8 Facts About Paige She Wants You To Know (And 7 She Wants Buried)

WWE's Anti-Diva has had a rollercoaster of a career so far, with plenty of major highs and some all time lows. Despite only being 25-years-old, Paige has been in the business for over a decade and has achieved an incredible amount of success during her time. She hasn't been seen on WWE television for quite some time now but after rumours surfaced of her resuming training at the Performance Center in Orlando, fans have been anticipating her return at any moment.

However, even though she has tremendous skill inside the ring and immense popularity, her actions outside of it have made her one of WWE's most controversial superstars and a genuine PR nightmare for the company. This is probably the reason why the company distanced themselves from her, and probably explains why they are taking their time to bring her back. They want the fans to forget all about the bad and remember all the good that Paige brought to the ring. We'll let you decide whether or not Paige deserves another shot in WWE based on the following.

Despite the WWE's best efforts to have us forget Paige's past, there are some things that no amount of time can erase. We have decided to take the good with the bad and compiled a list of 8 facts that Paige wants her fans to know, and 7 she would prefer to have buried away forever.

15 Wants You To Know: The Rock's Biopic On Her Family

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You've heard of The Rock, right? Not only one of WWE's greatest ever superstars but also a major actor and one of the biggest names in the entertainment world. Well, it appears he is a big fan of Paige and the Knight Family, so much so that he is currently creating a biopic about them. Called, 'Fighting With My Family,' The Rock is the producer of the movie that will tell the story of the Knight Family and showcase why they are one of the biggest wrestling families in the history of wrestling.

Of course, this biopic will also look into Paige's rise into WWE, including the night she debuted on the main roster and became the WWE Divas Champion, which will surely make her an even bigger star than she currently is.

14 Wants Buried: Alberto Del Rio Romance

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While this relationship has now allegedly come to an end, the negative impact that it has had on Paige's career has been staggering and she will likely want to forget it happened quicker than her fans do. Paige has been caught appearing at ringside for various independent shows where he was competing, even going to Impact Wrestling and sitting in the crowd, providing a slap in the face to her actual employer.

She has also spent time sitting next to Del Rio while he took part in a shoot interview on WWE (slamming Triple H) which is never going to look good to your boss. Of course, there was also the infamous airport incident which still remains incredibly unclear today where there was clearly a major verbal altercation. It was just a difficult time that she will not want to discuss in a hurry.

13 Wants You To Know: Undefeated At WrestleMania

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Before we get carried away, it's not like we have another Undertaker streak going on here, as Paige is only 2-0 at WrestleMania, but that doesn't take away from the fact she has never been beaten on the Grandest Stage Of Them All. In her WrestleMania debut, Paige teamed up with AJ Lee to defeat Nikki and Brie Bella in tag team action and at WrestleMania 30, Paige took part in the kick-off show in a 10-Diva Tag Team match.

In that match, Paige represented Team Total Divas and was part of the victorious team when her WrestleMania debut opponent, Brie Bella earned the victory for her team in what was, at the time of this writing, her final ever wrestling match. Since then Paige has not competed at 'Mania, but WrestleMania 34 could see the continuation of her winning streak.

12 Wants Buried: The Reid Flair Comment

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Seeing Paige and Charlotte have a main roster feud was something that a lot of WWE fans were very excited about considering the incredible talent that both women have. Because of the fan anticipation and the ability of both Charlotte and Paige, their feud should have been something groundbreaking and one that people remember.

Sadly, people do remember the rivalry but not for an excellent series of matches or amazing moments. Instead, it's for one infamous promo, in particular one line said by Paige to Charlotte that received an incredible backlash from fans and did not sit well with most people. During one promo, the Englishwoman used the death of Charlotte's brother, Reid Flair to try and one up her, claiming he didn't have a lot of fight in him. Many fans believed she crossed the line and that feeling was only intensified when it was later discovered the angle wasn't approved with Ric Flair beforehand.

11 Wants You To Know: She Started Wrestling Young

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Paige's first ever wrestling match took place when she was just 13. It is incredible that someone so young could get in the ring and put on a match. After learning from the age of 10, Paige already had three years of real training under her belt from her brothers.

Then in 2005, at age 13, Paige debuted in what was a last minute decision as the original wrestler that was booked for the show didn't turn up, meaning that Paige had to fill the spot for her father's promotion. Her first recorded match came just a year later where she actually teamed up with her mother for a tag team match, creating a pretty unique moment for both the Knight family and the fans in attendance.

10 Wants Buried: Bar Room Brawl

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For one night only Paige and Alicia Fox became the female version of the A.P.A and took to a bar for a good night, only to wind up brawling. However, the major difference in this story and the A.P.A is that this wasn't a work for WWE television, it was a legitimate fight. On an evening out with Fox, the pair were enjoying their time when a drunk fan began to film their conversation. After asking for some privacy, the fan decided to launch a drink over the pair which led to a brawl taking place inside the bar.

Eventually, everyone was kicked out of the bar, leaving the two famous wrestlers looking the worst due to their celebrity status. Of course, sometimes these incidents can't be avoided and the circumstances weren't exactly Paige's fault, but she won't be wanting her fans to know about the incident and would rather it be quickly swept under the rug.

9 Wants You To Know: First Ever NXT Women's Champion

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The NXT Women's Championship is now seen as one of WWE's top titles, and should a superstar win the championship then fans automatically assume that they have big things in their future. The likes of Bayley, Charlotte, and Asuka have all made that championship one of the most sought-after in the world, but its lineage actually started with Paige, who was the first ever NXT Women's Champion.

The vacant belt was claimed by her at NXT TakeOver: Arrival in what was the first ever TakeOver event where she defeated Emma in an incredible match that helped put women's wrestling on the map again. Some will argue this was the beginning of the women's revolution, and we're sure that Paige would be very proud of being associated with that.

8 Wants Buried: Slapping A Fan

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In the world of WWE, fan interactions with WWE Superstars are very limited with the meet and greet photos usually having to awkwardly take place over a table. These are the extreme measures the company will enforce to ensure that there is very little physical connection between the fans and the talent. So, with that in mind, it is likely Paige will want to forget the time that she slapped a fan across the face just before she traveled to America to work for WWE. This altercation took place in the UK when Paige was working for a company called UK Wrestling Mayhem.

It was alleged that the fan had been making comments throughout the night and Paige certainly didn't hold back on the slap. Even though it happened before she worked for WWE, she would likely rather have people forget the moment took place given her current PG environment.

7 Wants You To Know: Kick Started The Women's Revolution

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People might point to the Four Horsewomen as the starting point of the women's revolution, but in reality, that process began long before any of those ladies were even on the scene. As previously mentioned, she became the first-ever NXT Women's Champion and it was her match with Emma that opened the WWE Universe's eyes to the quality that women's wrestling can achieve.

This is something that she continued on the main roster, especially when working with AJ Lee as the pair of them transitioned what was started in NXT and put it onto Raw on a weekly basis, breaking barriers for women's wrestling. Sadly AJ Lee retired shortly afterward and Paige was mired in her own issues outside the ring and lost much of the credit for what she did.

6 Wants Buried: PCB

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When the 'women's revolution' first began on the main roster it's fair to say WWE did a horrendous job in booking their talent. Instead of creating compelling rivalries, they placed everyone into little groups and pitted them against each other. Paige happened to be in a group with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. While that is certainly good company, the name they gave themselves was anything but good.

The group itself just didn't work and nobody remembers anything that they did as a trio because the three women just didn't work together. While you could buy into them being friends in real life, the fact is they were all clearly driven singles performers and it was just a period in her career Paige will be quick to forget and hope that the fans will as well.

5 Wants You To Know: Historic Wrestling Family

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There is a reason why Paige is one of the best female wrestlers in the world as she comes from one of the UK's greatest ever wrestling families. While people may often look to Natalya and Charlotte as the ultimate second generation wrestlers in the female division, Paige also falls into that category.

The Knight family are some of the UK's toughest competitors and she was born with wrestling in her blood, with her mother (Saraya Knight) literally wrestling while Paige was in the womb. As well as her mother, Paige's father and brothers also wrestle with her family running the World Association of Wrestling in Norwich since 1994. There is no wonder why Paige has turned out as talented as she has done.

4 Wants Buried: Two Wellness Policy Violations

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WWE has a strict three strikes and you're out policy in regards to wellness violations, so WWE's Anti-Diva is likely wanting to bury the fact that at the young age of 25 she already has two strikes against her name. Her first violation was announced on her 24th birthday when WWE revealed she was suspended from the company and Paige defended herself, claiming it wasn't related to any wrong doing. However, within two weeks of that violation being lifted, she was busted again for testing positive for taking illegal substances, this time unable to defend herself.

If having the violations wasn't bad enough, the way she went about defending the first violation put her in deeper trouble when she blasted the company on social media, saying: “Same s*** different day. Kids... Please don’t get prescriptions or doctor’s notes. Not acceptable.”

3 Wants You To Know: Youngest Female Champion In WWE History

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Paige burst onto the scene in WWE making her main roster debut the night after WrestleMania 30 to shock the WWE Universe. She confronted then Divas Champion AJ Lee and wound up in a title match where she became the champion on her main roster debut.

If that wasn't big enough, she also became the first ever person to hold a title in both NXT and on the main roster (as she was also the NXT Women's Champion at the time) as well as becoming the youngest female champion in history at just 21-years-old. From that moment on it was clear WWE had huge plans for her and her legacy was already cemented with a record that is still to be beaten to this day.

2 Wants Buried: Her Personal Video/Photo Leaks

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Of course, this one will come as no surprise but it is undoubtedly the one that she will want to have buried in the sand the deepest. While the leak of Paige's private photos, text messages and videos was not her fault, and she hasn't been the only WWE Superstar to be subjected to this, it doesn't change the fact she wants this situation buried.

Paige's images and videos quickly went viral on social media causing a lot of buzz and negative publicity for her, which came at a terrible time in her life when she only seemed to be associated with bad news. Thankfully, it appears that WWE has understood this issue was out of her control and the large majority of the WWE Universe has rallied behind her over this situation, calling out whoever leaked the content as well as people who share it.

1 Wants You To Know: She's An Incredible Role Model

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Because she is so different from every other female on the roster, Paige reaches out to a portion of fans that none of her peers can, making her a perfect role model for many people. While there might be some elements of her life she won't want her fans to copy, the fact she has achieved so much in her career at such a young age highlights how talented she is and exactly why she is somebody to look up to. Living her dream and not taking no for an answer is something that a lot of people take for granted but is a good quality.

One famous moment that highlights this came from Total Divas where Paige bumped into a female fan who admitted that Paige helped her stop her eating disorder and made her realize she didn't have to be like everyone else. It was a touching moment that showcases the impact Paige has managed to have to WWE's huge fanbase.

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