8 Former WWE Stablemates That Hated Each Other And 7 That Are Best Friends

The New World, D-Generation X, The Four Horsemen. All three professional wrestling groups were iconic stables in the industry. While these factions were all on the same page, working to help their fellow stablemates on screen, many of these factions contained real life friends off screen as well. This created some amazing chemistry on television, and this is seen even in younger factions like The Bullet Club in the indies, and with The New Day in WWE currently. Despite these faction members working together to dominate the wrestling world, there have also been stablemates that truly hated each other behind the scenes.

It’s pretty well documented that Scott Steiner hated Hulk Hogan while both were members of the nWo, with Steiner accusing Hogan of hogging the spotlight. Ric Flair hated Eric Bischoff during their time in the stable Immortal in TNA after legal disputes the two shared in WCW. Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo, as co-leaders of the New Blood in WCW, never got along backstage and had very different creative beliefs in running a wrestling show. Stablemates working together and appearing as allies on television despite not getting along backstage happened frequently in WCW and TNA, but it isn’t foreign to WWE either.

In WWE, fans have seen the bond between stablemates who are real-life friends, but likely had no idea about the stablemates that didn’t get along. Many of the wrestlers, even though they did not get along, remained professional, and the real- life bitterness towards each other was never known to the fans. This article is about some of these stablemates.  Here are 8 stablemates that hated each other, and the 7 stablemates that were real life best friends.

15 Hated Each Other: Macho Man And Hulk Hogan (The Mega Powers)

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"Macho Man" Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan were allies in WWE as the Mega Powers and in WCW as members of the New World Order. However, Mach' and Hulk didn't always see eye to eye behind the scenes.

When the Mega Powers imploded, the feud between Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan was epic, but Hogan would ultimately win out during that feud.  In the same vein, when Macho Man feuded with a heel turned "Hollywood" Hogan in WCW, once again Hogan would win. Savage never rose to the top with Hogan firmly in place, and Savage blamed Hogan for holding him down. Hogan and Savage would reconcile before the latter's unexpected passing, but one has to wonder where Macho Man's career would have gone had Hogan actually put him over.

14 Best Friends: Shawn Michaels And Triple H (DX)

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Before they were the founders of D-Generation X, Shawn Michaels and Triple H were members of the backstage, politicking group known as the Kliq.  Along with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, The Kliq pushed their friends and held down everyone else.  Their politicking became so bad that Vince let Nash and Hall go to WCW and wanted to separate the Heartbreak Kid and the (would-be) Game while they remained in WWE.

However, Vince relented and allowed the real-life friends Michaels and Triple H to form the iconic group DX. The bond HBK and Triple H formed on WWE programming wasn't just for television. Triple H was there for Shawn Michaels during his darkest moments, and both remain best friends today despite a bloody feud after Michaels came out of retirement.

13 Hated Each Other: Rick Rude And Shawn Michaels (DX)

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Though he's not the most memorable member or the perfect fit for the group, Ravishing Rick Rude was actually an ally of Shawn Michaels and Triple H in D-Generation X. Though he never wrestled, Rick Rude joined as the "insurance policy" of the group, and followed DX to the ring during their matches. Despite being part of DX, Rude had a very different opinion of the group, especially Shawn Michaels, backstage.

Rick Rude was a very old-school wrestler and didn't care for the immature actions of DX on Raw or The Kliq behind the scenes. Rick Rude was firmly behind Bret Hart when Hart and Michaels were at odds with each other creatively. Even though Rude was in DX, he was in the Hart camp in WWE all the way, and when the Montreal Screwjob happened, Rude took off for WCW in anger.

12 Best Friends: Ric Flair And Arn Anderson (The Four Horsemen)

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Ric Flair and Arn Anderson are the fathers of arguably the greatest faction in professional wrestling history, The Four Horsemen. Ric Flair was the leader of the Horsemen with Arn as his trusted "Enforcer."  As much as Ric Flair is synonymous with The Horsemen, so is Double A.  While Flair may have been the flamboyant world champion of the group, Arn was more than capable of asserting himself as a World Title contender.  Still, he was content being Flair's sidekick and mostly teamed up with Tully Blanchard with the Tag Titles, foregoing World Title contention.

This real life relationship wasn't lost on wrestling fans, and this real friendship was used in storylines occasionally.  When the New World Order attacked Arn Anderson, Flair would vow vengeance, making the Horsemen/NWO feud all the more personal.

11 Hated Each Other: Stephanie McMahon And Paul Heyman (The Alliance)

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When WWE purchased WCW, an actual WCW vs WWE feud was no longer a pipe dream. In the storyline, Shane McMahon owned WCW while the recently purchased ECW, owned by Stephanie McMahon (in kayfabe), also entered into the feud. Paul Heyman would declare that the Invasion just got taken to the "extreme," and The Alliance was formed. Although both were members of the Alliance, neither The Advocate nor the current Raw Commissioner shared any kind of alliance with each other behind the scenes.

Former writers and wrestlers have noted Stephanie's disdain for other wrestling promotions, and certainly Paul Heyman's ECW was no different. Heyman possessed a creative mind and wasn't afraid to speak out against Stephanie, who was head creative writer at the time. This caused Stephanie to perceive Heyman as a huge threat to her position, and neither Heyman nor Stephanie would share any love for each other. Despite being allies on screen, the behind-the-scenes disagreements between Stephanie and Heyman were probably more entertaining.

10 Best Friends: Edge and Christian (The Brood)

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Edge and Christian debuted in WWE as members of the gothic stable, The Brood. Eventually Edge and Christian would win the WWE Tag Team Titles seven times and go down as one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Although initially debuting as brothers, Edge and Christian's continued on screen pairing wasn't a fluke. The two were actually childhood friends, and remained buddies even when their singles careers were going in separate directions.

When Edge was forced to retire from in ring competition, Christian was front and center to get his friend through his retirement speech, won the title Edge had to drop, which preceded an emotional celebration between the two and inducted his longtime friend into the WWE Hall of Fame. Edge and Christian remain close friends and are still paired together as co-hosts of their own show on the WWE network.

9 Hated Each Other: Triple H And Chyna (DX)

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Chyna joined D-Generation X as an enforcer for Shawn Michaels and Triple H. While her role in DX was never much more than dishing out low blows to DX opponents, Chyna eventually became one of the greatest female WWE superstars of all time.

Chyna would start a real life relationship with Triple H and would win the Intercontinental Title, becoming the first woman to do so. Chyna was breaking gender barriers and seemed to be on top of her game (sorry for the pun), until Triple H broke off the relationship. The Game became involved with Stephanie McMahon, and Chyna had suspected Triple H of having an affair with Stephanie during they were still together. Despite being in The Corporation, the Corporate Ministry and a together for a bit after both groups disbanded, their relationship was already on the ropes, likely making the pairing a fairly awkward situation.

8 Best Friends: Scott Hall And Kevin Nash (The Outsiders)

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The Kliq – Hall, Nash, HBK, 1-2-3 Kid/X-Pac and Triple H – had been rivals on screen in WWE, but each member of the group were all huge friends backstage. The group was split with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash jumping ship to WCW, and The Outsiders in WCW were almost reflections of Triple H and Shawn Michaels in WWE.  Hall and Nash were allies in the New World Order and formed the tag team The Outsiders, ruling the WCW Tag Division and winning the WCW Tag Titles six times.

Throughout Hall's wrestling career, alcoholism plagued him and even hindered his WWE return when the band got back together with the return of the nWo in WWE.  Despite Hall's addictions, Kevin Nash has treated Razor Ramon like a brother and has always been there for him during Hall's battle with addiction.

7 Hated Each Other: Bubba Ray Dudley And Stacy Keibler (Dudley Family)

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It's not uncommon for Tag Team partners to be real life friends, and this was no different for the Dudley Boyz, Bubby Ray and D-Von Dudley. Bubba and D-Von have tag teamed all over the world, for multiple companies, won multiple tag team titles and definitely belong in the WWE Hall of Fame. While there have been many members of the "Dudley Family," one particular member of the family did not mesh well with Bubba.

Stacy Keibler came from WCW and, having not been brought up as a wrestler, never really understood some of the unwritten locker room rules. Bubba Ray Dudley never thought much of Stacy and hated the idea of her joining with the Dudleys, fearing it would kill their heat. Despite becoming the "Duchess of Dudleyville," Bubba still thought she was clueless and a bit full of herself. The Dudleys would eventually turn on Stacy and violently power bombed her through a table, which Stacy has said during an interview that she still feels the effects of today.

6 Best Friends: The New Day

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It's a new day, yes it is! "New Day rocks" at the moment, but at first, New Day sucked.  Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston were given a bizarre gospel gimmick which was panned by all fans despite being booked as fan favorites. Eventually, New Day would turn heel, drop the stupid gospel gimmick and implement some of their own ideas into the gimmick.  The gimmick went from horrible to universally acclaimed.

New Day brings the hilarity to SmackDown Live and, strangely enough, their gimmick isn't too dissimilar from their real life personas. New Day is all about positivity and having fun, and similarities can be seen in Xavier Woods' YouTube Channel UpUpDownDown.  All three members are very good friends and enjoy gaming together on Woods' channel.

5 Hated Each Other: The New Age Outlaws And Triple H (DX)

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When Shawn Michaels had to retire after a legitimate back injury, Triple H took the helm of D-Generation X. Triple H brought X-Pac into the group and eventually the New Age Outlaws, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, would join the group as well. With Triple H as their leader, D-Generation X arguably became more popular than the original incarnation and switched from heels to good guys.  With DX's rise in popularity saw The New Age Outlaws spike in popularity as well, and they owe DX and Triple H for a lot of that popularity.

"Oh you didn't know?" Road Dogg and Billy Gunn didn't always share a friendship with The Game, however, even though DX contained many of Triple H's real life friends. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg torched Triple H in an interview, claiming Triple H backstabbed people, held others down and put himself first. The Outlaws would later apologize and rejoin WWE later. In fact, Road Dogg is now head of Creative for SmackDown Live.

4 Best Friends: Gallows And Anderson (The Club)

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While their time in WWE has been short and lackluster, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were a big deal in New Japan Pro Wrestling, as part of The Bullet Club. While that means nothing to Vince McMahon, The Club's excellent work in NJPW didn't go unnoticed among actual wrestling fans. Triple H eventually brought The Club to WWE, where they received a token Raw Tag Team Championship but limited success afterwards.

Despite having a lot to be frustrated about in WWE, Gallows and Anderson remain real-life broskis, having been a tag team together since the end of 2013. Hopefully, the new year is better for "the good brothers" and can get another real-life friend of theirs, Finn Balor, to reunite with them.  Imagine The Club with their Bullet Club personas in front of the WWE audience.

3 Hated Each Other: Rikishi And Scotty 2 Hotty (Too Cool)

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It's easy to overlook the tag team of Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay. Too Cool was mostly a jobber team for the other tag teams to stomp, but Too Cool was still kind of a big deal.  Eventually, Rikishi would join the team and the trio entertained the crowd with their signature dance moves. Despite being the most over as the fun-loving, dancing Samoan, Rikishi decided not to even mention Too Cool during his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech.  He still found time to do the signature dance with his sons, The Usos, however.

The Hall of Fame snub legitimately didn't sit well with Scotty 2 Hotty who took to Twitter to voice his displeasure. Whether or not there was any bitterness during their time together is unknown. However, there is speculation that a falling out over independent bookings caused a rift in Rikishi's relationship with Too Cool, and reportedly Rikishi didn't even want them at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony. That's Not Cool.

2 Best Friends: Enzo And Big Cass

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Enzo and Big Cass came into the WWE at almost the same time. The two were paired together, and soon Carmella joined up with them.  The trio's popularity brought them to the main roster of WWE, and although Carmella was separated from the team, she is killing it over on SmackDown.  Before Big Cass' injury, he betrayed the Certified G and spent much of the time after the breakup kicking Enzo in the head almost weekly.  Even though none of the three are together now, and despite Big Cass and Enzo's heated feud, all three are friends today.

By chance, Enzo and Cass have known each other long before WWE, when they played basketball against each other as teenagers named Eric Arndt and Bill Morrissey, respectively. While Carmella, who is dating Big Cass currently, and Enzo are doing well in their respective roles, Big Cass has yet to take off due to injury, but his push seems almost assured when he returns. Still, it'd be pretty cool to see these three reunite and return to the glory of their NXT days down the road.

1 Hated Each Other: The Rock And Triple H (The Corporation)

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The Rock and Triple H have almost never been allies. This counts for WWE programming as well as behind the scenes. The People's Champ and The Game were often competing for the top position in the company after Steve Austin became less available. The competition led to a certain dislike for each other. Triple H is known for showing bitterness towards those he feels as a threat to his position in the company, and The Rock was no different.  Thus, Triple H being The Rock's ally for a short time in The Corporation was probably a little awkward.

With The Rock focusing on Hollywood and no longer vying for a top spot in WWE, Triple H and Dwayne Johnson have kept their relationship professional and have worked together in recent segments in WWE. However, with Vince more of a fan of The Rock than Triple H, one has to wonder if The Rock's appearances will be even fewer after The King of Kings takes the helm.

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