8 Female Wrestlers Both Triple H And Vince Love And 7 They Disagree On

Triple H and Vince McMahon have differing opinions on what a star is... 8 Female Wrestlers Both Triple H And Vince Love And 7 They Disagree On

Vince McMahon and Triple H have been enemies, opponents, allies and stablemates in the ring and on WWE programming. The same can be said for the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Operating Officer behind the scenes as well. Vince McMahon was literally born into the business, but Triple H has been in the business for much of his life also. Triple H has proved that he’s ready to be given the keys to the castle. He’s brought bitter old legends back to WWE, signed a plethora of fresh talent from the independent circuit and has created a successful developmental program to prepare talent for the main roster in NXT. While there are similarities in how Triple H and Vince McMahon run a business and the qualities in the talent they are looking for, both have very vast differences as well.

Triple H is responsible for much of the new talent in WWE today, and nowhere is the success of this influx of new talent seen more prominently than in the WWE Women’s Division. It’s debatable about who actually started the Women’s Revolution, but Triple H brought in the talent that made the revolution possible. Triple H is going to be a little biased towards the talent he signs, but Mr. McMahon isn’t going to share that bias. We’ve seen Vince put superstars in the doghouse before hindering their push.  This hindrance will likely conflict with Triple H if it’s one of his signings. There are definitely female superstars that both Triple H and Vince like and WWE fans are seeing this agreement through their push. However, in some cases, the women that are seeing their push sputter is often the result of either Triple H or Vince McMahon not being a fan of them. This article is about the ones that seemed to have fallen out of favor and the ones that appear to be in the good graces of both Triple H and Vince. Here are the 8 female superstars that Vince McMahon and Triple H agree on, and the 7 that they don’t.

15 Charlotte Flair (Agree)


WOOOO! If there was ever a female WWE Superstar that both Vince McMahon and Triple H can agree on, it’s former WWE Divas Champion, four-time Raw Women’s Champion and current first-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. The name Flair carries a lot of weight with Triple H, who idolized Ric Flair, and with Vince McMahon who maintains a good relationship with The Nature Boy.

Charlotte might have the Flair lineage, but she also has a couple of other qualities that appeal her to Vince and Triple H. For Vince, Charlotte has that beautiful athletic physique that he expects from all of his female wrestlers. For Triple H, even despite the Flair name, Charlotte is a product of Triple H’s baby, NXT. Charlotte is a big reason for the success of the current Women’s Division and the “Women’s Revolution.” Triple H has Charlotte to tout that success.

14 Sasha Banks (Disagree)


For some bizarre reason, Vince McMahon has it in for Sasha Banks. She’s a four-time Raw Women’s Champion, but Sasha has always played second fiddle to Charlotte or Bayley and now Alexa Bliss. Despite being super-over and breaking many firsts for the WWE Women’s Division, Vince has always been reluctant to give Sasha the super-push she deserves.

Even though Vince hasn’t warmed to Sasha, Triple H likely doesn’t feel the same way. Like Charlotte, Triple H feels a sense of pride and appreciation for Sasha Banks who was just as important to the success of the NXT Women’s Division and current Women’s Revolution as Charlotte. While both agree Charlotte is the ideal candidate to lead the Women’s Division, with Charlotte leading the SmackDown Women’s Division, the feeling isn't mutual with Sasha who's alone on Raw. Vince sees more potential in Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss, and unfortunately for Sasha, the real "Boss" isn't her.  It's Vince.

13 Ronda Rousey (Agree)


Despite being a rival to WWE, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are both big fans of UFC. Though Triple H has made the differences between WWE and UFC pretty clear, he’s also not afraid to show up at UFC events. As a result, Triple H and Stephanie are also huge fans of Ronda Rousey and had Rousey appear at WrestleMania to give a big arm drag to Stephanie herself.

While Triple H is a big fan, Vince is no fool either. He sees the dollar signs Ronda Rousey can bring to WWE, and he’s not going to let her popularity pass by. Bringing Rousey, and others like her, into the WWE is already underway with a planned Four Horsewomen vs. Four Horsewomen angle in the works.

12 Bayley (Disagree)


Bayley is like the other members of the Four Horsewomen in WWE, as she was a huge part in Triple H’s NXT and was built up to be a big deal there. Unfortunately, Vince hasn’t been hugged enough because he sees Bayley the same way he sees Sasha. Vince hasn’t been as impressed with Bayley as he is apparently with Charlotte. Despite being super over and highly marketable, Bayley has suffered some inexplicable and damaging losses.

However, Triple H isn’t going to agree with his father-in-law with Bayley. Triple H knows how to market and build Bayley up. He has seen what Bayley is capable of and knows she’s just as important to the Women’s Division as Charlotte. Now, if only Vince would get out of the way and let Triple H show the world how good Bayley can be, the Division could have even more depth.

11 Alexa Bliss (Agree)


Although she doesn’t carry any lineage from her name, Alexa Bliss is beloved by Vince and Triple H for the same reasons they like Charlotte. The Goddess is incredibly beautiful with excellent mic skills, which both cater to Vince. At the same time, Bliss also comes from Triple H’s farm system, making Triple H looks like a savvy businessman himself.

Although not a “Four Horsewoman,” Alexa has taken WWE by storm and solidified herself as a top heel in WWE among the fans. With Vince McMahon, Triple H and her popularity among fans, Alexa Bliss’ job security is ironclad to say the least. Unlike Sasha Banks, Alexa hasn’t been put in Vince’s doghouse (yet?), so plan on seeing Five Feet of Fury to carry the Women’s Division for years to come.

10 Maria Kanellis (Disagree)


To her credit, Maria Kanellis didn’t use WWE to further her career in something else. Maria left WWE and continued her wrestling career becoming the “First Lady of Professional Wrestling.” Maria would be paired with her future husband Mike (Bennett) Kanellis where the couple brought their power of love to ROH and TNA/Impact. The gimmick became quite popular, and Triple H took notice, bringing the power couple to WWE. While Triple H may be high on Mike and Maria Kanellis, Vince doesn’t appear to be a fan.

According to rumors, Vince hasn’t been impressed by Mike Kanellis’ work thus far, and Vince would probably rather see Maria return to her ditzy clueless gimmick she had before. Now, with Maria on maternity leave, the power of love might not be as strong as the power of the pink slip.

9 Becky Lynch (Agree)


In the mind of Vince, the Four Horsewomen, Charlotte, Becky, Sasha and Bayley, have been hit or miss. However, Becky Lynch has been a hit for both Vince and Triple H. Triple H has to be proud of the work his wrestlers have done in NXT, and Vince loves the international crowd that the Irish-born Becky Lynch brings to WWE.

It’s no surprise Triple H is going to be a fan of Becky who helped support the Women’s Revolution, but clearly, Vince has been supportive of Becky as well. Becky has been a top women’s superstar on SmackDown and was the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Championship. Had Vince not been a fan of Becky, that title would have gone to someone else.

8 Lana (Disagree)


While Lana may have been in the doghouse for a while for posting pictures of her engagement, thus disrupting a storyline she was involved with, Lana still has the support of Vince McMahon. Lana is separated from Rusev, has begun her wrestling career and has been given a gimmick that Vince believes fans cannot possibly hate. Unfortunately, the fans haven't exactly warmed up to Lana, and it's likely she hasn't warmed up to Triple H either.

Although Lana came from Triple H's prized NXT, Lana never was a wrestler there and hasn't endeared herself to Trips like the Four Horsewomen have. Surely, Triple H wasn't a fan of Lana breaking kayfabe, and would rather be pushing actual women wrestlers in the division as opposed to pushing Lana as she embarrasses herself in the ring.

7 Sonya Deville (Agree)


Much in the same vein of Ronda Rousey, Sonya Deville has been brought into WWE with the hope of capitalizing on the popularity of mixed marital artists. Triple H is definitely a fan of Deville's MMA work as well as her work in NXT, but Vince seems to be 100% behind the idea of a MMA vs WWE feud also. The look is definitely a huge factor as to whether or not Vince sees potential in a wrestler, and Deville definitely has the look that impresses the boss.

Sonya Deville seems to be further evidence of WWE's interest in bringing former UFC and MMA fighters into WWE.  With Triple H being a fan of UFC and Vince seeing dollar signs in an MMA feud, Sonya Deville is definitely a female superstar that Triple H and Vince are having zero disagreements with.

6 Alicia Fox (Disagree)


The longest-tenured female WWE performer, Alicia Fox has remained in the company with the backing of Vince McMahon and his most loyal servant, Vice President and Producer Kevin Dunn. Dunn, for whatever reason, is a big fan of Alicia Fox and her crazy gimmick thus giving her nigh immunity to firing.  While Foxy has been a solid performer, that fact that Dunn and Vince are so high on Fox has to annoy the COO.

Triple H has no reason to hate Alicia Fox, but she isn't a Triple H signing.  Triple H, more likely than not, would much rather push his signings and the women he has built up down in NXT. Alicia Fox isn't that girl. With plenty of female talent waiting to come up, Alicia Fox would be on the chopping block if it was up to Triple H. Luckily for Fox, Vince is still in charge.

5 Carmella (Agree)


Carmella signed to WWE, joined NXT and formed an alliance with Enzo and Big Cass. The trio became a big hit in NXT, and Carmella found herself on the main roster alone on SmackDown. Triple H has always seemed high on Carmella, like many of his NXT call-ups, but Vince seems to be totally fine with Carmella's push also.

If Vince McMahon wasn't a fan of Carmella, there's no way she would have won the first ever Women's Money in the Bank Ladder match (twice technically). Carmella, since her short time on the main roster, has won Money in the Bank, been involved in a big feud with Nikki Bella and given a lot of creative help with her angle involving James Ellsworth.  Carmella has the cheerleader look that appeals to Vince, and she likely has the  SmackDown Women's Championship in the bag when she cashes in her Money in the Bank contract with both Vince and Triple H's blessing.

4 Nikki Bella (Disagree)


The fact that Vince McMahon loves the Bellas shouldn't be a surprise.  Vince brought the Bellas back, even though no one missed them, then, twice, gave them their own show.  Nikki received the honor of being the longest Divas Champion in WWE history, but also represented one of the worst times for the WWE Women's Division.

The Women's Revolution started because of The Bellas and others like her, so it's likely Triple H doesn't hold Nikki Bella in the same regard that Vince does.  If Nikki Bella represents Vince's tastes and the old Women's Division, then Triple H and his women of NXT represent the new. Nikki can remain "Fearless," as her job is pretty secure, but with Nikki's interest being elsewhere outside of WWE, Triple H isn't looking to give Nikki Bella any favorable booking down the road.

3 Dana Brooke (Agree)


Despite Dana Brooke having an up and down career in WWE, she's a female wrestler both Vince and The Game see as a positive to the company. Vince looks at Dana and is reminded of Trish Stratus who, like Dana, became heavily involved with fitness prior to wrestling. Dana may not be the greatest female wrestler, but she's got a superhero look that goes a long way with Mr. McMahon.

Dana's look isn't going to go as far with Triple H, but even Triple H appreciates her NXT work. Dana is also no slouch in the ring and is performing her role elevating talent admirably. Despite not being an important figure in WWE, Vince liking Dana for her look and Triple H liking her for her ring work will likely keep her in the company for awhile.

2 Asuka (Disagree)


Let's be honest, in all likelihood, Vince McMahon has no idea who Asuka was before she was signed. Thankfully. Triple H looks up other wrestlers from time to time and isn't afraid to bring in talent that has succeeded elsewhere. While there is no real reason to think Vince isn't a fan of Asuka, no one would be surprise if he soured on the Empress of Tomorrow from some dumb reason like he did with Shinsuke Nakamura.

Though there is no real sign Vince hates Asuka, he hasn't shown she's his favorite either. Vince certainly has never paid any attention to her work in Japan and probably had no idea she's voted the best female wrestler in the world in 2017 according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Despite Triple H being high on her record-breaking NXT Women's Championship reign, her undefeated streak and PWI ranking, Vince, more than likely, isn't going to sway from his desire to push his favorites over Asuka. Vince seems more concerned with building the Horsewomen vs Horsewomen feud than building Asuka to the Women's Title.

1 Nia Jax (Agree)


Nia Jax has also suffered from some very unusual booking. Sometimes she's booked like a wrecking ball on the cusp of a huge push to the Raw Women's Title, and other times she's a stepping stone for Bayley and Sasha. Despite this confusing stop-and-go pushing of Nia, she's solidly in the camp of female superstars that both Vince McMahon and Triple H agree on.

Nia Jax is the cousin of The Rock, and Vince has shown unmitigated loyalty and support for The Rock. If pushing Nia Jax keeps The Rock happy with WWE, you can bet Nia is going to get that push. As for Triple H, Nia comes from that NXT mold of rookies he wants to introduce into the modern roster. Now, if only they could agree on how to book her, Nia Jax could be the unstoppable force she was meant to be.

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8 Female Wrestlers Both Triple H And Vince Love And 7 They Disagree On