8 Female Wrestlers Who Aged Terribly And 7 Who Aged Well: Where Are They Now?

Wrestling tends to be a tough profession to age well in. For a period of time many ex-pro wrestlers weren't even aging at all, they were all dying before they hit 50. Thankfully that pattern appears to have corrected itself, and the wrestlers are leading healthier lifestyles, for the most part anyway.

Many female wrestlers, or Divas as they were once known, have led hard lives which have added years to their appearance. These were often the party girls, the ones who savoured life on the road and the debauchery which came with it. Then there are the others who paid closer attention to the physicality of their profession, and developed routines similar to professional athletes. In those cases the former women wrestlers have aged quite well, in fact some look better now than before.

One trend which occurs a couple of times throughout this article however, is women who left the pro wrestling industry and appear far better off because of it.

Many of the women on this list have played a major role in the development of women's wrestling over the years. In fact, some of the entries on this list were absolute pioneers for women in their industry.

In this article we take a look at seven female wrestlers who have embraced life outside of pro-wrestling and have aged gracefully. We shall also take a look at eight women who sort of fell of the rails physically, so to speak.

15 Terrible: Sunny

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Well, this shouldn't be too shocking. Sunny has become something of a hot mess throughout the years. While she still has the same outrageous attitude and persona, it is now contained within a significantly less attractive physique. Despite this, Dolph Ziggler might still be interested.

Say what you will about the 44-year-old Tammy Lynn Sytch, but she played a vital role in increasing the amount of attention women are given on pro wrestling television. She was also an excellent commentator when she would do guest spots at the announce booth on Raw. Sytch clearly understood pro-wrestling and had a talent for it, she's just kind of a train wreck. A nice train wreck, but a train wreck nonetheless.

Sytch was recently released from prison where she had been since September 23rd 2016, due to numerous DUI charges.

She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. Additionally she was awarded the Slammy for "Best Buns" in 1996.

14 Well: Molly Holly

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It shouldn't surprise many that Nora Greenwald, better known to wrestling fans as Molly Holly, would age gracefully. By many accounts Molly Holly was the most straight-laced pro wrestler of her time.

Greenwald has done very well for herself outside of wrestling. She has made investments in real estate and is involved in charity work. She works for Minnesota Teen Challenge, a drug and alcohol rehab centre for teenagers. Greenwald has stated she wanted to help the program because she has lost many friends to drug overdoses.

Before debuting on WWE television as Molly Holly, wrestling fans may remember her as "Miss Madness" one of Macho Man's valets in late-stage WCW.

She still makes wrestling appearances from time to time, and is currently the head female trainer at a wrestling school where Shawn Daivari and Ken Anderson also teach.

13 Terrible: Wendi Richter

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Oh dear Wendi. She's 55 years old and looks like she might benefit from a few DDP Yoga sessions. In fact she may want to stay at Dallas' house for a bit.

Wendi Richter is a strange footnote in pro wrestling history. Long before WWE's women's revolution, Ronda Rousey, or even Trish and Lita, there was Cyndi Lauper and Wendi Richter. Lauper's MTV connections were giving WWE massive exposure and Cyndi wanted to help the women's division. Richter was chosen as the top babyface in the division to go up against the Fabulous Moolah.

Richter defeated Moolah for the championship at the Brawl to End it All MTV pro-wrestling special, but things would get weird in the women's division not long after. First Richter dropped the belt to Leilani Kai (who would have made this list if more people remembered her), but would regain it at the first WrestleMania.

She dropped the belt to "The Spider" at a 1985 Madison Square Garden house show. The Spider was really Fabulous Moolah in disguise. The ref fast counted Richter, and many believe this to have been "the original screwjob," as Richter refused to sign a new contract with WWE afterwards.

12 Well: Stacy Kiebler

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Stacy Keibler actually got more attractive after she left the WWE.

The 37-year old, who used to date George Clooney, married Jared Pobre in 2014 and the couple have one child together.

Keibler appears to be taking a sabbatical from the public life. She began dating her current husband shortly after her relationship with Clooney ended in 2013. It was around that time that Keibler stepped away from her television career as well. She had previously been a guest judge on Project Runway, the host of Supermarket Superstar, and also as a guest host on The View.

While many women wrestlers struggle with their careers after leaving the WWE, Keibler is one example of someone who thrived once outside of Vince McMahon's umbrella. With that being said, it was still pretty awesome when she was a member of the Dudleyz.

11 Terrible: Dawn Marie

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It hurts to include Dawn Marie on the "aged terrible" section of this article, but unfortunately that is where she should be placed. She's 46 and has had two children, so this is completely understandable however.

Dawn Marie had a memorable run in Extreme Championship Wrestling as a valet for Lance Storm and the Impact Players. Although Lance Storm had a different title for her other than "valet".

In 2002, Dawn Marie was hired by WWE and assigned to the SmackDown brand, where Paul Heyman just happened to be the head writer. She was involved in a rather poorly received feud with Torrie Wilson, in which she began dating her rival's real-life father. Al Wilson would later die in storyline of a heart attack. It was all very forgettable.

10 Well: Lita

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41-year-old Amy Dumas looks great these days, and has seemingly taken good care of herself despite what some have described as a hard life leading up to her wrestling career.

Lita was inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania XXX, the culmination of a comparatively short, yet successful pro wrestling career. (She was only 31 when she retired in 2006.) In recent years she has made sporadic appearances with WWE, usually to promote the Women's Division but also on kickoff shows before pay-per-views. As of this year, it appears she has been replaced on the pre-show panel.

Lita and Trish Stratus were the first women to ever main event Raw, and did a lot to raise the bar for the women's division during the early-2000s. Recently, Lita made her return to in-ring action at an independent show in Maryland.

9 Terrible: Terri Runnels

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Perhaps it was all the time she spent smoking a cigar while managing Goldust, but Runnels looks a little weathered for 50 years old. Perhaps time spent in the Florida sun at home has also played a factor here.

Terri was involved in wrestling before getting involved with Goldust, however. In the late-'80s she used the ring name Alexandra York, and worked the gimmick of a kayfabe accountant. She would carry around a laptop and managed a stable called The York Foundation. She would leave WCW in 1991, then make her WWE debut as Marlena, the cigar smoking valet for then-real-life husband Goldust.

She has been known to have been involved with several wrestlers over the years, including Brian Pillman, Dustin Runnels (whom she married and had children with) and in 2009 was linked to New Jack.

8 Well: Trish Stratus

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41-year-old Trish Stratus has done well for herself in her life away from pro-wrestling. She owns an award winning yoga studio in Toronto.This January, Trish gave birth to her second child, a girl whom they named Madison-Patricia Fisico. She also has a son who was born in 2013. She has been married to her husband Ron Fisico since 2006.

Stratus' WWE career was only six years, but she made a huge impact in her time. Lita and Trish were the first women ever to main event a Monday Night Raw, and were groundbreakers for women's wrestling long before the current women's revolution.

Trish was so well respected through her career that WWE didn't even want her to lose her final match. Instead Trish was booked to win the women's championship for a record seventh time.

7 Terrible: Stacy Carter

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Stacy Carter, better known to wrestling fans as "the Kat" or "Miss Kitty", was only in the pro wrestling spotlight for two years. Despite her limited longevity in the wrestling business, she is someone many fans remember. This might have something to do with her "wardrobe malfunction" at Armageddon 1999. Attitude Era fans remember fondly when Miss Kitty celebrated winning the women's championship by flashing her breasts (or "puppies," as then-husband Jerry Lawler called them) to the live crowd and PPV audience.

For years fans of the Attitude Era had been watching women wrestlers tear each other's clothes off but alas they always seemed to avoid actual nudity. Then, after years of anticipation, Miss Kitty was the one to finally cross the threshold. She will always be fondly remembered for this.

Now at 46, Stacy Carter seems to have developed "crazy eyes"...

6 Well: Michelle McCool

Granted Michelle McCool is only 37, so it's tough for her to have aged too poorly. She's been away from the ring six years now, her retirement coming not long after her marriage to The Undertaker. It was around this time that Undertaker appearances began to be more sporadic as well.

Michelle McCool was discovered in the 2004 Diva Search contest. She had previously been working as a middle school teacher, and this was worked into her original gimmick.

McCool was signed to WWE in 2004 shortly after the Diva Search, but wouldn't make her full-time main roster debut until 2006. She would continue the "sexy teacher" gimmick which she had used in developmental, however after awhile she dropped the teacher aspect to her character.

In 2008 Michelle McCool would become the inaugural Divas Champion.

For a woman who had a child not long ago, she is looking pretty fit and in shape!

5 Terrible: Alundra Blayze

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53-year-old Debrah Anne Miceli, better known to wrestling fans as either Alundra Blayze or Madusa, looks as though she could have aged a touch more gracefully than she has. This is a woman who has spent a lot of time driving a monster truck and participating in various car smash 'em up events however, and those seem like they could cause someone to age rather harshly.

Madusa was elected to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, which is not something anyone would have seen coming in the mid-'90s. Her time as Alundra Blayze was a gigantic flop in the WWE. In an attempt to launch a women's division, Blayze was made the centrepiece, however fans never really got behind it. When she appeared on Nitro in December 1995 and dropped the WWE Women's Championship belt in the trash, it's certain that some fans weren't even aware there still was a women's division in the company.

She didn't really fare much better in WCW. Attempts were made to put Madusa in feuds with the likes of Bull Nakano, but again fans never really rallied behind the division or Madusa.

4 Well: Francine

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Francine looks better now at 45 than she ever looked in ECW! Francine was always paraded around in as little clothing as possible, and at often times simply looked like an escort that had been hired by Shane Douglas for the purposes of being his valet. She has aged incredibly well, however.

WWE did a "Where are they now?" style feature on Francine in 2014, and things seem to have turned out really well for her post-wrestling. She married a man named Joseph Meeks in 2008, and the couple have two children together.

Francine didn't do much in wrestling after ECW folded. She wrestled a couple of matches in TNA, appeared in the short-lived Major League Wrestling, and was briefly part of WWE's relaunched ECW brand in 2006.

3 Terrible: Debra

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Yikes Debra! Granted Debra Marshall, better known to wrestling fans as Debra McMichael or simply Debra, is 57 years old.

Debra has largely been out of the spotlight since leaving the wrestling business in 2002. It should never be said she wasn't good as her job however, as evidence to the contrary is plentiful on the WWE network. Debra portrayed the privileged and entitled southern belle role to perfection.

Her early performances in WCW as a valet to several wrestlers, and blatant dis-loyalty to her own husband, Steve McMichael, were arguably the best non-nWo related segments on Nitro during its heyday.

Debra also managed several wrestlers in WWE, including Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. Sadly Debra was Owen's manager at the time of his death in 1999.

2 Well: Sable

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It shouldn't come as any surprise that Rena Lesnar, aka Sable, has aged well. Sable was always someone who kept in peak physical condition.

While she hasn't been seen publicly around WWE, Sable was often visible inside the octagon following a Brock Lesnar fight, and she has always seemed like a woman aging quite well.

Amazingly, Sable is almost 50 years old (she is 11 years older than her husband) and has had four children, yet still looks like she could be a fitness model.

Lesnar and Sable have moved to Maryfield, Saskatchewan Canada to presumably get away from it all, and it looks like the prairies have been kind to her.

Sable's contributions to the wrestling business are pretty significant. She was the first woman to be referred to as a diva, and along with Sunny were the first women of the '90s to garner significant interest from fans.

1 Terrible: Jazz

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Yikes! Granted Jazz didn't have a good starting point, but she hasn't aged very well. She was always a tough looking woman, but tough seems to have turned into a grizzled and beat down kind of look.

At 43 years old Jazz is still married to Rodney Mack and the couple have two children together. Those must be some tough looking children.

Jazz came into ECW in 1999 and immediately got over with the fans and was having matches with the guys. She looked credible in the ring with men, which was something only Chyna had managed to pull off by that point.

She is also a two-time WWE Women's Champion, having wrestled for the company from 2001 to 2004 and again from 2006 to 2007. She recently returned to the independent scene in 2016.

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