8 Former WWE Women Who Could Return And 7 Who Let Themselves Go

The Women of WWE are always seen as some of the sexiest women in the world. But when their careers come to an end and the cameras are no longer pointed at them, many women find it hard to continue to live the way they did when they were seen as professional wrestlers.

Many of the women on the following list have gone on to have families of their own and started careers away from the spotlight, but look nothing like the women that they were on WWE TV a few years ago.

It is hard to maintain the diet and work out regime that these Divas had during their time with the company and this could be one of the reasons why many women from WWE's Attitude Era no longer look the same as they did.

There are a number of exceptions to this rule though. As there is also the flip side of this list where there are a number of women who have managed to stay in shape and could return to the company at any time if WWE put in the call.

15 Return: Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn won the all female season of NXT and was given a WWE contract, which allowed her to then wrestle on the main roster. Kaitlyn and AJ Lee had a fantastic rivalry during their time together in the company and Kaitlyn will always be remembered in WWE as a former Divas Champion.

After Kaitlyn dropped her title to AJ Lee in 2014, she asked for her WWE release and has since been working on her own company called Celestial Bodies. Kaitlyn has also continued to work in fitness, something that she has always been interested in and is perhaps in better shape now than she was throughout her time in WWE. If WWE ever put in the call, Kaitlyn would easily be able to return at short notice since she has managed to remain in such good physical shape.

14 14: Let Herself Go: Molly Holly

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Molly Holly was part of WWE at a time when the company was trying to use her and her incredible in-ring ability to their advantage. Which means that the company was never really concerned about the fact that she wasn't one of the most attractive women in the world.

Molly was a female wrestler who cared more about the business than her looks and even allowed her head to be shaved following WrestleMania XX. Despite this, Molly was still seen as somewhat attractive throughout her time in WWE, but in a recent episode of Table for 3 that included Molly alongside former WWE Divas Michelle McCool and Candice Michelle, it showed that the years really haven't been kind to the former Women's Champion, who is really starting to show her age.

13 Return: Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly was only 19-years-old when she made her debut on WWE TV back in 2006 and has since been forced to continue to grow up in the WWE spotlight. Kelly is a former Divas Champion and is currently married to former NHL star Sheldon Souray. But there have been a number of rumors recently that Kelly Kelly could be making a return to WWE because the former Diva has been made an ambassador for the company.

Kelly has stayed in great shape over the past few years and it was thought that she was going to make her return back at WrestleMania 33 as part of the SmackDown brand, but that obviously didn't happen. That doesn't mean that WWE won't make the decision to bring back some familiar faces to the Women's Division over the next few years.

12 Let Herself Go: Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle is a former Playboy cover girl and was once considered to be one of the most beautiful women to ever set foot in a WWE ring. Candice is a former Diva Search contestant and was the first former talent show star to go on to win the Women's Championship.

Candice left WWE back in 2009 and has since married and given birth to three children. Candice was recently featured as part of WWE Table for 3 on the WWE Network where the WWE Universe were able to see that Candice is not in the same shape as she once was. This was expected since it has been almost a decade since Candice was seen on WWE TV and she has obviously been raising a family and living a different kind of life over the last eight years.

11 Return: Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson was once very close to Candice Michelle. But the duo have gone down two different paths since they left WWE, with Torrie Wilson currently looking as incredible as ever as she continues to follow a rigorous fitness regime.

Torrie was brought into WWE as eye candy and is a former Playboy cover girl. She was with the company for a number of years but was unable to capture gold of any type during her time there, which means that there could be a reason for Torrie to return to WWE in the future if WWE allowed it. Epecially if she still manages to look as incredible as she does after passing the age of 40. Torrie can be seen on both Instagram and Twitter now showing off her incredible physique on a regular basis.

10 Let Herself Go: Ivory

Ivory was one of the women in WWE who much like Jacqueline was considered to be somewhat ahead of her time because she was able to wrestle in a time when WWE didn't really want their female's wrestling. They just wanted them to look pretty next to the male wrestlers.

Ivory was talented, but she was never considered to be a woman that WWE could market and that was one of the biggest problems for her. She has been out of the spotlight for a number of years. But a recent appearance on WWE's Network show Table for 3 proved that along with many other women from WWE's early 2000s era, Ivory hasn't aged at all well either. So there was a reason she has avoided the spotlight for a number of years.

9 Return: Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is a former seven-time WWE Women's Champion and is without a doubt one of the measuring sticks when it comes to the Women of WWE, and a Superstar that WWE would love to bring back if they ever have the opportunity.

Trish was supposed to make her return to the company to wrestle NXT Women's Champion Asuka at NXT TakeOver: Toronto in her hometown last year, but because Trish had recently announced that she was expecting her second child, it wasn't a great time for her to start wrestling again. Trish has remained in fitness since she left WWE more than a decade ago and even has her own gym. She is considered to be in peak physical condition if WWE ever do decided to come calling again.

8 Let Herself Go: Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool was the first ever Divas Champion and is a former Women's Champion as well. Alongside Layla she was also one half of the Unified Women's Champions. During her time in WWE Michelle also turned the legendary Undertaker's head since the couple married back in 2010.

Michelle left the company less than a year later and gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter back in 2012. Michelle stays out of the spotlight nowadays and is only usually seen at WrestleMania events cheering on her husband. She recently broke this tradition by being included in a recent episode of Table for 3 on the WWE Network where she showed the WWE Universe that the years had not been good to the former teacher, who hardly looked like the WWE star she once was.

7 Return: Maxine

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Maxine was part of NXT's all female season that was later won by Kaitlyn. But when the season came to a close Maxine asked for and was granted her WWE release after she stated that she wanted to pursue other opportunities.

In 2014 it was revealed that Maxine had made the switch over to Lucha Underground and was then wrestling under the name Catrina instead. Catrina became a popular star in Lucha Underground as she proved that WWE had once again underutilized a talent that could have been a huge star for them. Catrina has remained in peak wrestling shape and it is unknown if she would agree to join WWE again if the company come calling with a decent storyline for her moving forward or at least something for her to sink her teeth into.

6 Let Herself Go: Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie was never taken seriously as a wrestler in WWE. She was used in a lesbian storyline with Torrie Wilson before she was then forced to be in a relationship with Torrie's real life father. Dawn became quite famous for the Bra and Panties matches that she was mostly involved in due to her lack of wrestling experience.

Dawn was later fired from the company after she requested time off because she had become pregnant. Dawn then sued WWE and hasn't been seen anywhere near a wrestling ring ever since. More recently there have been numerous photos of Dawn looking nothing like the once attractive WWE Superstar that she was. Dawn has seemingly gained weight and is actually quite hard to recognize for the members of the WWE Universe who remember her in her peak.

5 Return: Lita

Lita is a former four-time Women's Champion and even though she retired from in-ring competition at Survivor Series back in 2006, Lita has been seen as part of WWE's Kickoff Panel for a number of pay-per-views and has been helping to train many of the WWE women who are part of the company right now.

Lita recently returned to WWE again to commentate on the history making Mae Young Classic and still seems to be in incredible shape, despite not wrestling in a WWE ring in more than a decade. If Lita was asked, surely she would love to return to the place she once called home. She's a WWE Hall of Famer and she has a soft spot for the Women's Division, so the door would always be open for Lita.

4 Let Herself Go: Sable

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Sable was once considered to be one of the most attractive women in WWE. She is a former Women's Champion and a former three time Playboy cover girl, as well as appearing on the cover twice in one year.

Sable was the woman that every other woman wanted to be and every man wanted to be with, she was stunning,. Bu the years have not been kind to the former WWE Diva. Sable married Brock Lesnar back in 2006 and the couple have two sons together so Sable has mostly been seen alongside her husband at his UFC matches, where she looks like she has gained a lot of weight and aged significantly in recent years. Maybe there's a reason that Sable doesn't appear on WWE TV alongside her husband.

3 Return: Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes has to be one female wrestler that WWE is scratching their heads about. The company made the decision to have Brandi as a ring announcer throughout her time in WWE despite her showing promise in her time in FCW. She then became known as Eden Stiles and was the voice of Monday Night Raw for a number of years.

When Cody Rhodes announced that he was leaving WWE, Brandi made the decision to follow her husband out the door and ever since the couple have been appearing and wrestling together all over the world. Brandi has shown that she was underutilized by WWE and if the company ever had the opportunity to resign Brandi and her husband. It is hoped that they would do the right thing and actually allow Brandi to wrestle on WWE TV this time around.

2 Let Herself Go: Sunny

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Sunny was once considered to be the first ever WWE Diva. Her girl next door look and apparent innocence led her to become one of the most popular females of her generation and a woman that almost every member of the WWE Universe was attracted to.

Sunny knew how beautiful she was and backstage stories of her time with the company say everything that needs to be said about the WWE Hall of Famer. Like many other women on this list, Sunny had to grow up at some point in more ways than one. Sunny has recently been pictured looking much different from the woman that the WWE Universe fell in love with. Sunny is unrecognizable but given her recent exploits, that's probably a positive thing.

1 Return: Melina

Melina is a former WWE Women's and Divas Champion and was once considered to be one of the most talented women to ever step through that curtain. Melina's heat backstage was one of the reasons why she was released from WWE in the peak of her career, but Melina hasn't allowed this to dim her shine.

Melina has continued to wrestle in Lucha Underground and most notably over in the UK where she is a former Queen of Southside. She has maintained the physical shape she once was while she was in WWE and the same flexibility. Given the fact that Mickie James has returned to the company this past year, it would be interesting to see her partner in crime brought back if only for a one off.

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