8 Former And 7 Current Wrestling Relationships That Gross Us Out

The romantic relationships to start in professional wrestling often deliver some terrible results. There are some interesting cases of couples that everyone can appreciate. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella is one example of an endearing couple that has become quite likeable. They have a genuine nature together that makes fans want to see them do well in real life outside of the ring. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon even give a positive example of relationships in wrestling. While there are valid reasons to dislike them, they genuinely love each other and provide a great energy when together.

We'll look at the opposite end of the stories when it comes to romance in wrestling. Both couples currently going and historical ones that ended at some point will be examined here. The couples from past eras will show just how these unlikeable couples ended as anyone could have predicted. Others heading towards the same ending that are still dating today will be looked at as well. There is just something wrong about the active relationships and similar instances of former relationships through the years. These are eight former wrestling couples and seven current wrestling couples that gross us out or used to gross us out.

15 Former: Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan

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A recent example of a relationship that clearly made no sense featured Enzo Amore dating NXT’s Liv Morgan. Enzo actually was the one to get her hired after the two worked together prior to him joining WWE. After he became a star with NXT, he helped get Morgan a tryout with WWE and she received a Performance Center. They started dating shortly after.

Enzo is eight years older than Liv and she was in her early 20s while dating him. Given the personality of Enzo, it makes sense that he would be a horrible boyfriend. Morgan confirmed this after they broke up by sharing her happiness about no longer having to worry about being cheated on. Liv received embarrassment when stories of Enzo going into strip clubs and trying to hook up with the ladies leaked. Luckily, she no longer has to deal with him.

14 Current: The Undertaker and Michelle McCool

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The Undertaker is still married to Michelle McCool after the two started dating many years ago. They met on the SmackDown roster and started dating. Many people believe that Undertaker used his influence backstage to help McCool become a top women’s star. It makes sense given the timing of Michelle’s big push as the heel Women’s Champion on SmackDown started when she began dating him.

McCool showed up to all of Undertaker’s final big matches in WWE over the past few years. Aside from the age gap, one main event star entering a relationship with a female co-worker and giving her the competitive advantage over others is pretty gross in general. The visual of them together always looks odd and they are among the weirdest pairings to date in wrestling.

13 Former: X-Pac and Chyna

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The first relationship for Chyna after her relationship with Triple H and her WWE career ended saw her dating another D-Generation X member. Triple H’s close friend X-Pac entered a relationship with Chyna after both were let go by WWE. Given the weird dynamic of this relationship, it wasn’t too surprising to realize that they wouldn’t last in the long run.

Chyna and X-Pac both had issues with drug addiction hurting their lives collectively and individually. Both would get in trouble with the law for various issues while together. At one point, the gross adult tape between the two would leak. Following their breakup, Chyna and X-Pac sadly remained at odds until she passed away. Her death hit X-Pac hard after the time they spent together, even if it was a dark time in their lives.

12 Current: Bully Ray and Velvet Sky

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Bully Ray being involved in any public romance may be worthy of the gross title alone, but this relationship especially stands out. The combination of Bully and Velvet Sky started dating when both were in TNA. It happened with a controversial dynamic as well. Velvet was in a long term relationship with fellow TNA star Chris Sabin up until that point.

The timeline of Bully’s relationship with Velvet started in the same time frame when her relationship with Sabin ended. Fan speculation is that she cheated leading to them having an ugly breakup as she started to get involved with the older wrestler. Bully tried using social media to force WWE to hire Velvet when he was in the company last year. Velvet and Bully each present themselves to be jerks on social media making it understandable how they ended up together.

11 Former: Michael Hayes and Rosa Mendes

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An inappropriate relationship to somehow get started in WWE was Michael Hayes dating Rosa Mendes. Hayes was technically the boss of Mendes as he serves a high powered producer putting together the shows and pitching creative ideas. Mendes was a talent that solely participated on screen. Any relationship to have that dynamic in the entertainment industry will always be viewed as gross.

To make matters worse, Hayes happened to be 20 years older than Mendes. One of WWE’s most influential people decided to date a talent young enough to be his daughter. Vince McMahon’s close relationship with Hayes must have played a factor in him allowing this. Mendes never really benefited from it in terms of getting a push or relevant role on television. It still was gross in both principle and reality.

10 Current: Brock Lesnar and Sable

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One of the more surprising relationships to start in WWE features Brock Lesnar and Sable. Lesnar is currently a top star in WWE as the reigning Universal Champion and the highest paid performer in the company. Sable saw her peak WWE career in the Attitude Era as a major star in the women’s division and managing.

Their paths crossed back in 2003 when both were in the WWE at the same time and started dating. Brock and Sable are now married living together on a farm in Canada raising their family. Sable barely has any public life as she remains hidden from the rest of the world it seems. Both have had negative stories attached to their personal lives in the past and them being together just adds more questions than anything else.

9 Former: David Flair and Stacy Keibler

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David Flair truly lived the dream life in the late 90s. WCW offered him a fat contract with no experience due to being the son of Ric Flair. The lack of talent exposed him but he still got paid well to become a celebrity wrestler on national television. Things got better for him when Stacy Keibler joined WCW and the two started dating.

Their relationship always stood out as one of the weirdest ones in wrestling. Given the gross way in which David got his job, it made it easier to dislike him when finding out he was dating one of the best looking women in the wrestling business. Some skeptics believed Stacy dated David to try to advance her career with the connection to Ric making it gross on all ends.

8 Current: Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne

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The most shocking revelation anyone can have watching TNA is finding out that Josh Mathews is married to Madison Rayne. Mathews joined TNA after getting released by WWE to start a new role of working behind the scenes in social media as well as his usual broadcasting work. Rayne was a mainstay in TNA for many years until recently leaving the company.

Mathews and Rayne started seeing each other shortly after he joined the company. They got married within a few months of knowing each other believing the other person was their soul mate. This may be the pettiest choice of all, but Rayne is viewed as a generally likeable person while Mathews is a huge jerk. A relationship of one person being loved and the other being viewed as a tool will always present a couple that grosses us out.

7 Former: Miss Elizabeth and Lex Luger

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Any wrestling fan of the 80s and 90s will always remember Miss Elizabeth for her WWE career as the wife and manager of Randy Savage. This couple was perfect together on television. Many years later after they split but both remained in the wrestling business, Elizabeth entered a new real life relationship with Lex Luger. WCW decided to pair them together on television as well.

It never worked and they appeared to have zero chemistry despite actually dating. Fans never accepted or embraced them as an act together. Things ended poorly when Elizabeth died by overdosing on drugs illegally owned by Luger. Sadly, the ending was a worst case scenario. This couple never seemed like they should have been together and it ended in absolute heartbreak.

6 Current: Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes

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A current relationship flying under the radar involves former WWE star Rob Van Dam. The wrestling legend spent most of his career married to the same woman from ECW to WWE to TNA. This ended a few years ago when Rob and Sonya filed for divorce to officially quit on the marriage. At some point between the separation and divorce, RVD started dating independent wrestler Katie Forbes.

The wrestling of Forbes primarily consists of her trying to utilize her sex appeal to get on WWE’s radar. Unfortunately for her, times have changed and this tactic may no longer work to her advantage. Regardless, the couple of Van Dam and Forbes stand out for the wrong reason. The allegations of RVD leaving his wife for a younger woman makes him look like a gross old man these days.

5 Former: Sunny and Davey Richards

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Sunny and Davey Richards gave us one of the most bizarre relationships given their reputations in the wrestling business. Richards was known for being a serious wrestler that always put his wrestling first. Tammy “Sunny” Sytch has the opposite reputation as she was known for causing drama everywhere she went, especially with those she dated.

Richards and Sytch met in Ring of Honor when the latter was making a few appearances for the independent promotion. The couple lasted a few months and Sunny made sure everyone on her social media pages knew about it. Richards apparently tried to keep it quiet, but Sytch would comment on his Facebook statuses insulting any female saying nice words to him. This was clearly a gross relationship that is viewed as regretful for Richards.

4 Current: John Laurinaitis and Kathy Colace

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The relationship between John Laurinaitis and Kathy Colace is gross for many reasons. Firstly, Colace is the mother of Brie and Nikki Bella meaning she started dating their former boss. Another creepy aspect in play that Laurinaitis hired both Bella Twins during the old regime of women’s wrestling for WWE when he would just pick out the women he found attractive in magazines or photo shoots.

Johnny Ace essentially scouted Brie and Nikki by ogling their half-naked pictures. Now, he is married to their mother and in the family. Their relationship is presented as an odd one on Total Bellas that makes you wonder how that family actually operates when the cameras aren’t running. Rumors indicated that Laurinaitis likely gave special treatment to the Bella Twins that earned them opportunities in WWE.

3 Former: New Jack and Terri Runnels

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There have been a few occasions of relationships in wrestling you just knew wouldn’t last the second you heard about it. New Jack being involved in any relationship likely is a tipping point that it would flop. The relationship between New Jack and Terri Runnels started many years after each of their glory days in the 90s. New Jack’s peak came in ECW and Terri is best remembered for the Attitude Era years.

Both fading stars met at an independent wrestling show and started dating. They worked together and Runnels actually bladed as a manager for one of his matches to add to it. Their romance ended quite ugly as New Jack began selling nude pictures of Terri before her lawyer stepped in to stop it. Any couple that starts out with so many people shaking their heads in confusion likely means they won’t have a long shelf life.

2 Current: Alberto Del Rio and Paige

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The relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige continues to provide negative stories. It started when both wrestlers started dating last year. Del Rio being 15 years older than Paige and already having a family makes it less than practical for the 25 year old to get involved with him. The controversial personality of Del Rio was also a negative that made WWE try to break them up.

Alberto ended up asking for his release after both he and Paige were suspended for violating the Wellness Policy. Both were accused of domestic abuse towards the other and their relationship just appears to be as toxic as can be. Paige is still working to return to WWE and Del Rio continues to trash her employer. Most people expect them to split up, but we can only hope it ends without anything terrible happening given their track record.

1 Former: Jerry Lawler and The Kat

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The grossest romance in wrestling has to be Jerry Lawler dating Stacy “The Kat” Carter. Lawler was a respected broadcaster and wrestling legend in WWE during the Attitude Era. It allowed him to pitch WWE bringing in his significantly younger girlfriend Stacy Carter. WWE hired her as The Kat and she was pushed hard in 2000 due to her not minding the scantily clad matches along with loving Lawler.

Carter is 20 years younger than Lawler as the drastic age gap seemed to follow Lawler’s choices in women. The relationship saw Lawler walk out on WWE when they fired Carter. This would be seen as a romantic gesture in many cases, but it just always seemed gross that the two were an item. Lawler and Carter gave wrestling a gross couple that never should have happened in the first place.

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