8 Current WWE Wrestlers Who Use Their Real Name And 7 Who Don’t

Many fans will actually be shocked to learn that their favorite superstars use made-up names!

A WWE wrestler doesn't become a star just by the way they look or wrestle in the ring, as there are numerous factors into becoming a Superstar. Even though the wrestling skills of a wrestler obviously matter in the company, it's also the way the person is presented: they have to come out with unique characters who can get over with the audience. When a wrestler is given a character, to become that on-screen entity, they have to change everything about themselves.

For them to become a successful wrestler in the business, many such wrestlers have to change their names and get their own ring aliases to succeed. Some of these wrestlers have the weirdest birth names when you compare it to their ring names which people are accustomed to; many fans will actually be shocked to learn that their favorite superstars use made-up names.

But while most of the wrestlers have to come up with their ring names, some others use their original birth names in the business and become quite over with them, as we take a look at the 8 current WWE wrestlers who use their real names and 7 who don't.

15 Does: Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar has been dominating the WWE ever since breaking The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak, as the "Beast Incarnate" is a major star and brings in a lot of eyes just because of his name value. Lesnar has been a dominating athlete right from the beginning, as his name is very fitting considering how much of a badass it makes him sound like. Lesnar's name is enough to send a shiver down wrestlers' spines, as the beastly athlete is someone who has made sure his name is remembered all over the world with his work for the WWE and UFC. His name is synonymous with "badass" because of how hard-hitting and terrifying he has been over the years, and Lesnar will be a proud man to have made his name something which will be remembered for a long, long time.

14 Doesn't: Sami Zayn


REAL NAME: Rami Sebei

Sami Zayn has to be one of the more undermined wrestlers in the WWE right now, as the happy-go-lucky superstar has been unable to grasp that "brass ring" in the WWE yet. But while Sami Zayn seems like a good name, it's actually his WWE name as his original name is Rami Sebei as the Canadian wrestler is original of Syrian descent. The Former NXT Champion probably couldn't use that name much far in wrestling, as the name of Sami Zayn sounds very fitting for him and could make the underdog story a thing for him in the future. Also for a fun fact, Sami Zayn translated from English to Arabic translates to El Generico, which is incidentally Zayn's Independent wrestling name and the luchador he used to portray. He has had quite a few names in his career now and will hope that Sami Zayn is the one which elevates him to a top star in the wrestling world.

13 Does: Mickie James


Mickie James has made quite the successful return to the WWE, as she returned a few months back and is looking as good as ever in her latest stint in the company. James has already been drafted to Monday Night Raw where she ruled as Women's Champion back in the day, and Mickie can also boast herself off using her birth-name throughout her wrestling career. Mickie James-Aldis (which got added after marrying Nick Aldis) is her real life name, and she has been using her birth-name for years now, as it also fit in for her well as she made that name extremely popular after feuding with Trish and gaining popularity all those years ago. Her name is still recognized by wrestling fans because of her work throughout the years, as she'd be proud of making her family name so widely remembered in the wrestling business and will want the newer fans to remember her as well for her latest WWE run.

12 Doesn't: Finn Balor


REAL NAME: Fergal Devitt

Finn Balor has quickly become a sensation in the WWE, as he has been quite a star for the company in the years he has been with them. Starting from NXT where he got immensely over along with his "demon" side and was the longest reigning NXT Champion as well, he also took the main roster by storm later on by becoming the first ever WWE Universal Champion. Balor might have a sweet name, but it's not his name in real life as his real-life name is actually Fergal Devitt who was a small-time Irish lad who became this sensation. Despite going by the name of Prince Devitt in Japan, WWE decided to change up his name into something more lavish like Finn Balor and that has worked wonders for him so far, as the unique superstar will want to become something even bigger as the years pass by for his name to be remembered by everyone.

11 Does: Akira Tozawa


Akira Tozawa is also one of WWE's better exports from Japan in recent years, as the hard-hitting Cruiserweight might need some time to get settled as a star in the company, but his wrestling skills make him invaluable to the company. Tozawa has quite the fiery name as well, which he has not had to make up as Akira Tozawa is his birth-name and has helped him attain so much success over the years. He ensured that name became popular in the wrestling business when he achieved much success wrestling in Japan, especially in the Dragon Gate promotion where he was a top star. He'll be looking to provide more pride to his inherited name by making it popular amongst the WWE fans, as he looks to become a widely recognized star in the WWE.

10 Doesn't: Bray Wyatt


REAL NAME: Windham Lawrence Rotunda

Bray Wyatt has been quite the mystical, enchanting character in the WWE for a few years now, as the Eater of World's has managed to convince everyone to "follow the buzzards" in the past few years. Wyatt might be such an intriguing name, but it's only his ring name as Wyatt's actual name is Windham Rotunda, who is the son of Mike Rotunda who was himself a WWE superstar known as I.R.S. in the 90s WWE. It's for his own profit that he didn't go with his birth name of Windham Rotunda and became Bray Wyatt on-screen, as his excellent work in portraying this character over the years is starting to reap rewards as he looks to add more to becoming his "fireflies" and for the name of Bray Wyatt to be in the mouths of everyone.

9 Does: Kurt Angle


Kurt Angle achieved more greatness in his life when he became a WWE Hall of Famer a few weeks back, as the Olympic Gold Medalist is definitely enjoying his life back in WWE. While Angle might not exactly be in a wrestling role in the company at the moment, we all know him as a wrestler and he can  take on anybody in the ring even at this age and is expected to return to the WWE ring sometime later. The Olympic hero was allowed to use his real name because of attaining so much popularity before joining WWE, as his Olympic Gold Medal win at the 1996 Summer Olympics helped him become a worldwide sensation then and there. But Angle made sure everyone remembered his name for a long time with his amazing work in pro wrestling for all these years, as his last hurrah will be something memorable and will make sure he's remembered as the living legend he is right now.

8 Doesn't: Braun Strowman


REAL NAME: Adam Scherr

Braun Strowman has been on quite the roll lately, as the "Monster Among Men" has been tearing through his opponents in his climb to the top of the ladder. While his name is just as terrifying as the wrestler himself, Strowman will feel lucky to have gotten such an intimidating ring name as his actual name is anything but that. Strowman's real name is Adam Scherr, which is just not fitting for a powerful heavyweight like him and thankfully he didn't use anything close to his real name. The name Braun Strowman is just so satisfying for a giant, as his shrieks of BRAUN during his entrance only helps to build him as this monstrous character who everyone is terrified off right now.  He'll hope to become WWE's next giant and be thankful that he didn't have to use his actual name which is anything but terrifying.

7 Does: Brian Kendrick


Brian Kendrick made quite the triumphant return to the WWE last year, as his impressive run in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament was capped off when he won the Cruiserweight Championship on the main roster as well. Kendrick is now a veteran in the business as he's put in a lot of work over all these years to get where he's at now, that too with his birth name as well! Brian Kendrick is actually his real name as well, which shows just how well he has performed to get his family's name on the map and the name is fitting for the superstar which he is as well. Kendrick might be stuck in some irrelevant feuds in the Cruiserweight Division right now, but he's someone who can be pushed at any time because of his amazing work as he looks to make his inherited name even more famous and go all the way in his latest run in WWE.

6 Doesn't: Seth Rollins


REAL NAME: Colby Lopez

Seth Rollins has well and truly asserted himself as "The Man" of Monday Night Raw when he became the Kingslayer by defeating Triple H at WrestleMania, as he's looking to be going slowly but steadily in his journey as a face. Rollins might have the name of a top guy, but that is actually his ring name as he's actually called Colby Lopez in real life, something which definitely wouldn't have made him the superstar he is right now. The name Colby Lopez is something which just isn't a WWE superstar material, as the man formerly known as Tyler Black in his Indy days received the perfect name from WWE and is making sure to utilize it to the best. While many might not know the name Colby Lopez, almost every WWE fan knows Seth Rollins as "The Man" hopes to be one of the greatest of his era and make sure his name will be remembered for a long, long time in the WWE.

5 Does: Shinsuke Nakamura


Shinsuke Nakamura is currently very high in the WWE, as the Japanese Sensation has attained a lot of popularity in the WWE in the last year for his charisma and superb wrestling skills in the ring. Nakamura also has a very catchy ring name to him, as this name is actually his birth name as well which goes on to show just how much of a superstar he's been since birth. The charismatic sensation has a name everyone loves to chant throughout his matches, as his amazing charisma and moves in the ring make him someone you'd absolutely want to root for. The King of Strong Style has ensured that the Japanese wrestling fans remember his name for a long time, as he now looks to take over the WWE fan-base and if he can keep up his entertaining work for the next few years, his real name will definitely be remembered by a lot of people.

4 Doesn't: Roman Reigns


REAL NAME: Leati Joseph Anoa'i

Everyone in the WWE Universe might not like Roman Reigns, but he proved himself to be "The Big Dog" when he defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 and looks to be in the picture for bigger things in the future. Reigns might have a name which the WWE wants to be remembered by everyone, but it's only his ring name as his real name is completely different. His birth-name is Leati Joseph Anoa'i as he's a member of the infamous Anoa'i wrestling family and is most probably being pushed so hard because of his family's reputation as well and thankfully he didn't use this name or else he wouldn't have gotten so far in the company in the first place. Reigns has the name of a top star, as he'll be hoping to win back the confidence of the fans in the near future and for his name to be remembered by every single fan WWE fan in the long run.

3 Does: Noam Dar


Noam Dar might not be in the best of paths in WWE right now, but he's one of the few wrestlers to be using their birth name in the company. Dar is an Israeli-Scottish wrestler whose name is actually Hebrew, as the young star still has a long way to go in his career. He caught the eyes of everyone with his impressive work in the British Wrestling scenes in the likes of Insane Championship Wrestling and Progress Wrestling, as he has been using his original name from the get go. Noam Dar even sounds like a name which is oddly satisfying to pronounce, as this talented young individual will be looking to make his name even bigger in the upcoming years, as he has the stage to flourish in right now and become a worldwide superstar as well.

2 Doesn't: AJ Styles


REAL NAME: Allen Neal Jones

"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles has quickly asserted himself as one of the top guys in the WWE, as he had a fantastic 2016 and is still involved in main-event feuds this year. Styles has this name which is cherished by a lot of wrestling fans, but it's only his ring-name as his actual name is Allen Neal Jones. As one can figure out, he added the initials of his birth-name into his ring name to create "AJ Styles", as his on-screen character has developed into a superstar over the years. Styles is now on top of the world in WWE and will look to assert himself as a greatest of all time in the company and the rate at which he's progressing in the company, it's only a matter of time before everyone who watches WWE knows and chants along the name of AJ Styles.

1 Does: John Cena


John Cena is a name every wrestling fan is now accustomed to, as the "Face that Runs the Place" of WWE has been their top star for more than a decade now. The 16 Time World Champion has a name whom everyone recognizes right now, and his name is also his real name and he didn't have to come up his a new ring name. Cena has made sure that his inherited name will be remembered for a long time by wrestling fans because of how much work he has put in for the WWE over the years, and is now looking to expand his "brand" in the mainstream area. John Cena has been trying to get into Hollywood and make his name even more widely remembered, as he has even appeared in a few films and will look to make his name even more widely remembered by becoming a mainstream superstar in the future as well as a WWE legend.

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