8 Hot Female Wrestlers Under 30 And 7 Hotties Over 40

With the wrestling industry as a whole, looks are very important, as we’ve seen guys like John Cena and Roman Reigns get chances based on their marketable look, but like any famous arena, the looks of women are seen as much more important, by fans and company officials alike. Thankfully, the WWE have begun to move away from hiring women just for their looks, and have focused more on in-ring ability, but that doesn’t mean that those talented in-ring performers aren’t incredibly attractive, as there are a lot of them that certainly are.

In this list, we will look at some performers active today, in WWE, NXT and the wider world of the wrestling business, as well as some older performers whom fans, myself included, consider hot. That may be a very subjective term, as the saying suggests "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," but this is a compiled list of 15 women, 8 under 30 and 7 over 40 who are definitely considered hot.

18 Under 30: Paige

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When you talk of a unique look in wrestling, which is becoming more of the norm in today’s wrestling industry, you can’t look past Paige, as the "Anti-Diva" was a pioneer of the changing philosophies in today’s WWE, especially for their treatment of the female performers in the company. We still don’t officially know where she stands with the WWE, as she is away with her partner Alberto El Patron while recovering from injuries. But there is one thing for certain; if she is still a part of the WWE once she returns, she is one of the hottest the company has to offer. Obviously she has a unique look, so not a majority of fans will see her as their type, but for the ones that like the unique, Anti-Diva look, she is definitely a straight-up stunner.

17 Over 40: Torrie Wilson

When fans look back on the past in the WWE and the hottest women in the company, one of the first names that often comes to mind is Torrie Wilson, and just a quick glance of her fantastic Instagram profile will tell you that she looks just as good now as she did during her WWE days, if not miles better. Like countless others at the time, Wilson came into the WWE with little to no wrestling experience, and unfortunately she wasn’t able to develop those in-ring skills, but she stuck around due to her incredible look. If you can look past the incredibly embarrassing storyline with Dawn Marie, she had as good a run in the WWE as you can expect. Since she left she has become a model among other things, so I definitely recommend that you go check out her Instagram as soon as you can.

16 Under 30: Aliyah

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The WWE Network has been a revelation for fans, as for $9.99 a month they get every WWE, WCW and ECW PPV ever made, as well as some great original content (some, not so great), and one of those enjoyable shows was Breaking Ground, a look at the state-of-the-art Performance Center down in Orlando, and all the young, up and coming talent the company is looking to develop. One of the stars of that show was the performer that we’ve now seen on NXT several times by the name of Aliyah, who barely scratches 21 years old, and looks to be a star of the future in the blossoming NXT Women’s division. Not only that, she is incredibly gorgeous, and in a company which favors in-ring ability over looks, she combines the two brilliantly, and is without a doubt the best looking woman in NXT today.

15 Over 40: Sable

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Sable is one of the biggest sex symbols in the history of the WWE, as she was a huge star during the Attitude Era. While there are some women from that time who have aged poorly, the wife of Brock Lesnar is looking fantastic all these years later. After entering the WWE with her real-life husband at the time Marc Mero, she began flaunting her sexuality more and more, including the most famous shot of her exposed body with just hand prints on her breasts, and this led her to getting over big-time with the fans. She may not be active in the eyes of fans today, but the rare glimpses that we see of Sable with her husband Brock Lesnar showcases a woman who has definitely aged, but done so very gracefully.

14 Under 30: Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is quite possibly the most popular woman to step foot into a WWE ring during the current Women’s Revolution within the WWE, and she’s had more Match of the Year candidates than any woman in WWE history. Although she’s lost some of her natural "Boss" flair, she remains a top star in the ever improving women’s division. With her brightly colored hair and petite frame, Banks is without a doubt one of the hottest women in the company today, and with this she has gathered a fairly large fanbase among the companies internet fans. Up against the likes of Trish, Sable or someone like Candice Michelle in their heyday, Banks may not compare, but strength and skill in wrestling today is just as attractive as anything, and Sasha possesses that in spades,. She’s one of the best and hottest in the world today.


12 Over 40: Gail Kim

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Gail Kim was a woman who arrived much before her time, as she had the ability to perform in the ring like no one else in the WWE, but as she wasn’t as "traditionally WWE hot" as management would have liked, she kept getting passed over for opportunities, and that led her to TNA. She was recently inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, showing just how good she was when getting her opportunity, but entering her 40s, she looks as gorgeous as she ever did during her run with the WWE. She will unfortunately never be recognized as one of the best-looking to come to the WWE (it’s probably unlikely she’ll be recognized for her phenomenal in-ring ability either, due to her extended stay with TNA/Impact and friction with WWE), but even at 40 years old, she could match most of the women in the industry today.

11 Under 30: Tessa Blanchard

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Tessa Blanchard is one of the youngest stars in the wrestling business today, but with the lineage that she possesses (she is the daughter of the legendary Tully Blanchard), she will no doubt become a huge star for whichever company, WWE or otherwise, she wants to work for during her career. Despite being just 21, she is already engaged to indie superstar Ricochet, and making a significant impact on the business already. Although you will see great in-ring ability, you won’t be able to go past just how gorgeous she is. She has already made appearances with NXT as an enhancement talent, and it’s very likely that you’ll see her with the company in the very near future. When that does happen, she will definitely stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

10 Over 40: Victoria

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In a company that employed stars like Kelly Kelly, Trish Stratus, Lita, Candice Michelle and even the Bella Twins while she was also there, Victoria never managed to stand out for her looks, but with her powerful will and physicality, she always managed to get over and have among the best matches and feuds the women were putting on at that time. Sure, she might not be the hottest woman associated with the wrestling business, today or any other day, but Victoria has a very real look to her. To a lot of men out there, she is very hot, especially if you like a normal type body, rather than the supermodel skinny which so many people see as hotter. It’s unlikely that Victoria (or Tara from her time in TNA) will ever be recognized as one of the hottest in the companies' history, but she is certainly quite attractive. She will no doubt be celebrated for her all-around talent within the wrestling industry.

9 Under 30: Ember Moon

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Looking at NXT today, none of the women resemble the old school thought in the WWE’s signing philosophies, and that’s definitely a good thing. Taking nothing away from the women’s division, there are certainly some good-looking girls among them, and one of them happens to be the most talented performer (outside of Asuka) in the entire division, Ember Moon. She may not be the typical "hot" that you imagine when thinking of the WWE, but if you’re into physically fit-looking women, then Moon is certainly your type. If you watched Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown Youtube channel, you will know that Moon is certainly into nerdy or geeky things, so for a lot of fans who share similar interests, they will certainly be even more attracted to her. Regardless of that, she is still quite a hottie.



6 Over 40: Trish Stratus

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Ever since she came into the WWE, Trish Stratus has been regarded as one of the hottest women of all time, as like others, she was hired entirely for her looks. Nonetheless, she managed to overcome that and develop into one of the most impressive and trailblazing women in the company's long, illustrious history. Despite some less than tasteful storylines involving the McMahons, Stratus battled through and showed just how talented she was, with great rivalries against the likes of Mickie James and Lita. Still, her most popular role may have been as the manager of T&A. It was there that she tapped into the heel, vengeful side of her characters, and well as showing off her own “T&A.” Even today after she reduced her "puppies," she looks as good as ever, and to some men, she would be hotter today than she was during her career.

5 Under 30: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss has shot to fame since the most recent brand extension, and she has quickly become the best and most well-rounded performer on the roster, with an ever-improving in ring ability, and promo ability that’s second to none in the women’s division. This evolution has quickly given her one of the biggest fan bases of anyone in the company. Her ability is a large part of that immense popularity, but let’s be honest, a lot of male fans in the audience still choose their allegiances to the females on the roster based on looks. There’s no denying that the former cheerleader and bodybuilder is fairly strong in that area too. She’s not the traditional, elegant "hot" that WWE are used too, but there is no doubting that she is her own unique version of gorgeous.

4 Over 40: Lita

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Lita is one of the most well-rounded women in WWE history, as she came into the company as a high-energy babyface alongside Matt and Jeff as a part of Team Xtreme. Her character later on evolved into the fiery hot partner of the Rated-R Superstar Edge, but even today, 11 years after her WWE retirement, she looks absolutely incredible. Thankfully, she has returned to the company that made her famous, although it’s just in a pre-show announcer role, but she brings some true beauty to that position alongside the equally beautiful Renee Young. She still has that fiery look and personality which attracted fans to her during the Attitude Era, and there is no doubting that Lita can match each and every performer today, both with looks and in-ring ability.

3 Under 30: Nixon Newell

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This is a name that not many casual WWE fans would know too well (but get used to it, as it is believed she will be competing in the upcoming WWE Women’s tournament), and when you finally do see her, you will see why she is considered one of the hottest women on the independent scene, as well as one of the most talented in-ring performers in the entire world. Fans of WCPW and other big European wrestling promotions will know her well, and along with her stunning good looks, she possesses a radiant, likeable personality, as well as a viciousness in her in ring work that will make her stand out from anyone in whatever promotion she works for. It’s unlikely that you’ll be seeing Nixon competing in any bra and panties matches or anything like that soon, but at the tender age of 21, she has an incredibly bright future in the wrestling industry. She will fit right in with the WWE’s top women if she does indeed sign with them in the near future.

2 Over 40: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon has been a constant presence on WWE television ever since the late 1990’s, and she has "developed" quite a bit over that time. Although she’s not the innocent young girl or the top heel she was once back in the day, she is still quite gorgeous, despite having several kids with her real-life husband Triple H. Her character has become incredibly stale and harmful to the product, as she has often emasculated and humiliated the male talent, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she has aged very well, and is still one of the best looking women within the company. This may be due to the fact that the WWE have moved away from hiring women based on their looks, but she is still quite a stunning woman, and would stand out in any room she walks in.

1 Under 30: Emma

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The WWE have thankfully been updating their scouting reports when it comes to signing women to the company, as they now look for an all-around performer who can go in the ring. That process began with Emma and Paige in NXT, but it just so happens that the Australian beauty Emma would fit in within the gorgeous women of any era. Her re-debut as "Emmalina" may have gone horribly wrong, and a return to Evil Emma was cut short by a reported injury in Europe, but she is an incredibly talented all-around wrestler who can go with the best of them, as her work in NXT proves. She recently split with fellow WWE Superstar Zack Ryder, though whomever she ends up with next will be one of the luckiest men in the world, as Emma is an absolute stunner, and by far the best-looking in the company under the age of 30.

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