8 Feuds We Want To See On SmackDown And 7 We Don't

The WWE brand split that shook up the wrestling world, and saw both male and female wrestlers drafted to either Raw or SmackDown, is barely one month old. Some of the results of the aforementioned

The WWE brand split that shook up the wrestling world, and saw both male and female wrestlers drafted to either Raw or SmackDown, is barely one month old.

Some of the results of the aforementioned draft have been positive, like the return of recently retired superstar and fan favorite Daniel Bryan as general manager of SmackDown Live, the long-awaited call-up of Finn Balor, as well as other stars from NXT like Nia Jax, Mojo Rawley, and American Alpha, Seth Rollins becoming the face of Monday Night Raw, and the announcement of a new heavyweight title; the WWE Universal Championship.

The draft has also produced some negatives consequences too, like Zack Ryder going to SmackDown and continuing to job, Braun Strowman's singles push, Cesaro and Kevin Owens being drafted so low, and creative seemingly having no idea what to do with them, Eva Marie taking valuable TV time from more deserving superstars, and yet another round of AJ Styles versus John Cena. Did you really expect perfection?

The end result of the draft, was the that we witnessed a total of 72 superstars change shows, and with that, the creation, or in some cases re-birth of certain feuds both good and bad.

Instead of focusing on the WWE's signature program Monday Night Raw, we are choosing to shift our attention to SmackDown Live. With that being said, we here at TheSportster give to you, the 8 Smackdown Feuds We Want To See, and the 7 That We Don't.

15 Want - Naomi versus Becky Lynch 


Over the last year, we have seen Becky Lynch predominantly compete in matches with and against a combination of Sasha Banks and Charlotte. While all three four ladies are fantastic wrestlers, the idea of seeing them lock horns again is A) a little played out, and B) technically impossible, with Banks and Charlotte drafted to Raw. Naomi, the seemingly forgotten women's wrestler, is in desperate need of a feud. Naomi, who is just as athletic and gifted in the ring as the three competitors listed above, would ideally not only be able to put on a good match with Lynch, but it would provide viewers with something fresh.

RAW undoubtedly got the stronger female roster in the draft, but SmackDown still has some good options and they have to capitalize on what they have. We'll see if rumored plans of a new Women's Championship for SmackDown come true.

14 Don't want - Kane and Erick Rowan 


At this point, watching Kane versus pretty much versus anybody is the equivalent to watching paint dry. With the WWE, and particularly Vince McMahon's love for big guys however, you would have to imagine that there stands a pretty decent chance of this feud taking place, with it being billed as some kind of clash of the titans. Both Erick Rowan and Kane have value as a heel monster, and the versatility to play the good guy (face) role as well. However, just the thought of seeing them square off in the ring makes me want to watch TNA.

Erick Rowan's last singles push in late 2014 failed miserably following the split of the Wyatt Family, so picturing a feud between him and an aging veteran doesn't exactly spell dollar signs for WWE. Perhaps WWE should find a way to keep Rowan alongside Bray Wyatt in some form.

13 Want - Zack Ryder and The Miz


These two locked horns the night after WrestleMania 32, and resulted in The Miz beating Ryder who had just won the Intercontinental Championship the night before in an extremely entertaining Ladder Match.

Both wrestlers sit at the complete opposite end of the fan spectrum, as The Miz is universally hated and booed, while Ryder is constantly cheered, despite losing more matches and feud than not. As their post WrestleMania feud showed, these two have chemistry in the ring, and are able to feed off of the fans' emotions. With both now the property of SmackDown Live, hopefully we will get to see them feud more often.

It would be a great way for The Miz's reign with the IC title to come full circle in a feud that involves him dropping it back to Ryder. Long Island Iced Z deserves a legitimate reign with a secondary title.

12 Don't want - The Ascension and The Vaudevillains


If this feud where to take place in NXT, I would definitely put it in the 'want to see list' as both teams were dominant in the WWE's developmental system. Unfortunately for both tag teams, they have been jobbers since they debuted on Raw and SmackDown. It's really a shame, considering the amount of hype The Ascension were given leading up to their debut, and the promise that The Vaudevillians showed in NXT, and upon their main roster arrival.

RAW got the stronger tag team roster in the draft as well as the tag team titles, so SmackDown has to do what they can with the roster they have. Using The Ascension against The Vaudevillains is just about the worst option SmackDown could do. The Ascension is essentially already ruined as a team, whereas The Vaudevillains haven't quite caught on yet with the main roster.

11 Want - Alberto Del Rio and Apollo Crews


Pretty much since his main roster debut back in April, we have heard various WWE announcers say that Apollo Crews has the makings of a future Heavyweight Champion. While Crews' wrestling ability, athleticism, and look suggest that the very well may be the case, with the exception of a below average feuds against Sheamus and the Social Outcats, the fans have been given no real reason to get behind the NXT call up. The cure for that, could be the man described as Mexico's greatest export - Alberto Del Rio.

The former WWE champ, who is currently sitting in that zone of possible title holder, and occasional mid-carder, has brought out the best in many opponents, and also isn't afraid to put over younger talent. Having these two great athletes get together for a feud would not only please fans like yours truly, but perhaps also give both wrestlers a much needed spark.

10 Don't Want - Randy Orton and John Cena


Even if you discount their rivalry in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) we have seen John Cena and Randy Orton feud numerous times, as the two have highlighted pay-per-views, as well as Raw and SmackDown together going all the way back to 2005. Some of their matches have been memorable (2014 Hell In A Cell), while others have simply been hard to watch (2009 Breaking Point).

What makes the drafting of Orton and Cena to SmackDown Live comical, is that prior to the draft, GM Daniel Bryan and Commissioner Shane McMahon both said that they wanted their program to showcase young and new talent. So naturally, WWE's bizarre booking continued to show their lack of common sense, and put two of the longest tenured veterans on the same show. Please WWE, spare us from having to see these two face off in the same ring again.

9 Want - American Alpha and The Usos


Is it just me, or are you tired of The Usos in their current form? While both brothers are entertaining in the ring (and a little injury prone too) they have essentially been the doing the same thing for the last 3-4 years.

American Alpha, who have the look of future Tag Team Champions, are a team on the rise, in the WWE's latest attempt to highlight the tag team division. Putting these two high-flying and entertaining teams in the ring against each other could go a long way into adding interests in the division. Imagine how better it would be if The Usos turned heel in the process. This would finally give them a new angle to work with and they'd be able to at least get a reaction from the crowd.

At the same time, we know that American Alpha and The Usos would be able to tear the house down if they were thrown in the ring together.

8 Don't Want - The Miz and Dolph Ziggler 


Both guys are great on the mic, and can even carry a match, but we've seen this feud a million times, and doesn't it feel like Ziggler outgrew the Intercontinental Championship, and the United States belt for that matter, at least two years ago? While getting a chance to see The Miz's wife Maryse is always a good thing, having to sit through another feud between these two is not.

These two have had plenty of matchups before and a feud between them wouldn't involve anything new or interesting. The Miz seems like he's going to be a mainstay on the midcard and Dolph Ziggler's at a point where he's going to have to start getting some action in the main event scene. They're at different points in their careers and really don't belong in a feud together anymore.

7 Want - AJ Styles and Randy Orton


Just like John Cena versus AJ Styles, a Styles/Orton feud only seemed like a fantasy match-up just a few short years ago. Thanks to Styles' long-awaited jump to the WWE, we have been treated to some pretty good matches with some of the biggest names in the organization.

One of the big fish that the Phenomenal One has yet to step into the ring with is The Viper Randy Orton. Both veterans, and former Heavyweight Champions, would give fans a match once thought unthinkable, but they would no doubt push each other to give the WWE universe a bout, and more importantly a feud they wouldn't forget any time soon.

Styles' feud with Cena is seemingly going to end at SummerSlam and Orton will be coming off his feud with Brock Lesnar. They're both top stars on the brand so it makes sense for them to eventually have a feud.

6 Don't Want - Baron Corbin and Kane


This feud feels like it is simply just a matter of time before it takes place, as WWE management continues to push Baron Corbin. After getting the best of Dolph Ziggler in their feud that lasted three months, and winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32, Corbin is now kind of sitting in limbo. What better way to get the former NFLer out of purgatory, then to have him face The Big Red Machine, who the company still tries to book as a main event threat?

Besides occasionally teaming up with The Undertaker, and giving fans a taste of nostalgia, Kane's biggest value comes from his role as Corporate Kane, where he can give orders and make life tough for various superstars. Unfortunately, the creative team are the only ones who haven't realized that yet. Either way, Corbin needs a new feud soon.

5 Want - Kalisto and Dolph Ziggler 


It's pretty apparent to everybody that Dolph Ziggler will be turning heel regardless of whether or not he beats Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. I'm sure I am not the only one who feels that the character change is long overdue. Regardless of whether he is a good or bad guy, Ziggler's skills in the ring are second to none, as he is able to go the high-flyer route, as well as the mat technician.

The former Spirit Squad member's work on the mic is also good enough to carry a feud with someone who isn't as strong vocally. Those two reasons are precisely why I think a feud with the Kalisto should be on the creative team's list of things to do, as Ziggler would be able to go toe-to-toe in a series of high-flying and high risk maneuvers with the former Lucha Dragon, that would make for a memorable feud. The WWE can even book is as a battle of former champions, as both men have held the United States Championship.

4 Don't Want - John Cena and Bray Wyatt


Like some of the other feuds in the don't want to see column, we have seen this one before, and we don't want to see it again. Both wrestlers who started locking horns in 2014, are capable of telling a story in the ring, and they are arguably the best talkers in the WWE. Some of their interviews and matches have been solid, but others like the ending of their 2014 Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules were a dud. Simply put, we have seen this feud one too many times, it's time to move on.

Plus, how much more could Cena and Wyatt really explore? The whole feud revolved around Wyatt trying to turn Cena to the dark side and exploit his fears and ultimately he failed. There's really nothing to revisit and we know at this point that Cena isn't turning heel. Anything they try together would  just end up being a repeat of their 2014 feud.

3 Want - Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton


This is another feud that feels like it's only a matter of time before it happens. Both men are talented in the ring. They even have similar characters in the sense that they are portrayed as being a little crazy, with Dean Ambrose being booked as the Lunatic Fringe, and Randy Orton having "voices" in his head.

When Orton isn't holding a championship, he is constantly booked as a title threat. Ambrose is currently the Heavyweight champ. After SummerSlam wraps up, and the Lunatic Fringe is still in possession of the strap, hopefully we will these two lock up in a feud. The comedy on the mic with Dean Ambrose's jokes, and Orton messing up his lines on live TV would be worth it alone.

For Ambrose's title reign to mean something, he has to keep beating established names on the roster and a victory over Randy Orton would certainly do a lot to help the cause.

2 Don't Want - Eva Marie and anybody 


Eva Marie is stunning. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who would disagree with that statement. She also is a terrible wrestler, and actress. (Any arguments?) I think  it's pretty safe to say that the former model got drafted, and hired by the WWE for that matter, due to her looks. The problem with that is, her lack of skills in the ring and on the mic have stopped her from connecting with the fans, and have caused her not to be placed in any real feuds in her time on the main roster.

Even when put into the ring against talented female wrestlers like Naomi, Becky Lynch, and Natalya, it is very hard to carry her to a good match or feud. Her best role will probably be as a manager or ring valet. Imagine how much better she would be teamed up with Breezeango.

1 Want - Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles


In all honesty, I wanted to got with Shelton Benjamin and AJ Styles here, but since the former Team Angle member is set to reportedly undergo surgery for a torn rotator cuff, it's likely we won't be seeing him in a WWE ring any time soon.

Moving on to Wyatt and Styles, this would present a fresh feud for wrestling fans, which is something that's is hard to come by in the WWE. The ceiling for the feud would be high, as both superstars are able to attract instant heat from the fans. Inside the ring, both are more than capable of putting on a solid performance on any given night. A potential Wyatt Family versus The Club matchup much later down the road would definitely be worth watching, and would only add to what would be an amazing feud.

This would be a little further down the line, when Styles eventually turns face again (come on, you know it's going to happen at some point).

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