8 Current WWE Superstars Who Love Their Bodies And 7 Who Don't Care About Looks

WWE Superstars are some of the hardest working athletes around, and they're constantly improving upon things to make sure that they remain at the top of their game. Few professional wrestlers ever make it to the WWE, and the ones that do are often unique, extra-talented or possess the looks Vince McMahon seeks in his potential stars. As you'd expect, the majority of WWE's talent are solid and look the part - they're built like comic book heroes/villains. However, as I'm sure you've noticed, WWE has expanded as far as who they bring into the company, as some of their talents don't partiularly look like polarizing Superstars (Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe for example). Instead, these stars were hired for their immense in-ring talent over just looking the part.

I think it's good to have balance, as WWE needs to present all sorts of characters to draw fans to their product. Just having "big sweaty men" who lack the talent a Kevin Owens possesses isn't all too interesting after a short amount of time, nor would it be interesting if WWE was solely filled with "Indy darlings" who looks like nothing more than average people. Considering WWE has its mix of talent (those who have the looks over in-ring talent and those who are more focused on their in-ring performances over looks), the WWE definitely has guys and gals who love their bodies, and those who don't care about looks. Of course some of the wrestlers who possess the body Vince goes loony for have in-ring talent as well (Finn Balor for example), and these performers would be considered to be the "total package."

15  15. Loves Body: Jinder Mahal

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As you have probably noticed, current WWE Champion (still crazy to say that) Jinder Mahal has underwent drastic physical changes since his initial return to the company last Summer. When Mahal had originally returned, he was in decent shape - though nothing out of the ordinary or too noticeable. However, with each passing month, Jinder Mahal's physique became much more defined, and he now looks like an absolute shredded beast. Of course many fans speculate that Mahal may be taking some form of performance enhancers to "enhance" his appearance, but regardless, there's no denying that Jinder Mahal loves his body. I'd have to say that Mahal is probably the most shredded wrestler in the WWE locker room today, and much of his current physical shape can be attributed to eating right and working out harder than anyone else on the roster.

14 Doesn't Care About Looks: Kevin Owens

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Despite having the physique of a "fat" Indy wrestler, Kevin Owens has still manged to become one of the WWE's top Superstars with one Universal Championship run under his belt along with numerous IC and US title reigns. Kevin Owens is currently amidst a US title feud over on SmackDown, but I'm sure it won't be very long before we witness "The Prizefighter" head back over into the main event scene vying for the WWE Championship.

Sure, Kevin may look like an average Joe, but his performances inside the squared circle are second to none, and he definitely has great cardio/conditioning which allows Owens to compete for long periods of time without gassing out too much. It's not hard to see that Owens isn't a stereotypical WWE "body guy," and it's highly likely that he doesn't care about looks or his outside appearance. Instead, Kevin utilizes his weight to throw around his opponents, and he uses it to his advantage.

13 Loves Body: John Cena

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John Cena has been the franchise WWE Superstar for over a decade now, and he's still the biggest star the company has to offer despite Cena only working a part-time schedule. If anyone deserves a lighter work-schedule, then it would definitely be John Cena as he worked relentlessly as the top WWE guy for so many years, and he never burned out or let his performances suffer (that's why he has been "the guy" for so long). One of the reasons John Cena appeals to Vince McMahon is certainly because of his chiseled, ripped physique. Few Superstars can match Cena in the overall appearance department, as he really couldn't possibly be in any better shape. Regardless of whether Cena's working a full-time or part-time schedule, John still keeps himself in tip top shape which showcases his fantastic work ethic. It isn't arguable that John Cena is very proud of the way he looks, and as a result, John definitely loves his body.

12 Doesn't Care About Looks: Bray Wyatt

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"The Eater Of Worlds" Bray Wyatt is currently a member of the Raw roster, and despite having one reign as the WWE Champion, Wyatt still hasn't quite cemented himself as a "top guy" even though his booking has improved noticeably since being drafted over to Monday Night Raw. Time will only tell if WWE makes an effort to solidify Bray as a main event Superstar and not just a glorified "jobber to the stars." That said, focusing in on Bray Wyatt's appearance, it's safe to say that Wyatt isn't all too concerned about his looks, and if you ask me, I believe that suits his character much better than if he was a clean-cut "body guy." However, although Wyatt's quite husky (ironic), he's still in great ring shape as he doesn't seem to tire very easily, and as we all know, there have been plenty of shredded guys in the past who gassed out within very short order. I'd consider Bray Wyatt to be the bulky, yet strong type of guy.

11 Loves Body: Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair is undoubtedly one of the greatest women's wrestlers to step foot inside a WWE ring in recent memory. Though with a legendary father like "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, it comes at no surprise that Charlotte knows the ropes like the back of her hand - she was born to wrestle. Not only is Charlotte one of the WWE's most gifted females of all time, but she's also in impeccable shape (likely in the best shape of all WWE women right now). Miss Flair partakes in a grueling workout regime to maintain her shredded appearance, and it isn't arguable that Charlotte works extremely hard to stay ahead of all other WWE Women's Division wrestlers. Charlotte Flair isn't dubbed the "Genetically Superior Athlete" for nothing. Considering how hard Flair works, it's obvious that she's very happy with her body, as she really couldn't possibly get into any better shape.

10 Doesn't Care About Looks: James Ellsworth

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The legendary wrestling meme known to the WWE Universe as James Ellsworth has had a great 2016 (a year which saw the jabroni jobber rise to unexpected heights). Who could have possibly imagined that Braun Strowman's no-name jobber would go onto have a better WWE career then actual legitimate former wrestlers. I guess it was the "luck of the draw," and James has prospered immensely.

Even if Ellsworth doesn't stick around for much longer, he's now well known by the wrestling community, and he would have little trouble finding decent work on the Indy's. James Ellsworth is living the dream, and he certainly didn't get there by being a "big sweaty man." Instead, James Ellsworth looks like a below average Joe with no defined muscles. I suppose you could describe Ellsworth as skinny-fat. It's clear James doesn't care very much for looks, but he hasn't seemed to need them to find success in WWE - he's the ultimate underdog that most fans love to root for.

9 Loves Body: Seth Rollins

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"The Architect" Seth Rollins is by far one of the WWE's top 5 in-ring performers today, and it won't be long before Rollins finds himself vying for the Universal Championship. Though his babyface run has been a total bust in most fans eyes, that hasn't stopped the WWE Universe from caring for Seth - he's one of the best performers the company has to offer. Seth continues to generate good fan interaction whenever he steps foot inside the squared circle, and he's quite simply a wrestling machine. Despite suffering from multiple injuries, Rollins' continues to fight and get back into the ring without much time for healing, and that comes down to Seth's intense (and dynamic) training. Some dub Rollins as "The CrossFit Jesus," and he works out harder than most other talents. Rollins is in phenomenal shape, and it's obvious that he loves his chiseled body.

8 Doesn't  Care About Looks: Baron Corbin

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"The Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin is the current Money In The Bank Briefcase holder - something that was rumored to happen, but I'd say that most fans were still somewhat shocked by the result. It's clear that Corbin's Vince McMahon's pet project over on SmackDown Live, and he's basically the heel version of Roman Reigns (though most fans would probably prefer a heel Reigns over Corbin any day of the week). What makes Corbin stand out from the rest of the pack?

Well, he's pretty big (and tall), which is something Vince loves in his top guys. However, despite having the overall size and height, Baron Corbin is definitely far from being "shredded" or even remotely defined (mainly his stomach and chest). Baron's arms are pretty buff, but the rest of his body? Not so much. Being a former football player, Corbin was never a "body guy," as he's more focused on having the size which enables him to plow his way through the competition. If you hadn't already noticed, Baron's flabby stomach is the butt of many jokes among the wrestling community.

7 Loves Body: Cesaro

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Cesaro is by far the pound for pound strongest guy in the WWE locker-room today. Though Cesaro has never been utilized to his fullest potential, his pairing with "The Celtic Warrior" has added new dimension to his rather bland character, and his career seems somewhat invigorated. When Sheamus and Cesaro eventually split up and go their separate ways, I wouldn't be surprised at all if both Superstars are utilized a bit more conscientiously moving forward, considering they're both exceptional talents.

Speaking on Cesaro's appearance, he isn't the bulkiest guy out there, but he has an extremely strong lean muscle mass which suits him well for his in-ring performances. Instead of just being a stiff strong guy, Cesaro is dynamic and agile, all while being as strong as any of the larger and puffy talent are (like John Cena for example). It's not hard to imagine that "The Swiss Superman" is very proud of the way he looks, and in turn, Cesaro definitely loves his shredded body.

6 Doesn't Care About Looks: Dean Ambrose

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"The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose may not be the strongest, most physically defined, or the greatest in-ring performer WWE has to offer, but Ambrose still remains one of the company's most popular Superstars (despite being de-pushed into the midcard title scene). Though Dean has been referred to by many fans as being the least talented man to come out of The Shield faction, there's something about Ambrose that screams "star."

He definitely has the connection with the WWE's fan-base, and no amount of burying on WWE's part has really affected Ambrose's popularity up to this point. However, Dean Ambrose is definitely not the stereotypical WWE Superstar. He isn't a body guy, and his overall appearance doesn't seem to be a huge concern for Ambrose. Sure he's in great shape, but Dean doesn't have the body WWE tends to look for in their top stars. If anything, Dean has increasingly become skinnier and less defined following his initial Shield days.

5 Loves Body: Zack Ryder

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Zack Ryder is by far one of the most underrated Superstars currently on the WWE's roster. Zack recently returned from an injury that kept him on the shelf for a fairly significant amount of time, and it looks like his pairing with Mojo Rawley may be nearing its end considering Rawley had eliminated Ryder in a battle royal on SmackDown Live a couple weeks ago. Zack Ryder has had an incredibly up-and-down career up to this point, with lots of low points mixed with the odd high point (winning the IC Championship at WrestleMania 32 in front of his father being one of them).

Regardless, Zack Ryder constantly seems to find himself in a lower midcard position, and he could be utilized much more effectively if you ask me. However, despite being saddled down with a limited position/gimmick, Zack Ryder still makes sure that he keeps himself in phenomenal shape, as Ryder's absolutely shredded. Ryder's great shape speaks volumes in regards to his work ethic. It isn't arguable that Zack loves his body, and I'm sure he has no trouble "getting the ladies."

4 Doesn't Care About Looks: Nia Jax

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Nia Jax is undoubtedly the most intimidating/imposing Women's Division wrestler in the WWE presently. Nia sets herself apart from the rest of WWE's women with her unique look and her somewhat scary yet calculating demeanor. No other female in WWE can match Jax's power and brute strength, not even the "Genetically Superior Athlete" Charlotte Flair. Nia's truly original, and she's a breath of fresh air who offers fans "something different" which is what many fans crave.

It certainly won't be very long before Nia Jax finally claims her first Women's Championship. It's fairly obvious that Nia isn't your stereotypical WWE Diva, as she definitely packs around quite a lot more weight than the rest of WWE's women. However, instead of focusing on her exterior appearance, Nia focuses her time on finding ways to best utilize her "extra size" to her advantage. On a side note, If I'm being honest here, Nia Jax is actually quite a lot prettier than many of WWE's other females currently on the roster.

3 Loves Body: Finn Balor

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Finn Balor is definitely one of Monday Night Raw's brightest up-and-coming Superstars who has "multi-time World Champion" written all over him. Though Finn may not be the youngest star on the roster (he's in his mid 30s), Balor looks 10 years younger than he actually is, and he couldn't possibly be in any better shape (take a good look at the photo above and see for yourself). Yes, Finn may be slightly injury prone, but that won't stop him from remaining a focal point on Raw.

Finn Balor is one of "Triple H's golden boys," and his position within the company is very secure, and if anything, will only expand with time. Some fans (including myself at times) find Balor to be somewhat bland on the mic, but his in-ring bouts more than make up for his promo shortcomings. Finn's one of the WWE's top performers, and he has a bright future. As I had mentioned, Finn's in excellent shape, and he certainly loves his body (showing off those abs in the picture above confirms this notion).

2 Doesn't Care About Looks: Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe has never been more relevant and talked about in the pro wrestling community then now. Going for a semi-established Superstar into one of the WWE's most intimidating monsters has been great to see, as Joe deserves to be one of Raw's focal points. Some fans may make the argument that there's only room for one monster heel on Monday Night Raw, but in my humble opinion, "the more the merrier."

Both Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe are unique, and they both add some much needed intrigue and depth to Raw. Without them, the show would probably resemble that of a total trainwreck. Throughout his wrestling career, Samoa Joe never really changed in terms of his appearance, and he's always had that larger, yet imposing physique. Some claim Joe's "fat," where as I simply believe that Samoa Joe's just a larger guy by nature. Regardless, Samoa Joe definitely isn't one who cares very much for looks, as he's more focused on using his extra weight to help control and destroy his opponents.

1 Loves Body: Big Show

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Now some of you may call me crazy, but Big Show definitely loves his body, and he has earned the respect from me for his immense hard work in the gym to help achieve his current great shape. As his name implies, Big Show has always been a big guy, and he normally appeared to be slightly flabby or somewhat overweight even for his incredibly huge size/height throughout much of his WWE tenure. However, over the past year or so, Big Show has stepped up his workout game like nobodies business, and he has transformed his previously flabby body into a shredded, polarizing physique. Big Show has bigger and more defined abs than most men three times smaller than he is. What makes Big Show's transformation even more impressive, is the fact that he achieved this physique all while being in his mid 40s. Absolutely impressive if you ask me! If anyone deserves the right to show off their body, then look no further than "The World's Largest Athlete," the Big Show.

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