8 Great WWE Themes Wasted On Terrible Wrestlers And 8 Great Wrestlers Stuck With Terrible Themes

Glass shattering, Y2J Countdowns, "If you smellllll...!" are all great intros to great themes.  These icon themes go hand in hand with the legends that are attached to them.  Legends like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels have had their themes, or renditions of their themes, for almost their entire careers.  The symbiosis of theme and character helped turn superstars into legends and helped turn a good theme into an iconic one.

Entrance themes are an important part of a professional wrestler.  It's the first thing the fans react to when the superstar's music hits. A great theme is just another layer that can be added to a superstar's drawing ability.  How perfect is Bobby Roode's theme music? It fits his character and sounds good enough to be sung by the fans.  Roode's theme just adds even more to an already great superstar.  That's not to say entrance themes can make or break a superstar, because there are plenty of great superstars that have awful themes and are still over with the crowd.

I'm no music critic, but it seems WWE has some themes that are just awful, some that are perfect and a ton of just average entrance themes at best. Many top stars like Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose have some very generic theme songs, which is concerning since they're main eventers.  Still, they seem to be doing well under the circumstances, but there are other superstars struggling on the card that could use the pick-me-up of a new theme. Then, there's the problem of wasting these great themes on mediocre talent.  It's hard to find that perfect theme for a perfect superstar, but there is a lot of great talent in desperate need of new music.  This article is not only about them, but also about the great themes wasted on the lesser talent of WWE, currently. Without further a do, here are 8 great superstars with terrible themes, and 8 terrible wrestlers with great themes.

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16 Great Theme: Mojo Rawley

Mojo Rawley has an awesome entrance theme. It’s got a nice beat and its intensity complements Rawley well. The theme vanished when Rawley and Zack Ryder teamed up as the Hype Bros., which sucks because both could have used it.  As great as Rawley's theme is, there’s just one problem. Rawley sucks. The guy has a ton of intensity and charisma but looks totally lost in the ring.

Luckily, for Mojo Rawley, a lot of his flaws are limited as the tag team partner of Zack Ryder as the Hype Bros. While the flaws are lessened, Mojo's theme is gone as a Hype Bro.  Now, we're treated to the terrible "Stay Hype, Bro" entrance theme. Mojo Rawley's original theme may make a comeback, but it’s just a shame that a solid entrance theme ended up being wasted on the clumsy Rawley.

15 Terrible Theme: Braun Strowman

Rrrroooaaarrr! Okay, we get it. Braun Strowman roars. Just to make that clear, there's a definitive opening roar in his theme song. The funny thing is, that’s the best part of his entrance theme. A good theme usually has a good opening, and as dumb as it sounds, the roar gets a great opening pop. It’s the rest of the theme that’s the problem. The actual entrance music is just an assortment of random guitar chords trying to sound hardcore.

Braun Strowman is the future of WWE, at least that’s how he’s been booked. They are pushing this guy to the moon, and yet, his entrance theme seems like there was no effort put into it. His career is just starting, so in the future, he might get his theme tweaked or a new theme altogether. Right now, this theme's roar is bigger than it's bite and is unbecoming of “The Monster Among Men.”

14 Great Theme: Jinder Mahal

I make my feelings on Jinder Mahal pretty clear. He has no business being WWE Champion. His ring and mic skills are “meh” at best, and he was jobbing to anyone and everyone until he inexplicably won the WWE Title. At any rate, the one thing WWE did for Jinder that helped give him some credibility was to give him an awesome theme.

Jinder Mahal’s first theme was horrible. However, this new one, "Sher," is awesome and still able to incorporate his Indian heritage into it. Much in the same way Muhammad Hassan’s theme had the perfect blend of heritage and awesomeness, Mahal’s theme does the same. While Mahal may suck, at least his theme gives him some credibility which needed to happen, since they plan on pushing this dud to the moon.

13 Terrible Theme: Asuka

Asuka is kind of a big deal, if you haven’t heard. She dominated NXT’s Women’s Division, going undefeated during her NXT tenure. She’s made her debut on the Raw roster, and her undefeated streak remains intact. Now, Asuka has a pretty awesome entrance, but her theme music is unworthy for the “Empress of Tomorrow.”

Her theme just sounds like a random selection from a list of generic themes, one that would be great for a random pay per view in May. But this is Asuka! She's a Japanese icon and her entrance is very Japanese-esque. So, why does her music sound so American? You’d think WWE would incorporate at least some of Asuka’s Japanese heritage into her Japanese entrance, with her Japanese entrance outfit and Japanese geisha mask, but I guess if you thought that then you don’t know WWE.

12 Great Theme: Roman Reigns

The Shield became one of the most dominant stables in all of professional wrestling. The Shield had everything going for them. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were all main event caliber wrestlers, their entrance was unique, coming from through the crowd, and their entrance theme music, naturally called "The Truth Reigns," was top notch. When The Shield members split, Rollins received a new theme, Ambrose received a new theme, but Reigns retained The Shield’s awesome theme.

In fact, Reigns didn’t change at all which of course didn’t help his character development whatsoever. Reigns struggled to connect with the fans and find his identity, and suddenly, The Shield theme went from a huge pop to a large groan. Reigns, by himself, couldn’t have been more boring, and that awesome theme music was completely wasted on him. Now, with The Shield reunited, the theme can go back to being universally loved being associated with every member of The Shield and not solely on “The Big Dog.”

11 Terrible Theme: Baron Corbin

I’m not the biggest Baron Corbin fan, but WWE is a fan of him (when Corbin isn't torching their inept doctors). It appears us WWE fans are going to be seeing a lot of Corbin which will unfortunately bring his terrible theme with him. While Corbin is getting pushed, you'd think that would warrant some good theme music. Unfortunately, Corbin has yet to find that definitive theme.

Corbin is just another young rising superstar hindered by uninspiring theme music. His first theme, "Superhuman" was pretty stale, but the remix to that song, "New Rules," which Corbin used for a whopping month, was actually pretty decent. Now, Corbin just got yet another new theme, and, lo and behold, it sucks. It sounds too much like a cheap Breaking Benjamin ripoff. You know it's bad when people are clamoring for his original theme to return.

10 Great Theme: Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose is drop dead gorgeous, but she’s pretty much in the same boat as Eva Marie. Both were hired for the sole purpose of Total Divas while trying to become adequate in the ring is a distant second. I fear Mandy will suffer the same fate as Eva Marie and every other model WWE has tried to turn into a wrestler, and find herself out of a job. She’s no Asuka, but to Mandy Rose’s credit, she’s sticking with it for now. While her wrestling needs some work, she has her looks going for her, and her theme song is pretty great.

Like all wrestlers, Mandy Rose’s first theme was generic, boring and didn’t synch up with Mandy Rose at all. Her current theme, “A Little Bit of Bad” matches her persona well and doesn’t sound like nails on a chalk board. Unfortunately, Mandy Rose is a little bit of bad in the ring. Hopefully, that improves so she can make a splash on the main roster, because I, for one, would hate to see her gone.

9 Terrible Theme: Cesaro

How hard is it to find a good theme for one of WWE’s best wrestlers? Cesaro’s first theme sucked, and we were all excited for a change. So what happened? The theme was replaced with something even worse. I don’t know what the deal with Cesar’s entrance is all about. He comes out to annoying emergency sirens and walks out to the opening of James Bond. What does any of that have to do with Cesaro’s gimmick? If anyone can tell me what Cesaro’s gimmick is, as well, I’d like to know.

Right now, he’s teaming with Sheamus, and together they formed a decent tag team. WWE smashed two superstars that they had nothing for, and Cesaro and Sheamus made the most of this mash-up. Still, Cesaro can’t escape his terrible theme music. Give him a new theme already or just have him use Sheamus’ theme while they’re teaming up.  Either way, get rid of the sirens while we still have some hearing left.

8 Great Theme: Erick Rowan

If you’ve been following the character of Erick Rowan then you may have suffered whiplash on occasion. He joined the Wyatt Family, then was against them, then rejoined, then teamed with Luke Harper, and then fought against him, and now he’s teaming with Harper again. Everybody got that?

During Rowan’s singles push, he had his own theme, and I know I may be alone in this opinion, but I thought it was actually pretty darn catchy. Sure, Rowan’s theme may have the worst name ever, “Sheepherder,” but it had a unique sound to it and separated itself from all the other generic themes in WWE. Sadly this theme is likely extinct with Rowan and Harper teaming up, yet again, as the absurd “Bludgeon Brothers.” I’m sure they’ll have their own theme. Here’s hoping is less basic, sounds unique and has a better name than "Sheepherder."

7 Terrible Theme: The Club

Much like The Club, their theme is a total joke. The Club was one of the best tag teams in the world, highly entertaining and a legitimate threat in the wrestling world. Now, they’re jobbing out, barely promoted and forced to wear pumpkins on their heads. Honestly, their demise was pretty much already sealed long before they were considered a joke in the eyes of Vince McMahon.

The Club, a name piggy backing off of their Bullet Club association, made a strong and surprising debut that made it seem like an invasion. It was very reminiscent of the nWo and their hostile takeover of WCW. Unlike the nWo, however, The Club wasn’t given an iconic entrance theme. Instead they were given a track that sounds like it was recorded in someone’s garage. Their theme music is horrible. I’d say give The Club a theme that’s worthy of a great tag team, something iconic like the nWo's theme, but then again, aside from a token Raw Tag Championship, the "good brothers" haven't been very good at all in WWE.

6 Great Theme: Enzo Amore

Enzo and his tag team partner Big Cass were one of the hottest tag teams in wrestling. Unfortunately, the team split, leaving Enzo to be destroyed by just about everyone. Big Cass received about three new themes in three weeks, but Enzo retained the "SAWFT is a Sin" theme song. With Enzo being the butt of every beating, the awesome theme song is kind of wasted on someone as "SAWFT" as Enzo.

While, I enjoy hearing the theme, and it fits Enzo's character, Enzo hasn't exactly been tearing it up. He's carrying the Cruiserweight Division, but it's unlikely he has anywhere to go from there. Unless Cass rejoins Enzo, which isn't going to happen anytime soon, if ever, this theme is going to be associated with a superstar who's contribution to Raw has been to take all the beatdowns.

5 Terrible Theme: Jason Jordan

I’m not the biggest Jason Jordan fan, but no one can deny his athleticism. He’s got the ring skills and a decent look. Maybe if he found some mic skills and a personality, he could be a major star in WWE. It really doesn't matter though, because WWE sees something in him, and they don't want to be proven wrong. He’s getting a big opportunity as Kurt Angle’s “son,” and hopefully, for everyone's sake, he swims rather than sinks. However, what’s not helping him float is his dull entrance theme.

Jason Jordan’s “dad” Kurt Angle has an awesome theme, one that we can you sing “you suck” to, but Jordan’s music doesn’t give fans that same pop of excitement, and we surely don’t want to sing to his theme. Right now, Jordan is about as generic as his theme, which I wouldn’t even care about had WWE decided not to break up American Alpha because of the sudden urge to push him. At least find him some good music so we can endure this push.

4 Great Theme: Nia Jax

She’s not like most girls that’s definitely for sure, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What is a bad thing is that her theme is completely wasted on her. Nia’s theme music is pretty good, the problem is that it doesn’t mesh well at all with Nia Jax’s character and her sub par wrestling skills. Nia Jax should be booked like a monster, but for some reason, Nia Jax can never get any momentum. Contrast her with how Kharma was booked when she was in TNA.

Her theme song is called “Force of Greatness,” yet nothing about Nia has been really great. Nia should have been booked like a monster all along, and her current theme should have been used on someone more appropriate. Now, both theme and character are pretty much damaged goods.

3 Terrible Theme: Breezango

Let me just start by saying, I’m not the biggest Fandango fan, and he certainly isn’t that great of a wrestler. Let me also say that while Tyler Breeze has been lauded in NXT, he’s not exactly lighting it up on SmackDown. However, combining the two has been surprisingly and majorly entertaining. Normally, I hate it when they smash two superstars together, hate it even more when they stupidly combine their names like Rybaxel or Jerishow, and hate it the most when they awkwardly mash up both superstars’ themes.  In this case, Breezango proved me wrong in all accounts except in regards to their stupid theme music.

Despite these pet peeves, the pairing of Fandango and Breeze has worked out really well. It’s the right kind of goofy and weird in the same way New Day is. How about giving Breezango an actual theme of their own, now that they’re getting over and becoming more of a legitimate tag team threat?

2 Great Theme: Curtis Axel

I don't know what the deal is with Curtis Axel. He's gotten the rub from Triple H, CM Punk and even The Rock. He's great in the ring, has a legendary pedigree and is well liked backstage. For some reason, Axel just can't get over. Being The Miz's toady in The Miztourage, is sadly the high point of his career, and because of this, we may never hear the awesome rendition of his father's theme music again.

Good on Axel for not wanting to get ahead on his father's name only, but that hasn't really worked out for him. Why not capitalize on his lineage, use that family name and sweet Mr. Perfect theme, and let Axel's great ring work mask his lackluster mic skills? If Jinder can be champion, what's stopping them from dusting off that "Reborn" theme and giving Curtis Axel a smart and legitimate push.

1 Terrible Theme: Naomi

With everything going on with the Women's Revolution, Charlotte, Sasha, Becky and Bayley get all the talk, leaving the underrated Naomi in their dust. Everyone is high on Asuka right now, but Naomi is an amazing wrestler too. What's not “Am-ay-aya-aya-aya-azing” is her ridiculously stupid entrance theme.

I didn't think her first theme, “Amazing” could be worse, but then the “amazing” remix came out. Unless you're at a rave and on something, this new theme is a bad trip. Naomi has a cool entrance, she's a former champion, but her music reminds me of a bad dubstep song, although some might say, “bad dubstep” is redundant. If they’re going with the silly techno theme music, at least give Naomi something that’s good.

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