8 Embarrassing Photos Of WWE Stars In The Ring (And 7 Out Of It)

Stephanie McMahon is one of the most respected names in the entire wrestling industry. But if she could, you bet your bottom dollar she wishes you never saw her potential explosion from the backside that was caught on camera. Though speaking of her backside, she'd also probably not encourage you to track down the footage of John Cena smacking it in the ring. It was a different time in WWE, and one she is probably happy is firmly in the past. Luckily though, the internet makes sure every moment lives on forever, and this list proves that with these must-see embarrassing moments!

That's very  far from the raunchiest thing that has gone down in a wrestling ring. And when you compare it to what some wrestlers get up to outside of the ring (which you better believe we make sure to talk about) a smack on the behind may seem like child's play! Wrestlers also need to learn that when they decide to get their party on that they need to make sure the cameras are not around. You might respect Paige for her talent in the ring, but as you'll see her beverage game could definitely use some work. Especially in comparison to some of the other wrestlers that get featured on our list.

These are 8 Embarrassing Photos Of Wrestler's In The Ring (And 7 Out Of It)!

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15 In The Ring: John Cena Gets Physical With Stephanie

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Stephanie McMahon was one of the most memorable GMs to ever appear on Smackdown. Prior to her match with Sable at Vengeance 2003, she was trying to raise awareness for her upcoming match, as well as let the crowd know about the main event (which was Brock Lesner Vs Big Show Vs Kurt Angle).

But she was then interrupted by John Cena who proceeded to come to the ring and verbally compliment Stephanie up and down, including saying how "I'd definitely get my rocks off". Perhaps even more memorable, Stephanie dared John Cena to smack her across the behind, a request he quickly jumped all over. Funny moment? Maybe. Embarrassing? Definitely. Bordering on totally inappropriate? Absolutely, but also typical of that era.

14 Out Of The Ring: Chyna Dresses As She-Hulk

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Any photo of Chyna in the ring is probably one that the company would probably not be thrilled with. Her departure was largely motivated by Triple H's decision to start a relationship with Stephanie McMahon instead of her, but has Stephanie ever dressed up as She-Hulk? We're going to guess no!

The above photo is very much real, as Chyna spent part of her life in retirement appearing in the "other" film industry. Apparently at one point this meant donning some green paint and getting frisky with Susan Storm. Chyna sadly passed away on April 20th, 2016 at the age of 46. We hope her time in that industry at least gave her some joy beyond wrestling prior to her passing.

13 In The Ring: Cameron Forgets How To Pin

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Cameron was definitely a good-looking woman, but it takes more than good looks to stick around in the company. The experiment with her ended for good in 2016 but carried with it many moments we're sure she wishes had gone differently. One such moment was when she attempted to yell at the ref to start counting for the pin on Naomi...when she wasn't pinning her. Oops.

There are lots of ways to pin someone, and that wasn't one of them. She tried to salvage the situation saying "I make my own rules! If people aren't talking about you then your not doing something right!". We're sure she had to spend a little extra time in wrestling school after that gaff.

12 Out Of The Ring: 4 Wrestlers Show Their Poor Diet

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The WWE prides itself on their wrestlers staying in tip-top shape. This means making sure that along with drinking moderately, the company would hope that the stars are also eating responsibly. Not, y'know, slamming back multiple huge bottles at a party and showing off their buckets of KFC.

Though to be fair, if you're going to live it up at a party, having the Colonel on hand is probably a pretty great idea. You just have to hope that there is enough toilet paper around to sustain the digestive repurcussions of 4 professional wrestlers who will probably be badly hungover. In case the blurriness hurts the photo, the 4 in question are Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, and The Usos. Not their finest moment.

11 In The Ring: Candice, Torrie And Victoria Fight For Clothing

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There are many matches that have been retired from the WWE over the years. But while some have been ruled out because they're too dangerous, the WWE would much rather you just completely forget that they used to have women forcibly get their clothes ripped off for your entertainment.

The WWE gave their last hurrah to the match when Candice Michelle faced off against Melina in 2007. Though considering many women in the company weren't exactly hired for their talents, perhaps they still enjoyed their time to shine. That being said, it was allegedly reported that both Lita and Trish Stratus weren't the biggest fans of these matches. This is probably because both women could turn heads with their wrestling ability and not just their body.

10 Out Of The Ring: Paige Chilling In Her Ring Gear

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There's an expression that if you work hard, you should also be able to play hard, and we don't know if there are many professions out there that require more work than being a professional wrestler. They constantly need to maintain their shaoe and travel on the road. But if you're going to spend your night after wrestling slamming back some brews, you may want to wait until you get out of your ring gear. We can't fully confirm what she's drinking, but I doubt it's a green tea. I mean sure, Paige looks amazing in it, but this is a terrible look for the company. Judging by the line of spillage dripping down to her chest, it also appears that Paige was in quite a hurry to get the drink finished.

9 In The Ring: Joey Mercury Injury Ruins Life

Via sportskeeda.com

There is a reason that the WWE says you should not try and repeat the moves you see at home. Joey Mercury is one of the recipients of one of the most painful injuries administered in a wrestling ring when a ladder stunt went wrong. While the photo is technically "out of the ring" it shows the damages of the stunt far more than when Mercury suffered the injury at Armageddon 2006.

The injury was more damaging than just visual, as the pain caused Mercury to relapse and become re-addicted to pain medication. This unfortunate addiction later led to his being fired from the company. The company wouldn't be proud of talking about a wrestler who suffered a horrific injury, much less the terrible fallout from the events.

8 Out Of The Ring: The Big Show's Mug Shot

va youtube.com

It's hard to imagine the WWE without the impact that The Big Show had. But his life could have gone incredibly differently if he ended up being charged with the crime that put him in front of a cop's camera back in 1998.

Then, working for WCW, Big Show was arrested after allegedly exposing himself to a woman who was working at the motel. While there was insufficient evidence, if the story is true, it's horrific and absolutely something that in 2017 would probably still have led to his dismissal from the company.

7 In The Ring: Trish Is Forced To Reveal All

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Trish Stratus should be considered one of the most respectable women to ever enter the WWE. She's had few off-screen scandals, has been in a relationship with the same guy since high school and has never actually bared it all (not that there's anything wrong with those who do).

But there's no doubt that if the WWE (or WWF at the time) could re-do things, they'd probably eliminate the storyline where Trish was forced to strip down and act like a dog. No slap administered would be great enough to erase the embarrassment of this storyline and the moment for Trish. It was degrading and shameful of the WWE to do this. Let's hope she had a nice long shower after the show to wash off the event.

6 Out Of The Ring: Sunny Spends Too Much Time In Cuffs

via 24wrestling.com

Sunny was one of the biggest and most crushed on diva's back when she was in her prime. But as you can tell from the above photo, her prime was a long, long time ago. Sunny's retirement should have been filled with joy and ambassadorship for WWE, but has instead been full of incidents with the law, including managing to get herself arrested 5 times over a 4-week span. Charges included disorderly conduct, third-degree burglary and violating protective orders.

Did she think if she grouped her illegal activities into one month she'd somehow get a discount on her sentence or something? Stych's outside ring activities also extend to performing in the "other" film industry, if you know what we mean!

5 In The Ring: Edge Celebrates His Championship

via thesportster.com

Edge gave the company everything that he had during his outstanding tenure with the WWE. But when he was flying around with reckless abandon among other high-flyers like the Hardy Boyz, he probably didn't think that his life was going to include a moment where he "celebrated" with Lita on live TV.

Making things all the more awkward is that Edge and Lita's amorous situation was fuelled by the off-screen news that she had allegedly cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge. The "live  celebration" was supposed to celebrate Edge's championship win, so he must have been proud of that, but as a whole the moment is still terribly embarrassing. People remember the incident more than what was actually being celebrated!

4 Out Of The Ring: Jack Swagger Partying

Via sportskeeda.com

Jack Swagger is no longer with the company, but perhaps everything happens for a reason as he has recently started his MMA career. He has signed on to compete in Bellator's heavyweight division.

But if Swagger is going to be training hard, then perhaps nights like the above one are long behind him. Judging by how happy he looks though, we're guessing whoever is pouring the long-distance shots was doing a pretty darn good job, or was at least consistent in his delivery. He's definitely having himself a good time, but the question is whether it is a night that he remembered? With a career that includes getting punched for a living, he should not turn to drinks as he may be left with a foggy memory.

3 In The Ring: John Cena Breaks His Nose

via kevinsuttonshow.com

John Cena is definitely the most recognizable star that the company has. Which means they definitely weren't very pleased when his face (that runs the place!) got smashed in by a Seth Rollins knee during a match on Monday Night Raw.

The injury led to Cena taking a few weeks off to recuperate. Let's hope Nikki was able to be around and give him plenty of support. Even more importantly, let's hope they both learned from the incident and can prevent suffering (or inflicting) serious injuries for the rest of their career. It's not the only injury that Cena has suffered in his career, but it may be the most humiliating, and could have severely impacted his appearance.

2 Out Of The Ring: All Of The Women Who've Had Leaks 

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We're not going to share the photos here, but you better believe the women involved are very embarrassed at the content that has been leaked. Paige has had the most damage, with videos, photos, and texts being leaked featuring some very graphic activities. But Charlotte, who is generally fairly reserved, has also been targeted. As has Maria Kanellis, though if you'd like to not feel creepy perhaps check her out from her magazine shoots where at least you know you have her permission to stare at her in the buff.

Former WWE stars Kaitlyn, Melina and Victoria have also had leaked images released of her. A sign that even if you leave the company, you never really can completely remove yourself from that "celebrity" status.

1 In The Ring: Stephanie McMahon Regrets Her Food Choices

via bodybuilding.com

Stephanie McMahon has spent a majority of her adult life in front of the cameras. Which means that naturally, they are going to catch her in some moments that are less than flattering. But Stephanie hopes that what you think you might be seeing on the back of her dress isn't the reality. If it is, it might be a quick way for her to swear off whatever meal it was prior to the event that caused her... let's just say some gastronomical distress.

You would hope that she would have Triple H nearby to help offer her some love and support (or maybe a towel) after the potentially embarrassing incident, but we wouldn't blame him if he waited until she showered off to hold her close.

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