8 Divas Who Hate Each Other And 7 Who Are Best Friends

With their rise to the top and continual showings that they can be just as important to the brand as the men, the Divas have fallen under their fair share of criticism for being nothing more than bikini-wearing drones who lack personality aside from from when it's kayfabe for them to be attacking one another and showing irrational hate for some of their colleagues. The criticism is harsh and aside from a few documented instances, completely unfounded. A lot of them have actually formed long-lasting relationships that withstood everything their careers had to throw at it. Including retirement.

Of course, sometimes the fake hate has spilled into real life and some of them have butted heads a few times as they fought for supremacy both in the ring and away from the cameras. In a perfect world, the women of the WWE would toss their personal grudges aside and support each other in their fight for equality, but no one is perfect and emotions like anger and jealousy are only human nature and no matter how hard a person may try, they can be extremely difficult to contain.

Fans of "Total Divas" are probably privy to the squabbles and issues between this generation of Divas, but the women of wrestling have a long and storied history of real-life feuds and arguments as they fought their way to the top. Long before Twitter, Facebook and reality TV shows, the Divas were throwing shade in interviews and throwing down backstage. Some instances are more legendary than others and while a lot of the off-screen issues have since been resolved, there are a few feuds that probably never will.

In this article, we will be taking a look at eight Divas who absolutely hate each other and seven who are best friends.

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15 Hate Each Other: Sunny And Sable


Back in the Attitude Era, it would’ve been extremely difficult to find two Divas who were more popular than Sunny and Sable. They have even been considered as the two who ushered the new type of Divas in before the dawn of the New Millennium. Sadly, instead of wanting to push each other up, these two wanted to tear each other down. Most of the animosity seemed to have came from Sunny, who was worried that her spot in the company would’ve been lost once Sable started to break out.

Although, Sunny claims that it started when Sable made a comment about her deceased ex-husband. Pretty much everyone who was backstage then has said that these two got into and were constantly bickering. Sable eventually won the competition with the fans once she posed for Playboy and Sunny faded out into the ECW. Sunny hasn’t missed a chance to take a dig at Sable in her tell-all interviews though.

14 Best Friends: Layla And Michelle McCool

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In addition to battling alongside each other as LayCool (and kicking some butt), Layla and Michelle McCool also enjoy a close friendship in real life. McCool accredits their relationship to Vince McMahon, who saw something magical in the two of them together on camera and decided to pair them up. The two were merely acquaintances before that and weren’t really close, but their chemistry and ability to feed off of each other translated to real life and they just clicked.

Even when their counterparts on screen were having issues and had to go to couples counselling, these two were going strong behind the scenes. So it was only fitting that the creative minds would have the team break up and take each other on in a loser leaves match, where Layla kicked McCool's butt straight into retirement, but McCool said she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

13 Hate Each Other: Lana And Paige

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For Lana and Paige, it all started when the WWE toyed with the idea of having kayfabe spill over to social media. It would keep the action and drama going between shows and may even bring them more of a following. As a result, no one was too sure if the dislike between the two was real or not at first, but it proved to be more reality than fantasy. Lana accused Paige of bullying her back in their NXT days.

Paige denied these claims at all costs and the backlash fell onto Lana, who the locker room then accused of trying to piggyback on Paige’s fame. They couldn’t and wouldn’t support someone who was trying to make it off of someone else and without all of the hard work they had all put in. It did cool down and the two eventually made up, or so it seems.

12 Best Friends: AJ Lee And Kaitlyn

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Before Kaitlyn turned heel and got her evil on, she and real-life best friend AJ Lee formed a tag team called Chickbusters. Unfortunately, they suffered loss after loss to the Divas of Doom and disbanded, turning into enemies. Despite what happened on screen, the two stayed tight backstage. While Kaitlyn had already considered herself retired from wrestling by the time Lee called it quits back in 2015, she still had some kind words to share about her friend.

“No one has been like her, and no one will ever be like her…. She had four amazing WrestleManias, and she made such an impact that she felt like she could walk away and be content with that. I 100 percent support that. She knew the time was right, and knew that she could walk away. She left big shoes to fill, but she helped everyone around her get better. I'm proud of everything that she did."

11 Hate Each Other: Melina And Candice Michelle


Before Twitter and Instagram, people used blogs as a means of getting their innermost thoughts and feelings out to the online world. That was the case with these two. Around 2007, Melina and Candice Michelle started complaining about each other backstage. Michelle accused Melina of ripping one of her moves off and Melina’s response was a blog in which she ripped something or someone else: Candice Michelle.

Melina took a jab at Michelle for joining the WWE through the Diva Search, while she herself had to train and fight her way into the bigs. Candice Michelle fired back saying that she had been working her butt off ever since to keep getting better, but it wasn’t enough for Melina. Of course, the WWE couldn’t let a story that practically told itself get away so a little while after the online feud started, the two saw their feelings towards each other translate to the ring.

10 Best Friends: Mae Young And The Fabulous Moolah

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They fought together, they fought against each other and they even lived together. Both Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah came into the wrestling world long before the WWE and back when female wrestlers were praised for their athleticism, not how they looked in their underwear. While Moolah made her WWE debut back in the 80s, Mae Young didn't join until 1999, where she and her best friend donned the roles of the comedic duo. It was somewhat of a contrast to their previous roles they played back in their prime.

The two were so close that it even led to rumours about a possible lesbian relationship between them. As far as anyone knows, it is just that: a rumour. The two passed in 2007 and 2014 respectively after legendary careers. The Fabulous Moolah became the first female wrestler to ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995. Mae Young was inducted in 2008 and is the only professional wrestler to have documented matches in nine different decades, with her first being in 1939 and her last in 2010.

9 Hate Each Other: Sasha Banks And Alexa Bliss

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Despite the fact that these two spent some time together back in their NXT days, neither one will acknowledge the time they spent fighting and training with one another. That may not have seemed like such a big deal, but they don’t even follow each other on Twitter and in this day and age, that is a big enough snub on its own. They’re both highly active on their accounts, Banks more than Bliss and they follow the other Divas, save for one another.

It all started when Bliss did an interview and named off many women who helped her along in her journey. She notably left Banks’ name off of the list and while it may have just been a small mistake, it doesn’t appear to be that way. Rumours have been swirling that the two take great pains to avoid having to say the other’s name and Banks will block anyone on Twitter who mentions Bliss to her. They have even reportedly gotten into it a few times backstage. At this point in their feud, it’s too early to tell if things will resolve, but from the way it looks now, the prognosis isn’t good.

8 Best Friends: Maryse And Kelly Kelly

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Apparently Kelly Kelly wasn't very well-liked back stage during her time with the WWE. At least not by the female roster, but we know one Diva had her back. Maryse and Kelly Kelly forged a friendship during their time together and while Kelly Kelly has since retired from the WWE, the two still frequently grace each other's Instagram accounts and can even be seen celebrating the birthdays of mutual friends or just hitting the town.

Clearly, the change of scenery for Kelly Kelly hasn't put a damper on their friendship. Maryse recently announced that she and Kelly Kelly will be making an appearance on "Table for Three". It won’t be the first time the two will be featured together for something not involving a ring and a stadium. Back in 2007, the pair, along with Torrie Wilson, Ashley Massaro, Layla and Brooke Adams appeared in Timbaland’s video for “Throw It On Me.”

7 Hate Each Other: The Bella Twins And Eva Marie

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Even though The Bella Twins’ path to the WWE included modelling jobs and a massive amount of criticism for apparently getting into the big leagues because of their relationships with John Cena and Daniel Bryan, it hasn’t stopped them from throwing their own shade. Eva Marie debuted on the main roster in 2013, but she wasn’t so great and was sent to NXT for more training. Instead of supporting her, The Bella Twins decided to voice their beliefs that Eva Marie was a horrible wrestler on “Total Divas”.

They weren’t even afraid to slander her to her face. Marie was gaining popularity amongst some fans though so instead of siding with The Bellas, the WWE paid for Eva Marie to have more training, which didn’t sit well with the sisters or most of the female roster. The three have tried to put things behind them and end the feud, but with mostly disastrous results. It eventually cooled down a bit until WrestleMania 32 when it flared back up again.

6 Best Friends: Lita And Trish Stratus

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These two were perpetually at the top of the food chain in the WWE at the start of the new millennium up until they retired together in 2006. You may not have always been able to tell by watching them on the small screen, but these two are actually pretty darn tight in real life. Lita was even the godmother to Stratus’ son when he was christened back in 2014, making her, “part of the family no matter what,” according to Stratus.

She will even be the first to admit that they don't fit well on paper, but they were in the trenches together and spent so much time travelling the same path together that they developed a deep bond that didn't even break after they stepped away from wrestling and started living separate lives. Stratus even went to Vince McMahon and proposed that her retirement match be against Lita and well, the rest was history.

5 Hate Each Other: Maria And Melina


Unlike most workplaces, dating your co-workers isn’t frowned upon by the WWE. If anything, they probably encourage it. No harm, no foul, right? Wrong. Given some of the hyper activity of certain wrestlers on the roster, relationships can overlap one another. Especially for someone with the reputation Melina has. According to Maria, once Melina and Batista’s fling got out, Melina’s head got bigger and bigger. She said that Melina used to hold meetings backstage and would tell the other women who they were and weren’t allowed to date.

In addition to this, she also tried to control which moves the women used. Maria has called Melina a backstage menace, a sentiment some other Divas, including Trish Stratus, Lita and Mickie James agreed with. While the others (especially Maria) have been very vocal about Melina, she has kept her side of this story to herself and has not addressed any statements or rumours about her actions when the cameras aren’t rolling.

4 Best Friends: Torrie Wilson And Stacy Keibler

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These two are the working definition of 'BFF'. They might’ve been those girls who went to the bathroom together in high school. They have gone from scantily clad Divas embroiled in heated rivalries (sometimes with each other) and rooming together in Los Angeles to third wheeling on the other’s date, being workout buddies and taking trips to Cabo and Italy, just to name a few things. They’ve even popped into a Met Gala after party together.

Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler take joined at the hip to a completely new level and where one is, the other is surely close behind. When Wilson divorced Billy Kidman in 2008, Keibler was there to help her friend through. So when Keibler was expecting her first child, Ava Grace, back in 2014, it was only natural that Wilson was by her side at her baby shower. Men have come and gone for these two, but theirs is the one relationship that’s stayed true.

3 Hate Each Other: Dawn Marie And Francine


Dawn Marie and Francine were basically living in a man’s world during their time at the ECW. While they didn’t have a women’s division at the ECW, they did have some female performers on their roster and these two adies were part of the select few. Given the circumstances, you would think it would only drive the small number of women there closer together, not farther apart.

Unfortunately, these two started battling each other for top spot. Dawn Marie has even alleged that Francine made her cry on more than one occasion. Marie has claimed that Francine tried to get every woman who worked for the ECW fired.

Francine denies those claims and said she helped the other women and she didn’t know what Marie’s problem was. During the WWE’s ECW One Night Stand PPV event, Francine snubbed Dawn Marie backstage, who then attacked Francine, screaming about how much she hated her. Apparently it worked and things cooled down between the two until the WWE did a reunion of the One Night Stand and the two almost got into it again.

2 Best Friends: Beth Phoenix And Natalya

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Once known as the Divas of Doom and leaders of the charge against the pin-up, Barbie doll image, Beth Phoenix and Natalya are now just best friends. On screen, they bonded over a mutual dislike of LayCool and in between fighting their rivals in the ring or putting them through tables, Beth Phoenix and Natalya found time to become inseparable friends. While the Divas of Doom dissolved when Phoenix left the company in 2012, Natalya and Beth Phoenix stayed friends.

Natalya was even given the honours of being the one to induct her bestie into the hall of fame. She praised Phoenix as a pioneer for their division and applauded her for how she helped the girls out back stage. She even went so far as to say that if she had a daughter, she would want her to turn out to be just like Phoenix. Phoenix countered and said that Natalya can influence her and Edge’s daughters anytime.

1 1.Hate Each Other: Wendi Richter And The Fabulous Moolah

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These two were actually great friends at one time. The Fabulous Moolah was even responsible for Wendi Richter’s training and most of her career up until they had their falling out. Richter had become extremely popular during her second time as the WWE Women’s Champion after she beat Leilani Kai for it at the first WrestleMania. Despite that, Richter was apparently locking heads with Vince McMahon over money and he decided to screw her over a la Bret Hart.

It was 1985 at Madison Square Garden when McMahon and Moolah conspired against Richter. Masked as The Spider, Moolah immediately went in for the kill and pinned Richter, screwing her out of her title. After that, Richter never spoke to Moolah again and the two never made up. As for McMahon, Richter seemed to have forgiven him during her WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2010.

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