vince McMahon was reportedly furious about this and it could spell bad news for Bayley’s future. The talent and potential of Bayley is too good to waste and this would be horrible if true.

3 Hope: A.J. Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Championship Program

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A.J. Styles has revealed that he's pitching to have a big match against Shinsuke Nakamura on a major PPV. The tease between the two at Money in the Bank with the crowd going nuts was an idea from Styles to show Vince McMahon how much people want to see this match. Nakamura may win the WWE Championship as soon as SummerSlam if the rumors are correct.

Styles and Nakamura are destined to have a major match for the WWE Championship at some point in the near future. We're all hoping it will take place at WrestleMania 34. Given the current Smackdown roster, there’s no better potential world title match for the biggest show of the year. Nakamura and Styles only had one singles match in Japan and it was superb. WWE could be in for something special if they put these two against each other on the grandest stage.

2 Bring Us Down: Brock Lesnar Leaving For UFC

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Brock Lesnar has been a disappointment in recent years for WWE. The current Universal Championship reign hurt WWE with ratings sinking without a World Champion appearing on Raw every week. Lesnar and WWE are reportedly growing tired of each other. Despite the poor past year, Brock is still one of the most special athletes the company has ever employed.

Lesnar is reportedly scheduled to lose the Universal Championship and return to UFC. The comment from UFC’s Jon Jones challenging Brock to a fight shows just how the plans for Lesnar to return to UFC are confirmed. WWE losing Lesnar would be a bad thing in the grand scheme of things. Brock is great returning every few months for a big match when he’s not the champion.

1 Hope: CM Punk Bullet Club

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One of the hottest rumors that could lead to a massive change in the wrestling industry is CM Punk returning. The hatred between Punk and WWE still exists. New Japan and ROH growing in popularity will make them a much more viable option for Punk. Bullet Club members Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks have teased pitching Punk the idea of coming back to join the faction.

Hot Topic selling shirts for the Bullet Club members shows just how popular the brand has become. Punk joining would be huge to take them to the next level. Many new fans will give NJPW and ROH a chance with Punk in the promotions. Punk still loves wrestling and clearly is not going anywhere in MMA. We can only hope Punk creates change by joining NJPW/ROH for a role in the Bullet Club.

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