8 Former WWE Divas Over 40 That Are STILL Smoking (And 7 Under 25 That Are Future Smokebombs)

The past and the future – we’ll take a look at both sides of the spectrum during this article. Of course, you’re well aware of the present, which is what makes this article so special. We’ll take a look at lesser known names that have a chance to be massive hotties with the WWE in the future, while also taking a look at past stars you might have forgotten about. What makes the over 40s club in this article so unique is the fact that those featured still look like a million bucks. Heck, we’ve even got a couple of 50 year olds!

Inappropriateness aside, it should be pointed out that the future beauties in this article should also be recognized for their talents as well. Like the old guard such as Trish and Lita, these future potential WWE Superstars have both the looks and the skills. As for some of the former over 40 Divas featured on the list, heck you can even argue the fact that they’re still in ring shape.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to pass the list along to a friend. Without further ado, here are eight former WWE Divas over 40 that are STILL smoking and seven under 25 that are future smokebombs. We begin with a 51 year old former ring announcer.

15 Still Got It – Lilian Garcia (51)

How in the hell is Lilian Garcia over 50!? Granted, she might not be everyone’s cup of tea in the looks department but you have to give credit where credit is due, she’s got a body of 20 year old given the recent Instagram picture you see above. Despite being a non-talent since the late 90s with the WWE, Garcia has managed to stay in shape nonetheless taking a liking for both fitness and yoga. Those passions have certainly paid dividends as she looks incredible nowadays.

Along with looking youthful, Garcia is spending most of her days as a successful podcast host. She’s had some fantastic high profile guests including Batista, Rey Mysterio and most recently, a highly controversial and tell-all interview with Paige. Her post-WWE life seems to be working out just fine.

14 Future – Tessa Blanchard (22)

The only reason why Blanchard likely didn’t sign with the WWE following her Mae Young Classic appearance is her age, which is still insanely young at 22. Despite her youth, Blanchard has the total package with both the in-ring skills and looks to match.

For those that follow her on social media, you’re likely well aware she’s a lot more than just Tully Blanchard’s daughter. Yes, she gets a lot of recognition for her fantastic in-ring work on the indies but she should even get some credit for her smoking looks in her early 20s. Taking a look at her social media account, Blanchard is in the gym every other day and the results have certainly shown. Boyfriend Ricochet is likely to join the WWE in the near future and we have reason to believe that Tessa won’t be too far away either. She’s got future Women’s Champion written all over her.

13 Still Got It – Victoria (46)

Before we dive in and drop some inappropriate comments pertaining to her looks, let’s take a second and recognize Victoria’s fantastic and underrated WWE career. A two-time WWE Women’s Champion, Victoria elevated the likes of Trish and Lita during her run as a heel. One can argue that Trish’s work against Victoria was some of the best work during her entire career. Age 46, we hope to see the former WWE Divas recognized for her accomplishments one day as a Hall Of Fame inductee.

In truth, she can even return to wrestle given her current look. Whether it’s performing at an indie event or meeting the fans, Victoria’s clearly still got it judging by her ageless look. In the picture above she still grabs our attention rocking a tightly fitted black dress as she attends a Christmas party only a couple of days ago.

12 Future – Mandy Leon (25)

Many Leon is the eldest in terms of the “Future” side of the list, however, her beauty should not go unnoticed as one of the most smoking brunettes in the entire wrestling business. Leon is currently working her craft as a member of ROH. She had a brief taste of WWE television taking part in the lackluster “Rosebud” angle. She would later tryout for the company though it appears that her audition did not work out. To her credit, she didn’t give up on her dream still so young. She instead returned to Ring Of Honor joining the Women Of Honor division. She’s also appeared on the indie scene wrestling for the likes of World Wonder Ring Stardom.

With over 50 K followers via Instagram, Leon recently posted the steamy picture above, the caption read “trust the process” - without a doubt, if she sticks to it, we’ll be seeing those dazzling looks on WWE television sooner rather than later.

11 Still Got It – Terri Runnels (51)

Again, Terri might not be for everyone however, if you followed the WWE throughout the 90s you’ve got to appreciate how she’s maintained almost the same identical look since her time with the company. The recent picture above was posted on Terri’s Instagram account as she poses for a picture alongside Henry Godwin - now Godwin looks pretty unrecognizable but as for Terri, it’s pretty insane to see how similar she looks even if she put on a little too much makeup.

Nowadays, the 51 year old continues to sell her 90s fame via various wrestling conventions and meet and greets. She also takes part in the casual shoot-interview from time to time. To her credit, she remains a sought after figure at conventions across the US given her 90s fame.

10 Future - Xia Brookside (18)

We’re really pushing the envelope with this entry as we spotlight a female who just turned legal in some parts of the world. Xia Brookside is an 18 year old with one hell of a future in both her pro wrestling career and beauty department.

If the last name rings a bell good on you, she’s the daughter of current NXT trainer Robbie Brookside who’s regarded as one of the best down at the Performance Center. Surely, due to his expertise, his daughter already must have the skill-set required for the big leagues. However, the 18 year old is currently working her craft on the indie scene similar to Paige being so young and travelling the world. It won’t be too long into the future that we see her lovely “assets” and skills in a WWE ring.

9 Still Got It – Gail Kim (40)

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As we’ve seen with Vince McMahon time and time again, he’s got a tendency to be very wrong about certain ideas and individuals. Hell, he’s even considering bringing back the XFL but that’s a conversation for another day. A Diva he was insanely wrong about iss Gail Kim. According to Vince, he wasn’t a fan of the talented Canadian due to her looks, which he suggested would not resonate with a WWE audience.

Well, the jokes on him as Gail would leave the company on her own terms along with looking like a fine wine, getting better with age. The photo above has us scratching our heads as to how in the hell she’s in her 40s. The recent picture was taken alongside her husband who’s one lucky man!

8 Future - Taynara Conti (22)


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If you don’t remember the name, you likely remember the face. The beautiful Brazilian took part in the Mae Young Classic. Although she lost early on, Conti had already obtained a WWE contract as a huge potential star for the future. The company had signed the talent in early 2016 - she's a former Olympian trying out for the Brazilian national team prior to the 2016 Olympic Games. The beautiful 22 year old has a background in jiu-jitsu making her the total package with both the edge and beauty to succeed as a WWE star.

Without a doubt, she’ll be a major player in the future – she recently made her televised WWE debut in a losing effort to Nikki Cross. If you want to know a little more about her, feel free to ogle at some of her stunning Instagram photos.

7 Still Got It – Torrie Wilson (42)

When you put together both the past and present smokebombs from this article, Torrie Wilson might be the steamiest of the bunch which is absolutely shocking given the fact that she’s in her 40s at the age of 42. In truth, she’s got the body of a young 20 year old which has somehow only gotten better since she left the WWE.

During her time in pro wrestling, Wilson was always regarded as one of the better looking females. She managed to carve out quite the career with the WWE despite the fact that she wasn’t the most gifted in the ring. Despite that, her smile and of course “assets” was enough to make the fans keep on cheering and overlook her lack of abilities inside the squared circle. Nowadays, she’s a fitness freak still grabbing our attention with those “Not So PG” photos via her Instagram account.

6 Future - Deonna Purrazzo (23)


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We add some Italian sizzle to the article with the beautiful Jersey native Deonna Purrazzo. For those of you that might remember her name, it might be for her brief cameos with the WWE. She worked as an enhancement talent on NXT a couple of times along with even appearing on SmackDown Live at one point. Following the Mae Young Classic, she auditioned for a WWE contract put she wasn’t picked up. Instead, she’s now back on the indie scene and without a doubt, we’ll be seeing her down in NXT sooner rather than later.

The only unfortunate part is that she isn’t single; the former Miss New Jersey pageant contestant was swept up of her feet by Bullet Club member Marty Scurll. You now finally have a reason to hate the faction...

5 Still Got It – Stephanie McMahon (41)

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Given her recent cameo and return on WWE television, it’s truly hard to believe that Steph’s now in her 40s. The irony here, she might look better than ever before which is outstanding given the fact she’s a mother of three. In terms of wrestling moms, it might not get any better than Stephanie McMahon.

A huge reason as to why she’s aged like a fine wine is her insane work ethic outside of the ring. Like her husband Triple H, despite the fact that both live hectic lives, they still manage to get in midnight workouts in the comfort of their own home. Steph has posted various videos via social media showing off her great strength which is quite admirable for a mother of three and someone who has such a crazy schedule.

4 Future - Aliyah (23)

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The WWE has really taken their time with this young gem. She entered the WWE system in March of 2015 and unfortunately, was quickly caught in controversy given a racist tweet from her past. Luckily, she was not released by the company and was instead barely utilized at the time.

The company has taken a careful approach with the youngster and that’s not surprising given the results of giving someone too much too soon like Paige for example. The Canadian finally showed some edge following her loss to Kari Sane which gave us the inclination that a heel turn might be in her future. With the looks and the skills, she’s going to be a huge star once she’s finally given the green light by the WWE. For now, we’ll continue to drool over her social media pics till she becomes a mainstay on the NXT roster.

3 Still Got It – Lita (42)

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She started making a name for herself in the early 2000s and turned out to be one of the hottest sex symbols the division had to offer given her edgy attire. Back in the early 2000s, there wasn’t more over acts than Lita and Trish on the main roster as they blended both the skills and looks into one. Looking at the current crop of talent today, Lita is generally someone most females aspire to be like and that isn’t too shocking to understand.

Nowadays, the 42 year old still appears sporadically on WWE television. Each times she’s featured, Lita still looks absolutely stunning. You can even give her follow via social media keeping up to date with her current status. She recently posted the “Not So PG” picture above which got a “you still got it” clap by most of her fans.

2 Future - Toni Storm (22)

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Looking back at the Mae Young Classic, Toni Storm was one of the most impressive competitors from the tournament. She possessed a massive star power and looked extremely comfortable in the ring despite the fact that she was performing on such a huge stage. Good on the WWE for noticing her skills as she reached the semi-finals losing to Kari Sane in one of the very best matches of the tournament. Her matches made it clear that she’s a future WWE Superstar and likely, Women’s Champion at some point.

The WWE did not bite on her talent, instead, she’s working her craft on the indie scene like a true pro. Hard to believe she started her pro wrestling journey at 13. Sooner rather than later, this future smokebomb will be on NXT television.

1 Still Got It – Trish Stratus (41)

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Simply put, Trish will always be that Diva Attitude Era fans will have a crush on. Nowadays, she’s 41, a mother of two, happily married and even got her implants removed. Despite all of that, she’s still so stunning and that’s been well evidenced by her Instagram posts along with the numerous candids posted by wrestling fans. Without a doubt if she wanted to, a return to the ring would still be possible given her look today.

In fact, Trish has discussed interest in a return. Stratus has stated in interviews if the proper match was presented to her, she’d consider getting out of retirement and returning. It would also be pretty cool performing in front of her kids, something that both Goldberg and Undertaker got a huge kick out of. Trish can be the next one on that list. For now, we’ll put the “one more match” chant on hold and end the article with a “you still got it”.

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